Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/14/2013 – Pat O’Brien

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/14/2013 – Pat O’Brien

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Pat O’Brien

Recorded 11-13-2013 – Release Date 11-14-2013

Production Number #1207

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Adam has a killer delivery of his “Get It On” and BB has a classic #TopDrop from the meth head mother and daughter callers from the 2006 KLSX radio version of the Adam Carolla Show.

BB is asking Adam about his burgundy shirt and Adam is admitting to spacing out Kimmel’s birthday, he’s calling it rich whitey’s nightmare.

Box of the month club is back in the mix thanks to Alison and BB is trying to make it all fancy and Adam is clarifying that it’s not about that.


Adam just revealed out can email and they’re actually working on it.

Adam is sharing how he told Kimmel about his plan, involving Spike Lee tweeting out the kids address from the JKL show.

Adam is explaining that Jimmy told him an anecdote of a family member actually mistaking Spike for an Asian man based on his name.


Adam is now getting to the pressing topic of the “thin drawer” and he’s comparing it to your tongue, trying to describe how the cards put in it can easily be lost as it doesn’t fully open.

Adam is asking what kind of gift to get for Kimmel after his gift had some sort of unforeseen delay.

Adam is sharing his plan for Jimmy, he’s telling the gang about his old car that Adam keeps at his other warehouse.


Adam was going to get the car all tuned up and detailed with a cover, is this his son’s Mini?

Adam found out his gift plan got taken care of a week ago, rendering his plan null and void, and hence delaying Kimmel’s gift.

Adam is thinking about a new set of tires for Jimmy’s car and Alison and BB are peppering in some light commentary.


Adam is now asking for the gang to file this under wildly unsatisfying, he’s sharing an anecdote of a conversation with his wife regarding a key left under the doormat(no don’t do that!).

Adam is now going over the process of them trying to figure out who might have misplaced the key and if there is any danger present bases on its absence.

Alison has a hilarious carpet ride comment as Adam suggests the notion of the key being stuck to the bottom of the mat and being told off by Olga and Lynette that they thoroughly checked the bottom and Olga says she even “shook the mat”.


Alison is saying she doesn’t get why one would shake a mat or claim to shake a mat, Adam is sharing how he was given the totally unsatisfying news about his correct assumption.

Adam is saying it’s never satisfying as everyone acts like its new news instead of telling someone they’re right, Adam is now going over the conversation and the refusal to give him credit.

Adam is suggesting why people don’t give it up, they’re trying to cut you off from the “emotional currency” of the win, so you can’t then carry that win over to the next argument lily pad.


Adam is bringing up the movie choice element among couples and how one person can use the choice of a bad movie for later emotional currency.

BB tries to use Adam’s “doesn’t make you happy or money” theory against Adam, Alison and Adam have to step in and correct him, nice backup from A-Rose!

Once again this all comes back to other people gaslighting Adam, telling him incorrect version of reality and Alison is suggesting Adam must cling to his hunches and he’s sharing why he can’t in the face of these fictions.


Alison is agreement that apologies and things of that ilk are never as satisfying as they should be, Adam is now explaining that the fabric of reality being torn is what upsets him.

Adam is explaining he’s not angry with Lynette and there doesn’t seem to be malice, the part that hurts him is the “huh, what?” in reply to Adam restating the “stuck under the mat” theory was his and was shot down by Lynette and Olga just a half hour prior.

Alison is even becoming upset with this and Adam is getting to people who “cock their no” like the airline employees who refuse to let him enter the airport lounges when they get on a “no roll” in regards to his various cards and premium frequent flyer status.


Alison just quoted “no roll” and now Adam is bringing up how people already decide what they want it to be, a continuation of the theme.

Adam is stating why his theory was invalid because they were on the track of “foul play” and now Adam is sharing how he got his pound of flesh from Olga, making sure to get her to set the record straight.

“Yessir Mr. Adam!”


Adam is now sharing his take on clinging to ideas and rejecting the suggestions of others, Alison says be more scientific and BB wants to know how often lost items are found in previously ransacked locations, they all agree more often than not.

Adam is taking it in more global direction so nobody can go tattle on him for being mean about his wife, he’s talking about all humans and being courteous of the wonderful Lynette.

You can hear more of this on episode #95 of the Adam and Drew Show and should be covered on an upcoming episode of the great For Crying Out Loud podcast which often serves as a nice counter point to the Carolla’s home life.


Adam is giving his new mind blower, he’s bringing up the grilled cheese sandwich and how American cheese is the best filling in that dish yet totally disgusting in a quesadilla.

