Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/13/2014 – Pauly Shore and Matt Atchity

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/13/2014 – Pauly Shore and Matt Atchity

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Pauly Shore and Matt Atchity

Recorded 11-12-2014 – Release Date 11-13-2014

Production Number #1453

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Adam opens the show to a UFO reference from yesterday, Adam thanks everyone for tuning in and BB plays the “Quit the Team Faggot” from a couple weeks back as today’s #TopDrop.

Adam is bringing up his kids desire to be read to, he comments on how universal it is for all children, almost ubiquitous among all cultures and they reason it may have been an oral tradition before the written word.

Matt Atchity joins the show, Adam is telling them about ‘Diary of a wimpy Kid’ and how he was able to assemble most of the plot and narrative just by passing their room in the hallway and overhearing snippets.


Adam is now taking this back to his CBS sitcom in 2009, he brings up the kid they cast from Montreal and replaced him with the kid who went onto star in the ‘Diary of a Wimpy Kid’ movies based on the books his kids are into.

Adam is describing how the kid gets comedy and was their #1 pick, they were told they had to bring the studio choices otherwise they would get pissed off, Adam brings up Kevin Hench and his concern about bringing in the 2nd kid they didn’t want for the series.

Adam is now mocking the pompous executives.


BB is now joking about his tumor after Adam brought up how he never saw their true #1 pick for Adam’s son, the wimpy kid, kid.

Adam explains that Natalia like to sleep in Sonny’s room with his bunk bed setup, Adam says he walked in and saw Sonny splayed out on the bean bag chair playing video games on his tablet while Natalia was on the top bunk also playing games on her iPad.

Adam stopped and told them to show mom some respect and put their games down, Adam shares the details of Sonny’s perfectly timed fart, and Alison’s reaction is gold.

Adam asks Adrian Peterson to pay his house a visit and to bring a car antenna.


BB makes Adam admit the fart was hilarious, Adam is describing Lynette getting on board and threatening to put everyone to bed.

“Can I tell you know how excited I’d be if a giant walked into my room and went lights out, go to bed!” – Adam on being told to go to sleep and how as an adult he desires that more than anything, while his kids are the exact opposite.

Adam brings up Mike August and his young child who has been whaling in the background of some of their recent calls, Adam says Mike is wired like an Iguana able to tune out anything.


Adam is describing the scene where he was talking to Mike and how he said last night in jest “Are you in the crib with your daughter” he replied matter of fact that he wasn’t.

Adam is bringing up sound blimps, the boxes designed to quiet down cameras, Adam is now inventing sound blimps for crying babies.

Adam has a killer “rat with aids” mention, BB is now riffing with him about it and Adam regrets ever brining rodentia into the mix.


Adam just invented the M.R.CRY device, Matt steps in and Dr. Drew’s him with “Mr. Cry” the obvious alternate pronunciation of his creation, better patent this one fast Adam.

Next thing you know Matt will have a podcast all about this device, Adam is riffing about children not having memories from their infancy.

Alison is explaining Adam’s point about everyone suffering in addition to the baby who is going through its crying fit.


Adam is now riffing about the M.R.CRY device saving a baby from falling debris in an earthquake, Adam is now riffing about F1 and military grade fighter jet technology being a selling point.


Hooray for Baldywood

BB saw ‘Interstellar’  he explains the premise and the dusty future, Adam mocks that dystopian aesthetic and the seeming only two options for a post apocalypse dust bowl or a utopia with a price, the man, chips, swear words debits and councils deciding on troublemakers.

Adam is now saying that the utopia is even worse the dustbowl due to its strict regulations.


Matt is now giving his take on the movie, he’s sharing the parts he enjoyed and BB cites the corn crop element of the plot.


Adam asks about the year, they both don’t seem to know it.

Adam is commenting on the nearly 3 hour running time, Matt is weighing in too with his mixed feelings.

BB and Matt agree this needs to be seen on the big screen, Adam is now bringing up his math on the wasted 82minutes at 800k per minute of movie, Adam is commenting on the potential screenings you miss out on for a longer running time that cost more to make, that only results in people telling you “it was way too long dude.”


Matt and BB both agree it didn’t feel too long, Adam is now asking them, he says it’s pretty insane that could be that long and not feel long, he cuts them off and says that almost must make it a good movie, does it not.

Matt explains it could’ve been a movie that lasts the next 3 generations, Adam riffs about the two possible futures again for a brief moment.

