Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/11/2013 – Stephen Dorff and Larry Miller

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/11/2013 – Stephen Dorff and Larry Miller

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Stephen Dorff and Larry Miller

Recorded 11-10-2013 – Release Date 11-11-2013

Production Number #1204

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Dawson has a bold and impressive intro for Adam, BB has a much requested #TopDrop and Larry Miller is back! They’re reminiscing about the history of the “Hypothetical Road Trip” game that originated on Classic Loveline as an offhanded remark and became a regular bit with guests on the KLSX ACS in 2006.

Adam is now telling the gang about driving with August to the latest BevMo signing and Alison is jumping in to do the heavy lifting and explain the exposition regarding the history with BevMo and their bottle signing policy to get Larry up to speed.

Adam is on a lengthy explanation of why he has to run a red turn arrow with flawless logic.


Adam thinks he sounds off and Dawson agrees for what might only be the 2nd or 3rd time, Adam makes note of it, it doesn’t sound off to me, and perhaps it was only effecting Adam’s mix in his cans and not the recording.

Adam is explaining what happens with the fans at BevMo and the insane process of explaining it to each fan then having to re-label the bottle with a signed sticker.

Adam is now connecting this to the federal income tax code and BB is in agreement with his logic of trying to evade unreasonable demands.


Adam is now walking the through his signing, giving the play by play.

Adam’s 2nd stop was a standup gig in someone’s living room, they contributed 15k to the “Road Hard” campaign and Adam is telling the gang about the pre-dinner and standup set scheduled for 9pm.

Adam and August were wrapped up 6:03pm and only 17min away from their destination and decided to go straight to the dude’s house, Adam says they arrived by 6:22pm.


Alison is jumping in and Adam is explaining that the caterers had to let them as the host was watching the LSU game in his bedroom.

Adam is getting to the language barrier with the caterers who were questioning what they were doing there, August popped the cork on some Mangria and Adam enjoyed some Red Wine while they hung out at the desolate party house.

Adam and August were trying to discern who paid for the standup gig, how much time he should do and if he should do crowd work or use classic riffs.


Adam is telling them about the arrival of John and his lack of base shoe, Alison has the question we all want to know and Adam is explaining how the cost of homes in California result unimpressive residences for very high prices.

Adam is bringing up the idea of these moderate homes of a bygone era now going for upwards of a million dollars, very interesting phrasing and delivery from Ace, the “schoolteacher” housing explanation.

Adam is getting to the vegetarian from Texas he sat next to at dinner and how he had to crack the guy’s code, until he figured out he was keeping kosher.


Adam and Dawson have a mic update, Adam thinks he sounds ok despite Dawson’s certainty the mic is somehow damaged.

Adam is telling the gang about how long he did material for and how he roasted some of the guys he met during their evening, John got Adam and August from 6:22 till 10:30pm, wow!

Adam had to drive home as August went a little strong on the Mangria pours.


Adam is now explaining how he was scheduled to give a keynote address for some American film whatever.

Adam is explaining how he had to drive back to the same area after spending 4hrs in the same place last night, Alison agrees with Adam about his feelings about retracing his steps.

BB has a funny guest bedroom idea and Adam is explaining how August was eyeballing the chocolate cake since they arrived and was bummed when they missed dessert.


Alison has a funny TP question and Adam has a solid reply, he’s telling them about the best of Gordon Lightfoot cd given to them by a fan.

Larry is jumping in to say the 15k was necessary for all of that and how Adam should appreciate the check, Adam is now getting to the idea of someone paying him 15k to hear him talk and how that contrasts to how his family of origin perceive him.

Adam is getting to the flattery of the invite and how he jumped in as a guest instead of treating it like a job, if any fans out there want to donate 15k for Adam drive out and hang out with me and my buddy in San Diego, feel free as this sounds amazing!


Adam and Larry are getting to the tall order for even 10 minutes of standup and why 30 minutes was plenty, Larry is getting to his “baby comic” days and has an anecdote about gigs for Arab oil heirs.

Adam has a killer “buttfuck Larry Miller” comment that Larry excellently rolls with, nice reaction from Alison.

Adam is describing the “Arab cuckolding” that Larry is describing, an insult part guest.


Adam has a great “wife’s pussy” comment and Alison’s reaction is a great inverted laugh, Larry is still explaining the hilarious details of these weird gigs.

Adam is now giving his take on the drive to the event trying to figure out what they’re going to do as they’re so uncommon.

Adam is describing the back and forth with August, Alison calls it a “death by Yes and’ing” and Adam says you want someone to step up and tell them how it’s supposed to go.


Adam calls this a “participation trophy of hot wind up your ass” and Larry is getting to a funny detail that Adam appreciated.

Adam is responding to Alison’s insightful question and Adam is explaining why celebrities and the people who book them for private events don’t publicize the bookings.

Adam is calling this the “hooker/John” relationship and explaining that every celebrity has been offered everything from party guest to bedroom partner for a price.


Adam is now explaining how there are probably many celebrities who have accepted 400-500k for a night with a sultan of Brunei type.

