Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/08/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 287

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/08/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 287

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

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Recorded 11-03-2015 – Release Date 11-08-2015

Production Number #287 – Not In The Any Community

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Adam has a super fun variant on the standard intro, Adam asks Drew about his status, he’s in town and Drew mentions he has Kathy Griffin tickets.

Adam says he loves her but he doesn’t go to live comedy, he’s not into comedy that way.

Adam likes music, he likes some Albert Brooks movies, and he likes comedy in Coen Bros. movies.


Drew says that watching comedy for Adam might be like him trying to watch medical shows, maybe they should both sit back and watch Scrubs.

Adam talks about never getting invited to Hollywood stuff, Adam isn’t in the comedy nor acting community.

Drew talks about the bygone radio community and how they’re not perceived as being part of the industries they’re in.


Adam likes funny guys but has no attraction to the comedy scene, Drew likes hanging out with Marc Maron, Joel McHale and Seth MacFarlane.

Drew was thinking about having coffee with Marc Maron in the shower, while using soap.

Adam talks about his clean skin, Adam is unsure if Drew’s explanation makes sense, that’s not why he doesn’t like comedy.


Adam likes watching building or car shows, they move on to the calls.


1st Caller Mike, he’s struggling with getting off of Suboxone after 5yrs, Drew talks about how this withdrawal will be worse than heroin and will be crazy.

Drew tells him he needs to take months off for recovery, Adam is asking him about his daily routine, he says he feels no effect whatsoever.

Adam and Drew argue about insurance companies paying for opiate replacement drugs and now Adam is imposing his morality on the situations.


Adam talks about trying to save the life of a gang banger, Adam doesn’t know how he would feel about David Crosby being in line for a Kidney in front of a 9yr old kid.

Adam asks about how Lamar Odom is doing, Drew talks about his brain injury and how serious this road to recovery is for him.

Adam asks about organ synthesis and wants to know if we retarded the progress of stem cell and cloning research due to right wing administrations of the 1980’s and 2000’s.


Drew says that Bush II was a war on science, Drew is talking about how Khloe Kardashian cares about her husband and defends her.

Adam isn’t bashing her either and explains why he wouldn’t say anythign negative.

Adam talks about how being painted with the “will do anything for money brush” ruins tragic events as you’re portrayed as mourning for money.


Adam is doing a Live Read for Aid in Recovery

Drew has no connection to them


Adam is commenting on taking 6 months off to help someone rehab or needing to bring all of his spinning plates to a stop to go visit his dad in the hospital for example.


2nd Caller Josh, he logged into his wife’s Facebook account by accident and stumbled onto her he assumes only text based affair with one of her exes.

He explains all the details, he tells them about contacting the guy and his threatening replies, telling him to keep his kids and how he’ll take his wife.

Adam is asking about the ex and his energy, Adam wonders what that means about the level of intimacy between him and his wife.


Adam is asking him about the texts and Adam sums up the reasons for her cheating and her emotional needs, Adam asks if he believes it was only remote and they didn’t get together in person.


Adam now tells Josh his 2 options, he explains how they could make this work and it sounds grim.

Drew is telling him to show her the text messages and he tells them about their recent make up sex weekend.


Drew is doing a True Car Live Read


Adam wants to get a plug in car, he offers a reality check about people buying cars that are beyond their needs, and he asks about buying off road vehicles and how nobody drives 1 mile off road for every 100 on roads, it’s not worth it.

Adam talks about his 30mile commute per day and how he could manage 180 mile range, Adam talks about not wanting two Tesla cars in his garage.

Adam is talking about looking for a new car, he shares how he was looking at the i8 but the weak 15 mile range is not enough, if you can’t get to 50 miles pure plug in don’t even bother.


Adam wants to get one and add a larger gas tank, he shares how he tried to by a car but the dealership employees were nearly incompetent, my god.

Adam is mocking how they don’t even know the most basic details of the car, like the size of the fuel tank, Adam says young people don’t care and they don’t care to know, and there is now telling anyone anymore.

Adam talks about his Dooley truck and the giant 50 gallon external tank used for long hauls, Adam is trying to explain his idea and Drew goes into a live read.


Drew is doing a Live Read


3rd Caller Kai, he’s calling about his current girlfriend who wants him to become a firefighter in order for them to stay together.

Kai likes selling juice, Adam has a funny Ocean Spray joke.

Adam is sharing what he knows from watching ‘Hawaii 5-0’ and jokes about muscular dudes spinning torches and how he would spend his days stopping these fire hazards.

Adam is killing it, hilarious line about the logic of even having a fire fighter work on the island, The Caller explains table tipping spiritual guidance to the guys.

“What’s the worst that could happen, we’re surrounded by water and there’s a giant volcano that we’ll never put out, what do we really need us for?” – Adam as the Honolulu Fire Dept. chief.


Adam and Drew give Kai some actual guidance and Adam quotes “Fill your loving cup” and jokes about beating off into one’s tumbler.

Adam and Drew comment on his girlfriend and her probable lifestyle and history.

Adam and Drew are asking Matt about ‘Dear Liza’ and Adam talks about shanty music.


Adam is doing a Life Lock Ultimate plus Live Read

Adam recalls going out to breakfast on Sunday and how the modern era has allowed for ATMs

Adam gives out the plugs and wraps up the show.

Drew is a Promescent fan, nice.