Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/09/2015 – Eugene Mirman

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/09/2015 – Eugene Mirman

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Eugene Mirman

Recorded 11-08-2015 – Release Date 11-09-2015

Production Number #1698

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Adam opens the show to BB playing the #TopDrop from yesterday’s show where a caller called Adam his “Leno” and then ran out of steam.

Adam talks about his kids breakfasts and the Greek yogurt he prepares for them, Adam asks who doesn’t have enough time to prepare a yogurt for a kid in the morning, it’s 89 cents on sale at trader joes or the local Kroger.

Adam is talking about syrup coming in a square plastic container like at fast food places, Adam says that’s the worst type of breakfast.


Adam talks about yogurt containers in the modern era, he says they used to be taller container, now they tip over when empty, they used to stay standing, the older larger yogurt containers.

Adam is talking about the pressure of having to bus things immediately, get up and go movie it now because it falls over.

Adam is talking about being used to eating things and not immediately having to deal with the remnants, Adam talks about the 2nd round of yogurt, the raccoon in the dumpster move to get the final scraps from the container.


Adam wants a standardized spoon when he’s in charge, a spoon template to measure the yogurt containers and make sure they stay right side up, the tip test!

Adam is sharing is aim to get “fruit in the middle” yogurt, still campaigning for it all these years later.

Adam is talking about the wall mounted electric heater in bathrooms built during a certain era, Adam loves them and he thinks electric heaters have gone the way of the dodo.

Adam does some funny Foley work imitating the “urrrn” noise of turning on the electric heater.


Adam likes the idea of heating a small space and not disturbing the whole house by changing the temp for everyone comfortable in bed.

Gina says her boyfriend has one and Adam talks about the La Crescenta house he shared with Ralph and Courtland back in the day.

Adam talks about his bedroom door that would smolder against the wall heater, whomever built the house didn’t factor in that people who could light a door on fire would ever live in the home, nobody that out of it and entitled, sometimes the people Adam knows and loves even.


Adam is doing a Blue Apron Live Read

Adam is a low Falutin guy, hand it to your nanny edition, Adam is sneaky by keeping recipes they encourage you to keep edition.

Adam talks about Jimmy Kimmel coming over and how they had a game of catch with Sonny and how you get to have a talk without weirdness or pressure.

Adam says nothing beats plane old catch and cites the driving simulators and video games that can’t compete.


A game of catch is like aromatherapy for dudes, Adam says fuck you to people who say that poor people can’t afford a nerf football and a yogurt for their kid.

Adam says if those two items are a bridge too far, you shouldn’t have kids, you shouldn’t even have a pet.

Adam is now setting up a clip from ‘The Why Factor’ a BBC program that was examining why so many kids have allergies in the modern era.


Adam asks for his son, he says he wants to see his beautiful head, they’re now playing the clip that covers ‘The Hygiene Hypothesis’ and Adam is delivering a hilarious series of sarcastic replies from Adam over the clip.

Adam is now having Sonny take of his hat and show his perfectly shaped noggin, he has a funny line about glasses on a dog’s ass and BB has an even funnier reply.

Sonny confirms he’s hot because he doesn’t know it much like daddy.


BB brings up Colin Kaepernick, BB has a funny one liner and Sonny exits the studio.


Adam is now back to the topic of ‘The Hygiene Hypothesis’ and BB is giving Adam some info about his generation of people having kids, he’s saying he will keep track and give Adam some Purell usage data at some point, that sounds insane.

Adam is explaining how service dogs can override a “no pets” policy, Adam is explaining why his wife drives the company car, and Adam takes “rape light.”


Adam is now saying you would be a fool not to participate in the service dog program in this modern era where everyone else is, it’s now game on.

Adam says we’re now in this weird place where you can be forced to have a dog live in apartment you don’t want them in.

Adam says this isn’t progress despite everyone else filing it away under the heading.


Adam is doing a True Car Live Read

Adam jokes about Sonny commenting on BB driving the Jaguar, Adam has a killer fake quote where Sonny calls BB a limp dick, a pussy and a cockolded/cuckolded fag, holy shit this is hilarious!


Q and Ace

1st Caller Derrick, he wants the gang’s advice on a deleted tweet. Derrick explains the backstory of the tweet and now quotes it.

Adam is commenting on the idea of teachers and their extensive time off, Adam is describing a scene from ‘Modern Family’ and Adam talks about the teachers and principal being the wardens and the kids being the prisoners and they both don’t want to be there, hence all of the half days.

