Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/13/2013 – Gabriel Iglesias and David Wild

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/13/2013 – Gabriel Iglesias and David Wild

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Gabriel Iglesias and David Wild

Recorded 11-12-2013 – Release Date 11-13-2013

Production Number #1206

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Adam has a warm opening, Alison has an almost out of it reaction and BB has a killer Dennis Prager out of context drop.

Adam and David are praising Gabriel’s talent and comedy and Adam has a comment about his venue size.

Adam has a great riff about Jo Koy and using all of the Jo Koy buffalo much like the Native Americans.


Adam is now setting up the fan made YouTube video featuring the great white vs. brown sugar riff from last week.

Adam is now joking about his family and their attention to him and his belongings, using a great Heisman trophy analogy to contrast them to the fans who put so much effort into his work, akin to when he told me “where were you when I was growing up” when I delivered the ACP DVD prototype to him in 2010.

Adam is now telling people to go to YouTube to check it out via the show page up top.


They’re now playing the clip of Adam and Jo riffing as the dueling sugars.

The clip is now over and I want to take some credit for writing this one up in the blog as Adam admitted he even overlooked this gem from Jo’s last visit.

Adam is finally addressing his kids seeing his massive online archive and has a quick thanks for the guy who put the video together.


Adam is now setting up a perplexing quandary he finds himself in once again when dealing with a longtime friend and having everything end with them using your space rent free for 6 months, driving out of your parking lot telling him to die.

He’s telling them about Ray’s request to use his warehouse for his furniture, Adam didn’t want the clutter and came up with a better and cheaper solution, 100 bucks to hire his guy Rob to drive the truck and keep all of the furniture in Adam’s racing trailer.

Adam’s super generous and perfect offer was soundly rejected and it wasn’t due to malice or incompetence but Adam wants to know what did cause this to happen, again.


Alison, BB and David are in agreement this was a smart move than multiple trips of unloading furniture, gas money and having to unload and load everything into a place, instead of merely driving it to the next place when it Ray acquires it.

Adam is legitimately confused and has some amazing quotes.

Adam is connecting this to the logic of children and Alison has an interesting personal reveal about deciding to be conscious of consequences.


Adam is on a “how did I think this was going to go down” explanation of his childhood approach to various activities he would engage in and the ideas he would come up with.

Alison and BB are both in the mix and have some great points, along with David too.

Adam has a hilarious take a swing a cop’s horse joke and tying it into his earlier explanation of his own dumb youthful choices.


“When you’re born you don’t know anything, we’re all selfish, we’re all dumb and we all have a horrible plan” – Adam on the early stages of primitive behavior of young children in comparison to his buddies who can’t quite get things right.

Adam is bringing up suspensions and firing and how they’re not much of a punishment to Adam and his buddies, Adam is now getting to how the consequences ultimately add up.

Alison cited the time Ray compared her to a man, nice callback.


Adam is now riffing about Chris Maxipada and Alison describes Adam’s pool cleaner as an “IUD for your pool” which is what Adam’s comparing Chris to, during his live read for new sponsor “Nature Box”.


Nerd Walking

Chris went to the Burbank GameStop for the latest midnight Call of Duty release pre-order line.

1st Question, Name one player from the 2013 Red Sox?

Adam, BB and Alison are all now speculating along with David Wild.


2nd Question “What kind of products does DeWALT make?”


3rd Question “Who are the Bash Brothers?”


4th Question “If you are in an F-350 Dooley what are you in?”

Adam is now riffing about how telling David’s “no’s” are about his own knowledge and Adam is trying to explain what kind of truck it is for David’s edification.


5th Question “Who played B.A. Baracus in the movie remake of the A-Team?”

David suggest Quinton Rampage Jackson is a frequent ACS guest, but he’s only guested once and appeared in the audience for a previous live show.

They’re all mocking the overweight nerd, Alison’s comment is pretty cutting and Adam is mocking the idea of a “Gamer Tag” and the one this guy chose.


Adam is now challenging the nerd status of the man who says “Homie” and Gary is jumping in to defend Maxipada on this one.

Alison is on Adam’s side and they’re explaining what makes the criteria to be a nerd.

Adam is doing a live read.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Tara “I Don’t care if you call me terra or Tara” is asking about her work as a nurse and needs Adam’s advice on shaming a “jerk nurse” she has to deal with.

Adam is now riffing about a “jerk nurse” being an idea he can get behind and coming up with an order of wet nurse, jerk nurse and mop nurse.

Tara is further explaining the situation and what her take is.


Adam is getting into the breakdown of the social contract and respect for your superiors along with the inability to shame people into not making further mistakes.

Adam has hilarious anecdote of some sass he received from his daughter where he had to let her know she was way beneath his employees.

BB is now sharing his own anecdote and Adam is connecting it to his own experiences, Alison is asking Adam about the jerk nurse and getting him to admit he hates that person even though he likes the shaming.


Adam is now calling her “Tiara” and wraps the call.

Adam is now getting into the spreading gossip narcissist culture, he’s sharing the times the parents had to confront him at the YMCA and the deal with his son’s teacher who shamed him with a bad correction in the worst possible way, in his child’s classroom.

