Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/13/2017 – Adam, Bryan, and Gina

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/13/2017 – Adam, Bryan, and Gina

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Adam, Bryan, and Gina

Recorded 11-12-2017 – Release Date 11-13-2017

Production Number #2201

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Adam opens the show to a “celebrated Veteran’s Day by still not finding out the story behind his uncle Ralph Carollo’s last name” intro and then he welcomes the gang to the show.

BB has Jim Carolla’s “Hell Yeah” (oh yeah) as today’s #TopDrop.

Adam says he’s realizing that indifference and passivity are the biggest insults in life, he brings up the notion of the hottest girl in school hating you and thinking you’re gross vs. not knowing you exist.

They joke about the “not Bryan Bishop” line and Adam brings up the two “who?” stories with his dad, regarding his lack of a middle name and the difference between Adam’s last name and Ralph Carollo, his late uncle.


Adam is talking about his uncle Ralph, explaining he never left Philadelphia, nor did Jim’s other brother Mario.

Adam says there were a few uncomfortable conversations you would have with your relatives once per year around the holidays over the phone, asking you about your grades in school before you would have the phone off to your parent.

BB asks if Ralph was an early adopter of separating himself from the Carolla name, Adam says he had a cool job as the photographer for the city of Philadelphia.


Adam says he’s interested in success, lack of success and how people will take certain unhelpful traits to the grave, the quality that stands in the way of that person having success.


himsThe New Wellness brand for men who don’t go to the doctor, the mystery of baldness Edition

Adam sings “Lazy Follicles” in response to Gina’s funny one liner, poor bald Bryan.


Adam was sitting around talking to a friend of his, whose mom is still alive she likes horses and painting.

Adam jokes about her painting horses with a roller, funny “turn you into a pinto” comment.

Adam says the friend told him that his mom was embarrassed to paint, she didn’t want to be made fun of by her late husband and never went back to it.


Adam is riffing about society and how we don’t mock junkies and fuck ups but we mock people trying to create art and find happiness.

Adam’s friend told him that he might try and get his stepdad to set up an easel for his mom to paint, but only if he could make it seem like it was his stepfather’s idea.

Adam is mocking that notion of having to make something seem like someone else’s idea, Adam says back in the day at KROQ he wanted to get on air with Jimmy Kimmel but nobody was into it.


Adam explains how they wanted to make the program director pair them on air and have him think it was his own idea.

Adam is mocking the notion of not listening to other people’s ideas and he shares a story of an idea he flopped on, he was in love with putting a Jaguar engine into a car he wants to build from scratch.

Adam says he restores old racecars, he wants to now build his own car much like he would like to build his own house from scratch.


Adam brings up ‘Singer’ Porsche customs and how the guy was able to create his own industry, Adam shares how he came up with his idea to start with a Nissan 240z.

Adam is telling BB about coming up with the ideas and the plan to create something new, he shares their powerplant dilemma for the hypothetical custom car.

BB asks about going electric and Adam explains why you want a powerplant to display at SEMA when the car is finished.


Adam is going in to his idea for the Jaguar motor, he says they’re beautiful and look like swiss watches.

Adam was “smitten” with himself and his idea, calling his car buddies and sharing this brilliant concept he came up with.

Adam is sharing how his guy Sean, the middle mannered Armenia guy, he’s very quiet and capable.


Adam tried to melt his mind with the best idea ever only to have Sean best his idea by suggesting they use one of the custom Nissan motors, which Adam already owns.


Adam is now sharing the history of the super rare engine, Adam owns all 3 of them that exist.

Adam jokes about the “High Rise” intake, he then has to manually queue BB to play the Transformers sound effect.

Adam explains how there was controversy regarding Newman using this engine in races, Adam says it should be at the Nissan motorsport museum.


Adam says it took him an arc not dissimilar to that of a cruise ship’s turn radius to come around to the superior idea.

Adam asks why anyone would go through life resisting other people’s ideas, he mocks the misplaced egos and pride among the people he knows who he could argue has ideas that aren’t working.

Gina has a Ronald Reagan quote regarding taking credit for ideas and accomplishment.


Adam shares Jimmy Kimmel’s joke about the begging of the cupcake shop trend coinciding with the medical marijuana dispensaries, Adam has a killer “better things to eat” riff which includes a pussy mention that Gina has a fantastic reaction to.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Pete, he’s watching the Bengals game and Jalen Ramsey was ejected again, Adam was just thinking about the previous game he was ejected from, odd timing.

Adam talks about the Patriots and how disciplined of a team they are, they move and discuss Dan Marino and Tony Siragusa in his Rock and Jock football game.

Adam makes a point about Dan’s laser beam spirals, Adam says he then had another play where Dan was pissed that Adam didn’t come back to the ball instead of waiting for it to arrive where Dan told him to go.


BB brings up coach Sam Wyche and his infamous announcement during a game, Adam moves on to a live read.


SimpliSafeIf your daughter is going off to college, get her this system Edition


They are now watching the clip of Sam Wyche, BB remarks on how he insults a different city in Ohio despite them playing a team from a different state.

BB learns they were playing the Seahawks and they move on.

Adam is talking about the great “dad voice” that Sam utilized while announcing to the stadium, Adam talks about his own dad voice that even snaps Phil in line.


2nd Caller Robert, he’s calling about the #MeToo gathering in Hollywood and he brings up the time Margaret Cho came on to Adam.

Adam says he wasn’t humiliated nor disturbed by the encounter, he chooses how he is affected by things and people, he quotes his mother and mocks her “but how can you not be affected?” question from the discussion they had about the confederate statues being removed.

