Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/13/2015 – S. Leigh Savidge and John McKenna

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/13/2015 – S. Leigh Savidge and John McKenna

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest S. Leigh Savidge and John McKenna

Recorded 11-12-2015 – Release Date 11-13-2015

Production Number #1702

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Adam has a fumbled intro and says he must get a doppelganger and complains about getting it from all corners, BB has a funny reaction to the intro and Adam says he’s happy as John worked on the Steve McQueen documentary that he enjoyed, not the one he didn’t enjoy. Leigh Savidge is making his 2nd appearance on the show, this time for a phoner, he was last on ACS #1644 promoting ‘Straight Oughtta Compton’.

He mentions calling from work in Hawthorne California, the home of ‘The Beach Boys’ and Adam jokes about people using famous folk being from their hometown to brag about it, the Cindy Crawford in DeKalb story.


Adam is now asking S. Leigh about the ‘Death Row’ movie and where that’s at, he talks about the general fear to peruse the project and presumptions it could still be a dangerous topic. Leigh is telling them about the documentary he’s promoting/worked on, he has some inside details about the Biggie/Tupac friendship that led to the eventual beef and their assassinations.

Adam mixes ups his plugs for his podcast and documentary, Adam wants to know who knows something in the Death Row and Bad Boy record camps.

Leigh is talking about THE ‘KEFFE D’ TAPES and doesn’t mention the part about him accusing Sean Combs of hiring him to kill Tupac.

Adam has a funny Kiki Dee comment and BB plays some ‘Don’t Go Breaking My Heart’ much to the delight of Adam who actually likes this song, not quite a “tool tune” and they go back to what S. Leigh was saying.

Adam is explaining the topography of Los Angeles and the Peterson Auto Museum vs. the Las Vegas Strip.


Every time S. Leigh says Keffe D, BB plays the song again and Adam goes on a funny riff over the song, solid comment from Adam before asking for a “holy shit” moment and he hints at the involvement of Puffy, without every saying it at all.

BB plays the song again and gets shutdown, S. Leigh is now giving them the dates of the assassinations and further connecting the dots between the murders of both men.

Adam is now sharing Mike August’s theory about Suge Knight taking out Tupac, Adam argues that the bullets that hit him the driver would perhaps dissuade him from that plan.


Adam is now asking about the chosen location for the hits and S. Leigh explains how they might have been following them for some time and casing their movement, staking them out.

They keep trying to get S. Leigh to say Keffe D, there are about 5 beats and Adam stops the show to marvel at BB feeling like him when he tries to get someone to repeat something or correct it.

They go back and have him list off some names until he hits Keffe again and they play the song, Gary gets on mic and they wrap up with S. Leigh Savidge.


Gina brings up Captain and Tennille and Adam talks about the modern era of people getting divorced after 39yrs of marriage.

BB brings up the oddity that two of the biggest stars in music were assassinated less than a year apart and nobody talks about it, Adam says it’s the quiet racism of lowered expectations and that’s why it never comes up.

Adam says if it was two white artists you would never stop talking about it, funny two examples from BB and reaction from Gina.


Adam says if it was Michael Bublé and Josh Groban example, we would never stop talking about it as a culture, instead we have true insidious racism that implies it was almost expected or a likely outcome solely due the two men’s skin color.


Adam is doing a Live Read for Tommy John

Adam’s recent production meeting story edition

50/50 V Neck/Crew Neck, Adam almost killed the CEO of the company, don’t interview guys who run T-shirt Company’s unless you want to spend the rest of your life in jail.


Gina shares that she’s wearing one of the new T-Shirts. Adam comments he tries to look way from her breasts at most times, however she insists and he takes it all in, wow!


Lord Of The Jungle


Winner Rhett, Adam wants to a documentary on the cool guys he grew up with, he brings up Rhett Winchell and how he was the coolest guy, despite not being exceptionally great looking nor outstanding in any other way besides his name.

Adam talks about his sister wife Tom, his ultra-cool dude who runs the other car shop and does Adam’s haircut touch ups and sewing work.


They wrap the segment and further talk about Rhett, Adam jokes about how everything is mystical and magical to a young poor Carolla, he jokes about his flip flops, Schwinn bicycle and new belongings.

Adam says this kid Tyler has a custom shirt with him in likeness in an action caricature scene, Adam then pressed him and found out about his trip to the mountain for their ski vacations.

BB has an anecdote and Adam talks about trying to explain these extravagances to his parents.


Adam is doing an Uber Live Read

Kris Carolla Uber Driver edition

They head to break


They’re back from break with John McKenna making his ACS debut, Adam is now explaining how the movie ‘Le Mans’ came to be and he asks Joh about acquiring all of this lost footage for the documentary.

Adam is now giving some examples of how they were adding camera mounts to cars and the danger that presented, very interesting.

