Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/07/2017 – Laura Ingraham and Chad Prather

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/07/2017 – Laura Ingraham and Chad Prather

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Guest Laura Ingraham and Chad Prather

Recorded 11-06-2017 – Release Date 11-07-2017

Production Number #2197

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Adam opens the show to a great “Tango and Cash and Ace” intro courtesy of Dawson and Lynch, Adam welcomes the gang to the show and BB plays Dawson’s “No, No, No” clip as today’s #TopDrop.

Adam tells them about his big event interviewing Sylvester Stallone, Mike August filmed the huge crowd with his phone, but he started filming in portrait mode and then moved his hands to landscape mode, unaware the phone doesn’t change aspect ratios without stopping the recording and restarting it.

Adam is now sharing a few cool tidbits about Stallone, he’s a writer at heart and everything comes through the filter of writer, not action star nor even actor.


Adam says Stallone was pitching things to him about the new ‘Creed’ movie, Gin has a funny “Tinder profile” one liner as Adam describes looking through photos of large boxers and talking to Sylvester about how they might look on screen facing off against Michael B. Jordan.

Adam is now going over the questions selected for the interview, leaving Adam unfamiliar with how close to the script they needed to stick.

Stallone told Adam to ask whatever he wanted, BB has a funny “flip the script” one liner and Adam has Gary read the first question selected, Gina says it doesn’t sound like it was written by someone who is fluent in English as a first language.


Adam is now sharing his conversation with Bill Zanker about the running time for the interview, the stage manager told him the exact opposite.

Adam is going over the back and forth with Bill and the stage manager, sharing the conflicting instructions about the interview length.

Sylvester fielded questions from the audience as Adam was closing things out to wrap on time, Adam shares how Stallone went through his morning schedule and routine.


They talk about Sylvester’s speech impediment, Adam tells them about handing him a copy of ‘The Hammer’ and told him about the Rotten Tomatoes score, which was met with a funny “lot higher than mine” comment.

Adam tells them about the publicist, working the guard shack of Stallone’s life and how important it was to be in her good graces and ask her to make sure he gets the DVD home with him.


Laura Ingraham is now joining them over the phone, Adam congratulates her on the Fox gig.

Adam asks her about her schedule doing Radio and TV every day, with 3 kids and all of the responsibilities that entails.

Laura says she’s finished filming at 11:00 and out of the building a minute later.


Laura reveals she’s single, Adam asks if dating is tough due to her career and status.

Adam says there are two clichés that don’t hold really true, he cites men being intimidated by powerful women with higher incomes.

Laura says that among her friends who have great marriages, she finds that one person can’t be everything, she says she likes a guy who can fix stuff and make time.


Adam jokes about Laura going full Ann Coulter and perhaps she could start dating Kevin Hart, Laura is now taking it to her book and the premise.

Laura goes in depth on the last 25 years of the GOP and what Trump tapped into with the disaffected republicans.

Adam brings up an analogy of your favorite restaurant becoming a chain, you can’t be Ferrari when you’re GM.


Laura says the Bush family are now lashing out as their political power has diminished, she agrees with Adam that the system needed to be disrupted.

She makes a point about the economy under Trump, Adam asks if there is a real difference between the Bush family and the Clintons, Laura says there isn’t and she makes a solid point.

Adam sets up another analogy, he jokes about having not gone through a divorce… yet.

Adam says you think your attorney and the opposing council are enemies, oh no, it’s them against you and your spouse.


Laura talks about the billable hours of attorneys and how she used to bill in 6min increments, Adam says his other analogy is about Scientology and the system behind the scenes and how it mirrors the famous political families in America.

Laura says she likes George Bush and used to bike ride with him but if you speak out against their narrative you end up on the black list.

“first on the black list, black people then Laura Ingraham” – Adam


Adam asks her how she discovered she was blacklisted from GOP events, she mentions how she wasn’t invited to meet the pope at the Whitehouse, her name was removed from consideration.

Adam plugs Laura’s book and wraps up the interview.