BB shares his take on the movie that perfectly echoes Matt’s, Alison asks what makes it feel like they’re swinging for the fences with this project.


BB has a great “puss” line that’s barely audible to mock Matt for getting choked up during the movie.

BB says it’s refreshing to see someone swing for the fences in today’s cinematic landscape.


Adam and BB are doing a Draft Kings live read.

BB is the new “cover of Madden” and has cursed all of the players on his season long football team.


Adam is now commenting on a caller who dropped off, she wanted to know Adam’s take on leaving his kids in the car while he runs into the liquor store.

Adam admits to doing it and says his wife would get really pissed about that 4 ½ minutes, but she’s also the person who didn’t check the pool gate for a year and a half that the gardener left open, leaving the kids vulnerable to drowning in their pool.

Adam is now ranting about people living their lives according to their emotions, Adam is now using statistics and putting aside emotion, he uses the driving vs. flying stats.


Adam is now joking about drinking in the day and Matt asks if the kids are car theft deterrent, Adam clarifies the type of drive up corner store he was at.

Adam is now suggesting the possible stats for the danger of taking them out of the car for that same period of time at that same liquor store.


1st Caller Michelle, she’s now on the line explaining she did this and the store came out and warned her of notifying the police.

Adam tells her not to be too pissed off and totally defuses her, he asks what she was buying.

Adam is telling the gang about taking his kids out to Barbecue for dinner over the weekend, Adam says the BB joint has 26 non BBQ items so if you’re not into that cuisine you can order the other options while the person who wants ribs, enjoys said ribs.

Adam is telling the gang about his kid’s dinner order over the weekend and cites his dad taking him to Sizzler for his graduation.


Adam is now riffing about the new double deuce ‘M.R.CRY’ or ‘Mr. Cry’ device, stacked for two infants and telling BB and the gang about dunking his fries into chili, he says the chili fry is wildly underrated and argues that nachos are ordered 26 to 1 over chili fries.

“If they’re round, they’re not tortilla chips” – Adam responding to a picture of shitty chips and nacho cheese chemical sauce.

Adam says they melt down traffic cones and make it into the liquid queso used for fake nachos.


Adam is ranting about processed cheese, when the fuck and who the fuck (likes this) Adam has always hated synthetic cheese, BB is now trying to peg Adam’s cheese tastes.

Adam brings up “Fucking Caelan” and BB suggests we now add fucking to his name, Adam is telling them about Caelan’s sandwich, he removed his Swiss (parmesan) cheese, Adam corrects him and explains the cheese texture and 64th of an inch thickness.

Adam tells them about eating the whole cheese slice to his head man, Adam is now yelling “you remove cheese from the sandwich?” at Caelan, This like Mike Cioffi’s sourdough bread mistake from the KLSX days.


Adam is now ranting against the dodger stadium nachos, paying a premium for liquid cheese sauce, the attendees are adults, not children.

Adam is now riffing about this fictional Simi Valley day camp’s discounted lunch program, holy shit this is complex.

Alison shares her own cheese attrition and Adam is going off on stale bullshit chips covered in shitty orange sauce.


Adam says they should burn the stadium to the fucking ground.

“Alright Matt, while I’m in a good mood” – Adam


Rotten or Fresh – Jim Carrey Movies

Adam is now blowing some people off, he mentions caller Gary whose Dog is covered in tumors and another guy who is divorced and wants to know about the window for having kids.

Alison has a double sneeze, nobody reacts or mocks her.

Adam is now bringing up Norman Lear’s children and advanced age, Alison steps in with some info.


1st Movie Ace Ventura Pet Detective (1993)

Adam guesses 71% and B went low, Alison was at 70%.

BB asks about the retroactive good reviews trying to prove he’s somehow correct, BB praises the movie and Adam shares his kids love for it, Adam praises his commitment and is now mocking the critics who were perhaps too harsh on the movie.

Adam is citing his fine dining vs. hotdog stands analogy evocative of his “don’t have the person who hates chines food review the new Chinese place in town.”


2nd Movie Liar Liar (1997)

Adam and BB have a back and forth about the gimmick of the movie, BB reacts hugely to the 81% critics score and Adam brings up the way the audience score is lower than the top critics.

Adam would’ve never had guessed it was that high, Adam sees it’s 94% with top critics and has a huge reaction.