Robert is further trying to argue that Adam was a victim of unwanted sexual harassment and advances, Adam says he just views it as her coming over and making an interesting set of decisions, he is perfectly nice and kind about it and doesn’t say anything negative about Margaret.


Adam jokes about the sun setting on him being hit on by women, so how offended is really going to be.

Gina casually mentions the time a man started masturbating in front of her, she mentions how terrifying it was and Adam has her stop and explain the events.

Adam is now telling her about the types of dudes you will meet in acting class, either gay and friendly or “I’m going to beat off on you while we’re camping” and Gina describes her reaction to the unwanted exhibition.


Gina say she has tons of stories about guys who have jacked off in front of her without permission, she shares her empowering reaction to this type of harassment and Gina mocks Robert for not getting the point.

Adam says someone tweeted him a story regarding allowing a young black child to be friend with white children, Gina is reading the article from the NYT writer.

Adam says 4-year old’s want horsey rides and don’t want to know anything outside of their world, Adam says it’s a form of abuse to expose young kids to this stuff.

Adam is saying they always use the wrong age for these insane pieces, out of the gate you know this person is lying and he explains why.


Adam reacts to this writer claiming he will teach his kid to be suspicious, Adam says this is child abuse and rants up a storm about these pussies who poison their kids.

Adam says the writer is a douche, Adam suggests this is racist to even bring up and Gina reads the rest of the article.

Adam doesn’t mind this guy is a fucking idiot, he minds that there is a home for him at the New York Times and Gina reads the closer, saying it is the most condescending part.


Stamps.comWe do a lot of shipping around here, we do some receiving but mostly shipping Edition

They head to break


Good Sports

Dave has an enthusiastic intro, he tells fans to send in feedback and plugs his own show for a more sports themed program.

Dave is bringing up the current NFL season, he wants Adam to rank some of the fight songs of the league.

Adam mocks the Houston Oilers fight song, he compares it to white guy rap from the 1980’s/90’s.


Dave is now bringing up the Miami Dolphins song, he says it’s a total rip-off and Adam blames it on the white people musical cadence, like a dog that just went for a run.

Adam says this is adopting songs, he brings up The Rams and asks what is worse a crappy original song or a crappy borrowed song used for your team.

Adam is talking about how every artist in the 1970’s had to write a song about the old west, Adam jokes about how musicians all used the same topics, Dave refers to it as flavors.


Adam brings up the way time changes things to folklore, he brings up the time life books and he jokes about the “he shot a man just for snoring” line in the commercial promoting the story of Pecos Bill.

Adam riffs about the backstory that led Pecos to shoot a man for snoring.


Adam talks about how he thinks about ‘Schoolhouse Rocks’ to remember basic things and combines that with a funny cocaine trade concept.

Dave wraps the segment.


They’re back from break with a listener voicemail, adding “cracking a safe with a stethoscope” to Adam’s list of things he wants to do before he dies.

Adam talks about the bygone era of wheelmen and how unrealistic it now is, BB compliments the movie ‘Baby Driver’ as Adam further charts the evolution of wheelmen in movies.


Gina’s News

1st Story is an update on the UCLA basketball players detained in China for shoplifting, Adam is now asking for a global equality on laws pertaining to misdemeanors, like theft.

Adam wonders why we are all so different, Adam says his only disagreement with Dennis Prager is over the moral core that Adam feels is dictated by nature and Dennis thinks comes from faith.

Adam is using degrees of murder to make a point about the sliding scale of DUI passenger death to assassin, Adam says there is one version of the crime where you might not even do time, another that puts you in a gas chamber.


Adam says knock it off China, he would like a little less China in the China stew.

Gina explains the Alibaba connection thanks to an assist from Gary.


2nd Story is about the exhibitionist disorder, question why some men feel the urge to expose themselves to women.

Gina has the details and Adam asks if we can agree that masturbating in front of an underling is something specific, BB interrupts it with “Hi Gary!” and Adam defends his jack at 35,000 feet.

Adam is now using BBQ to make a point about the desire of men, beating off in front of you is not part of the sexual desire, it’s a power move.


Adam jokes about someone entering an office only to witness BB pounding his meat over Adam lying on the floor in the fetal position. You will know who is dominant just by witnessing that, hilarious!

Adam brings up how Harvey Weinstein was a douche, a prick and so was Bill Cosby, Louis was kind prickly too, he’s heard things.

Adam is now wondering if asshole pricks guys are more likely to do this move, it’s a douchebag move.


BB remarks on the goal of this behavior and Adam says it’s the ultimate version of demanding push-ups from an employee, a big-time power douchey component is at play.

Adam says you will not hear Henry Winkler’s name come up in this and BB plays the clip of Gina quoting Dusting Hoffman and Gina brings up George Takei and the accusations made about him.


Adam says at least the George Takei accusations are something, he says not all touching and assault is the same, hand a thigh vs. pants around the ankles.

Adam is making a point about what George Bush has admitted to doing vs. what these other offenders did, Gina agrees that every human and parent would have feelings about that.


True CarOver 700k pre-owned vehicles Edition


3rd Story is on Elton John stopping his concert when his Piano malfunctioned, they have some footage and Adam reveals that Gary’s parents were in attendance.

Adam says Elton is great he started off angry, then he went gay and became a billionaire.

Adam talks about The Rolling Stones and BB recommends Elton live in concert, Gina wraps the news and BB plays the clips of her saying the name of the author of the NYT article Ekow N. Yankah.


Onnit.comAubrey’s experience with Ayahuasca Edition


Adam is now giving out the closing plugs, Adam is asking Gary about Lynette flying out to Miami for a CarollaDrinks event despite not going on the cruise.

BB closes things with the “I’m going to beat off on you while camping” clip from Adam.