Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/08/2017 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 705

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/08/2017 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 705

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 10-24-2017 – Release Date 11-08-2017

Production Number #705 – We Could’ve Cured Everything by Now

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Adam opens the show with the standard “Get It On” intro and they get right to the callers.


1st Caller Travis, he’s wanting to meet girls post “blood clot” which Drew has him stop to examine, he asks him about this blood clot and if he has a clotting disorder.

Drew asks him about his question, Adam clarifies that he’s trying to extricate himself from drinking and his old lifestyle pre-blood clot that gave him newfound “religion” regarding alcohol use.

Adam asks him about his career, he’s in school to be an electrician.

Adam makes a point about men and how much of their persona is about who they are in the world and Adam says this makes sense that he’s not in the dating world.


Adam tells Drew about an animated Mike Judge series called ‘Tales From the Tour Bus’ that showcases famous musicians recounting stories about their lives and career.

Adam watched the ones on Tammy Wynette and Jerry Lee Lewis, Adam says it made him thinking about white privilege and he makes a larger point about poverty.

Drew makes the SJW argument about white privilege, He tells Adam about taping Bert Kreischer’s podcast and how he drove past North Hollywood High.


Adam says he had a realization about the high school, 80% is being run like a prison and then 5% of the school is made up of Indian kids who are the “star athletes” of academics of the school.

Drew observed that the surrounding area resembled a monkey cage and he thought about Adam being a young kid in north Hollywood and he thought about what it must’ve been like to be a cop in that town in the 1980’s.

Adam shares how everyone else’s parents were around but not really, Drew has 0 sense for who Chris’s mom was, he can picture his dad but not his mom.


Adam is comparing Chris’s dad to Jim Rockford from ‘The Rockford Files’ and his own father to Angel from the same series.

Adam was talking to his father recently who confessed to him he was scared of everything his whole life.


Hot Date – Drew ran into Will Arnett who started lecturing him on diet Edition


Adam is now asking Gary for a picture of Angel from The Rockford Files.

Gary recalls they’ve done this before and Adam now realizes why he is so turned off by fear, Adam shares how he his dad told him a story about ‘Baldwin Locomotive’ and how he tried to get there.

His dad told him about the train tracks surrounding the building, how he was afraid of that and the foreman asked him to climb a ladder and walk across the catwalk.


Adam is now doing his Angel impression from The Rockford Files and Drew observes a cowardly lion facial resemblance between Angel and Jim Carolla, Adam says like he was beat with a pussy stick.

Adam is telling Drew about his dad’s part time experience as a teacher.

Adam thinks of his dad as a cowardly throw pillow, lions are too majestic.


2nd Caller Ronald, he wants their theories on the epidemiology of fetishes and cites foot fetishes, Drew corrects him on his incorrect use of terminology to which he sarcastically thanks him for.

Drew is now sharing some different takes on foot fetishes, Adam says he thinks he’s instinctively been attracted to the opposite of his mom.

Drew brings up ‘Playboy’ and how that influences attraction.


3rd Caller Steve, he has a great “Ad Carolla” intro along with Adam, they almost nail it.

Steve tells them he and his wife are expecting a child and the modern storing of “cord blood” and Drew explains how this might be significant and says if you have the resources to do it, do it.

Drew says a few years ago he would have presumed a higher possibility of this being helpful, but now who knows.


Drew asks about Stem cells, Adam brings up the various arguments about stem cells and the block on the research of them.

Drew is now making a point about stem cells and Adam brings up Mayor Bill de Blasio and the new laws about vaporizers in NYC.

Drew says they’ve deiced it’s bad and they’re regulating them to prevent behavior that hasn’t yet happened.


Adam is bringing up the “you’re a bad person” argument against smokers and Adam brings up the lack of taxes and laws regarding Soda.


True CarDrew encouraged them to feature used cars as well as new Edition


Adam gives out the closing plugs and wraps up the show.