Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/09/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 189

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/09/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 189

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between the Two Hosts

Recorded 11-03-2014 – Release Date 11-09-2014

Production Number #189 – Minimum Wage

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Adam opens the show with a good day sir towards Drew and gets on in response, Drew asks if that’s the end of the recording.

Adam is now sharing an anecdote about his wife’s best friend Jodi, he says she enjoys his house more than he gets a chance to, he says she’s great and brings up her social experiment on the kids.

She asks them for 8 pieces each, Drew is all ears and Adam is explaining how Natalia returned with a variety of 8 different items, all pretty choice, Sonny came back with 8 dots left in a single serving box.


Drew gets Adam to clarify that she was actually conducting an experiment on them, Adam explains that he followed up with Sonny about the 9th dot he ate before presenting her with the remaining 8.

Drew asks if Sonny was purposely turning into a problem solving experiment and Adam says he was, he was doing what Adam does, he turns everything into a puzzle.

Adam is now sharing his brilliant evolution of Lamborghini compares to The Bee Gees, Adam is explaining the history of the Lamborghini to Drew.


Hilarious riffing about the Gibb brothers and the band in the 1970 and 80’s compared to the Lamborghini’s of the 1980’s.

Adam says you don’t need to listen to the songs as they did on the ACS recently, he’s saying you just need to see the pictures.

Adam explains his life of trying to connect the dots (to everything but his shows and career history?) Drew is now further reacting to the pictures.


Drew is asking about the clip of suicide machines on Loveline, CLL #321 – 12-22-1996 Guest Suicide Machines as discussed and played on ACS #1023.

Adam is now giving Gary shit while trying to give Drew shit for having to bring this up, Adam forgets he said that with all the time I spend in the Loveline tapes arching them, why not spend more time finding clips that prove he’s always had the same points of view and now the culture has shifted, not him.

This was on ADS (Adam and Dr. Drew Show) #187, so he asked for the clip on this program, he forgets it was already played on the ACS and this is actually keeping him from being repetitive, poor Gary!


Adam is being super cool about it, he is trying to explain how Drew’s feeble mind needs more information, Adam is now setting up the clip and explaining why they’re playing it.

Drew steps in to explain that Adam’s words have become more rigid and militant over the years.

They’re now playing the clip, the oldest and most concise example of Adam “connecting all the dots”, sadly they cut it off early it seems, Adam ads more to it, that brings it all home.


Adam and Drew are both commenting on the rant, Adam gives his take against Drew’s which seems to favor his initial observation, Drew is explaining how Adam has refined his conversation about parents, family and education.

Adam is explaining how these views weren’t attached to any party in 1996, but now they suddenly are classified as right wing.


1st Caller Abraham, he explains where Adam’s American flag came from, the one Adam discussed in several episodes including ACS #1354

Adam explains he almost has Lynette talked out of college for the kids, he jokes about all of the college degrees sitting around waiting for instructions from him.

Adam is now asking Drew to riddle him something, he’s telling him about his thought while listening to BB’s audiobook.


Adam is now sharing his theory on college football team/university ties that seem to be married/stuck in college graduates after they leave regardless of where they’re from and how much of their adult lives are wasted caring about said teams.

Adam cites BB and Gary, he gets on mic and chimes in a bit.

Gary brings up the Rams and is emphatic in his attempt to bring Adam down a peg, Drew is now further chiming in with Adam as he explores the idea of tailgating and going to games, Drew brings up Sonny being a UCLA fan now that he took him to a game.


Gary has a funny point about not calling in sick as a result of the gameplay or stats of his team, he then reveals he did miss a day to go to a game, Adam and Drew enjoy that.

Chris is now on mic to throw Adam under the bus, reminding them the last time Adam saw Drew’s kids.


Drew is now sharing an anecdote where he asked his kids about their employment skills now compared to when they began college.

Adam takes it back to Abraham and thanks him for everything, what a cool guy!

Adam is now riffing about the notion of “what’s the government going to do for me?” and says he would rather be dead than live that way.


Adam says he would rather rewind time 200 years and try to shoot a buffalo.

