Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/08/2013 – Vince Vaughn and Robbie Coltrane

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/08/2013 – Vince Vaughn and Robbie Coltrane

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Vince Vaughn and Robbie Coltrane

Recorded 11-07-2013 – Release Date 11-08-2013

Production Number #1203

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Adam is opening the show to an epic intro, a great #TopDrop from Mankind himself and a lovely sounding A-Rose.

Adam is telling the gang about a bathroom mishap, someone infiltrated Carolla Digital and were unhip to the rules regarding the can.

Adam is explaining that Simon the editor on the Paul Newman documentary was not alerted to how things go and Adam is now using that to prove how his programming works on humans.


Adam has a hilarious mocking comment about taxing lengths of shit in foot increments, Alison’s reaction is wonderful and BB is getting into it with BB over his car keys system with Lynette.

Adam is riffing as Bruce, good stuff.

Adam is now bringing up all the counter arguments people lob at him, including Dr. Drew in regards to other people not liking being preached to.


Adam is now bringing up all the guys he knows who rebel against his systems and ways for bettering one’s life and streamlining activities and priorities.

Alison and BB are weighing in quote a bit and it’s a nice conversation.

Alison is suggesting they ritual murder Simon in effigy for his crimes against the system, Adam is now taking all blame away from this man who has legendary shits and leaves sips of coffee in his cups right for Adam to see.


Adam is now working a riff around Dawson and Fondiler’s pooping legacy to make note of the system and Dawson is calling for a sign to be put on the door.

Adam is now welcoming Vince to the ACS for his podcast debut.

Adam is saying he’s very happy because he’s always hated his neighbors and he thinks he’ll be fine with Vince nearby.


Adam is asking Vince about his current filming schedule and complimenting him on “Delivery Man” and he’s now explaining the premise behind the film.

Adam is asking Vince about the premise and sperm donation, he’s saying it’s more of an amalgamation of various similar tales from real life, he’s citing a recent Diane Sawyer piece he saw.

Adam is now brining up how Vince “has it” and he doesn’t want to take the compliment, he’s differing it to the film and the people who made it along with him.


Adam is now asking Vince about his journey, he’s telling them about Chicago and early improv classes before leaving for California after high school.

Vince is bringing up the love for acting that lead to his pursuit before all the money and status.

Vince says he loves the storytelling process of filmmaking and being part of a collaboration and he’s citing some of his biggest hits and his role in shaping them with the rest of the creative people involved.


Adam is now bringing up how he went and rented Wedding Crashers after talking with Vince and being reminded of what a solid movie it is.

BB is now asking Vince a question and prefacing it with a “can I?” despite not waiting for an affirmative.

Adam is now bringing up one of his favorite scenes after Vince answers BB’s mystery about the eating in the movie.


Adam is now questioning the idea of depicting someone delivering meat in Los Angeles.

Adam is asking Vince about his conservative leanings and he’s revealing he’s more into Ron Paul and sharing about his father and his political ideology.

Adam is now stating he’s not conservative and now has been made to seem that way by the way society has been changing, not because of his own pocketbook but because of the role personal responsibility plays in a happy life.


Vince Vaughn is now sharing his take on the Ron Paul ethos and the way many people change throughout their life and lose trust with the government.

Adam wants to know if Vince has had any friction with some of the more liberal Hollywood types he works with.

Vince has a very fun and fair take on disagreeing with others and remaining friends and coworkers without it dominating your relationship and interactions.


Adam is trying to see if they can hook up and get a BBQ going, Adam is teasing the modifications to his new home and Vince seems genuinely interested.

Adam is now telling people how he will freely walk through people’s homes and tell them what they need to do to improve their living space.

Adam is now bringing up Vince’s wife and children and expressing his own lament about his wife being incredibly nice and sane.


Adam is bringing up hanging out as friends and using Drew and Susan as an example for interactions.

Adam is praying that Vince’s has a sane and awesome wife that could be pals with Lynette, burger pals.

Vince is now praising his wife and her good nature, Adam is giving out another plug and wrapping up with Vince.


As far as phoners go, one of the absolute best, what a revealing and honest man!

Adam is bringing up how Vince did pull a move where he left some of his wine in the glass bottom, Adam refuses to leave wine behind.

Adam is explaining that he likes wine and hates waste, doesn’t want to lose 1.22$ in the bottom splash and Adam is bragging about not grabbing Vince’s glass to finish it and saying it proves both he and Vince aren’t alcoholics.


Adam is telling Vince about his housewarming gift of Mangria and the gang to give their take on something he did.

Adam is bringing up Vince and his impressive frame in person.