3rd Movie The Truman Show (1998)

Adam saw this in the theater, BB says a great movie that gets better with age and BB kills it with a 92% guess, it’s 94%.

Adam had no idea the critics were so in love with Jim Carrey.


4th Movie Man on the Moon (1999)

Adam is going high with 92% and BB goes with a low 60’s, Alison too, both smart guesses.


5th Movie Bruce Almighty (2003)

Alison has a funny ah/aw/oh fuck reaction, it’s hard to tell, but it’s gold.

Adam says they should’ve never even have had played this game, BB disagrees with that statement and walks away with the win, again.


Adam is doing a Nature box live read, complete with peanut butter “nom noms”.

Adam is heading to break.


Adam is back from break with Pauly Shore making his return to the ACS for his third appearance, he was on the show before for ACS #66 and ACS #344.

Adam is now asking Pauly about caring for his mother who suffers from Parkinson’s, Adam is asking how their relationship is and he is telling them how she started The Comedy store, very briefly.

He explains he used to steal his look from his mother and her style.


Adam is asking Pauly about the idea he has told him about expanding the club, Pauly seems less hopeful than he was in 2005.

CLL – 07/13/05 Pauly Shore


Adam brings up Pauly telling him about that and he initially says he doesn’t know what he’s talking about but then says he said something to that effect on the Howard Stern Show.

He explains that was back when he was feuding with his relatives, he now says that they have to keep the club as it is, Don Barris needs a place to perform.

Pauly is going into the history and legacy of the club.


Adam is bringing up how nobody is born on the sunset strip, Pauly proudly proclaims he was, we all know that Paul.

Pauly tells Adam about the various jobs for comedians his mother provided/insisted upon, Sam Kinison working as a doorman etc.

Adam is now having a morbid thought about Pauly’s mother’s funeral being the most heavily comedian attended funeral when it eventually happens.


Adam is now asking Pauly about any arguments he had with his mother, a funny badger vs. weasel riff that Pauly joins him for and doesn’t get pissed about.

Pauly is telling them about starting out at the Laugh Factory before the club was what it is now, Adam is remembering waiting in line for an open mic and getting cut in line by Pauly who was established at the time.

Pauly says the Wayans siblings and David Alan Grier used all work out their material up there as well, Adam asks him what his mom felt/thought about him working out material 1 mile up the street from her legendary club.


They’re talking about some old guys and coke payments that got him booked for the L.A. Cabaret and then eventually at ‘The Comedy Store’ his mother told him to stick with his dancing.

Alison asks a great question about his mother being able to accurately assess his comedic abilities.

Adam says he had a mild breakthrough with his mom yesterday, she finally said something very satisfying, she told him she was sorry she was such a bad mother growing up.


Pauly asks what she did that was so bad, Adam tells him nothing, she was neglectful and Adam says he loves this kind of talk, he says she tells him that a lot of people tell her she did all that she could do, but she admitted she “could’ve done more/Could’ve done much better” and Alison joins Adam and subtly corrects him into changing what his mother said, probably helping him get it right.


Adam has a killer prostitute joke about his sister in reply to Pauly and he’s now telling him about his sister and how she’s doing and Pauly says he’s uncomfortable talking about sibling stuff.

Adam is now pre-lamenting the Thanksgiving family gathering, Adam asks Pauly if he’ll be with his family on the holiday, he will not.

Adam asks if he would like to spend the holidays with his brothers, he asks if they’re appreciative of what he’s doing for mom.


Adam is now commenting on how siblings react to caring for ill parents, Adam is riffing about the brother who gives the parents sponge baths for 6 months and the other who can’t take her to one doctor’s appointment.

Adam says it’s always 905 vs. 10% and eventually the 90%er goes nuts, Adam comments that Alison is a 90%er and she is knowingly silent after riff ranting with him for a moment.

Pauly says there is no communication with his mother, she’s so advanced into her Parkinson’s, Adam asks Pauly about his father who is still around and lives in Vegas.


Pauly tells him that his father still performs regularly and his dad opens for him.

“Anyone who tells a joke over 80 Jeff Ross is fucking sleeping over at their house” – Adam on Jeff Ross and his love for the old school comedy legends.

Adam is now joking about doing standup with his dad, he’s having BB play the drops of his dad and doing a funny back and forth with the old KLSX clips.


Alison’s News live read.

Adam jokes about Pauly defecating in a box and sending it to his brother.