Adam is talking about the two big players in the race and he comments on the extreme polar nature of Steve McQueen who he calls a genuine guy.


John is telling them about the documentary and replying to Gina’s questions and now Adam is talking about how they had to film ‘Le Man’s regardless of having a script ready or not.

Adam jokes about the old way of “loves the ladies” and how it would be almost an affectation of most guys, dudes could drink, fight and fuck without being ruined in public, divorced and arrested.

Adam is now sharing a real story of Steve, who he now says by all account was an asshole, but a straight shooter.


They talk about his early death and lack of a family, Adam jokes about white privilege when talking about Steve’s upbringing in a boy’s home.

Adam is plugging Winning and says it’s the same circle, Adam talks about the one sided rivalry between Paul Newman and Steve McQueen.

Adam talks about a famous race where Steve broke his foot and he says he didn’t seem to care about risking his life or dying on the road behind the wheel, Gina has a good point about the lack of safety in Steve’s childhood.


Adam says he wasn’t a huge fan of the other Steve McQueen doc and John is very fair in not saying a word about it, Adam does preface he’s not trying to talk shit if he knows the guys, either way they move on and talk about the good elements of John’s movie.

Adam compliments the look of the film and John says it’s great to hear as they put a lot of effort into making it look that way.


Adam is doing a Live Read for and he asks John about his next projects, he says more documentaries and teases one about ‘Michael X’.

Adam jokes about that being his next topic for a documentary too, funny sarcastic riff.

Adam is recalling the death of Kim Duk-koo (Duk-Koo Kim) after an epic war in the ring with Ray Mancini, Adam has some funny “Boom Boom” comedy with the “Bewm” drop.

Dawson explains there is a song about Ray Mancini and now Adam understands why Dawson was nodding along with the story, no wonder he knows about it.


Gina’s News

Adam is talking about trying to clear footage of ‘Le Mans’ and the difficulty therein, Adam shares his theory on us shaming them in WWII and in return they’ll never stop being passive aggressive.

Adam thinks a French guy would be more likely to sell John the footage than Adam, John has a funny comment about his northern English accent hinting at some history maybe Adam isn’t familiar with


Dawson now has the song ‘Ray Boom Boom Mancini’ by Warren Zevon and Adam jokes about Ray getting him to write an autobiographical song about him.


1st Story is on the perfection of Starbucks being part of the “War on Christmas” (phasing out of Christian ideology in America) she has a quote from the Breitbart website.

Adam says we have no real wars so we now have wars on holidays and voters, Adam asks if they have these problems in England.

Gina has an interesting take, Adam says as an atheist he loves Christmas, he loves the smell of it and the joy of his children with elves that hide on shelves and Adam talks about tucking his kids into bed and the funny way they react to him closing the door, Sonny wants it wide open and she wants it closed 75%.

Adam says his daughter expects to see a German Sheppard puppy on Christmas morning, Adam tells atheist people who have an issue with religious people to fuck off, don’t worry we’ll all be dead soon.


2nd Story is on a proposed Indonesian prison on an island surrounded by Crocodiles, Adam jokes about crows taking a bribe and not being able to bribe or negotiate with reptiles.

Adam has a funny series of comments and says he doesn’t support this idea.


3rd Story is on the murder of a 1yr old at the hands of an 8yr old while the older child’s mother was out at the club, Adam and BB mock the photo of the mother and wonder what club she was attending.

Adam comments on how he’s never stopped begging people who shouldn’t have kids to not have them, he says all symptoms and problems stem back to this issue.

Adam says it will all go away if we can just go to the hub, the source, our politicians are cowards and pussies, Pussards.


Adam is explaining this to John and Adam gets him to explain how it’s changing in England and he goes in depth on the differences in our societies, Adam is glad they’re at least fucked up too.


Adam is now doing a Live Read for Forces of Nature

Adam dumps it on his pillow to huff before sleeping edition


4th Story is on an IHop parking lot cave-in and Gina has all of the details, Adam jokes about this happening right after you exit the restaurant and get into your car, Adam jokes about blaming the one super fat guy who left as the ground cracked and we can pin this on.

Adam loves this news story after the horror of the last one, Adam would rather hear about 75 people dying in a volcano explosion than the kid beating another kid to death.

Gina wraps the news.


Adam is now setting up a clip from TAK #53 Manoj Bhargava where they go in depth on his charitable work instead of the usual “journey to success” model of the show.

Gary gets on mic and gives out a plug and then they play the lengthy and very interesting clip of Manoj talking about solving these global problems and taking action.


They comment on the clip, Adam mocks Gary and they go into a live read.


Adam is doing a SimpliSafe Live Read and he plugs the movie ‘Steve McQueen: The Man and Le Mans’ and Adam wraps up the show with some further plugs.

BB plays the clip of Adam trying to say the name Duk-Koo-Kim from before the news started.