Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/12/2015 – Tai Lopez and Matt Atchity

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/12/2015 – Tai Lopez and Matt Atchity

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Tai Lopez and Matt Atchity

Recorded 11-11-2015 – Release Date 11-12-2015

Production Number #1701

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Adam opens the show to a funny guest name related intro from Dawson and Lynch, BB has a new Judah Friedlander #TopDrop.

Adam is now talking about taping with Manoj and he asks about Kylie Minogue after BB plays a clip of one of her songs.

Gina reads the definition of a macron mark and they’re all weighing in on it, Matt Atchity walks in and joins them once again.


Adam is now talking about what he would do if he was in charge of Cinemax, his own variant on the Pythagorean Theorem.

Adam is sharing ow he would triangulate a movie’s star score based on 3 different sources, BB now has a message for the critical fans and Adam says we’re playing a game and he invented it bitches.

Matt recommends a new film about the catholic church sexual abuse scandal, Adam is now ranting about why they gave him a 2 ½ stars, he talks about why they wouldn’t choose to round up instead of rounding down.


Adam talks about round downers vs. round uppers, Adam is arguing for rounding up and Matt has a fine point about trying to encourage viewers during awful timeslots.

BB talks about how Adam mentions that he drives his wife’s car all of the time, Adam doesn’t want to see BB become successful, he tries to keep BB’s self-esteem low for tactical reasons he explains.

BB brags about never borrowing money nor asking parking in a space but the one designated for him, laughs for BB much…


Adam and BB have some further fun over this topic and Adam mentions how BB has stepped up his improv game since taking classes recently, Adam says he’s been thinking about it all year and stepped up his game actively before ever entering the improv dojo.

Adam is making a point about quantifying relationships that end after 7years, he thinks the steeping process is nearly 13 months before the eventual split.

Matt asks if Adam thinks that improv chops help with interviewing other people, Adam says the most precise thing you can do is an interview and he talks about the rough creaky wheel interviews of early Loveline where he was often playing handball against the drapes with no support from Drew or the staff.

Adam brings up Manoj, BB has a killer drop choice and Adam talks about doing the interview without any notes.


Adam is saying that he would tell everyone to take an improv class just for life, Adam is sharing the details of his dance competition with his daughter, Olga was the judge and he pays her, cute anecdote about being a good father.

Adam says that improv is invisible and you never get a trophy, Adam is recalling the first 2 ½ months with Riki Rachtman still co-hosting and Adam in the “3rd chair” and how the first interview after with Mike Muir of ‘Suicidal Tendencies’ and how difficult it felt for him to try and elicit an interview, he’s being unfair to himself, this is the ‘All I wanted was a Pepsi’ guy.

Classic Loveline #82 Mike Muir – 01/22/1996


Adam is comparing latter day DAG episodes and is re-creating the interview with Mike and commenting on how stilted and what a disaster it was to get out of the gate with that interview.

Adam says I will find it, I did already.

Adam thinks Riki Rachtman pulled this guy aside and had him tank the interview, which is quite possible as they are friends.

Adam says I will find the episode and they will play it, it’s there. They’re looking at a picture of Mike Muir and Adam brings up Elliott Gould, Adam teases an interview between Matt and Elliott.


Adam is doing a live read for Drop Stop

You’re doomed to die looking for a dropped cell phone edition


Adam is and Matt are now doing an interview via the set of drops, Adam says he didn’t internalize Elliott Gould and now they’re busting out a funny back and forth, again via the drops.

Adam is killing this with the “yes/no” and head hanging comments.

Adam plugs the new T-Shirt “Don’t Do Your Best, Do My Best” and Gary steps in with the info about the limited sales period.


Mangria Moments – I Love this theme!

#Mangria Moments

Winner Brian, he sent in a photo of him with his Mangria and ‘Winning: The Racing Live of Paul Newman’ and Adam talks about the bonus footage on the DVD.

Adam is talking about the French paparazzi and trying to clear footage of Paul from Le Mans and what a pain in the ass it was.

Adam talks about how humans are wired and he comments on the French and how much they resent us for stepping in to save them in WWII.


Rotten or Fresh – The Rotten Tomatoes Game

Actors that are military Veterans edition


1st Movie ‘First Blood’ (1982)

Adam is trying to figure out the era of Stallone’s career, he miscalls ‘Stop or My mom will Shoot’ by a decade, they all weigh in on the RT score and move on.


2nd Movie ‘The Right Stuff’ (1983)

Matt refreshes everyone on the plot of the film and they make their guesses.


3rd Movie ‘Full Metal Jacket’ (1987)

Adam shares his love for R. Lee Ermey and Matt shares how he got his part in ‘Full Metal Jacket’ forgetting R. explained it himself on the ACS and TAK.

ACS #1581 and TAK #29 both with R. Lee Ermey


4th Movie ‘Absolute Power’ (1997)

Matt explains the plot, nobody seems to have seen it, I saw it on TNT at 3am last year, it is rotten.


