Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/07/2017 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 704

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/07/2017 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 704

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 10-24-2017 – Release Date 11-07-2017

Production Number #704 – Will Do

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Adam opens the show with the standard intro, Drew brings up Adam’s bit about Drew trying to get off of the phone with his wife. Phil was in studio but slipped out.

Adam says that “will do” is Drew’s code phrase for having to go, Gary informs Adam on witnessing the ultimate example of this.

Adam is crushing his reenactment of how these calls go down for Drew.


Adam wants a 200-hour reel of Drew saying “Will Do” to his wife over their marriage, Drew jokes that could be done in a week, despite there not being enough hours, Susan folds time apparently.


1st Caller Cameron, he’s calling about the ‘Moana’ costume controversy, Adam says white people are seeing racism everywhere like devout catholic Mexicans who see the virgin Guadalupe everywhere, depicted on tortillas.

Drew says his wife wants him to dress as Trump this year, Adam tells Drew Halloween was last week as they’re gang taping these episodes.

Adam is now making a point about fandom and trying to recreate a physical manifestation of a thing, person or character.


Adam says people don’t dress as characters from Disney films to mock people, Adam thought this was the dream, where all little girls look up to this little Samoan girl.

Adam is making a point about white kids loving black NBA players, at this point if you want to stamp out racism why are you going after the low-level criminal with the dime bag of racism.

Adam gets to the use of “educated” and the comments about Julianne Hough, Drew once again compares this to the cultural revolution in China.


Adam says he gets into plenty of arguments with people, but never the homeless.

Adam brings up the social currency of accusing others, Drew says now how you live isn’t important as long as you maintain the moral outrage.

Adam always thought a good life and leading by example was the way, you can argue with Adam but as long as you’re doing it in his studio, he’s winning.


Adam makes a point about people winning arguments and then taking their mountain bike to the bus stop.

Adam takes it back to Cameron, he says there used to be a sibling rivalry that was contained to the family, now it spreads to all of society, people act out their aggression and shame on the public instead of within their own family unit at thanksgiving.


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2nd Caller Sarah, she tells them about learning to climax and credits that to both of them, Adam thanks her for grossing out her adult children.

She’s talking very fast, Adam makes a point about couple having sex to please their partners even when they’re not always in the mood.

Adam explains the nuance of life and how most things you do you’re not 100% gung-ho for engaging in.


3rd Caller Dean, he is calling from the land of paved freeways and roads in Orange County.

Adam praises Orange County, saying it’s not a dump and then contrasts it against Sun Valley and what a war-torn municipality.

Dean weighs in and explains how the community intervenes and pressures maintenance from the local government, Gary has a point as well and Adam mocks Garcetti.


Adam ask why everyone must hang their hat on diversity, Adam jokes about his “most diverse homeless population” tweet aimed at Garcetti.

“we like taking dumps in shrubs” – Adam

Adam talks about seeing socks and underwear drying on a park sign at the lake, Drew brings up ‘The Deuce’ and how eventually someone came in and said “no you cannot do that, it’s not ok” and changed Time Square.


Adam brings up the Berlin wall, he says 30yrs went by and then they finally tore it down, something they could have done much sooner or simply resolved by not ever erecting it.

Adam is crediting the stop and frisk policy with improving the safety and cleanliness of Time Square.

Adam says along the road to cleaning up Time Square, or eliminating the homeless population there will be people stopped and frisked and put through the system.


Adam says if you are of the POV that even one person is too many, then it will never change and things will only get worse.

Dean is a big fan and he’s telling them about his marriage, they’re in therapy and he’s newly sober.

Drew tells him to work his program and he’s trying to discern what else he’s taking, Drew says being newly sober all that matter is saving his life.


Adam has a funny comment, he’s now asking Dean about what his wife’s deal is, she’s angry about him pulling the wool over her eyes about his addiction.

Drew says she needs to take her anger somewhere to act that out besides on him, dumping her resentment on him is not helping.

Adam thinks there is a problem with a lot of therapy, he quotes Dr. Drew and his feelings about women being the superior expression of the human being.


Adam isn’t a fan of modern therapy as therapists aren’t telling women to move and get past things, indulging in the feminine and disserving their patients.

Drew says Dean’s therapist took that very approach and she quit going, yeah but still!


LifeLockAdam and Drew tag team Edition


Adam is giving out the closing plugs and he wraps up the show.