Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/10/2017 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 707

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/10/2017 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 707

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 10-24-2017 – Release Date 11-10-2017

Production Number #707 – I Think You A Puss, Good Sir

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Adam opens the show with the standard intro, Drew says he saw the name Lisa Bloom on one of Adam’s buck slips and he wants to know if Adam saw what happened with Kathy Griffin.

Phil is in the studio and he’s whining, he wants some action and they both marvel at his giant head.

Adam brings up the Kathy Griffin “white male” comments, he says if you’re going to call everyone racist and sexist, you shouldn’t bring race and sex into it.


Adam brings up the ‘End Women’s Suffrage’ bit from ‘The Man Show’ and how a fat angry woman was using the “white male” line even back then.

Gary is now quoting what Kathy said to Anderson Cooper, Drew says that is ab ad strategy and says the snake is eating its own tail.

Adam has known Kathy for years, he says he knows nothing about this situation but goes on to make a point about mental injuries and how they come home to roost later in life, at some point you turn 50 and that thing flares up.


Adam says the injuries of childhood can be sloughed off throughout your 20’s when everyone is young and looks good and can party.

Drew says he likes Kathy and Adam says how dare you in reply to Drew, telling him he’s about to eat his words.

Adam is talking about how people aren’t sympathetic to famous people in anguish, we don’t see it.


Adam brings up Kathy’s 2017 and how society should all be more mature and caring, we should care about her, instead most people just immediately go “fuck off bitch” and Adam says he would prefer Kathy share her honest pain, living on the surface.

Adam says people get their feathers ruffled and then move on, they don’t stop and examine.

Adam says everyone is going to eat everyone and Drew says it reminds him of the French Revolution, Adam has a funny “reminds me of what happened in Hamilton” line and says this why people need interests and hobbies in times like these.


Drew says he can think of few things more unpleasant than sitting behind the racecar wheel, Drew apologizes for being a puss.

“I Think You A Puss, Good Sir” – Adam

Adam brings up the “feeling stuff in your butt” element of racing, following racing lines and staying competitive.


1st Caller Matt, he’s a longtime fan who listened to Loveline from Connecticut.

He was the garage door guy who called into the ACS, Adam says always call a professional and explains why.

Matt got a case of Lyme Disease, which was named after Lyme Connecticut.


Matt bought a house and the backyard was laden with ticks, Adam asks how the disease presents itself.

Matt shares his symptoms, which do not include a rash.

Adam has him skip ahead and he tells him about his symptoms, he wants to know if he has Lyme disease if it can affect his wife or genes if they have kids.


2nd Caller Todd, he developed rosacea a few years ago.

He went to multiple dermatologists, he says he used a plant based diet to eliminate the acne.

Todd shares his typical meals and Adam says any regiment is a regiment, being structured does something alone.

Drew totally agrees, being focused on it and thinking about it goes a long way.


Drew talks about the medical problems he’s seen from people not fleshing out their diets, Drew tells him he has acne from bacteria in his skin.

Drew says what he eats effects his skin, but he needn’t apply some kind of moral reaction to eating poorly, like his skin his punishing him.

Adam has a funny riff as if he were someone who gets strong reactions from foods, funny.


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Adam asks why he has a such a crazy reaction to something people do, he uses George Takei to make his point and cites the “Japanese American” correction George dropped on him on the ACS.

Adam explains why he doesn’t mess that up now, twofold.

Adam shares how he told his guy to shut up as he was repeating negative information about how a person fucked up a job at Adam’s house.


Adam shares his “yeah I know” about his Bob Sharp replica racecar, Adam says all people want to do is get away from you and he gets back to how he snapped at Rob doing 3 laps about some worker screwed up the closet.


3rd Caller Rich, he tells them about ‘Sun Kill Moon’ and how there are multiple songs about boxers.

Adam recalls the very first joke he ever told on the radio, Adam shares the “just Jim” line from his first call into The Kevin and Bean Show.

Adam and Drew wrap the episode and give out the plugs.