Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/06/2017 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 703

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/06/2017 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 703

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 10-24-2017 – Release Date 11-06-2017

Production Number #703 – Sex As a Weapon

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Adam opens the show with the standard intro, Drew says Gary got him all stirred up about something, not worthy of comment.

Drew brings up the Bill O’Reilly sexual harassment settlement of 32 million, Adam says he thinks people hide behind the “just wanted it to go away” argument.

Adam says he still hasn’t heard what Bill has actually done, could it be him doing something egregious for not having sex with him and Drew suggests a relationship with a threat after the breakup scenario.


Adam is now sharing how low the settlements are for cops murdering tax payers vs. sexual harassment settlements.

Adam shares his wish for his son or daughter, he would prefer whatever Bill O’Reilly did rather than his kids end up dead on their own lawn.

Adam mocks the people who refuse to pick one, instead saying they want neither thing to happen, unable to engage in a hypothetical discussion, Adam remarks how unlike a “General” that thinking is, making a point about the modern era of pusses.


Adam is talking about super competitive industries, citing Hollywood and how looks play a role and how “making or breaking” someone is part of the course of action, how easily it can be abused.

Adam says in Hollywood you’re trading in human beings, you’re drunk with power and your power is people.

Adam asks if maybe there is some part of this that is caused by the very industry, he cites whalers and Drew attempts to clarify Adam’s point which Adam refuses, he’s done clarifying and rephrasing to protect people, Drew is enabling pussies.


Drew makes a point about empathy and how you can only dampen it, you can’t lose it.


1st Caller Jason, he’s a huge fan and recently went through a divorce.

Jason is a year out and still hasn’t fully healed, Drew says it sounds like he’s grieving a death and Drew predicts there’s another guy involved that Jason doesn’t know about.

Adam asks about Jason’s ex “falling out of love” before and her ex before him, Adam says so much of what your mental disposition is after a breakup is based off on where you are in life.


Adam cites the extreme conditioned athlete who falls of a cliff and survives, it’s accredited to the athlete’s conditioning, unlike if Lou Pearlman the pedophile former manager of boy bands took a tumble.

Drew is thinking and Adam orders him to stop, he now brings up how one can heal and Drew says it takes time for that to be true.

Adam thinks it’s time plus the base of your life, your friends, career and health.


Drew says this is similar to the men who have lost spouses he’s treated over the years, Adam doesn’t like to couch it as “never get over it”, you will always have thoughts about it, but you move on.

Adam says the down weeks are ok, he’s 1 hot 29-year-old away from a full recovery, he’s scrutiny free since 2016 as he isn’t to blame for the dissolution of the marriage.

Adam mocks the misnomer of “not being ready” and Drew calls a potential date with a hot chick a salve for his wounds.


True CarStandard Drew Live Read Edition


2nd Caller Alex, he asks them about dating in college, he rides his bike everywhere and Gary recommends ‘Premium Rush’ before they wrap up with Alex and move on.


3rd Caller Gabe, he’s been a fan of them for 24 years, but they’ve only been broadcasting together for 22 years.

He says he has a very nebulous relationship with consequences, Drew doesn’t know what that means, Adam is bringing up the guys he grew up with who did stupid stuff all day, every day and never got insurance, never went to the dentist and managed to survive.

50 years go by and nothing ever happens, Adam is making a point about how when something does eventually happen the person who doesn’t have insurance just moves on.


Adam is sharing the story of the time Tom from the other shop was hit by an uninsured and unlicensed motorist and the costs fell at his feet for being responsible.

Gabe tells them about robbing a bank, he doesn’t want to share too much as he doesn’t want people finding a photo of him.

Gabe admits he robbed a bank twice, Adam asks if he’s called before and they listen to the song ‘Sex as a Weapon’ as Gabe tries to make sense of his story.


Adam and Drew talks about Martha Stewart and her charges and conviction for covering up insider information, not for the information itself.

Adam is now riffing to the song and he jokes about Chris Maxipada covering this song on the cruise, Adam says people did a lot of coke back then.

Adam takes it back to Gabe, he tells them about having an affair with a coworker and the impending divorce from his wife, he says he is successful now but can’t get his hands around reality, he wants a stronger grasp on things.


Adam is trying to sum him up and Drew asks about his family, if there is trauma or violence that might have affected him.

Adam says all roads lead back to discipline and hard work, Drew talks about CBT and how it helps people discover missing pieces from their own self.

Adam is saying he doesn’t’ strike him as a disciplined guy, he needs to have 24/7 structure.


LifeLockRecent credit bureau breach, hackers got access to social security numbers Edition


Adam closes out the show and gives out the plugs, solid episode!