Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/06/2017 – Adam Ray and Mark Geragos

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/06/2017 – Adam Ray and Mark Geragos

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Adam Ray and Mark Geragos

Recorded 11-05-2017 – Release Date 11-06-2017

Production Number #2196

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Dawson introduces things with another Toolbox Talk-Up, this time it’s ‘Fox on the Run’ by Sweet and Adam opens the show to a solid “set his clock back 50 years” intro.

Adam welcomes Gina, BB and Adam Ray to the show, BB plays Adam Ray’s “yep this is happening” drop and Adam gives out his plugs.

Adam teases the call form Mark Geragos, who “looks and cooks” and he comments on how great Mark is a talking head, Adam says he’s a triple threat as he dances.


Adam talks about ‘Dancing with The Stars’ which leads to BB playing the drop of Carl Weathers saying “Not Interested” on the old KLSX show, Adam is now talking about his offer to appear on the show and how fear motivated him to say yes.

BB admits the idea of Adam trying to get publicity is ridiculous and Adam tells them about Johnny Duban a kid from his school, Adam Ray wants a reality show featuring all of the coolest named kids from high school across the country and throughout time.

Adam is talking about hot chicks who peaked in the 6th grade, Adam says Brian Austin Green’s stepsister Laurie Covax was the hottest chick in 6th grade, whomever was dating her was then exalted to “king of the dudes.”


Adam Ray has an overalls anecdote, BB tells them about the other Brian who landed the hottest girl of his elementary school.

Adam Ray talks about prank calling his buddy Evan as the hottest girl in class, only to mock him with the voice later and be met with a look of extreme sadness and disappointment.

Adam is now telling them about some more great names, BB brings up his younger brother’s “what are you doing in America” comment to an Asian student, under the belief the retuned to his country of origin every night.


Adam Ray tells them about “getting leaved” as a prank and the double-edged sword of young ladies vandalizing your house to show they’re interested but then being forced to clean it up by your mom.

Adam is now back to Sylvester Stallone, the topic he teased as BB played the Carl Weathers drop.

Adam says he knows that Sylvester would love ‘The Hammer’ but he will never see it, Adam Ray imitates Stallone and jokes about him watching ‘Knotting Hill’ and he asks the gang the best technique for supplying Sylvester with a copy of his movie.

Adam knows it’ll get left behind in a dressing room and never get viewed, much like Frank Stallone’s son and his CD that Adam left in the green room of the Ontario Improv.


LegalZoomIf you can get it at Ikea, then get it there for much cheaper Edition


Mark Geragos is now joining them over the phone, Adam asks him about what is going on with Colin Kaepernick.

Mark brings up Papa John’s pizza and the CEO’s argument about the quarterly earnings dropping due to the NFL protests, Adam jokes about the CEO and his Grecian formula ion his hair.

The gang bring up the other pizza places that weighed in and said business is fine, mocking Papa Johns.


Adam is now joking about Air McNair and Bob McNair and him changing his name to Heir McNair.

Mark goes in depth on the goings on with the NFL.

Adam asks about the lasted with Rose McGowan, Adam says he met her at 19 on Loveline and she was nutty then too, Adam shares his “crow’s feet” rule of thumb for women and nuttiness, men don’t start judging crazy chicks until they’ve aged out.


Mark is now telling them about the goings on with the Whitehouse and Michal Flynn, BB has a funny “drain the swamp” champ.

Mark predicts that Flynn will cut a deal to keep his family out of it, Mark explains to them about what you can read between the lines between what’s been revealed about the investigation.

Adam says the good news is we’re all finding out how this stuff works and how corrupt everyone is, Adam is joking about banana republic nations and mustard gas.


Adam says it would be nice if we could just recalibrate this whole system where sacks of money can change the minds of our elected official.

Mark says that Trump’s investigation may just be the very thing that drains the swamp, Mark talks about the 1990’s ‘Whitewater’ investigation and how similar this all is to the events from that case.

Adam wraps up with Mark.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Alan, he wants to discuss systemic racism and argues against Adam’s take that it doesn’t exist.

Adam clarifies his comments, there are no policies in place dictating racism and racist actions, Alan talks about people perpetuating stereotypes, Adam jokes about being behind the wheel of the hypothetical truck with a confederate flag as mentioned by Alan.

