Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/09/2017 – Neil deGrasse Tyson

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/09/2017 – Neil deGrasse Tyson

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Neil deGrasse Tyson

Recorded 11-08-2017 – Release Date 11-09-2017

Production Number #2199

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Adam opens the show to a funny “validation with his parking, validation from his parents” intro, Adam thanks everyone for tuning in and welcomes the gang to the show.

Adam gives out some plugs and BB plays Adam’s “let me just take my underpants off” clip as today’s #TopDrop and BB jokes along with it, Adam teases a possible common ground they’ll all agree upon regarding food.

Adam stops to mock BB and Gina for their take on carbonated water, Adam brings up “vegetable medley” as a side order for dinner, Adam jokes about BB’s “peas and carrots” comment and says he would have blown a guy or today’s guest Neil for peas and carrots or broccoli.


Adam is lamenting the thick cut summer squash, the tasteless nothing of a vegetable.

Adam is showing them a picture of his aborted side dish, he shares various reactions to the side of shitty veggies.

Adam asks the gang about steamed vegetable chunks and BB brings up “fruit cups” and they both lament the pear bits in the fruit cup.


Adam asked Matt what is going on and asked him to calculate the costs of the various vegetables, BB asks why someone would go with the shittier veggies when the broccoli florets are less expensive.

BB sets up the arrival of Neil deGrasse Tyson who joins them early, awesome!

Neil is giving his take on squash as an ingredient, Gina asks if it’s the next kale and Neil says he’s done with kale now, he’s ready for the next thing.


Adam says squash is like gypsum and Neil has a great reaction to his analogy, he calls it brilliant.

Adam says he presumes Neil knows everything in response to him trying to win points for knowing something about construction, Adam mocks his skills with the ladies and he gets to Kareem Abdul Jabar.

Adam says that every other famous person becomes unraveled with time, he predicts that nothing is going to come out about Kareem.


Gina shares an anecdote of interviewing Kareen over the radio, only to hear a toilet flush.

Neil is telling them about his show and how they interview celebrities to ask them all of the ways science has touched their lives.

Neil is telling them about Kareem’s desire to be an actor, he says that Kareem revealed he wanted to be Chewbacca, BB says this can still happen as Chewbacca is still featured in the new ‘Star Wars’ movies.


Adam asks Neil about his 3 bins outside his home, one for trash, recycling and lawn clippings and the color variants among them across Los Angeles.

Adam asks why they wouldn’t use the same colored universal cans, why aren’t we a little bit smarter and he cites the backwards colors of Malibu trash cans.

Neil shares his appreciation for how consistent road signs are across the country, someone is clearly synchronizing this.


Adam talks about humans on autopilot and how muscle memory is all you can count on, Neil informs Adam that if that’s his criteria then we’re all doomed.

Adam asks him about his book and Neil informs them it ended up being very successful and on the New York Times Bestseller list still to this day.

Neil thinks his book’s success is a good sign about the future of society and the modern science literacy scale.


Adam questions if perhaps the nerds are now inheriting the earth.

Neil has some insight and brings up his commencement speech at his Alma mater from 17 years ago, Adam jokes with him and asks if he graduated college.

Neil explains how the geeks took over, once the computer entered everyone’s lives and they were needed, he says it’s a complete transformation of society.


Adam says his son loves sports and the modern BBC ‘Sherlock’ series.

Adam doesn’t know what the big physical show is currently, the opposite of the nerdy programming and BB jumps in and brings up ‘Moneyball’ and the bygone era of scouting for sports vs. the modern science influenced era.

Adam asks him about his feelings regarding his success and Neil tells them about reaching 10 million twitter followers and how he thinks that means there is an appetite for science.


Neil brings up ‘Cosmos’ and how far that show reached in 2014.

Adam was just talking to Seth MacFarlane about ‘The Orville’ and its success, Adam says Seth is a great example of the geeks inheriting the world, complimenting him and his success.

