Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/09/2012 – Judd Apatow

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/09/2012 – Judd Apatow

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Recorded 11/05/2012 – Release Date 11/09/2012


Adam is telling Judd about the amazing experience he had watching Judd’s latest film “This is 40”, he’s telling Judd about his fandom for Graham Parker and gets in a funny David Wild joke.


Judd is telling Adam about his fandom for Graham and why he put him in the movie, Judd is now telling anecdote about playing music with his wife.


Adam’s now telling Judd about his wife being a nutty Bruce Springsteen fan and using “Endless Nights” as a bridge song to bring his wife over to Graham Parker.  Adam is now telling Judd about his reaction to his wife Leslie Mann’s performance in the movie.


Adam is asking Judd about working with his wife and going to all these emotional places, Adam has a couple anecdotes about his own wife.



Adam is now telling Judd about “Hot For Teacher” the 33 year old virgin screenplay staring Adam and Jimmy, Adam is telling Judd about his experiences with Ivan Reitman.


Adam is telling Judd how he could tell he has creative autonomy over the final cut, Judd is now telling Adam about his relationship with the studio. Judd is confirming some of Adam’s suspicions about shorter running times being an apology.


Adam and Judd are now discussing the movie watching experience in theaters vs. home viewing, Adam is now asking Judd about “Funny People” and how it was received.


Judd is going in depth on his inspiration for “Funny People” and why it was made the way it was, he’s citing some anecdotes about watching Rodney Dangerfield perform at the improv.



Adam and Judd are now discussing the falsehood of money making you happy, Adam has a great explanation of how one feels while living in poverty and Judd is sharing some info from his own life.


Adam has a very deep question for Judd about people changing in life, Judd has a very honest reply, very interesting.


Adam is now back to “This Is 40” and he’s telling Judd what a finely crafted film it is, he’s comparing it to classic comedies and contrasting it against other modern comedies that don’t strike the same chord.


Judd is giving his take on the relationships portrayed in the film and how they reflect his own relationships in life, he’s now describing the past experiences people carry with them and bring into every relationship.


Adam is now sharing some anecdotes about doing carpentry for women back in the day and how they would have hysterical/historical reactions to minor issues and he would have to explain that he didn’t know them nor do anything to them.

Adam is now explaining the differences between male and female carpentry customers to Judd, Judd is perplexed by Adam’s relationship with Lynette and has a couple questions for him.


Adam is going in depth explaining how he used John Hiatt as a stepping stone to get his wife into Graham Parker and he’s got some awesome heroin references too, hilarious.



Judd just brought up Adam’s movie “The Hammer” and wants to talk about it, Judd is sharing his experience watching it with his wife and daughter.

They loved it, Judd rarely gets 10 minutes out of Leslie for a movie, he’s comparing it to a recent screening of a well respected art film and her reaction to that.


Adam is floating a theory he has for Judd about most products being bad and is describing how you assume so as you’re receiving them, Judd is sharing some anecdotes about projects he jumped on seeing after waiting to long to watch “The Foot Fist Way”.


Judd is further complementing “The Hammer” in particular it’s tone and translation of Adam’s comedic sensibilities, Judd wants to know why Adam has made a follow up.

Adam is describing why he hasn’t made another movie and how he shot “The Hammer” with his morning radio schedule.


Adam is now riffing on executives asking what makes you think you can act, Adam has a great point and Judd is telling him how he actually was surprised by Adam’s acting ability.


Judd is telling Adam about the parallels between “The Hammer” and “This Is 40” and now he’s describing micro budget filmmaking, Adam has a great point about Richard Branson.


Judd is describing the production process of “The 40 Year old Vigrin” to Adam, he’s now telling Adam about the production was shutdown after a few days of filming. They’re now discussing the ending of sports movies and they hint around the ending of “The Hammer”.


Judd just brought up the ending of “Terms of Endearment” and Adam is now describing some recent thoughts he had about the movie “Parenthood”, Judd has some a couple interesting insights about “Parenthood”.



Adam is now asking Judd about his comedic side and his dramatic side, Judd’s explaining what he tries to do and is giving an example about working on HBO’s “Girls”.


Adam is complimenting Judd’s daughters work in “This Is 40” and he’s asking him what it’s like working with them and if he fears it may be a double edged sword. Adam is joking about what you do and don’t want for your daughter.


Judd is going in depth on working with his daughters and how he and his wife approach the idea of them working in movies. Judd is now talking about Maude and her twitter following and blogging work.


Adam has a funny idea for Judd to use to protect his actors feelings in case they get cut out, now they’re discussing Graham Parker again and Judd’s explaining how he got involved in the project.


Judd is sharing an anecdote about working on a “Larry Sanders” episode with Bobcat Goldthwait, now Judd is explaining how he was around when Adam Sandler got the job acting in “Shakes The Clown” and meeting Robin Williams for the first time.


Adam is lamenting not being part of any of the big comedy crews, Judd’s telling him how he and Sandler know each other and he’s now asking Adam what he was up to in 1991.


Judd is asking Adam how he got into comedy and changed his life, Adam is now explaining how he and Judd were probably not put on this earth to do standup but are funny enough they can do it.


Adam is telling Judd about doing standup now at theaters across the country, Adam is joking about the ticket sales for his NYC town hall show and Judd kindly offers to tweet some plugs, what an awesome dude!



Adam is now telling Judd about losing his radio show in 2009 and having to do standup in order to earn money and how it was a humbling experience for him. Adam is now making a point about how not leaving your comfort zone and focusing on what you’re good at doing may not be a good thing.


Adam is sharing the anecdote about Natalia and the soccer team names from the other day, Judd and Adam are now riffing about the team names being the names of countries.


Adam plugs Mangria and offers some to Judd, Judd is jumping in on the live read and plugging some of his upcoming releases you can grab via Adam’s Amazon link.


Adam has an interesting theory about Lena Dunham, Judd is now pondering if Adam is right and asking him about his wife Lynette. Judd is telling Adam about falling asleep in the middle of a fight with his wife.


Adam’s doing a Trojan live read and Judd is jumping in, very good stuff.


Adam giving one last take on “This is 40” he’s saying it’s an important movie and something you should see with your significant other and even with kids over 12, Adam seems really effected by the movie.


Adam is sharing an anecdote about Christoph Waltz guesting on the podcast before his Oscar nomination and Adam just told Judd he’s now going to make another movie, nice work Judd!


Adam wraps the show.