Hot DateBased on a popular digital series, executive produced by Will Arnett, great big strong dude Edition


Hooray for BaldyWood

BB saw ‘Thor Ragnarok’ and he informs the gang about the director of the film, Gina loves ‘What We Do in Shadows’ and BB breaks down the plot.

BB says the whole movie exists just to get Thor into a gladiator sequence, he says it’s right up there with the best stuff Marvel has ever done.

Gary saw the movie and he agrees with BB, Gina asks about the first act and BB clarifies that the whole movie is great, it’s just that the second act truly sings.


Adam is now telling them about his kids leaving a movie early, due to some noisy older kids.

Adam jokes about Sonny’s reaction in his photo with Sylvester Stallone, Adam was trying to do the math of what movie they left early.

They were watching ‘Boo 2! A Madea Halloween’ and Adam was livid they didn’t get his money back from that awful piece of shit.

Adam mocks the idea of Madea as a hero to the black community, Adam has a real problem with Madea’s conflict resolution.


“it may seem funny to threaten everyone with gun violence” – Adam on Madea


BB sets up a clip of Thor and he tells them about his first interaction with ‘Korg’ and BB brings up Star Trek IV.

BB says this is a date movie, Gary couldn’t agree more and they wrap up the segment.


Omaha SteaksAvoid the malls, the lines and the crowds, Lynette sent over Omaha steaks to the family who took care of Natalia for two days, got an email from Mrs. Sample Edition


BB is telling them about seeing Thor in Century City Mall, coinciding with the grand opening of Eataly Los Angeles.

Adam is ranting about the lack of a little Italy in California, Adam makes a point about the psychology behind it.

BB is telling them about running into his buddy Sam who is Courtney Love’s manager, Sam invited BB in and he was able to walk past the security guard blocking the entrance.


BB says it was super VIP and Jimmy Kimmel was even there, he was overwhelmed and was handed a bowl of pasta while taking the tour with Mario Batali.

Courtney Love wanted to leave, Christie was arriving and wanted to get in so they tried to arrange for to be able to sneak in too.

BB tells them about taking Courtney Love to her car, she was uneasy about taking stairs and Gina inquires as to why, BB his hesitant to say she was intoxicated and is very kind, saying she’s his new best bud.


Adam is now sharing his new challenging Taco Theory, he asks people to rank Pork, Chicken, Steak and or Fish Taco.

Adam says the rules are he’s going out on a run, he wants the list of their preferences.

Adam says he talked to every single person in both buildings asking them, BB worked himself into an elite fraternity with Dylan, Adam predicted BB would rank chicken #1.


Adam is further explaining the variety of employees that work for him and how bizarre Bryan’s choices are.

Adam is telling them about AV Ed going on a taco run, he ordered 3 of everything and ended up with a screwed-up order, missing the steak tacos.

Adam says he doesn’t like chicken tacos, he will eat them but doesn’t prefer them.


BB gives his feelings about steak tacos and the meat quality, Dawson says the chicken is generally the driest taco you get and Adam is satisfied that everyone has driven his point home.

Adam teases the arrival of their guest, The Political Cowboy.


They head to break


Good Sports

Dave opens the segment and asks Adam about an offer that was made to Dylan, Gary and Dylan are on mic and Dylan explains his dilemma.

Which World Series game is a better choice game 6 or 7, Adam gets into the logic of it and Dave says Los Angeles sports fans are underrated.

Adam and Dave talk about how Los Angeles is unaffected by sporting events, Adam now suggests they call 3 random 818 numbers to see who picks up.


Adam is clarifying his point, Dave is saying he’s aspirational with his fandom and he likes to pick the clincher hypothetical game that may not come to be rather than the early in the season game that’s guaranteed to happen.

Adam has a funny Lucas with Leukemia riff and Dave has a funny response.

Gary now has the random number dialed, it’s the voicemail of Shay Defafi, impossible to discern if it was one name or two.


The next number was an automated message system, Adam doesn’t’ get they muted the line to cover up the number.

On the 3rd try they get a school, Melissa answers with a slight accent and Adam is kind before they move on.

They try a 4th number, but don’t mute the line quick enough.

They wrap up the segment, Adam is amazed they called a school.