Adam asks about science having more room as religion winds down its grip on society, Neil makes a point about the spiritual and religious scientists, it doesn’t go to zero and there are people of faith in all fields.


Adam says he’s not obsessed with the flat earthers he’s obsessed with Dr. Drew’s obsession about them and their madness.

Neil shares his analysis and explains that flat earthers having so many followers proves we live in a country of free speech and a failed education system.

BB asks Neil a question and brings up the movie ‘Men in Black’ citing a quote from it about scientific discovery and how it reshapes understanding of science and existence.


Neil says it’s a great movie premise/quote but not how the universe works, Neil cites the major change in the 1600’s and says the stuff we have proven now, if it’s shown to be true it will not be unproven or rendered false with the discovery of more information.

Adam has a funny “4 years ago we thought Chelsea Handler was funny” one liner, Neil seems to love it and Gina gets too excited in her preface before asking about Simulation theory, similar to BB’s weird frustration noise.

Neil uses Artificial Intelligence to make a point about how simulation theory would work, Neil says statistically we are existing in a simulation, he doesn’t have a strong argument against that hypothesis.


Adam jokes about being glad he didn’t take his normal “pre-show peyote” after Neil says we could all be existing inside a machine in a kid’s computer in his mom’s basement somewhere.

Neil now uses the modern events of life and society to further help prove explain how possible it is we do live in a simulation.

Adam says people don’t really care about looking at people while talking, the video phone/skype are the one technology the movies got wrong, we can all use facetime but nobody does.


Adam calls back his Chelsea Handler one liner, he brings up the idea of AI taking over as predicted in Sci-Fi movies, Adam asks if automation or rogue AI is the greater threat to our future.

Neil says the theory is that one day we’ll all be pets of some superior intellect, Adam is ok with that and mentions how his dog is living as a pet.

Neil says he’s all for AI and the future of it, it can’t come fast enough.


Adam has a killer “connect four” one liner in response to Neil informing them that an AI recently beat humans at Jeopardy and Go, BB plays the Dave Dameshek drop so then Adam has to explain it to the guest.


SimpliSafeSet it up in an hour, get your family protected Edition


Adam asks Neil about automation, he’s downing some chili and Adam says he’s a fan of Neil eating fast food, it’s like a hot chick taking a shit and stinking up a bathroom, it brings him down a peg.

Adam asks about Neil’s laugh and Dr. Hibbard from ‘The Simpsons’ and Gary is now playing some examples, he picks the wrong Neil laugh to compare it too.

Neil says it’s never come up before, Adam suggests it as a Halloween costume for next year, Adam jokes about buying him time to finish his chili in response to everyone looking at him.


Neil has an example of automation rendering the need for automation useless as nobody can buy whatever it is creating if takes over 100%.

Neil is now making a point about “thinking of other stuff to do” and he brings up Adam’s field which is not something automation can ever replace, Adam jokes about other guys being able to do gay porn, hilarious!

They get into the notion of housewives being freed up by technology but regardless of what’s invented they’re still busy, new stuff to do.


Neil says when you are above a certain age you will remember the feeling of worrying your car wouldn’t start in the morning.

Neil has an anecdote from his son who is unfamiliar with cars not starting as a premise in film because he’s never experienced it in real life and Neil and Adam agree that Japan turned around their reputation for making junk in a single generation.


Adam asks how much curiosity an interest can be taught to kids, instilled in them. Neil makes a point about toddlers and how to nurture curiosity which can lead to “childhood scientists” exploring the world around them.

Adam is now rephrasing what Neil said, Neil has an egg example for how to teach a kid about the world around them.


Adam is now having Neil rate taco meat preference, he shares the “I’m going on a taco run” rule and Neil says he would go with the Carnitas first, then beef then chicken.

Neil takes it back to his egg example for teaching kids about “brittle” things in the world, he says a raw egg that you play with becomes a lost teaching opportunity.


Adam now has Neil rank the best egg preparation methods, he goes sunny side up, hard boiled as it’s versatile, scrambled last.

