Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/06/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 188

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/06/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 188

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – Doug Benson

Recorded 11-03-2014 – Release Date 11-06-2014

Production Number #188

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Adam is opening the show with Doug Benson in studio returning to the program, Adam plugs his special ‘Doug Dynasty’ and they share their love for the Neptune Theater in Seattle.

Adam is mocking his schedule of working all day every day on every weekend, Doug is explaining how he tried to preserve the normal look of the theater for his special, and Drew participates and brings up how they usually try to manipulate the look of theater spaces in comedy specials.

Adam is mocking the black comedian’s jump suit of the 1980’s citing Eddie Murphy and Sinbad, Doug tries to bring up white guys and be weirdly PC, Adam rejects it outright, gold!


Adam is now mocking Gary for pulling up a seated image of Sinbad in his jumpsuit, they’re now getting a more appropriate picture, and Adam jokes about him plowing driveways in the winter.

Adam jokes that students from the future will be able to identify the date of the picture of Sinbad simply by the wardrobe and décor.

Adam is asking the guys about art becoming aggressive, he’s citing the Dane Cook and Chris Rock comedy special titles.


Adam is saying Rock and Roll does the same thing, Adam is now interrupting to make a point about this being music and comedy, its art.

Drew is now bringing up the antisocial element that’s shared among comedians and musicians.

“You should be trying to scare people with your tongue” –Adam


Adam has a great Brian Bosworth in the NFL analogy as well as a Dana Gould inverse to help make Doug’s point about the way comedy careers peak and valley.

Drew has some fun with the upcoming Tempe and Tampa dates on Doug’s calendar and he shares that he had a date scheduled in between solely to not confuse his audience.

Doug is now telling them how he’s making his special unique to his comedy and persona, Adam jokes about him hitting fake weed before the performance.


Doug is telling them about the twitter component to his shows, Adam and Drew are helping him clarify how it works.

They’re all discussing the nature of comedy and what you can get away with onstage, Adam cites the last Chris Rock HBO special and the hook of his act being whacked together from multiple locations “like a Phil Collins video from the 80’s.”

Adam mocks the title ‘Kill The Messenger’ and is explaining why the special ended up serving the notion that it was all repetition, Adam tells people about the way standup specials are taped, back to back typically.


They’re all talking about the unscripted nature of podcasting for a moment.


1st Caller Robert, calling from Munich. Adam is asking him about the differences between the culture in Munich and Southern California.

He dodges Adam’s question and Drew is asking him about his line of work, he’s from east L.A. and Adam says he’s picturing no gum on the sidewalks there.

They’re all peppering him with questions as his line disintegrates and he asks them about his girlfriend, he wants to know what to call a person in your life after age 50.


Adam is joking about “lady friend” and how creepy it is, Drew asks how old Robert’s girlfriend is and tells him he doesn’t answer a question directly ever, he asks him if he’s aware of his obfuscation.

Adam is now riffing about the age range for younger German “Lady friends” and they’re letting him go and trying to figure out what term to use, Adam jokes about him dating a grandfather clock, hilarious reply from Drew and a decent follow up one from Doug.


2nd Caller Wilmer, again…

He wants to know about people who have a “belief” that others can’t handle the truth, what?

Adam and Drew are bringing up the reality show contestants who claim they’re honest and that’s why people have difficulty with them.

Adam has a killer shaman one liner.

Drew brings up the “Dicktard” from AD #186 and he’s now mocking the “birth canal to prison pipeline” and Adam is bringing up Lynette stacking his barely used cup for the dishwasher, his wife wanted it sterilized.

The last substance in the cup was vodka, Adam is has a funny Shepherd’s pie one liner and is advocating for her to not put it through the dishwasher, to let it air dry.


Adam is explaining his reasoning for not wasting time and effort, how he’s not trying to browbeat people but at a certain point when people are doing things they want, because they like it that way against all logic and reason it makes him want to help them.

Drew is now sharing the scientific reasoning for ritual behaviors among cultures and people, Drew tells him about a restaurateur who doesn’t allow automatic dishwashers in his homes and restaurants and Adam appreciates his wisdom on this and laments Alison and BB’s reactions on the ACS when Adam brought this up.


Adam takes it back to Wilmer, he tells them they got both sides of his question.


Dr. Drew brings up his appearance on WTF with Marc Maron and how social media keeps spinning the same bullshit narrative about him.


Drew transitions to a live read, slick.


Adam is now explaining how his early mechanical skill has benefited him throughout life, way down the road much like the doors and windows you order for your framing job you hopefully did correctly.

Adam is giving a basic example of the first time he cut a vinyl coated pieces of wood and how he didn’t reply with a “hey man!” instead he took the advice and thanked the guy above him who helped him do it right and smart, the better way.

Adam is getting to the overall idea of being receptive and not to immediately push back with every bit of advice, Adam wants to know why there is so much of these people wrapped up into such a nothing topic.


Drew brings up the rules about discussing marijuana and Doug confirms that and explains the smoking etiquette and personal investment of the people who watch his show ‘Getting Doug with High’ and Drew takes this to a bigger point.

Drew is trying to get the realities of addiction and now Adam is saying you can say whatever the fuck you want, if you can’t open your mouth without being critiqued and having everything shoved back in your face, the answer isn’t to get quiet, it’s to open your mouth wider.

Adam is now addressing the notion of Bill Maher being a racist, citing his lifestyle choices, nice.


“You’re sewing a hood and they’re focused on him” – Adam on the salad days for actual racists who can use the smokescreen of guys like Bill Maher to get away with real evil shit.


Adam is doing a live read for


Drew is now having Gary play a clip of Bill Maher on his show ‘Real Time’ where the guest wouldn’t let him move on, Adam brings up the last time this came up on his show with Ben Affleck and Sam Harris.

Adam has a killer riff about all the reasonable Muslim voices that have been shot in the face for speaking out against the atrocities committed in the name of their religion.

Adam is bringing up the hot chick guest perhaps felt entitled to wax on longer than the show’s formatting allowed.


Adam is now bringing up her point and the American equivalent and cites the Waco Texas incident of the 90s.

Adam says we don’t let our kooks run amok, we have sensible fair minded people who won’t let crazy people call the shots, Adam has a great point that sums up all points and he gives a nice fat self-satisfied sniff.

Doug is giving his take on Bill Maher and his work with attractive pundits on air, Adam is giving out the plugs and wrapping up the show.


Drew asks about who named the ‘Brose’ and Chris confirms it was a fan on twitter.