Larry is getting back to these party gigs and the 200$ paydays, Adam is mocking Larry’s “YAH!” and they have a great and quick back and forth about his delivery on it.

Larry is telling the gang about the actress he met in “Falderoon” at this odd party and Adam wants to track her down, Larry has some kind words but doesn’t know where she ended up.


Hypothetical Road Trip Game

Adam is setting up the scenario, the marathon running bumper sticker person (26.2 vs. 13.1) who is better than you are as they’ve ran for charity and are happy to advertise it.

Hilarious vehicular AIDS comments and responses from Larry as well as BB.

Larry is saying this is the best way to start the game and so it begins.


26.2 vs. 13.1 and Larry’s responses both involve abandoning the runner and then murdering them, great reactions from Alison and Adam says the 26.2 is the worst guy.

This is great.


Adam is now setting the scene for scenario number two, Divorce attorney or the guy who sits side by side in the booth next to his wife.

Adam is explaining the reasoning as to why he’s nagged by the side by side couple, great drop a toe and seat open for Elijah comments that Alison seems to appreciate.

Adam has a quick setup for the divorce attorney who’s going to tell you what your options are.


Larry is now getting into his decision making for this and his derision for divorce attorneys, hilarious comment from Adam pondering the couple driving home stacked on top of each other in the passenger seat.

Adam has a great beat her to death with a snow shovel comment, sums it up nicely.


3rd Scenario has a quick Tony Roberts and Tony Robbins mix-up, so this one is Tony Robbins vs. Tony Little.

Adam has a hilarious quote and is now getting to Tony Little and how anyone can look fat in a picture, BB says there is an unflattering angle for everyone.

Adam is getting to his daughter Natalia and her incredible core strength, how she can shift from being light to heavy in her same 61b frame via manipulation of her body mass and Adam is connecting that to Tony along with the before and after photos anyone can take to manipulate the viewer.


Adam’s reasoning for why Larry should pick which guy is solid, great Tony Robbins riff.

They’re now wrapping up the game with Larry taking another dramatic loss.


Adam is welcoming Stephen Dorff to the show for his ACS debut, he seems to like the studio and Adam is commenting on how he’s never met Stephen despite following his career for many years.

Adam is bringing up the lonely Dr. Drew that showed up for breakfast with Adam and his wife yesterday, they then followed it up with some basketball at the house with Sonny.

Stephen is now explaining the premise of his latest film and his character in it, a one legged man named “Jerry Lee”.


Adam wants to know how they disguised Stephen’s leg, he’s explaining it was a mix of mostly practical effects with some CG in certain scenes.

“The Guy who’s missing a leg needs to walk it off” – Adam on Stephen’s leg spasms while shooting.

Stephen has an anecdote about working with Kristoffer “Kris” Kristofferson again, he’s telling them about his dad and his songwriting credits.


Stephen is blowing Adam’s mind and Alison knows of the “Growing Pains” connection.

Adam sings some Eddie Rabbit and they have a nice music bed, he’s telling them about a steam bath with his two year old son combined with this song that lead to him in a heap of tears that Lynette recently reminded him of.

Stephen is further telling them about relocating from Atlanta and spending most of his life in Los Angeles, he’s telling them about his preparatory schools.


Stephen is telling them about getting his diploma while in Zimbabwe and his first movie gig “The Power of One”.

Adam wants to know about his father’s advice and what guys with “million to one” professions tell their kids.

Stephen is telling the gang about his trials as an actor looking for work and having to still hustle despite his impressive body of work.


Stephen is telling them about his work getting the part in this most recent project, he’s telling them about fighting for the role and how he has no problem auditioning and going through the process.

Adam wants to know how he got his hands on the script if the casting director or producers weren’t interested in him for the part.

Stephen is now telling the gang about calling Kris to ensure he took his part in the film, he’s telling BB that he knows Kris from their work in Blade and how his character Deacon Frost killed Mr. Kristofferson’s character “Whistler”.


Adam is now bringing up how Vince Vaughn is in the same category of the Kris Kristoppeherson’s of the world, where you don’t see them out and about and can’t picture them next to anyone.


Alison’s News

Her top story is on the typhoon that hit the Philippines, she’s reading the stats and estimated death toll.

Adam is bringing up the severity of nature and the way people write off massive death for acts of nature vs. minor body counts for something like a shooting.

Alison aggress with Adam’s points about the reaction to death in different territories, Stephen is jumping in to agree with the logic as well.


They’re all super insightful on this and Alison is connecting this to the reaction to “Blackfish” and the inability for humans to process catastrophe on massive levels.

Adam is summing it up nicely and wondering why people aren’t wired big too small.


Alison is bringing up Ariel Castro, Adam has a hilarious riff about his “Kelly Kapowski” style poster he keeps of the man.

Alison is saying one of the victims was interviews and the worst detail that stuck with Alison was about the cruel death of the victim’s dog at the hands of Ariel and not the trauma suffered by the human victim.

