Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/10/2014 – Jay Chandrasekhar, Live at the AFM Conference in Santa Monica

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/10/2014 – Jay Chandrasekhar, Live at the AFM Conference in Santa Monica

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Guest Jay Chandrasekhar, Live at the AFM Conference in Santa Monica

Recorded 11-09-2014 – Release Date 11-10-2014

Production Number #1450

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The show is opening to an intro from Jonathan Wolf of AFM, he introduces Jay who will be conducting the interview of Adam?

Jonathan pauses after Adam adds “among others” to the list of tittles that he mentions of Jay’s films.

Jonathan is plugging Adam’s accomplishments.

Nice job Jonathan, Adam gives a round of applause to Jay for doing this.


Adam explains he asked Jay to come see ‘Road Hard’ over at his house a few weeks back, Jay asks him if he took the movie around to the studios.

Adam is now mocking the lobby full of douchebags outside of their auditorium, Adam is excluding everyone from this room and telling everyone to give themselves a hand.

Adam is going in depth on the level of douchebaggery in the lobby, Jay is telling Adam about his words being streamed into the lobby.


Adam is explaining how the script for ‘The Hammer’ led to his latest movie ‘Road Hard’ and he says he can’t afford any more moral victories, he was never planning on making another movie.

Adam has a terrific go to Mexico once and get robbed + Diarrhea analogy for making a movie.

Jay brings up his work making ‘Super Troopers” in the heyday of independent film, Jay is continuing to use Adam’s Mexico trip analogy, gold!


Jay is sharing an anecdote from a conversation with the head of Warner Bros. pictures about how he needed to move the stock prices with single movies.

Jay praises the Netflix model and he’s now bringing up the honesty in ‘Road Hard’ explaining the premise to the crowd.

Jay is asking how much of the movie is based in reality, Adam is explaining the death of the “holding deal” to the crowd and how all performers now have to create material for free used to promote live appearances and performances.


Adam is explaining how the idea of the movie came from this premise, the comedians who are now back in the venues they started their careers in and Adam places Rooster T Feathers in Atlanta instead of the bay area.

Adam is waxing poetic on the bitter pill of this industry, Jay brings up the scene from the movie that’s torn from the pages of his life.

Adam explains the backstory of the security guard at the hospital, the guy he met after visiting his father’s scrotum, funny old dude scrotum riffing.

Adam finishes the “Just Chilling?” story.


Jay has a funny anecdote about being mistaken for Kal Penn with some hilarious wording, Adam jokes about getting compared to Gilbert Gottfried and jokes about poor Norm MacDonald getting compared to Adam.

Jay is asking Adam about his crowdfunding and cites the major impact the show seems to give all of his projects after each time he guests.

Adam has a funny dolphin rehab clinic riff, he’s bringing up the backlash that’s present for all idea on the internet.


Adam is now listing some of the rewards for contributing to the budget, Adam has a funny riff about the lost 50k option.

Nate from the back shouts out the most expensive reward, Adam performing Standup in your living room.

Jay asks how awkward it was, he says it wasn’t and praises the evening as actual fun.


Adam has a crowd sourcing kitchenware, after a solid pie funding example.

Adam is now sharing his ideas for his crowd funding videos, a trilogy of ideas.

Seth MacFarlane and Kristen Bell were both unavailable and they could only get Cranston, Adam explains the premise of the video and why he chose a funny crowd funding video over a pipe laying one.


Adam is now quoting Bryan Cranston from the video, Jay asks if Bryan used to be a standup and Adam has a funny reply about Bryan filling in as your commercial airline pilot and how the man can’t do bad work.

Adam has a funny napping and masturbating quip.

Jay is asking Adam about his standup career, starting out doing open mics in the 1980s


Adam is now asking about ‘Carlton’ from ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’ and cites all of the interview requests he was getting to discuss his old partners and their newfound success.

Adam quotes the interview from the woman who asked him how it felt for all of his partners to have so many shows compared to his 0 shows.

