Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/06/2015 – Jon Hotchkiss and Jeff Abraham

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/06/2015 – Jon Hotchkiss and Jeff Abraham

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Jon Hotchkiss and Jeff Abraham

Recorded 11-05-2015 – Release Date 11-06-2015

Production Number #1697

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Adam opens the show with Jeff Abraham back in studio and BB playing the great #TopDrop of Dawson saying “Black Man and Anal Woman” and Adam is now telling the gang about his 30hr trip and how he was part of a 3man private jet group and tried to take up all the extra space he could.

Adam is talking about the presentation at the airport in Detroit and the great way that private jets take off and skip over the safety warnings.

Adam talks about getting picked up by Jo Koy’s driver in Las Vegas and trying some of his amazing dishes at Yojié Japanese Fondue the restraint he owns.


Adam talks about the strange trip and the highs of a private jet and supreme low of a middle seat on a southwest flight home.

Adam is now talking about human contact in flight and arms touching, he has some funny riffing about full release massages and staying in the Circus Circus hotel.

Hilarious and insane adventure for the Aceman, Adam talks about the people they ran into at SEMA and shares the anecdote of Carol Shelby struggling to sell his Shelby Daytona for 800$ at one point in time.


Adam is talking about keyed cars and the story they tell about one’s life and affairs, Jeff is weighing in and they move on.

Adam is talking about his delayed Southwest flight and how ran into a woman who recognized him and asked him about sitting in 1st class, he then jokes about trying to convince her that he’s still rich and flew in private on the way out there.


Adam does a live read for Fandango

James Bond is back in ‘Spectre’ edition


Gina is using BB’s coffee mug and Adam is using Matt’s mug, Adam says he was the one who took Gina’s mug to the other show, he jokes about having sex with her mug and needing some distance from this studio/shop

Adam pledges to get back on mug hygiene and order.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Mike, he’s calling with his idea for the worst named Male pornstar, Adam says the best named one is FM Bradley and Gina makes a sound indicating she likes the picture they pulled up.

Adam shares his affection for pornstars names and explains the Jenna Jameson connection to Spider Man character J. Jonah Jameson, holy shit that’s a deep pull.

Everyone is now giving out their porn names based on their childhood pets and street name combinations, Jeff tells them about his dog Mike who was killed by a Sears’s truck.


Gina shares her Pretty Kitty Bond, Mike says John Dough is the worst.


2nd Caller Nolan, he talks about Adam being his “Leno” (idol) and fucks up a joke about Skip Bedell on Catch a Contractor, Adam says he spotted Jay Leno at SEMA, in a sea of Denim.

He wants to know about Adam’s pube grooming, Adam is joking about telling him what the greats do and explains the impulse of men to want to know why hot chicks are working lowly jobs, Adam talks about his ear hair now growing the fastest out of anything in his body.

Adam says his eyesight is deteriorating as the era trees are sprouting, Adam talks about how chicks hate hair in the wrong place.

Gina shares her nonsexual fetish for getting in grown and stray hairs, she’s very kind and willing to assist, hmmm.


Gina talks about the YouTube videos of people popping zits and getting ingrown hairs, Adam talks about inner ear zits popping and the satisfying sound it makes.

Adam is asking Jeff for a Promescent update, he reminds people about the tragic story of the creator and his death due to mistaken identity, Jeff is now sharing the story of his experience in line with TSA and his joke about his penis.

Jeff shares how the older woman in line heard his jokes and Jeff is honest about his average dong, lest not anyone thinks he actually has a giant one.

Jeff is further sharing the story and his attempts at comedy, Adam talks about the condescending voices of TSA agents and he quotes a woman telling people that all liquids are prohibited, including ocean spray and soda and too many other sing songy items that shouldn’t be listed.

Jeff shares the close to the story and the old woman who mistook him for a comedian, Gina has a visceral reaction to the small dick talk and Adam shares his own most pathetic small dick moment of peeing in between the toilet seat and bowl onto his pants and legs.


BB jokes about his super small dicked friends experiencing this, wow.

Adam is further describing the sneeze guard invention he would like to be added to toilets, Gina has empathic “oh shit” and asks some follow ups about yanking dong meat to make it extend past the bowl rim.

Adam is talking about how dudes can fluff up their junk and Gina is seemingly enthralled.


Adam is doing a True Car Live Read


Adam is wrapping up with Jeff and heading to break.


They’re back from break with Jon Hotchkiss making his ACS debut, Adam’s listing off his credits and mentions his history with Daniel Kellison briefly on The Rosie O’Donnell show and Jon is now sharing what he is willing to share about that time and Rosie.

Jon talks about being made a writer on ‘Politically Correct’ and Adam compliments Bill Maher and his extreme level of talent.

Adam explains how working for talented people can be difficult as they’re demanding of those around them, he’s being politically correct and hinting around it.


Adam is talking about guesting on ‘The Late Late Show’ with Craig Kilborn and how he tried to invite him to play basketball with them on the weekends at the party house.

Craig mentioned the celebrities of higher echelon he was already regularly playing with.

Jon is sharing how he would write the 5 questions segments for Craig and how he would force him to listen to him run them by various celebs.