Adam is now digging into his new American cheese chasm, getting to its inability of being tasty in a quesadilla.

Alison is stopping Adam to address his theory on cheddar cheese grilled cheese sandwiches needing to be prepare with someone who possesses some cooking skills, Alison actually agrees despite never thinking of it before.


Alison is now bringing the “Butter Sandwich” debate from her fantastic show Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend, one of the best podcasts on the network!

Adam is now giving his take, he’s in agreement with Cool Guy Producer Gary and Chris is now mic giving his take as a butter sandwich consumer, Adam is now mocking this and stating it’s vastly less intriguing than his new mind blower.


Adam and Alison are doing a live read for Life Lock.

Adam is mocking BB’s sneezing fit, he’s allergic to good common sense and has a funny reply, nice work BB!

Adam is trying to move on to something he’s noticed and BB wants to know about Kraft mac and cheese, Adam calls it the Twinkie of pastas and is fine with it as it’s “own thing”.


Adam is bringing up the “Brown Sugar/White Sugar” moment from the other night that bumped him, a moment where he screwed up during the improv.

Jo was trying to take the premise somewhere and Adam didn’t go along with Jo’s “yes and” premise because he was too full of his own head of steam, he’s now calling this a “teachable moment” for himself.

Adam is explaining the car stereo mistake and playing the clip, Adam is now predicting where Jo was going with the improv and is sharing a stolen car stereo scenario, oooh!


Adam is getting super in depth on the rules of improv and the key error he made, Alison is bringing up her take and asking about the “grey area” regarding meetings.

Adam is doing a live read for “”.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Rich wants to know the estimated “hobo power” of the legendary “coffee can fart” prank he pulled on Jimmy Kimmel.

Adam is now sharing the classic story, I was just talking about this the other night, gold!

Adam is getting super in depth on their post part cleanup process and the “Trader Joe’s” coffee can that took all of his butt stink.


Adam is getting to the era, he thinks it was 98 or 99, but it was actually from 1997.

The first telling of this fairly rare story was October 19th 1997, at around the 1hr and 27min mark the “Pie Time” episode as it’s known to some fans.

Adam is breaking down his glory in tricking kimmel in some of the most detail he’s given since the first telling, Adam is now giving the definitive and non-inflated hobo power score for this legendary fart.


2nd Caller wants to know Adam’s advice on the key to happiness

Adam says it’s not on about the things you accumulate but how you accumulate them, it’s the process to get there, not getting there.

Adam is rephrasing his point with a Kardashian and Kanye Ferrari metaphor, he’s got a Simon Cowell analogy as well to make his point about earning things and what they mean to those who work hard to get them.

Adam is getting to the resentment that grows in the people who are given things they’re haven’t earned, a great Aston Martin Vanquish analogy and how satisfaction pertains to happiness.


Adam is further getting into satisfaction and asking BB about his take on how he feels at this end of his book authorship after putting the hours in.

BB is sharing his option for a ghost writer and why he turned it down.

Adam has an excellent metaphor based around water and what it means to you when you’re sedentary and what it means in contrast after wind sprints.


Adam is bringing up the Paul Newman documentary and how satisfying the project is for him while bringing up Paul’s son who OD’d in his 20’s, Adam wants to know why these children of elites often flame out.

BB has a dark drop of Sonny that Adam laughs off, whoa!

Adam is now doing a live read and making Dawson say “Happle” instead of Apple, much like the “Henter” from a couple months back.

Adam and BB are now getting to Newman’s overdose at 28 and Adam is bringing up the bygone era of privacy and respect for a grieving family.


Pat is now joining the show for his second appearance, he had a short visit during episode #750 (Production Number #1082) from May of this year, which you can hear via the official archive.

Pat is saying the temperature outside makes him want to make out, Adam is lamenting his own lack of action from the high school era.

This is a reoccurring theme with Pat, I think it came up on his last visit and Adam is now getting into hotwiring cars and how it’s not all it’s cracked up to be, Alison has a MacGyver reference that’s somewhat accurate(I’m also the foremost MacGyver Expert).

Pat is now sharing an anecdote about his son with manual crank windows and his lack of understanding of their function.

Adam is now getting to the old school communication of driving with open windows and talking to fellow motorists.

Adam is now getting to the kindness of strangers of the bygone era, volunteering for jump starts and pushing to get out of the road, Pat is in agreement and Adam has a funny joke about monopolizing the kindness.