Alison is asking Stephen about his take and he says he aggress with Adam, Adam is bringing up the uncalculated death toll of all kinds of animals along with those 10k humans.


Stephen has a nice point about being a global citizen and the actual short distances that separate us from other people on earth.

Alison is now asking Adam about his reaction to hurricane Katrina, he’s bringing up his take on listening to authority and preparation in disaster likely living environments.

Adam is explaining that he doesn’t count heart attack victims during earthquakes with a great comment about carnival rides.


Adam is bringing up the arguments of poverty from people in the face of his stance, Adam is saying he doesn’t blame anyone for that disaster.

Adam is bringing up how Spike Lee stated the Navy Seals blew up the levees and he’s now questioning why Spike gets to have these thoughts and express them with nary the controversy someone like Adam receives for sound logic.

Stephen has a great Mangria plug and Alison is bringing up the heart attack risk of hot tubs, Adam is bringing up the pool and hot tub vents that have killed people and suctioned out their intestines in some cases.


Alison thought these to be just old wives tales and rumors but Adam is explaining they actually happened and did kill people.

Adam is doing a live read.


2nd Story is on Miley Cyrus smoking a joint on stage at the Euro MTV awards.

They’re now playing a clip of her lighting up the joint, Adam is bringing up Miley’s inverse of her dad’s signature hairdo from the early 90’s.

Adam is sharing his tan and skinny theory, Adam is now joking about the photo of Billy Ray you can see online with a comment about the best Compisult anyone can pay you is by assuming you’re warring a wig because you hairstyle is so awful.


Adam is now asking who is a huge fan of Miley and Stephen is giving a fair estimation of her talent as a pop artist, he’s got a nice way of thinking about this.

Alison has an interesting question and Adam is giving his take on tattoos and his “in 20 years” theory for things being cool.

Adam and Alison are now commenting on Billy Ray and if he knows he’s being made fun of, Adam is on a more animal than man riff asking what Billy knows, predicting he knows how to fuck based on his child existing.


2nd Story is on the shooting at an ice skating rink in Manhattan

Alison is explaining the reasoning behind the shooting and the details of the victims, Adam wants to know why they would write a story without specifying why the coat made the first guy a target.

Adam is now joking about the various coats that make him want to lash out, he’s getting into reversible jackets, zip on hoods and more.


Adam is now saying that cameramen are always wearing the best outfit combinations, always in the proper gear for the location.

Stephen is in agreement and Adam is getting to the zip up/on pants and Alison is asking where they keep the spare legs.

Adam is now on a fuck fashion riff about comfort for camera guys, Adam wants to know if anyone has met a prim Donna douche bag camera guy.


Alison is asking about still photographers and Adam says no, they’re douches, only moving image camera guys according to Adam.

Stephen is still in agreement and Adam is getting to how they never complain about old injuries and how they’re Johnny on the spot with their batteries and mags.

Adam is now connecting cameramen to pilots in his pantheon of men.


3rd Story is on L.A. public schools halting their IPad program for students after widespread hacking for social media uses.

Adam and Alison are saying that the hacking skills are more useful than anything else and Adam is once again asking if California is broke or rich with a great mom’s cunt comment.

Nice muted reactions on that one, Adam is explaining that Asian cultures have shown the world the way for success in raising kids and using his experience at North Hollywood high, Stephen even made a cameo at that school.


Stephen is telling them about his various schools, his fellow students Jason Bateman and Drew Barrymore.

Adam brings up the wrong movie and Stephen was actually in it “Backbeat” and they’re now getting into “Satisfaction” and “Blame it on Rio”.

Alison wants to know if the time he spent going to school with Drew was during her wild days.


Stephen is telling them about Terrance Morgan, who he predicted would end up in the Army and is now the weapons supervisor for “CSI”.

Adam is now commenting on the decision to transport kids as a profession, he wants to know what possible good can come of it.

Adam is getting to the “What’s In It for me?” element of every profession and he’s got a Launchpad inferno with the pro of a possible bar BJ.


Adam is asking why people don’t tip the school bus drivers when it’s a vastly more important job than many other gigs where you’re expected to tip.

Adam is explaining why you don’t want to be a mover, how one dent after a perfect move results in the chick of the house saying it was a complete disaster, an almost unwinnable situation, all you can do is fuck up.

Alison sums it up with “there’s no glory” and Adam is further exploring the lack of an upside for school bus drivers and how people look down on them in society as having a crappy job, even comparison to a UPS driver.


Adam’s logic is flawless about the loser spectrum of employment and Alison seems to agree too.

Ada’s really waxing poetic on this one, he’s onto “it did not work out for you” gigs and saying school bus driver is up towards the top.

Adam and Alison want to know who the people are that age into wanting a retail job to be able to spend time with the public, Adam has a hilarious joint in his backyard comment.


BB is bringing up the news story from an episode June about the school bus monitor who was verbally abused into a hefty PayPal sum!

Alison is wrapping the news and now Adam is wrapping the show with a plug for “The Motel Life” and an open invite for Stephen to return anytime, what a solid guest!