Adam explains how he wanted to make Jay Mohr seem like a realistic fictional version of Kimmel, Adam says he’s still thick as thieves with Kimmel.


Adam asks Jay how Jay Mohr comes off in the movie, he reveals more about the plot and Adam explains the reasoning for the scene and how it doesn’t pain his ex-partner as an asshole.

Adam explains the sad reality of showbiz and success, Adam is bringing up the “warm up” job offer scene, breaking down the character motivation.

Adam is using audience warm up as an example of a job that would be the greatest thing that could happen to you as a young person but eventually becomes a trap, one of those “contracts with Stan” analogies Adam comes up with from time to time.


Adam says the movie is about the step backwards in life, what would’ve been the best job ever is now humiliating 20 years later.

Adam mocks Jay for his single syllable replies, Adam is sharing how far gone some people are its now impossible to conjure their name let alone the character they played.

Funny ‘Dancing With the Stars’ reply from Adam when Alfonso Ribeiro comes up again, The audio gets funny here and doubles up on itself, what the fuck.


Adam is further mocking Jay for taking a beat to ask his follow up question, Jay’s a great sport and is now sharing another funding method for feature films, akin to buying stock shares in any other company.

Jay has a nice callback to the fans getting to violate Adam for 50k, Adam is now telling him about needing to go to 10 different cities to premier the movie and the substantial amount of reward fulfillment required to meet your commitment to thousands of contributors.

Jay references a bong being present at Adam’s house, pre viewing, possibly joking?


Jay is now asking Adam about hiring someone to help sell the movie, Adam says that Jay hooked Adam up with CAA and they’re holding a prospective buyers meeting.

Adam is now explaining the kind of deal he’s interested in hearing, he shares his hesitance to sell it due to the pirate ship nature of the funding, but says he’s open to a very high offer.


1st Question Becky, Adam shares his appreciation for Becky’s, saying he’s never met a bummed out Becki, this one has an I.

Adam says that Rebecca is the bummed out Becki, she wants to know about his acting in the movie and playing the lead.

Adam is now joking about his one simple motto when it comes to acting “if Rob Schneider can do it, I can do it” and clarifies he means no slight, Jay has a killer reply.


2nd Question Scott, he wants to know about filming ‘The Hammer’ vs. ‘Road Hard’ and the lessons he’s learned in between the projects.

Adam has a funny back and forth with Becki before answering the question.

Adam explains the way you can visualize scenes that will and won’t make the movie, he explains how he knew a scene would be cut before they shot it and decided to just front load the opening scene and remove the office sequence.


Adam says it’s editing in your mind as you go, doing the work you’ll be doing in the edit bay 4 months later.

Jay confirms Adam’s take on editing in your head and saving time on set.


3rd Question from some lady, she wants to know about a foosball table or some shit off mic.


4th Question from some other lady, she wants to know what happened to Ralph Garman, why he wasn’t in the movie.

Adam is addressing people who ask why they aren’t given parts in his movies, he doesn’t think of people he knows who he can throw a bone too.

Adam cites Diane Farr and David Alan Grier, people who have chops and are available.

Adam is bringing up the bits DAG does in the movie and how they plucked riffs from the podcast, Adam explains how he had to get the names of the birth control ingredients for Dag to use.

Adam addresses the “in a black female voice” part of the cue cards.


5th Question from some dude who wants to know about Adam’s crowdfunding campaign, Adam was cut a deal based on Adam putting them on the map.

Adam has a funny “Kristen Bell does standup in your living room” one liner, he says they did all on their own with help from Fund Anything.


6th Question from some other dude, he wants to know about the press used to promote the campaign.


7th Question from some Lady, she wants to know about overseas reception to the film and how much they plan, Jay shares the movement in Munich to ban his film ‘Beerfest’ which failed and resulted in the movie coming out and getting them many new German fans.

Adam is sharing you shouldn’t try to shape your comedy to the group you’re trying to sell to, you don’t do 90min of Seattle themed comedy when doing standup there.

Adam thanks everyone and wraps up the interview and Q&A session.