Adam is getting to the “tough emotional time” it put the teach through, he’s getting to the “I Just Thought you Should know” comments and is asking whomever hears this to play this for the gossip monger narcissists.


Adam is asking what the fuck is in it for you to these people who enjoy making other people miserable for their own enjoyment.

Adam, BB, Alison and David are all trying to figure out why people gossip about others and have the “I just thought you should know” instinct”.

Adam is pointing out the complaints are always secondhand and never from the person hearing the thing, he’s citing the time he mentioned his nephew’s German heritage and how that was twisted into him calling them Nazi’s.


Adam is summing it up with a does it make you money or happy mention and says if it makes you happy you need to kill yourself as you enjoy making others miserable.

Adam is now launching into a live read.

Adam has a funny bar mitzvah ranch comment and admits that one is not his joke, he’s quoting someone.


Adam is now bringing up the song “Irving” about a Jewish cowboy and they’re playing it with David still in studio.

Adam and the gang are peppering in some light commentary and figuring out the “The Frisco Kid” and not the “Scisco Kid” but “The Cincinnati Kid”, right in between as Adam puts it.

They’re wrapping up with David closing out his 50th visit to the ACS.


Gabriel is making his return visit to the ACS, his first appearance was in October of 2011 on Episode #336 of the ACS c was production number #668 of the podcast.

Adam is explaining how Gabriel is a fine example for standups looking how to succeed.

Adam is sharing the tip he got secondhand from someone who learned it from Gabriel regarding the hired photographers Gabriel employs while on the road.


Gabriel is explaining why he does it this way and Adam is in agreement.

Alison has a great comment about Adam pretending not to hear the “3 poses” part of Gabriel’s explanation.

Adam is now bringing up people who will not accept that they’re not attractive regardless of how many photo attempts.


Adam is now asking how Gabriel can do the meet and greets at large venues of over 4k people and how it doesn’t work.

Adam is now getting into the slow motion hand wipe move of the sweaty palm guy and Gabriel is explaining how his guys help him organize things and his use of hand sanitizer.

Adam is now getting to how he ripped of Gabriel’s idea, but I actually told Adam about it well before that, back in 2010.


Adam is now bringing up the not smart way they planned the photo setup for the live BevMo signings.

Gabriel is now explaining how he forgot to tell Adam about the thousands of cards he has made up that he hands out.

Adam is asking if he’s a dick or not and explaining how Mike Altier had a problem with the local Kinko’s, Adam wanted him to use a piece of a box and a sharpie.


They’re going in depth on the photo op and handshake process for the meet and greets.

Adam is asking Gabriel about his journey and how he got into comedy in Los Angeles, performing at a bar.

Gabriel is getting into the money he was making back in 1997, he was making 6k per month and paying 300 rent and wanted to transition to comedy.


Gabriel is getting back to his 10yr old self and his love of Eddie Murphy’s “Raw”.

Gabriel is bringing up he’s “been offered a film career” for over 2 years but won’t transition as he prefers live stage performing as he has immediate feedback.

Gabriel is making it clear he loves comedy and saying that not enough of the standups working respect the art of being on stage and use it as a stepping stone.


Adam is explaining how his movie “Road Hard” involves some of these premises and BB is jumping right in with a great improv to match Adam, gold BB!

Adam is riffing about people taking two decades off from things they love doing, he’s got his own Mangria example and Gabriel is getting back to his movie offers and money left on the table.

Gabriel is now getting to all the jumbo venues he’s being offered, Adam is asking him about his material and how he chooses what to do on follow up visits.


Adam is clearly trying to gauge this against his own ideas and material use, Gabriel is telling Adam they get all new material from what they’ve seen recorded.

Gabriel is explaining he’s now doing 90min shows and lets the Mangria do some more talking for him, he catches himself this time.

Adam is doing a live read and Gabriel is offering to jump in more but they get right to the legalese from Dawson doing his best “Micro Machines Guy”.


Adam is asking Gabriel about his rider and he’s explaining he only requests water backstage and won’t allow for people traveling with him to request anything more.

Adam is incredulous, Gabriel is saying that because he asks for so little he gets extra as a bonus.

Gabriel says he actually is an Enzyte customer and has it in his drawer at home.


Alison’s News

Her top story is on the lawsuit against Spike Lee for his tweet aimed at George Zimmerman.

Alison is reading all the details and Adam has a great “jury is still out” and Alison is telling them about the 10k settlement.

The couple are asking for another 15k in damages and everyone agrees it’s not so expensive nor anything he can’t afford.


Adam is now getting to his theory on how Spike Lee doesn’t get his fair share of shit for the bad things he does and says, BB boldly says he’s a bad person, nice!

Adam says he’s a racist and Gabriel agrees everyone can be racist, even people who are of a race that is historically a victim of the same behavior and discrimination.

Adam want’s to understand why the double standard exists and Adam references the JKL controversy.


Alison is explaining what Spike said about his actions on “Oprah’s Next Chapter” and admitted he couldn’t justify his poor behavior, Adam is complimenting him for admitting his mistake and explaining he likes the honesty.