Adam says this is why he’s a genius, he wraps up with Neil and gives out the plugs!


They head to break


Good Sports

Dave is now having them continue the “Win, Place, Show” of the best years for movies, examining the year (1985) and Adam shares his love for movies from that year, he describes his horrible life at the time.

Adam is going in depth on ‘St. Elmo’s Fire’ and how it was the complete opposite of his existence at the time, he had never seen trees change color for the season nor grand institutions from 200+ years ago.

Adam is talking about Judd Nelson’s big overcoat, how that alone boggled his mind, who could buy a coat like that? Where do they even buy it?


Adam asks if he would rather have footage of himself playing fake saxophone like Rob Lowe in that movie or a onetime gay porn experience where you get to be the top.

Dave goes with the gay porn flick, Dave now switches gears to (1994) and Dave says Kimmel revealed he never saw ‘The Shawshank Redemption’ only to declare it overrated after he finally did upon being pressured by the other writers.

Adam is now making a point about calibrating your own divining rod of taste, Adam says ‘Forrest Gump’ was a breakthrough film, it gets too much hate now and Adam doesn’t get it.


Dave shares his take on the underlying message of ‘Forrest Gump’ and Adam mocks the other underlying message about a childhood of molestation and rape leading to an early demise from HIV.

Dave brings up the message of ‘Grease’ and how the female protagonist changes who she is, Adam brings up the terrible message of ‘Little Miss Sunshine’ and really manages to needle it in a new way.


They’re now going over (1998) which BB calls the best year of cinema, Adam is reacting to all of the titles listed and he agrees with Dave’s assessment that (1985) takes the win.


They’re back from break with a listener voicemail, telling Adam he has the most coveted Porsche ever and it could be an in for Adam to appear on ‘Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee’ and Adam recounts Jerry telling him about “Rich Man, Poor Man” being his signature bit.

Hilarious “Git ‘Er Done” comment from Adam.


LifeLockYour credit can be ruined in a second Edition


Adam brings up the Paul Newman watch and the auction, he says they did a story on CBS Sunday Morning about the watch.

Adam jokes about never catching CBS Sunday Morning unless he’s still awake for some terrible reason.

Adam has Gary play the clip from the story.


Adam remarks on his car in the footage, BB and Gina both agree it was a hell of a story and Adam says Gary cut out the part of the story about the security system that allows the watch to sit open and close over the top of it when someone approaches it.

The device is called ‘The Raptor’ and he has realized that Raptor is the new Stealth, Turbo Etc.

Adam brings up the Basketball team, the pickup truck and the thing that hides the expensive item at auction.


Adam brings up he bygone era of using “Mach” and he hopes we move on to the merkin period, he jokes about a car named after a merkin.


Stamps.comAll our shipping is done with Edition


Q and Ace

1st Caller Will, he’s a veterinarian calling up to check on Phil, Phil has been taking some kind of oil on a nightly basis with butterscotch flavoring.

Adam is unclear on what is in the oil, Adam asks Gary to inform him of what it is.

Adam says it’s K-Bro-Vet oral solution and he jokes with Will about butterscotch and vanilla flavoring being confusing for dogs, Will suggests a cat shit flavor.


Adam is reiterating his theory that his childhood could have been upgraded to a 5 out of 10 if he had a dog and a basketball hoop.

Adam thinks all young boys are a dog and hoop away from a mediocre childhood, he shares how Phil was flopped over Natalia while she was laying down the other day, Adam says it was so great seeing a 100lb beast trying to crush his daughter.

They’re reviewing pictures, Adam says it was from noon on a Wednesday, this is what people do at his home, lie around all day.


2nd Caller Joe is calling about his observation that women who used to be cutters are often very attractive, the guys joke about Neil deGrasse Tyson looking for women with scars, easy prey.

Adam presumes there is an eating disorder component present in the mix, Joe is further talking about these gals with scars and “good bones” and the gang move on.


Gina’s News

1st Story is on the indictment against Harvey Weinstein that will be presented next week, Gina lists off the next steps in the case.