Adam is doing a live read and has a great “comes in a pillow case” comment to open it, nice reaction from Alison.


Adam is teasing the system he may have set up in Los Angeles and he’s sharing Matt Fondiler coming to him with a “Hey What up Boss” about an engagement at “The Sportsman’s Lodge” and his packed schedule.

Adam is getting into the details of how he books these things, refreshes with Matt and ends up doing lots of shows he doesn’t know anything about.

Alison wants to know why Adam does these things and Adam honestly doesn’t know why, he’s honestly flattered that someone wants him on their show.


Adam is now bringing up he was set to be with the new mayor after endorsing Kevin James his competitor the one of Gil Garcetti who coincidentally was in charge during the Heidi Fleiss scandal.

Adam is now bringing up how he got a shitty email about an owed donation and getting hit up for an event for Garcetti pre-election.

Alison has a funny back and forth with Adam about Huffpo accusing him of hating gay people thought he endorsed the only gay candidate for the L.A. mayoral office.


Adam is really going in depth explaining how his donation was returned after he endorsed Kevin and he’s connecting it to the latest event with back to back speeches, Adam following the Mayor.

Adam is now praising the new mayor and his warm energy, saying he has a human behind his eyes unlike the previous mayor, this is perhaps the greatest praise a politician can get from Adam.

Adam is now sharing the story he told in front of the LAPD banquet and the mayor, he’s getting into all of the details and it’s actually touching.


Adam is now sharing how the one thing he wanted to get into and brought up traffic on the podium, he’s telling them about the “if it steers it clears” campaigns from other states that would change traffic on a massive scale if implemented in Los Angeles.

Adam is now getting into what a car can take and still perform, citing all of his Toyota Grand Prix car damage and collisions.

Adam is bringing up how Mayor Garcetti did the one move that Adam hates the most, telling him what a good idea it was and Adam was even approached by a highway patrol officer who told Adam it was already a law in Los Angeles.


Adam is now ranting about why it’s not promoted and enforced, he’s got some great passion going in this rant!

Adam is now asking if everyone truly give a fuck, anyone in government and asks about Gavin Newsome and Alison even agrees she doesn’t believe he genuinely cares about this stuff.

Adam is now wrapping up his rant about this with a very logical series of points about the general misery of the congested freeways of Los Angeles.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Josh wants to know if Adam agrees with him that Richie Incognito is actually not a racist because he used the N word on a voicemail and an actual racist wouldn’t be so obvious.

Adam is now joking about himself and using his own asshole status and Alison has a great point about murder.

Adam is now using Rosie O’Donnell and her “Cutie Patootie” business that was asking her behind the scenes tyranny.


Adam is now citing Ellen choosing not to dance at the wedding they both attended to make a larger point about overcompensation.

Adam is now bringing up the clubhouse and how many racial slurs and obscenities are tossed around there among the players, Adam is using rough trade in the bedroom to make a fine point.

Hilarious “call her a bitch” delivery from a creepy Aceman.


Adam is now bringing up the buzz word status of “Bullying” and Alison chimes in and coins what he’s describing.

Adam is going off on the recent focus on bullying over the past 4 years and comparing it to his own life of mistreatment and hard living that he never thought of as bullying.

Adam says that lead to him thinking the other person was a dick or even planning revenge of some kind.


Adam is bringing up his lifelong abuse and verbal abuse that he never viewed that way, he’s saying it takes two to bully tango.

BB is now asking Adam about the mug of piss he snapped into Ray’s eyes in retribution.

Adam is now bringing up his neighbor Eddie who ghost rid his bike with Adam on the handlebars.


Alison is now bringing up her 7th grade experience that went from a nice group to social pariah status complete with replacement girl in her lunchroom seat.

Alison is now citing this as her secret shame and discovering now as an adult how many women experience it, its female chimpanzee shunning behavior(per Dr. Drew) and comes from a genetic heritage, can’t blame old white guys for this one.

Alison is now being very revealing and honest and Adam is calling for people not to be a “bully sponge” and instead “be a mug of piss” as put by the wonderful A-Rose.


Adam is coming back from break with a possibly drunken listener voicemail aimed at Alison about a band called “The Architects”.

Adam is welcoming Robbie to the podcast for his ACS debut and life in Scotland.

Robbie is explaining the sunlight in California and how that played a huge role in its selection for film production early on, Adam is genuinely amazed and agrees with the obvious logic.


Adam is now asking Robbie about other creative outlets and they’re talking about painting, Adam is bringing up “Ed Moses” and his giant orbs that rake in tons of cash.

Adam is saying the problem with painting real things is if that it sucks then people can tell if you suck, so going abstract is an easy way to hide a lack of talent.