The government is going to do nothing or something bad, Adam says the greatest and most important facet in life is realizing your inner potential for achievement in life.

Adam has a great analogy of running bleachers to make his point about the feeling of achievement and overcoming your own limits, Drew says it falls under the “living the good life vs. a good life” discussion they’ve been having on and off for months now.


Adam has a great “net you have to weave yourself, made out of your own yarn” with an epic self-satisfied sniff, he says the only safety net you want is one you create.

Drew says the net provided by the government is more of a web that only traps you.

Adam is explaining how he tells Lynette he thanks god he doesn’t believe in that his dad did nothing, citing a friend who followed in his dad’s footsteps making vinyl banners.


Adam is defending his life choice but clarifying he’s glad he’s not following in anyone’s footsteps, the freedom to choose his own direction.

Adam is asking Chris about his dad being a lackey and following in his footsteps, Adam jokes about Gary’s dad being a golf pro, he gets on mic and asks if Drew and Chris are retarded for both asking him that

Drew notices that all the calls are gone, Adam tells Chris to admit he’s wrong to Drew.


Drew brings up the traumatic reenactments common among Loveline callers, people reliving the traumas of their past over and over.

Drew is addressing the excuses and flawed logic surrounding those behaviors and the repetition.

Drew is bringing up Passover as an example of how humans reenact traumas and is now connecting that to the interpersonal traumas and the behaviors of that brain mechanism.


Drew is making a great point and has perfect logic, he gets Adam to agree it’s interesting and he’s now giving his take on the point where people need to knock it off.

Adam has a funny “I’m going to marry an alcoholic” joke


Drew is doing a live read.


Adam is now setting up a clip from Dennis Prager’s ‘Prager University’ and he’s waxing poetic about wisdom and its lack of importance in today’s world.

Adam explains his segment on luck, why he doesn’t want his kids to feel lucky in life.

Adam is now addressing all of the “luck” people bring up regarding his career and explaining why hustle and work mean the most.


Adam says he hasn’t even heard this one yet, it’s on the minimum wage, and he explains his take on the idea of one and rent control.

Drew objects to his point about rent control, in the past he’s fully agreed with Adam and now says he doesn’t.

Adam is telling Drew about his buddy in Santa Monica who has a rent controlled apartment and asks Drew about his kids and what he would like for them.


This is akin to the “not ok for a doctor or an airline pilot” opiate replacement drug argument.

Drew is now coming around and brings up Denmark, Adam tells him not to ever bring that up in comparison to the United States, everything is good over there as smart people are in charge and better than we are.

“The Invisible Hand dropped a digit on me!” – Adam on the notion of the invisible hand.

Drew asks Adam about the role of the “invisible hand” and is trying to talk out his argument in full.


Now they’re playing the clip from Prager U.

Drew tells Adam about Khan Academy as the piece wraps, showing he’s trying to sidestep that he doesn’t fully agree.

Drew is always a little more reticent with stuff from Prager in comparison to Adam.


Drew brings up the clip he heard of Stern yelling about the abandoned Ebola vaccine from 2011, Drew explains the pressures on drug companies from the FDA and the 800 million average to get a drug to market.

Drew says the government has created a marketplace where people just aren’t doing business.


2nd Caller Stephen, he’s a young man and dealing with Marijuana addiction and withdrawal, Drew has a funny reaction to the realities of Steve’s 85 days of not using.

He explains the stress on him and dealing with his roommates that all smoke, he explains his anxiety and Adam busts out a “take a knee” instead of grab a knee and it sounds awkward.

Drew is explaining how marijuana addicts often love pot, it’s beyond an addiction even.


Adam is now sharing how his take on dealing with roommates who are fuck ups and jag offs, you need to avoid falling into their habits and behaviors.

Adam is explaining the white version of “acting white” where him taking classes at the Groundlings was met with “alright whatever” and laughter.

Adam explains that Steve is probably hanging out with jag offs and they’ll be heading down a dark path.


Adam explains that guys don’t have the option of a marrying a rich girl to take them out of life, Adam gets real and breaks it down.

Adam thanks the fans and gives out some plugs.