Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/12/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 288

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/12/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 288

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

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Recorded 11-10-2015 – Release Date 11-12-2015

Production Number #288 – A Hockey Helmet and A Special Parking Space

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Adam opens the show with the standard mandate to get it on intro, Adam talks about being Mr. Mom and Drew mixes up his words and says there must be a ‘Bruce Springfield’ concert somewhere.

Adam corrects him and mocks him for sounding like an old man, Adam talks about stereotypes and what people think about you, how you lead them to think that about you based on your actions.

Adam, says god bless Lynette and she’s working some Mangria business as well, she deserves this trip.


Adam talks about a repetitive thing that someone you know might have, like someone who drinks a 6 pack every night, he jokes about how they get angry when you predict/ask what they’re going for and why.

Lynette is a good mom, she’s doing some work and deserves a little vacay.

Adam says she’ll get mad when she hears about this and all he did was say that he was doing the Mr. Mom thing and drove his kids to school.


Adam is talking about coaching for his son’s basketball team and how he needed to be fingerprinted at his old neighborhood but not where he is now.

Adam is talking about the various horrible eras throughout history and he jokes about the “tough put in the molestation dept.” that is trying to diddle a kid he’s coaching, not a lot of time away from prying eyes.

Adam is now talking about the time he bought the warehouse and told the guy he could leave and end his lease early if he wanted to but refused to sign the release.

Drew wants to know why Adam didn’t sign the release, like he’s hearing this for the first time and didn’t agree with Adam full the last time he heard about it.


Adam talks about having his assistant sign for him during the Telepictures deal and deliver this hilarious line “Motherfucking cocksucking Telepictures fucking prick dickheads” and then briefly explains what it was like dealing with those “weirdos” as they’re known in Hollywood.

Adam says the only good part of his life was not signing any of the worthless contracts required for the deal that ultimately ended based on lies.


Adam says that “we know him” earned him some equity with the other coaches for the kids on the team, Adam longs for the bygone era of a man’s word and a handshake deal.

Adam says that monthly payment is not an issue but down payments are an issue, they talk about the effects of the 2007 financial crisis and how it affected everyone, most because people who shouldn’t and couldn’t own homes were attempting to.

Adam talks about how he can get 10% down vs. 30% down based on whether he is or isn’t living a place, he doesn’t thinks it’s any of their goddamn business where he lives.


Drew does a Live Read


Adam is talking about how a community can stop pedophiles, Drew mentions the real life Pedoph-Isle and now Adam is bringing up the consistent flow of traffic and the person in front of him who wouldn’t turn left.

Adam honked through the cars in front of him as his kids needed to be at school, Adam apologizes to the person with no agenda or time constraints in front of him.

Adam shares his “let’s see how long it takes us” logic for how fast one can turn when in the same position, Adam talks about people suddenly bursting into action when challenged with a horn.


Drew is in fear of the danger it could cause and Adam is now breaking down the logic that is being displayed to him, Drew says he always classifies it as some sort of impairment and Adam delivers the title of the episode “A Hockey Helmet and a Parking Space.”


1st Caller Grant, he’s on speakerphone and Adam is ranting about trying to explain it to a founding father, Drew confirms that Vinnie Tortorich will be appearing on his podcast.

Grant wants advice for dealing with his lazy 3yr old son, Adam says he’s done begging his family to clean up and replace caps, he’s quietly waiting to die and asks Drew if that is the proper way to live.

Adam talks about his kids hunkering down and doing their school work, Adam is talking about the emotional and physical strain that his kid’s schoolwork is placing on him and his wife and their marriage, he didn’t anticipate his kid’s school doing that to his life.


Adam talks about exposing his kids to great art and good music, Adam is sharing his beliefs on music and musical ability/inclination.

Drew is telling them about his son who is working in music and Adam thinks his son would have been working in the same field even if he didn’t go to the music conservatory.

Adam says his son like music and loves Pearl Jam but doesn’t want to play music or be in a band, he’s not that in love with it.


Adam says his daughter loves basketball and wants to be in the school musical, Drew once again brings up Geragos and says that Adam doesn’t yell at him.

Adam says Geragos is right and has well sorted thoughts, he then calls Adam a liar, charlatan and fraud.

Adam says Geragos doesn’t play devil’s advocate all the time and doesn’t have Drew’s unnatural obsession with formal education.


Adam talks about the good base of learning that a human needs, arithmetic and math get mixed up and now Gary is on mic helping explain things.

Adam shares how he wants his kids to be able to do simple math in their heads, he doesn’t want them having to struggle with math while on their feet or need a calculator.

Gary is now reading the definition of math vs. arithmetic.


Adam says reading, writing and number crunching are the important parts of his kid’s education.


Drew is doing a True Car Live read


2nd Caller Donnie, he robbed a bank and called in before.

He’s telling them about getting the job at the hardware store while at work, he describes the situation and the female cashier that overheard it.

Adam and Drew are following along and Adam is now stepping in, Adam says that when you get fired it’s not just one thing, it’s a whole mosaic.

Adam talks about the whole lot of folks around there that he doesn’t need and if they get out of line are just waiting to be shown the door, wow.


Adam is doing a Live Read for eHarmony


Adam is asking about the direction the wind is blowing and he brings up the shows you only watch while on the road, Adam talks about watching a few minutes of ‘The View’ and can’t recall if he played Drew the clip of Barbara talking about the PC rule for the show.

Adam talks about the “we all could be felons” line from Whoopi Goldberg and the grace of god comment she made.

Adam is talking about the logic presented here and Drew argues the philosophical position they’re presenting and explains how it has purveyed our thinking as a society.


Adam says nobody forces you to sell crack, he wants fair laws for all forms of the same drug but nobody made you sling rock because of where you were born.

Adam is now talking about the notion of god preventing all of us from ending up on federal prison.


Adam is doing a live read for Aid in Recovery

Once again Drew has no involvement.


Adam is giving out the plugs and wrapping up the show.