Adam is asking Robbie about his current painting output and he’s telling him about doing it for charity with deadlines.


Adam is plugging Robbie’s latest work in “Great Expectations” and Robbie is now explaining his role and the filming in London.

They’re getting into the awesome set design for the film, mocking Adam’s lack of interest and knowledge of Shakespeare and the effort for Hollywood to sway back “runaway productions”.

Adam and BB are now talking about the Harry Potter books and films, Adam says he gets angry when he thinks about the treasure trove of material waiting for his kids to experience for the first time.


Adam is contrasting his own childhood with a pile of Doris Day movies waiting for his generation.

They’re now getting into the James Bond movies and the level of taste of cinema goers throughout time.

Alison has a killer comment aimed at Adam in regards to literacy, wow!


Adam is sharing his get stoned and watch a movie twice theory.


Alison’s News

Her top story is on another video coming to light showing Rob Ford extremely drunk making death threats, she’s setting up how amazing it is and they’re now playing a clip from it.

Funny John Candy comedy from Adam and Alison, also Adam has a killer follow up.

Adam is now going off on politicians and how he wants them to be full of wisdom and he’s contrasting them against football coaches, Alison has a nice insider comment to be in the mix with the guys.


Adam is now waxing poetic on the competitive field of being an NFL coach and the lack of competition among politicians when it comes to actual performance and focus on what they claim to be interested in.

Alison is now asking Adam about the delivery of the comment from the mayor about the traffic campaign, she has some great input.

Robbie is now weighing in with his take on Rob Ford’s justification for his behavior.


Adam has a great analogy for Rob’s actions and his less than fulfilling explanation, Adam is now riffing about people throwing themselves to the lesser charge of guilt and taking solace in that, akin to Rob and his alcoholism explaining his crack smoking.

Alison is now explaining how the Toronto Star acquired the video and Robbie is giving a brilliant way of thinking about politicians.

Adam is joking about crack consumption not effecting your job status as mayor unlike some other blue collar job or aforementioned NFL coaching gig.


They’re doing a live read.


2nd Story is on the FDA banning Trans fats and what it could prevent when it comes to heart attack deaths.

Adam is now joking about “Trans Fats” with Alison and Robbie, the fictitious trumpet player.

Alison is now explaining how people can’t taste the difference and what it’s found in.


Robbie is quite well versed and explaining the rise in Trans fats over butter and Adam is bringing up “No Free Lunches in Nature” his favorite quote from Dr. Drew.

Alison wants to know how Drew feels about artificial sweetener and Adam is bringing up Drew’s take on realistic eating habits and the health value in a hamburger.

Adam is getting into the narcissism of people and how selective it is, he’s contrasting food worries against the cloud of airborne particulates kicked up by multiple leaf blowers on his trek outside.


Adam has a killer reply to Robbie offering up some genuine insight, he’s recently lost 70lbs and is aiming for another 70, Adam is now quizzing him on it.

Robbie is confirming all of Adam’s long held beliefs about weight loss and changing one’s body.

Adam is now bringing up the notion of obese women complaining about not being fed, he’s got some great points about impoverished obese people worrying about not being able to maintain their obesity.


Robbie is bringing up the cost comparison between soda and water and the obesity problems in the U.K. in comparison to what they’re talking about now.

Adam is bringing up the lunches he provides for his construction employees and how you can’t argue healthy eating to guys like them.

Adam is bringing up the nanny state and Robbie is offering his own take on the balance that needs to be found between corporations and the government.


Adam is sharing how he wants them to raise the price of gas and Robbie is confirming they charge Adam’s inflated rate in Britain already.

Adam is now joking about fucking the wife of the poor guy who is being fucked by the gas prices while said guys is strapped to a radiator, comedy gold!

Adam is explaining how the extra cost for gas would supplement mass transit for the masses.


Robbie is asking the gang about the carpool lanes and Alison is chiming with how the lanes are often slower than the regular lanes.

Adam is now saying his idea would actually help the poor people, Alison is wrapping the news and they have a great fresh drop from Robbie.

Adam is doing a live read.


Robbie is jumping in and telling them about stone weight measurement, 14lbs.

Robbie used to fight at 16 ½ or 17 stone, Adam has the math down perfect from the beginning and a great one liner to poke fun at Robbie’s larger frame.

Robbie is bringing up his bad knee and why he’s losing weight before surgery is an option.


Adam is now giving out the plugs for Vine and Robbie, what a great show!

Adam is now commenting on all the symbols he’s forced to mention in this day and age, Adam is mocking “.co” and calling himself Ron Burgundy of technology.

BB Get that drop! Get That Drop!