Adam is talking about that “prove it mode” exists among those already living in success like Craig was, Adam talks about his wife saying everyone agrees that Adam is an asshole and Adam asks at one point what are you what other people think of you.


Jon shares why he moved into creating his own TV shows and why working for possibly unstable hosts and their whims can be a challenge or even danger if you have a family.

Jon talks about the bygone era of control over media and how the internet is now the great equalizer, there are no secret tools that the networks possess in today’s world.

Jon talks about answering to himself and being in charge of his own destiny, Adam is now sharing his two idea for shows “what happened here” and he describes how it would work.


“Nature or Nurture Bitch, either way it’s on your lap” – Adam on the alternate show title, Jon is sharing how there are some positive aspects to Wal-Mart.

Jon is listing off some positives, he brings up the way they allow people to park in their lots overnight.

Adam is asking about why certain companies are labeled with personalities, people aren’t forced to work there and Jon lists off some more realities about their standardized wages.


Adam is talking about the efforts to make a profit and he explains how in a steakhouse analogy.

Jon is now explaining how they were able to expose some things that were truly bad while working on Penn and Teller’s Bullshit.

Adam is asking about the feelings vs. facts in today’s world and Jon is now sharing some real fact or fiction tests they did on his new series.

Jon plugs the new shows and tells people how to get them.


Adam talks about the packed 405 on the way home from the airport, Adam says it’s a problem that never gets tackled, children and homeless people are often brought up and focused on despite either issue not effecting the majority of citizens in the state.

Adam is sharing how they could speed up traffic without any modification aside from removing some chicken shit ticket traps.

BB and Gina both have some anecdotes, Jon is talking about what they learned about hybrid cars from the new show.


Jon talks about the illusion of doing right by the environment by driving a Prius and some realities about what would happen if everyone switched to plugging cars tomorrow.


Adam is doing a SimpliSafe Live Read


Gina’s News

1st Story is on the expanding investigation into other manufacturers and cheating software meant to subvert EPA standards and emissions tests.

Adam is talking about the hubris of the Germans and their presumed superiority complex as a country.

Adam is talking about the precision German engineering, Adam is talking about the Jetta Diesel and how it’s way better than a smart car used to get environmentalist pussy.


2nd Story is on a petition asking Phil Collins not to come out of retirement, Gina has the details and Adam is saying how talented he is and compliments the work of Genesis, he talks about him getting negative points for covering shitty songs like ‘Groovy Kind Of Love.’


3rd Story is on Daniel Fleetwood and the campaign to get him a screening of the film before it hit theaters, Gina has the details.

Adam shares his feelings about this and talks about this being his bucket list item and the pressure to die after watching the movie.

Jon has some details and now Dawson is weighing in, Adam is talking about how he will see the movie if it’s good and how he doesn’t care about the shitty tweets aimed at him after the last time he shit on star wars.


Adam is talking about his feelings about fiction overall, in particular Sci-Fi and now Jon is commenting on the movie ‘District 9’ and Jon shares an anecdote about his friend who writes on ‘Arrow’ and Adam talks about never seeing The Matrix or Blade Runner.


Jon and Adam talk about the tooth fairy.


4th Story is on the Harry Hamlin and Lisa Rinna apology for their period correct Sex Pistols Halloween costumes.

Adam comments on how you can’t sport a swastika in 2015 without getting some speculation, Adam says nobody is really riled up and he thinks perhaps they’re looking to get their names out there.

Adam is now talking about the Kim Kardashian sex tape and the arc in one’s life and career, theirs is winding down and there is no shame in trying to hear your name.

“No shame as long as we hear your name” – Adam as Nipsey Russel.


5th Story is on Dez Bryant’s alleged pet monkey, Gina has the details on the new pet and how PETA called the cops on him.

Adam would track down all of the parents of people in the highest positions of PETA to find out what went wrong, he agrees with their causes but wants to know what is behind the energy.

Adam talks about the tons of animals that dies while they’ve been talking about this, Adam would prefer to be the pet of an NFL star than die in the jungle.


6th Story is on Trevor Noah’s emergency appendectomy, Gina asks if anyone has had theirs burst.

Jon talks about his bursting and the unpleasant overall experience.

Adam asks if we can find out if you have a higher propensity for a burst appendix, Adam says it seems like everyone you know has known someone who has had this happen and he talks about the olden days of dying people and how you would have the dilemma of finding the right sized head smashing rock to take your friend out of their misery.

Adam and BB have a killer riff back and forth, and improv scene with them as Caveman in a mixup over the sitting rocks vs. skull smashing ones.


Jon shares a story of a gal he dated with a Twinkie sized scar after her appendix exploded and they had to get the “goo” out.

Gina wraps the news with a hilarious new drop of Adam talking about opening/starting his own podcast.


Adam is doing a Live Read for Life Lock Ultimate Plus.


Adam is giving out the plugs and wrapping up the show, Adam says hold on, hold on and gives a plug for Jon and he shares the campaign to give out free pizzas and twitter followers.

Gary gets on mic to confirm the late addition of Dr. Bruce for the Mangria Ping Pong Tournament.