Adam is explaining how the requested sums sound like nothing by today’s standards and Alison is explaining how surprised she is by these amounts.

Adam and BB are joking about the phone call with the lawyer trying to figure out the settlement amount, Alison has some funny critiques for BB’s Spike Lee impression.


Gabriel has an impression of what Spike doesn’t sound like, Adam is sharing about the time he sat right next to him.

Adam is getting to the 1st question he asked Spike and his response “5th anniversary of Katrina”.

Alison is now tattling on Adam to Spike on air, hilarious!


2nd Story is on the JKL controversy and the adlib from the child on the show.

Alison is explaining that ABC has offered two apologies and even Jimmy has apologized.

China wants an even more sincere apology and Adam has an interesting delivery of “wow”.


Adam is now using the “you know you’ve arrived” of Jimmy being portrayed as Hitler in these protests to his child support payments from his divorce from Gina.

Adam is now asking if people actually think Jimmy doesn’t like any people let alone dislike Asian people.

Alison wants to know I the Chinese people know what was actually said, Adam is bringing up the kid and his improv that’s not taken seriously by adults as it’s from the mouth of a child.


Gabriel is doing a hilarious improv impression of the Chinese reaction and Adam is getting to a list of the top celebrities who hate gay people.

Adam is joking about his own inclusion on the list despite the lack or reality in that and Alison and Gabriel are in the mix.

Adam is now getting to the moment with Jimmy and the sarcastic follow up form Jimmy.


Alison is explaining the content of the apologies and reading Jimmy’s quotes, Adam has a hilarious “Spike Lee should tweet out the address of the kid” comment.

Adam is further getting into his “fuck it” attitude to people who try to sue him and come after him for comments on air, he’s citing the 2006 KLSX ACS incident where Dave Dameshek made a comment and Adam took the blame.

Then the gentlemen’s whose office is in a Benihana, had to guest on air and quasi-threaten Adam while condescending to him about how his own brain works.


Adam is now sharing his theory on a dent in his car and how he feels about it if you were out trying to get it detailed for him.

Adam wants to know when we are going to start attacking the attackers who directly compare comedians to Hitler, Adams Hitler, Jimmy’s Hitler, Gabriel comments on the comparison and how weak and unfair it is.

Adam is now joking about his own step-grandfather losing his entire family to the mass murderer Adolph Hitler, man that’s really fucked up of the people who lob these comparison and accusations around.

Adam has a killer joke about it only being his step-grandfather.


Adam is now working Hitler mustaches into his Go to Meeting live read, with some light fetish comedy.

Adam is getting to a Houston venue where he was told about Gabriel’s technique and Adam is asking him about his ethnicity and background.


3rd Story is on

Adam is now getting back to his idea about Spike Lee tweeting that kid’s address out, BB is now joking about his being a prank by Jimmy and calling it his greatest moment.

Adam is telling Gabriel to go back one glass of Mangria, Gabriel is in love with the substance and is on his 9th cup of the elixir.

Gabriel is complimenting him on the call time at the podcast and the keg of magical wine in the green room.


Gabriel is now doing an impression of Matt but making him super feminine, Gabriel is complimenting the carb full options that have just wrecked his diet.

Adam just made the man go off the skids with the booze and snacks, Gabriel’s buddy had him combine the two flavors and he loves the Brose, the most popular combination.

Gabriel is now saying he’s on 10 glasses of Mangria, he’s clearly impaired and wants to know if Adam has any questions.


Gabriel is telling him about losing 107lbs and wants to know what his fighting weight would be, he wants to reach 190 and doesn’t think it will affect his comedy at all.

He’s telling the gang about his maximum weight and Adam has a solid “shants” joke.

Gabriel is walking them through his diet and exercise routine.


Adam makes sure he has a driver and says he might have to ride in the back seat or the trunk due to his level of intoxication.

Adam is now joking about his show for cops and his plea for a warning if pulled over by any of the attendees.

Gabriel is bringing up his first visit and how he mistook the long absence for Adam not liking him as a person, Adam blames August for not booking him sooner.


Gabriel is explaining how he’s more of global comedian and not just focused on the Mexican themes of his previous work.

Adam is now working Michael Jackson into the riff and Gabriel’s getting even drunker by the moment and can’t seem to make sense with his words.

Adam is thanking Gabriel and getting to the live read, Gabriel is jumping in and asking Adam to just talk to him instead.


Gabriel is telling Adam what a fan he is, Alison’s muted reaction is priceless.

Gabe is telling the gang about his dislike for Sangria and how this is so good it overcomes his discrimination.

Adam is now joking that Gabriel only likes Patron and Tequila because of how it sounds rolling off of his tongue, he’s so drunk he’s taking it to an offensive angle.


Adam says they’ll pick this up on the way out and the show just cuts off to a live read, recorded after they cleared Gabriel out, whoa!

Alison is wrapping the news, Adam is closing out the show with plugs for David Wild, Gabriel Iglesias and Gabriel is still in studio a little mellower than moments ago.

BB is closing it with “take a swing at that cop’s horse” drop.