They’re back from break

Brand New Nicaraguan Name That Movie, ‘The Breakfast Club’ and Adam jokes about building that wall 30 years ago to keep Ozzie out of this country.

Adam is now asking Chad about the first time he went to Africa, Adam asks about corrupt government and how you can’t move the needle if the people in charge are criminals.


Adam talks about how sacks of grain can’t make a difference, we need to intervene with their governments and Chad tells them about bringing grain to India, he says the rats eat the grain and you can’t kill the rats as it goes against Hinduism.

Adam asks why people can’t knock off government, if they can copy so many goods why not copy ideas too.

Adam is now asking Chad for his taco power rankings, he says Chicken first and Adam removes Fish from the list, he has it narrowed down to 3 and Adam is amazed that Chad is in line with BB.


Adam calls Chad a “Chicken Boy” and Adam has Gina give her power rankings, Adam is insistent they are removing Fish from the list, it confuses people.

Adam is now asking Chad about the misery index of young people in this country, he says he was listening Rosie O’Donnell being interviewed, where she went off about the racist nation we live in.

Adam says it’s child abuse to indoctrinate your kids into the mindset that we live in a horrible nation, Chad says you’re setting them up for failure, Adam jokes about a life of chicken tacos and exasperatedly proclaims “this is a cowboy” before Chad replies to Adam’s comments.


Gina brings up special needs kids and how the parents of them routinely state they don’t treat them differently, they are trying to treat them just like all of the rest of the kids.

Adam says she’s 100% right and explains how a loving parent responds to that kind of adversity, Adam says we now pull people aside and tell them about the targets they have on their back, but we don’t do it to handicapped people.

Chad talks about the abandoned generation of latch key kids and what came of their baby boomer parents trying to fill the emotional void with material possessions.


Gina’s News

Gary updates them on the twitter poll.


1st Story is on the Sugarland Springs mass shooting, Gina has all of the details about his criminal past and Adam says if you are capable of beating the shit out of a kid and a woman, then the sky’s the limit.

Adam says he could never hit his kids nor his wife, they piss him off and he wouldn’t be convicted in any court in the land but he still can’t do it.

Adam is making a point about the switch in people that allows that kind of violence and Gina is trying to fill in more of the details behind the motivation.


Adam is sharing a new thought about how nobody would have slept at the airport on the floor in the past, if you had a problem…

Adam says if you had two brothers, one success and one loser fuck up.

Adam says the loser brother always had some bone to pick with the successful one, envy and shame.


Adam says that was limited to the two brothers, now the angry loser brother is blaming everyone for their failure, shame and societal impotence.

Adam is making a larger point about the expansion of blame, we’ve opened everything up and he says then why not kill everyone if it’s evil.

Adam has a funny “kill your girlfriend, then kill yourself” correction of his comment.


Adam makes a point about Tony Hawk and the 900, he brings up the Willy T. Ribbs doc and the “special set of tires” lie race crews might use to encourage drivers to give it their all and make them feel like they have an edge on the competition.

Adam explains the double-edged sword of that lie, how it can inspire great performance or result in the driver’s death.


SimpliSafeStandard live read, or go buy it at Best buy Edition


2nd Story is on the new iPhone X being labeled as the most expensive and breakable smartphone, Gary gets on mic to explain it’s the “Ten” not the X, even though it’s marketed with an X.

Adam jokes about being like the mountain bike customer who is too uninitiated to buy the fancy super lightweight space age bike, ala Gary’s iPhone X.

Adam is asking about the new glass and BB is making a point about this being like the Ferrari of phones.


Adam asks Gary what he need his phone for, Adam jokes about the phone falling from 6 feet.

Adam jokes about the guy who slipped and broke his iPhone, hilarious drop and voice work.

Chad and BB lament iPhone updates that they perceive as slowing down their older gaining models.

Gina wraps the news.


LifeLock Time to get some protection, thieves don’t want to get bit by a dog Edition


Gary has the results of the Taco poll, Adam says it sounds about right, everyone had pork listed as #2 on the list, Adam shares how he feels about the various meats as taco fillings and he closes out the show with the plugs.

BB plays the clip of Chad saying ‘Abuja’ before Dawson takes things home.