Pauly asks Adam about podcasting, he wants to know how often Adam co-hosted with Stern and he’s explaining how it would work schedule wise.

Pauly now recalls guesting on the ACS in 2009 and 2010.


Adam is telling Pauly he was last on in June of 2010.

Pauly tells Adam about the structure for his podcast, Adam suggests Elliot Gould and is now riffing the idea for Pauly.

Pauly is asking him fake questions, BB is interspersing clips, not really working.


1st Story Is on the first spacecraft to ever land on a comet, she shares how it tweeted it upon landing and mentions she’s not sure how she feels about robot’s having personalities.

Adam is now suggesting they name components that don’t work off the nerdy engineer guys who designed them, they’re talking about the malfunctioned harpoons.

Alison has all of the details and explains the equipment onboard the craft.


Pauly says he was good in creative woods (woodshop) and Adam brings up being friends with Pauly in high school and how much fun that would’ve have been.

Pauly confirms it and describes some amazing times, Adam is talking to Pauly about being a ‘Val’ and they’re talking about the bus commutes to the beach.

Adam is now getting into the ‘Val’s go home’ spray pain and locals only stuff going on at the beach, Adam is now lamenting his inability to use the ocean and go back to his miserable life when he’s done.


Adam says the Val’s punishment was being a “Val”. Adam now shares the two options in life where everyone was a surfer or a low-rider.

Alison asks if there was any way to tell who was a Val besides seeing them get on or off a bus, Adam is now trying to breakdown the weird time and absence of skate surf shop hangout culture.

Adam is telling Pauly about his school’s connection to ‘Fast Times at Ridgemont High’ including some stock footage of his team.


Adam is telling Pauly he didn’t have quite the same experience he seemed to have in high school, Adam says it was pre-AIDs/Mid-Coke and Pauly vaguely agrees to that premise.


2nd Story Is a Fox news anchor mix-up, the anchor said “Fuck” while talking about Huckabee, Adam is now bringing up the super uncomfortable smile of the person who is sitting across from the person who swears on camera.

Adam is now commenting on the almost exclusively model based hiring pool for some of their news anchors.

Adam is telling Pauly he’s always amazed when good looking people can be so good on their feet when on camera and has a funny Alison comment.


Alison has a Kimberly Guilfoyle assist for Adam, he’s now asking about the delay for television and he says it’s disappointing it doesn’t happen more in our prescription medicated out of it culture.

Adam says he likes Anthony Bourdain and Pauly is asking him about the episode that took place in Iran, Adam is doing more Elliot Gould riffing and someone is picking up feedback in their cans.


3rd Story Is on the slang terms banned from and Atlanta Chick-Fil-A, Alison is now listing all of the terms, Alison forgets she once knew Bae stood for ‘Before Anyone Else’ and Gary says it off mic.

Alison is listing off the remaining words and singing and dancing banned along with lyrics to a song.

Alison explains ratchet is slang for wretched and mocks the “whole thing” reasoning for this type of ridiculous speaking.


Adam says 90% of it seems like it’s from pop songs, Pauly is now saying that the people that work there cannot act like themselves, and?

Pauly is now setting up an interview where he applies for a job at a local Chick-Fil-A and Adam is playing the manager, Pauly initially almost wraps it up before it begins and Adam wisely extends it.

Alison’s reactions are priceless, Adam tells Pauly we keep respect to a maximum.

Adam is telling him he’s not his bro, this is gold.


Adam is now saying the chosen people have to work on Sunday’s at his Simi Valley Chick-Fil-A location, Pauly is now listing off all of the words on the list that are banned.

Adam is wrapping up the bit, telling Pauly he’s white too.

Adam asks for a set at Pauly’s mom’s club, he says he does clean Christian based chicken related comedy.


Adam is now asking Pauly about the neon that alerts you to the 3min warning for your set time, Pauly explains it.

Alison’s wraps the news, BB makes her give her closer again and he plays his less than impressive drop choice.


Adam is now doing a Lifelock live read.

Pauly interrupts to ask how he gets sponsors like this, Adam interrupts him to let Dawson do the copy.

Pauly asks how much that ad paid, he has no idea and now they’re riffing about Adam’s love for Lifelock, he lives it and has a poster even.

Adam has a funny circle with a line through it joke about leaving out the line and only attracting identify thieves.

Adam is now wrapping it up with Pauly and giving out the plugs.