Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/07/2014 – Larry King and Shawn King

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/07/2014 – Larry King and Shawn King

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Larry King and Shawn King

Recorded 11-06-2014 – Release Date 11-07-2014

Production Number #1449

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Adam opens the show with some funny back and forth with Larry, he and Shawn attended the same high school.

Larry is now being a one upper and bragging about his high school, he says he feels left out because his wife’s left eye glimmered.

Adam is now telling Mr. King he didn’t get laid into high school despite them not having any crossover, Larry reveals he didn’t get laid either.


Adam is now using Ray and Chris and their advanced physiques and their access to getting laid, Larry confirms that it did give him his edge.

Larry tells Adam about he’s in the same ranks, they’re both no Cary Grant, Shawn defends Adam.

Shawn is telling them about losing her virginity when she was first married at 20 or 21.

Adam plugs the podcast they host on PodcastOne.


Larry is telling Adam about his 7 decades of broadcasting and career, Adam tells him he was happy to be a guest on Larry’s web series.

Larry is explaining how his wife is currently mad at him, citing this as an example of what he loves about their podcast.

Larry is sharing their dilemma, their son wants to go to a private baseball school in Florida, and Larry shares the details of all aspects of this argument.


5 minutes later they’re still talking about IMG apparently it’s a “baseball school”, now they’re arguing and I think showing off their podcast banter?

Adam is staying in the mix with some observations about their dilemma.

Larry is now sharing the text sent to Chance by the coach, telling him to send the application in just so they hold a spot for him.


Larry says he’s going to be 81 in two weeks and is wife is much younger, he can’t stand when she’s mad at him, and it causes him pain.

Adam is now having to shout and asking what percentage of this decision is on based on the kid’s welfare or on how much Shawn will miss seeing him, it’s more about her than his welfare.

Shawn is now arguing for how critical these years are, Adam has a funny blanket policy about agreeing with the prettiest and youngest person in the room.


Adam is telling her he likes the idea of her mothering and not letting go, she argues he’s just 15, Adam is now saying that unfortunately for a male, the molding that takes place, the societal molding at around 13-15.

Adam is now using a fairly vulgar example from his Classic Loveline days, Adam is citing the anal sex demands and the resentment that would build in the person being demanded of.

Adam is now connecting a couple and their anal sex argument to Shawn and her son, wow!


Shawn is sharing her anger about showing a divided front in front of their son, instead of saving the conversation for strictly behind closed doors.

Shawn says she feels like she’s in therapy, Larry apologizes again and they’re now fully arguing.

Adam is being even handed and Larry is still peppering him with barbs, this time about not being a therapist.


Adam brings up his trip to Disneyland with his family and his wife’s last minute “he doesn’t have to” comment as they were about to take off in the ride.

Larry is now talking for a while.

Adam, is explaining how the escalation of wealth doesn’t solve relationship problems it only brings new ones, bigger better arguments.


Larry compliments Adam and says “I see why you did Loveline” but he also recently guested on that show and wasn’t thrilled with the format.

Adam is now bringing up the college argument with his wife, he’s addressing the argument he presented on a recent Adam and Dr. Drew show episode.

Larry is whining and begging his wife not to be mad at him, Adam is mocking how men apologize and how they qualify things, and Adam tells him to stop qualifying everything.


Adam wants to talk about what a douche Piers Morgan is, Larry says only kind things, and Shawn is now explaining her twitter tirade aimed at Piers in response to him commenting on Larry.

Adam explains that his wife always gets angrier about people talking shit about him than he does, it’s a nice maternal element to women.

Adam is now setting up the clip from KTLA where he mocks Piers, telling Shawn she’ll enjoy this.


Adam brings up the interview he did earlier in the day with Cassius for his show, connecting that to the first time he was interviewed by Larry.

Adam is now asking Larry about his curiosity and what an interview he did at 23 would sound like in comparison to his broadcasting of today.

Larry cites some classic interviews and his first time interviewing Sinatra, Adam has a killer wax cylinder joke.


Adam is doing a Reverie Bed Live read.


Adam is now looking at picture of Larry and Sinatra, now he’s telling Adam about an interview with Laura Bush and a surprise cameo by George.

Shawn is finishing the story for him.

Adam explains the insane thing about kids, they will never give you credit for such an incredible experience of pooping at the white house and then having a snowball fight on the lawn, he cites each individuals equilibrium for life.


Adam is now waxing poetic about what a great man Clay Aiken is and how any city would be lucky to have him governing it, citing his yelling at the TV when the anchors were mocking his chances and skillset.

Adam is now asking Larry about the guys he was prepared to hate G. Gordon Liddy but ended up liking him.

Adam is now bringing up Monica Lewinsky and Larry has a solid anecdote, Larry is off to another presidential anecdote.


Adam is now asking them about how they met and Larry’s grunt delivered in her direction, Shawn brings up her work on ‘Hollywood Insiders’ for the USA network and how she wasn’t stunned by Larry’s celebrity.

Larry brings up the Beverly Wilshire and Adam recalls cleaning carpets there.

Adam is taking it back to the first question, asking him if he was captain of the football team how he would’ve ended up.


Larry is telling Adam about Shawn’s chemical peel and how he wanted to know why she would go through such a thing.

Larry brings up the lack of Jews who would do this, citing their resistance to pain.

Adam cites Larry as one of the few Jew exceptions in his complex explanation about Jewish women not having to worry about their husbands straying or getting a divorce.


Shawn is telling Adam about her Mormon faith, Adam is sharing the time that Jung He Li tried to convert him to Buddhism.

Adam wishes that everyone was Jewish and Mormon, he likes those qualities.

Larry shares that’s also an atheist much like Adam, Adam is now giving out a plug for Larry and Shawn’s podcast.


Adam is doing a live read for Both Barrels Wine.

Adam is now giving out some more plugs and a kind thanks to Norm over at PodcastOne.