Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/11/2015 – Judah Friedlander and David Wild

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/11/2015 – Judah Friedlander and David Wild

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Guest Judah Friedlander and David Wild

Recorded 11-10-2015 – Release Date 11-11-2015

Production Number #1700

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Adam has a nice “going on year #7” intro and talks about turning some interns into employees, David Wild is back in studio making his 94th appearance and BB has a funny new #TopDrop of Adam.

Adam says that David Wild has brought his ballot in for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Gina has a funny Joan Jett comment and Adam is asking if OJ Simpson’s Heisman trophy was removed from display at USC.

BB and Adam joke about Reggie Bush having his trophy removed because he bought some rims and got his parents a house, murdering is ok though.


David has a solid ‘Capricorn One’ reference and Adam thinks that it’s among a list of movies he needs to compose where the title is better than the actual film.

BB has a side point about the variety of athletes that still have their trophies on display at USC.

BB is arguing in favor of Reggie Bush and his actions that didn’t effect anything on the field, Adam talks about calling into the morning show with Mark and Gina.


Adam is now asking David about a Bruce Springsteen rehearsal he wants to invite Lynette to attend as his date, Adam talks about doing the Mr. Mom Duties while Lynette is in New York at ‘Stand Up For Heroes’ once again. David has a funny “I want to invite her to so many places” line that only Gina seems to notice or react to.

Adam says as big of a dickhead as everyone thinks he is he almost never says no, his big issue is asking people to do things and finding out they didn’t do it.

BB jokes about the silent shaming that Adam does for people who ask for days off or favors, Adam has a Mangria label approval process with the ATF example, he gets pissed when the person never sent the label in, not the 3 months of bureaucracy he doesn’t like but tolerates as it’s part of life.
David asks what will happen when god forbid Bruce passes away, how Lynette would react, funny reply from Adam.

Adam is talking about calling into the Mark and Gina show and explains how difficult it is to pack all of his kid’s books and school supplies for their day.

Adam talks about the two roller bags his kids use, Adam doesn’t take as much with him for trips across the country.


Adam is talking about the way the woman acts like a baggage handler for the kids when you pick them up out front of the school.

Adam jokes about the 9/11 report and the report on Benghazi being in his kids rolling bag, David confirms how much space it all takes up when you have kids.

Adam has a “god knows what those wheels have seen” line about the germs all over the wheels on the luggage, Adam is wrapping up the parcel loading talk and BB has a funny moment chiming in.


Adam is talking about how Natalia will not only just yell out with that “crazy Helen yell”, but she will also yell for Sonny instead of going to get him as requested.

Adam is talking about free tablets for students and how it doesn’t work out the way we intend, the notion is a great idea but giving people free shit lowers their self-esteem and causes the very systemic problems Huffpo spends all their time fretting about.

Adam talks about earning things and BB has a funny line wrapping it up.


Adam talks about his son and his crew of stuffies, David asks how much longer this will be cute for and Adam jokes about burning his house down to remedy it.

Adam is setting up a story, he had his son sit down and watch Manoj Bhargava’s documentary, BB has a funny ‘Taboo II’ drop and Adam explains the story behind Manoj who is coming in for a Take a Knee later today.

Adam explains How Manoj turned towards philanthropy and brings up his invention for powering homes in third world countries.


Adam talks about true clean energy, Adam is now setting up a clip of Manoj talking about unlimited energy and actual clean power, Gina talks about using the geothermal heat from the earth to power homes and devices in area without power lines or infrastructure.

David has a great anecdote about working on a project with Seth Macfarlane, sounds very cool!

They play another clip and Adam jokes about starting a group called “concerned parents for butterflies” and he mocks the crazy people at home who spend their lives trying to ruin things or combat other people’s groups arguing about nothing.


David has a solid point about politicians tackling this issues and Adam is now talking about how they now just spend all of their energy trying to shit on the opposing side, what we really need is a smart guy in charge instead of the shitty pyramid of infighting our current political system is defined by.