Adam is talking about Patriots fans and their hubris and how it’s now a forgone conclusion they’ll win the super bowl and of course make it to the playoffs.

BB, Gina and Adam all riff on this and they head to break.


They’re back from break with Eugene making his 3rd ACS appearance, Adam is asking him about his new Avant garde comedy album.

Adam is once again bringing up the “nutty Russians” with Eugene and once again shares his “world’s craziest white people” theory.

Adam is asking him about Putin and Eugene is explaining how vast Russia truly is and how much compartmentalization of duplicity is required to manage all of those varied people.


Adam is asking him about his family and if they would ever return, Adam talks about people emigrating from places with nice beaches.

They’re now playing a funny clip of Eugene’s standup from the new album.


Adam says that someone has sent the in Beet bracelets, to remind you that you ate beets the next morning so you don’t fear something is wrong.

Adam is asking him about ‘Bob’s Burgers’ and how they record live over an ISDN line, Adam talks about the great spread they put out at different recording places, in order to attract repeat business.

Adam is bringing up The UFC and the insane knockouts that take place inside the octagon, he’s basically describing the Arlovski vs. Fedor fight he saw live for the promotion ‘Affliction’ not a UFC match, but MMA nonetheless.


Adam is now talking about the Dan Henderson knockout of Michael Bisping and the questionable final blows he threw for Bisping properly selling the fight with hype.

Adam wants the referee to get their sooner, Eugene is amazed at the violence and throat trauma he thinks he’s seeing.

Gina asks about the mentality of MMA fighters and Adam shares a nice story of Jon Voight using a possibly compromised pencil to sign something for a fan.


Adam thinks that UFC referees should have protective armor and be able to protect the downed fighter, Adam wants 10k fines for post bell/knock out hits.

Eugene has a funny “spikes” one liner when Adam suggests a turtle shell ’esque armor.

Adam is now asking for the clip of Jon Voight signing an autograph, Adam likes his willingness to participate.


Gina’s News

1st Story is on Donald Trump hosting SNL and the Larry David bit where he got 5k for yelling “Trump is a Racist” and Adam talks about the people “protesting” him as the host.

Adam tells these pussies to fuck themselves and asks them to look in the mirror regarding their very low batting average for them getting what they want.

Gina is bringing up some funny moments from the episode and Adam says he watched the first half, Adam talks about the non-comedy realm and how Trump isn’t as stiff as you’d imagine, not nearly Peyton Manning level stiff anyway.


Adam is now showing them a clip of Anderson Silva and how he would throw a knock out kick and walk away, no risk of a late blow from him in most cases anyway.

Adam is talking about kids selling kittens outside the grocery store and they move on.


2nd Story is on the death of George Barris, Adam talks about meeting him and what a really sweet guy he was. Adam talks about his era of making cars for shows, all shows had a signature car.

Adam says that even rerun from ‘What’s Happening’ got a tricked out George Barris car, everyone did it if they had a show on TV, he jokes about the Henry Kissinger custom van and describes George as Mike Love from the Beach Boy’s esque, due to his self-promoting attire and windbreakers.

They look at the custom Farrah Fawcett corvette, Adam is now moving onto a live read.


They’re doing a Live Read

Eugene is challenging the usage of the device.

Gary has an update on the custom Lee Majors car made by George Barris, Adam says RIP again for George and then for Farrah.


3rd Story is on a roadkill dinner menu, Adam is joking about meat preparation, and he talks about how bears eat salmon vs. humans.

Adam say the menu seems all doable except for the muskrat, Gary has the old Carcast episode with the car Adam was asking about.

They are now listening to ‘Muskrat Love’ and Adam asks why The Captain and Tennille would write such lyrics, Gina brings up ‘Ben’ and Adam recalls the love between MJ and a rat.


4th Story is on a leaked list of KKK members, Adam is joking about the guys who crossover between both lists and he’s riffing as the husband trying to defend his actions.

Adam is describing KKK members as “virile” and BB jumps in, Adam is talking about the ACLU having to protect the rights of the Klansmen and the ultimate irony of it all.

Adam asks who would be your favorite celebrity to see on this list, not realistic, go sick with it.

Adam says Maya Angelou or Ken Burns and Eugene suggests Morrissey, Adam is in love with that idea and is going to quietly rub his rosary beads that it happens.

Gina wraps the news.


Adam is doing a Life Lock Ultimate plus Live Read


Adam is now giving out the plugs and wrapping up the show to a funny out of context quote from when he was in character as the cheating Klansmen, Dawson gets a mild chuckle out of it, funny.