BB wraps up Alan’s spiel with a “great story” drop and Adam talks about humans and profiling, we are profiling machines and he uses tacos and dogs to make a point about profiling.

Adam Ray talks about trying to score pot in Hawaii and profiling a white dude with dreads who told him to “follows his heart” and Adam brings up how people profile their own homes upon returning to them.


Adam is joking about Papa Johns and extra Grecian formula being an available topping, Adam gets to the people who lack situational awareness and don’t keep appropriate gaps away from you, respecting your personal space.

Gina shares a story from a podcast she heard, Adam jokes about the large man she’s describing being gay only freaks him out more, Adam dubs him ‘Paul Funyun’ who sports a pussy hat and a pink eye, carrying a bag of Funyuns.

Adam is now riffing with Adam Ray in character as Tony Danza pledging to go as Paul Funyun for Halloween next year.


OnnitAubrey Marcus on TAK once again, again, again Edition


Gina now weighs in with an Adam Carolla Show ayahuasca retreat, Adam and Gary both agree it’s a terrible idea, Adam predicts that there will be many “I respect you so much, dude, I love you” conversations between the staff.

Adam Ray is now weighing in and Gina brings up the vomiting and diarrhea part.


Blah Blah Blog

Kevin Spacey edition

Dawson shares how he first encountered Kevin Spacey about 15 years ago, Dawson bumped into him and then saw him staring at him, with “Hungry Eyes” and Adam jokes about Dawson accusing him of being gay after he looked at him while they were in Amsterdam.

Adam Ray is busting out more Tony Danza, sharing his own story of how he learned Kevin Spacey was gay.


1st Blog Rose McGowan, Courtney Love or Lance Bass

BB reveals he just ran into Courtney Love yesterday during the opening of some market, BB shares his logic for why Lance Bass was added to the list, blaming Dylan and his young mind.


2nd Blog Wanda Sykes, Portia de Rossi or Christina Applegate

Adam asks about Wanda and her sexuality, thinking she’s never come out, unaware she was married to a man and then came out as a lesbian and married a woman.

Gary has the details about Wanda, they all now weigh in with their guesses about the blog’s author.

Dawson now plays the song by ‘The Four Seasons’ that was brought up during the 1st blog, they’re all listening to ‘Bye Bye Baby’ and they move on.


3rd Blog Billy Eichner, Arsenio Hall or Ellen DeGeneres

BB is unaware of who Billy Eichner is, they all fill him in and make their guesses about the author.

Adam is now sharing the adages and phrases that people tend to repeat, he quotes Arsenio’s use of “flipped the script” on ‘The Apprentice’ and how it didn’t pertain to anything that happened.

BB plays the 2012 drop of Adam saying “flipped the script bitch” and Gina tells them about Arsenio saying she talks to fucking much on a radio show.


Adam talks about the last time he was booked on ‘Ellen’ and how the topic of meat kept coming up before the appearance, indicating what type of boss she was and how scared her staff was of her.


4th Blog Dan Savage or Ellen Page

Adam and Adam Ray riff about being injured at work and how it will soon be a bygone era was nobody will work in the future, staying home watching commercials about suing someone for them getting injured on their own couch.

They make their tiebreaking guesses and wrap up the segment.


Stamps.comSend your nephew in Indiana a baseball mitt, don’t stand in line in old Post Offices Edition


Adam is now sharing his idea of leaving the Hammer DVD with a post it note showing the Rotten Tomatoes score, everyone weighs in and BB tells him it seems like a “thirsty” move.

Adam shouts but why and laments that Sylvester Stallone will likely die having never seen his movie and Adam will die with Sylvester having never seen it, but why?

Gina shares her first “also thirsty” inspiration angle for getting him to show interest, Adam Ray has a funny Kevin Spacey ‘American Beauty’ DVD comment and Gary jokes about Adam showing him the movie instead of interviewing him.


They head to break


Good Sports

Dave opens the segment, asking Adam what the poop is.

Dave talks about his love for tootsie rolls, Adam says they’re neither fish nor fowl for him in the candy department.

Adam jokes about the irony of the most difficult thing to remove from packaging being scissors, he cites Tootsie Rolls as being the most casually wrapped item that is designed for ingestion that’s still made.