5th Movie ‘Deep Impact’ (1998)

Matt is explaining the movie and Adam recalls the scene of Téa Leoni’s character watching a tidal wave approaching on the beach with her father.

Adam asks why this can’t be 85%, Adam tries to land on this one, like the astronauts in a different asteroid movie.

BB says fuck this game

Adam gives BB some shit for losing and he praises Deep Impact as they wrap the game.


Adam is doing an Uber Live Read

Adam would require everyone on unemployment drive for Uber if they had a working car edition

Adam has some funny one liners aimed at Matt Fondiler and his wedding, he gives out the plugs for Matt Atchity and they head to break.


They’re back from break with Tai Lopez, making his ACS debut after a fantastic appearance on TAK #38.

Adam is asking Tai how he would define what he does, he tells them about his work and mentions an interview with Hillary Clinton, he talks about the divisive feelings about her among the people of America.

Adam says Hillary is liver, not melon or a take it or leave it fruit option.


Adam is going over Tai’s origins and how he got mentors which led to his success, Adam knows the feelings of the “have nots” the emotional version of that, get a job, fight to keep it and wait to die, he quotes his mom and her fears of losing her welfare if she sought employment.

Adam doesn’t know why mentorships are never really discusses in today’s world, Tai talks about how to change and grow from the people around you, whether it’s financial or physical, Tai is making a lot of sense.

Adam can’t recall what podcast he was talking about Ray on, Adam talks about how Ray chose to hang around with losers, and Gary says Ray was last on in August. I think Adam is trying to recall the most recent Reasonable Doubt episode where this same thing came up.


Tai is further telling them about coming up and they are talking about the differences between the very wealthy and the poor when it comes to fashion or accoutrements, even PC approved “environmentally friendly” cars that are driven by people of all ranges of income levels.


Tai is talking about some key advice he got about making a million dollars to earn the real respect in life, not the fake stuff reserved for people living on couches who refuse to “sell out.”


Adam is doing a Live Read for


Gina’s News

1st Story is an update on the president of the Missouri school system who was forced to “retire” and Adam comments on the 7% of black students in Missouri yet they still have a black student body president.

Gina shares the details of the latest development and Adam is talking about how this type of histrionics and feeding frenzy to create racism and sexism everywhere, thinly veiled narcissism, it’s narcissistic to think anyone cares about you.

Adam talks about how people can fan the flames of this stuff, Gina has a great point and cites an article on it, she recommends ‘PCU’ and BB chimes in too, hilarious ‘PCU’ riff framed around the seemingly de-aging Jeremy Piven.


Gina plays a clip from ‘Real Time with Bill Maher’ and talks about how little people truly know at 19, we shouldn’t be listening to them.

Adam is in agreement with the clip and he rants about playing kids music everywhere, stop with the Katy Perry robot music.

Adam says he corrects his kids and tells them not to order Olga around, she works for Adam not for them and it’s a slippery slope and learned behavior where people slip into entitlement.


Tai has a funny comment about identifying as 80% black and he explains how powerful media is and cites some science he’s vaguely familiar with.

Adam is now jumping in and fleshing out the human behaviors around this and how media fits things into molds and will run with certain topics in momentum.

Tai has some stats on the most common police calls and Adam shares his point about his wife worrying about tap water more than an open pool gate when it came to the kid’s safety.

Gina brings up the movie ‘Nightcrawler’ and Adam tells her he saw it and enjoyed it too.


Adam is doing a live read


2nd Story is on the coming changes to SeaWorld and Adam has a killer one liner, Gina has all of the details and they talk about ‘Blackfish’ and now Adam is being very practical about whales and dolphins, Adam wants some dolphins wasted in the process of getting him his tuna, their such undersea pricks to each other.

Adam uses the loose premise that animals occasionally die in the wild, people die every day too.

Adam comments on prioritizing humans over animals and then animals populations over small groups in captivity.


Adam is sharing a funny anecdote about his kids using their annual pass to go a theme park, they’re all now bonding over their local childhood park/zoo.

Adam has a funny one liner that BB lays in the ‘The More You Know’ drop for and now Gina and Tai both weighing in with different comments.

Tai says we are the descendants of men who could face blood and women who could shield our children from it, to paraphrase of course.


Adam comments on how Marine Land actually predates Disney after Gary gives them the facts and now Tai shares an anecdote about failure in the life of a young Walt Disney.

Adam talks about Red Bull and BB says he was among the first generation of college kids when the drink was launched, as he’s touched on before in greater details.

Adam shares how he would rather have water over Gatorade, Adam wants an endless montage of people saying things will never work.

Gina wraps the news

Adam has some funny stocks/soup stock comedy mocking his parents, Adam is talking about ‘Defending Your Life’ and he defends the quasi fantasy/sci-fi elements of the film and how as an atheist it is the most likely version of an afterlife he could picture.


Adam is doing a SimpliSafe Live Read


Adam gives out the plugs and wraps up the show.