Adam says it must be great to be a producer as you never have to be anywhere nor doing anything, Adam says all of the non-writing producers are the ones doing nothing on the project.

Adam cites James Gunn to make a point about directors who are doing all of the work and are swamped with tasks 24/7 unlike these producers in name only.


BB has a “fool me once” query about someone being raped twice by the same man, forgetting all of his Loveline call screening and how abuse victims are further abused by predators like Harvey.

Adam is sharing his take that Harvey should flee the country that he shared on ‘Reasonable Doubt’ and Gina says this would be federal prison, not a white-collar Jordan Belfort style joint.


2nd Story is on LiAngelo Ball and two other players who are charged with shoplifting in China, Gina has the details of the crime and Adam asks if all of the stuff being sold isn’t just a knock off counterfeit anyway.

BB wants to know if this falls under a rivalry thing and he can celebrate the damage done to UCLA’s basketball program, the rivals of his college teams.

Adam shares his theory on how they will get off with a slap on the wrist, they can only railroad nameless faceless individuals without the attention of the public.


Adam has a killer “dick out of your pants” comment and he says he presumes they were coached up on not fucking around while in China.


3rd Story is on Danica Roem winning a seat in the Virginia House of delegates, BB has a “dude” comment that Gina pauses in reaction to and moves past.

Adam is for Danica’s policies and jokes with the gang about her opponent making anti-transgender laws his life’s work, as if it was something he even know about a decade ago.


True Car – Our Own Chris Maxipada got a used car, Standard Live Read Edition


4th Story is on Uber’s space act agreement to create VTOL vehicles with NASA, Adam loves it and he likes innovation.

Adam likes Uber as a metaphor for disrupting the status quo, taxi licenses and the necessity to regulate everything.

Adam is ranting saying you regulate you and your relationships, he mocks the various arguments against ride sharing technology and services.


5th Story is on the Forbes list for highest paid TV hosts, Adam is already angry as Judge Judy makes a fortune for “no duh” stuff all day long.

Adam says any of us could do her job, Gina would like to see Adam hosting a daytime judge show, Adam even pitches his own idea for “Cannot Judge” and he politely describes Drew Carey’s marginal talent.


Gina is now sharing the rankings from the list, Adam reacts to Dr. Phil’s income, Adam asks what is it about saying nothing that makes you ungodly wealthy.

Gina presents another news story within a news story about Mariah Carrey undergoing gastric sleeve surgery to help with her weight loss, Adam is doing his best to not say anything to see how it works.

BB is laying in the casino slot machine payoff sound after Adam doesn’t say anything.


Adam says you just get rich by going right down the middle, he cites Ellen, Ryan Seacrest and Dr. Phil and how they made it big by doing nothing.

Gina reads the remaining names, Michael Strahan and Heidi Klum, Adam asks Gary how many Emmy awards ‘Project Runway’ had been nominated for and how many Heidi’s been nominated for.

Adam mentions the Weinstein company was producing the show and behind its success, ala Payola with the brothers out there campaigning and forcing the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences hand into nominations for that show.

Adam further rants about it and they move on to a live read.


Tommy JohnBacked by the best pair you’ll ever wear or it’s free guarantee Edition


Gary has the most recent nominees up against Heidi Klum and Project Runway, Adam asks how this keeps happening and Gary explains there was only one year since the show began that she’s not been nominated.

Adam says she does nothing, she’s a 0 and says wait until you see what happens with the Weinstein brothers go into the joint.


6th Story is on Barack Obama’s jury duty experience, Adam makes a point about how much fun it would be to have the former president on a jury.

Adam explains how and why someone might dismiss him to avoid the costs and risks, Adam jokes about ‘Welcome To Mooseport’ and Gina tells them about the Rotten Tomatoes score for the movie.

Gina wraps the news to her new “I’m proud to be a Merkin” drop.


GeicoStandard Live Read Edition


Doug Benson cancelled his appearance on the live show, screw Doug!

Adam wraps up the show.