Adam says if you are looking to taint candy and hurt children, which he’s not encouraging anyone to do, Dave remarks that was said by caveat prefacing guy.

Dave and Adam are talking about Adam’s ‘Minnie Driver Theory’ and how she gets work based on her name, Adam recalls a flight where he was seated next to a CEO from the Nestle company.

Adam asks about Raisinettes and Goobers and the relative sales for both products, Adam cites the name for the success of the raisins and riffs about ‘Conchord Grape and the Raisinettes’ as a fictional band.


Dave says Tootsie Rolls are great for checking tooth alignment, Dave attacks the flavored Tootsie Rolls but makes exception for the Vanilla variant.

Adam is talking about men drinking Rye Whisky 100 years ago and now men preferring cotton candy flavored booze.

Adam is sharing his theory on the coconut, how it’s been lost due to the extended yummy phase of society, including the bygone era of coconut based comedy.

Dave wraps up the segment with coconut confection chatter.


They’re back from break with a new song from Adam Ray, hilarious!

Adam gives out the plugs and mentions Adam Ray’s appearance on ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm.’


Gina’s News

1st Story is on the decision in the Bowe Bergdahl case, Adam mocks his look where he was sporting the Cat Stevens beard.

Adam asks about the look and if it was an old picture, Gina has the details of his dishonorable discharge which leads to the “he’s suffered enough” argument Adam has suggested about Bill Cosby and his son’s murder.

Adam is now saying “he got people killed” not hurt, Adam says he’s an idiot and his dad is an idiot, Adam jokes about the teased beard where light passed through it.


2nd Story is an update on Corey Feldman naming his abusers

Adam asks how the conversation with Bowe Bergdahl’s dad and his buddies go, Adam and riff about Bowe’s dad insisting he’s in gay porn, something less embarrassing than what he actually did.


They move on to the story, Gina shares the details of Corey’s accusations and they go back to Bowe’s dad and his crazy imam style beard.

Adam says he feels badly for Corey Feldman, he’s not made his own life nor Adam’s life any better, he’s been forced to think about Corey a lot over the course of his life, a lot.

Gina mentions how he’s been screaming about this for years, but nobody took him seriously.

Adam brings up Michael Jackson and what heh got away with, saying Joey Buttafuoco couldn’t have kids over to Neverland to hang out.


3rd Story is on Sam Adams ‘Utopia’ brew, Adam says he’s got one of them before and Gina shares all of the details regarding the laws of alcohol content in different states.

Adam talks about selling booze and how insane the rules are from state to state, he says like consent we should have a single law for the entire country.

Adam talks about his Delta lounge card he used to get into the lounge to attempt to get a bloody Mary before his flight, he can get one on the plane, just not in the airport before a certain time.


Adam is making a larger point about going to Zeke’s which doesn’t have a license to sell hard booze but can sell beer and wine.

BB brings up Tennessee being the home of ‘Jack Daniels’ and Adam rants about the modern era and forsaking Quaker/Shaker laws from bygone eras.

Adam asks what year it is and Gary reminds them that BB points out that Jack Daniels comes out of a dry county, Adam Ray has an anecdote about the 2-drink limit at Universal Studios.


Adam has a killer “that’s when Dawson knew Adam was gay” after he tells them about sharing a beer, Adam Ray has a killer reaction to the “two straws” line.


4th Story Germany or Florida

A guy opined a beer bottle with a pepper spray container, Germany or Florida?

Adam is now ranting about micro and macro brews, he brings up the old rule of thumb that screw tops were lower quality macro beers, bottle opener for micro brews and how that doesn’t’ really apply any longer.

Adam is asking about twist tops for beer and Dawson shares the details of a beer commercial, Adam goes Germany and the other guys go Florida.

Gina wraps the news to the new drop of her saying “Gina you talk to fucking much” quoting Arsenio Hall

Gary updates them on screw vs. pop top beer bottles and they move on.


True CarWhy would you do it any other way, find out what everyone else paid Edition


They are now looking at the new ‘Amber Lager’ commercial, Adam loves that Dawson studies commercials the same way he does and Adam gives out the closing plugs.

BB closes the show with Adam Ray saying “you know, put your fingers in me” from the portion of the show where they were discussing him posing as the hottest girl from his grade school to fool his best friend.