Adam and BB are doing a Draft Kings Live Read


Adam is back to Manoj and how he addressed something in the documentary and explains how he doesn’t stand for opposition, Adam is now playing a clip of Manoj talking from the documentary.

Adam is back to the Jesus from Robert Wagner in ‘Winning: The Racing Life of Paul Newman’ and he talks about the 1 person holding up the rest of us, the group among us who needs a disproportionate amount of attention and money.

Adam has a great pair of analogies, using disabilities and then tax fraud to make his point.


David is now sharing the options on his Grammy Award ballot, listing off the names we’ve all heard over the past few weeks.

David has a funny “no change” one liner when Adam says he’s going to come off as a racist.

The gang are now sharing their ballot choices and everyone is weighing in, Adam asks how many hits NWA actually had.


Adam says he doesn’t like a lot of Janet Jackson songs, Gina is defending Nine Inch Nails and The Smiths, David says he’s not allowed to say if he agrees with Adam or not, being professional as fuck.

Adam says there aren’t any ‘Cars’ songs that have made him think, nobody touches on the coincidence/irony of them having “think” in the title of one of their biggest hits.

Adam and David bond over their love of ‘All Mixed Up’ and Dawson plays a deep cut from ‘The Cars’ and now Adam is asking to breakdown the lyrics to see if there is anything more to it than their hits.


Adam clarifies he likes the Cars, they’re just lyrically weak in his opinion.


Adam is doing a Reverie Bed Live Read


David is having them play a song from The Cars, Adam is familiar and even calls the changeup in the tempo before it happens.

Adam is now playing another song of theirs ‘All Mixed Up’ which David also loves and Dawson talks about working in radio and trying to tell program directors that nobody wants to hear anything off of Led Zeppelin IV.

David is talking about the band ‘Chicago’ and Adam says if he was in Deep Purple he would just submit ‘Highway Star’ or ‘Burn’ or just a drum solo from one of the songs.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Murray, he wants to know if Adam has been officially inducted into the rich white guy club, Adam talks about travelling with his entourage of lackeys and poor dude pilot fish feeding off his crumbs.

Adam says that you must not work every weakened to be considered for inclusion in the rich white guy club, he wants the lifestyle his wife and kids lead, once he reaches that he will be part of the club.


They’re now playing ‘Highway Star’ and Adam is offering up some mild commentary as they listen to the track.

Adam, David and Dawson all offer some comments about the band after the big drum solo, they seem to be in agreement the band and this track are the definition of rock and roll.

Chris confirms he loves Deep Purple off mic, Adam has a funny NFL hall of fame analogy and suggests a new format for the hall of fame, every time you vote someone in, you must also vote someone out.

They head to break and David Wild exits the studio with another solid outing.


They’re back from beak with a great moment in local news about 30$ scratch off lottery tickets.

Adam is mocking the clip and he welcomes Judah Friedlander back to the show.

Judah is making his 3rd appearance on the show, Adam and Judah have a hilarious riff while plugging his new book and talking about the art found in it.

Hilarious Tree comedy.

Adam is asking Judah about seeing Tracy Morgan since his accident and recovery, he has seen him and has a nice anecdote.


Adam is asking about the comedy communities in Los Angeles and New York and Judah sums it up perfectly, talking about how once you go on tour on the road it becomes a different thing and you don’t socialize with your peers as you’re always in a different city at a different time.

Adam and Judah are talking about comics and how people get along, Adam has a funny “can I bring my buddy to your pickup hoop game” example of how people work their way out of a yes by building someone up too much.

Judah talks about following anyone, he just likes it to be in the comedy genre, music based acts.


Adam is doing a SimpliSafe live read


Adam is telling the story of the time he got involved in a one way feud with Jim Bruer, Adam says he’s since heard him on Stern and he’s hysterical but he did shit the bed on his Loveline booking.

Adam has all of the details and how they made up, Judah has a great ‘Road Hard’ reference and Judah has some peacekeeping and compliments Jim.


Adam is doing a Truce Car Live Read


No News Today


Adam gives out the plugs and wraps up the show.