Alison is saying she was almost hit by a hybrid car emitting almost no sound in response to Adam about modern cars.

Adam is explaining the experience of driving in his wife’s car with heated seats and steering wheel, listening to “The River” compared to operating a race car.

Pat is telling Adam about his car’s sensor that alerts when he’s drifting off, Adam is bringing up his wife’s car that braked for him in response to his asshole’ish driving.


Adam and Pat are in agreement about the lack of car trouble in modern vehicles, Adam is explaining the double edged sword of not being able to use car trouble to get out of work anymore.

Adam is once again referencing Bonnaroo and his employees, BB is chiming in.

Pat is now telling them an elaborate anecdote of road rage and comeuppance.


“Fat chick wouldn’t put out, or?” – Adam up on finding out Pat’s friend cutting out a cow’s tongue.

Pat is sharing some other half formed anecdotes about the guy.

Adam is doing a live read.


Adam is now asking Pat about his alcoholism and pondering what it’s like for someone to develop addiction later in life, Adam is sharing his “Can’t chase the dragon after 30” theory.

Alison has a comment implying Adam is already and alcoholic in response to his offhanded remark, she’s being funny and Adam goes along with it.

Pat is getting serious about his disease and answering both Adam and Alison’s questions, he’s telling them about his dad and his drinking.

Pat is telling them about his 10 bottle of wine bottom and getting really deep.


Adam has a funny remark about hangovers and comments on how Gabriel Iglesias is probably no good to anybody today after last night’s “event”.

Pat is now sharing a great anecdote about his dad smuggling booze in his cane, Adam has a great canes of yore riff.


Alison’s News

Her top story is an update on the obamacare turnout for its rollout in October, Adam and Alison are going in depth on both of their experiences as young people considering health insurance.

Alison has a great anecdote about her own parents and their pressure on her to get insurance their possible underlying not so selfless motivation.

Adam and Pat are digging into the topic and Adam is sharing various theories, Alison is in the mix with the facts and BB shares his own experiences.


2nd Story is an update on the Spike Lee lawsuit with some new details

Adam is speculating that tweet was perhaps not a “sober” moment and Alison is telling them about the 2 million dollar sum being touted by Spike’s attorney.

They’re all digging into this and now Adam is segueing into a live read.


4rd Story is a on a news reporter in Detroit who wasn’t aware her mic was on

They’re now playing the clip and Adam is saying how much he loves this stuff, Pat is chiming in now too.

Pat is sharing his “if you fuck me you’re dead” threat he gives to every sound guy on every show he works on, Adam and Alison are sharing their own experiences and fear about this.


Adam is now sharing an anecdote of his own critiques of a woman directing him and how she had to hear his comments during the edit.

Adam is bringing up how she had to come confront him about it and he’s explaining why he can’t take it back, he meant what he said.

Pat is sharing his own anecdote about doing some on air work with the NFL Sunday guys and how they would fuck with each other over on material.


Adam is now bringing up how Jimmy Kimmel would sign all of their Man Show cards and Adam would clone his exact words and confuse people, thinking that Jimmy copied Adam.

Adam is bringing up Dr. Drew’s special “mark” he uses instead of his full name, Adam is explaining why that’s such a good idea, an illegible scribble for a signature.

Pat is telling them about “The Palmer Method” for signing and he’s now showing them an example, Adam is bring sympathetic to women who are required to write legibly and have to learn a new last name and sign that too.


Adam is giving his own take of how he would use BB’s last name if he was to marry him, BB is asking the gang about athlete’s using their number and Adam is telling them about Leno using his chin.

Alison just admitted she used to draw a little duck and Adam thinks it’s cute as the dickens, instead of making fun of her like BB sounds tempted to do.

Pat is telling them a secret about Jordan signatures and Adam is telling the gang about seeing footage of him in a T-shirt with the “Nike Air” logo, which is essentially him and now Adam is suggesting pairing Jordan up with Mike Love from the Beach Boys, nice pull Alison.


Adam and BB are now speculating on how much of a douche move it is to sport your own gear or clothing with your visage on it, Adam has his own take on what he would do with his own career merchandise.

BB is asking about the Carolla Digital staff sporting branded gear, Alison says she likes that( I do too!).

Adam is now sharing his take on how computers have ruined things for him, he expects more things to be instantaneous and can’t wait even small amounts of time, and Gary is getting him the footage of Jordan.


Adam is now doing a live read.

Alison is wrapping the news and now Adam is giving the plugs and thanking Pat for doing the show, BB has a great new closing drop.