Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/06/2014 – Norman Lear

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/06/2014 – Norman Lear

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Norman Lear

Recorded 11-05-2014 – Release Date 11-06-2014

Production Number #1448

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Adam and BB comment on the Patrick Warburton #TopDrop and they all share their excitement for Norman Lear’s appearance, Alison mentions his connection to ‘Facts of Life’ and Adam explains that Lynette is out of town, in NYC.

He asks if they would like to all venture a guess as to what she’s doing, Adam jokes he asked her what Bruce is doing in New York when she’s going to also be there, Adam is addressing her resistance to his immediate question.

Adam is commenting on people who are arguing with what you just said even though you were just proven correct.


Adam is explaining how Lynette is travelling around New York being an ambassador for Mangria, Adam explains he had to call into ‘Kevin and Bean’ for his Wednesday morning call in segment.

Adam explains the line hasn’t been working for a week, but nobody else uses it so nobody cares.

Adam says don’t leave the person who’s never hungry in charge of the lunch run, BB plays the more you know sound drop.


BB is mocking Adam’s definition of alone with the kids, Adam defends the nanny being present and his work schedule, Adam is now commenting on the argument about “you have this person” and he shouts that he fucking pays that person.

Adam says he works harder to pay her, its not indentured servitude, Adam is mocking that flawed logic and uses car washing as his prime example.

Adam brings up Molly and her hand feeding schedule, BB asks why she’s on this program now.


Adam is telling them where Molly is at, Adam is lamenting the damage done by canned dog food pallets, and he’s describing every inch of the process from transporting them from the hatchback to the kitchen.

Adam makes a fine point about never cleaning the can opener, he is getting a witness from Alison who agrees and Adam is describing the giblet guts and Molly’s 1 ½ can requirement, Adam wishes they could do a shotgun tab on the dog food containers.

Alison is now forgetting her favorite movie ‘The Sure Thing’ as Adam describes the shot gunning the beer scene, Alison has a killer John Wick joke that BB appreciates as they mock him for his lack of film knowledge.


“Once she’s on the meat you can’t retreat” – Adam on moving from dry food to wet food, Adam is describing the container he got for dog food.

Adam and BB mock Alison for her Ziploc use and side by side 1990’s style “fancy fridge”, Alison shares some insight about encouraging dogs to eat more food.

Adam is breaking down the human grade chicken breast she needs mixed into her canned food, Adam says that in 4 months he’ll walk in his home to find Molly banging Lynette with a strap on while she poaching salmon for her.


Adam describes Molly showing up at his bedside the other night, the single paw request from the floor to his arm.

Adam woke up and let her out, he then woke up again to find the power off to the house, so no landline nor cellphone charger.

Adam tells them about buying his house in 1996 and never owning a house since where his phone got reception, Adam brings up the stop sign he couldn’t pass towards his old home in the hills.


Adam is explaining how people would tuck in behind him when he would pull over to the side of the road to finish phone calls.

Adam says it only works at his new place in his driveway, he got the cellphone tower booster which gets him to his front door.

The booster was down, but he didn’t need a charger, he explains the reason why the power was off, they were replacing a pole behind his house.


Adam jokes about his magnetic field that makes all electronics ineffective around him, BB is asking Gary about his take as the tech guy about why Adam’s house and cellphone.

Gary blames the server closet in Adam’s home, he tells Adam about the sling box experiment when Adam was in NYC taping ‘Celebrity Apprentice’.

Gary takes the blame again instead of the internet service at the Trump hotel.


1st Caller Cassius, Adam is welcoming him back to the show and explaining how he called into the show last week when Rob Corddry was on.

Adam is letting him interview them all, he wants to know if Adam is looking at alternate jobs once he replaces him, Adam jokes about being head of IT for a fortune 500 company.

He wants to know the project Adam gets recognized most from that most people would be surprised by, he says ‘Inside Dish’ with Rachel Ray from 2004.


BB says this show, Alison brings up ‘Red Eye’ and her lack of getting recognized from that.

Cassius asks why Adam felt the need to write 3 books, he is now explaining he found a system to write them, he says that nobody decides anything, people hit you up and ask you.

Adam says he will go do ‘Getting Doug with High’ and he’ll do ‘Bill O’Reilly’ he doesn’t care.

Adam is now once again citing his system with Mike Lynch.


Adam is on “they will let you do” explanation of what options are open to him, Cassius asks where they are at with the Patent Trolls now.

Adam says that they think they’ve now made a little bit of a surplus, he says they might end up presenting Mark Cuban and the EFF with the overflow.

Adam is explaining that the Patent trolls stepping into the light was their biggest mistake, they flew under the radar, now they’ve been exposed they’ve jeopardized their business model.


Adam is asking Cassius about turning 16 and living in Canada, he can now legally drink wine, Adam is now joking about why we view other countries if they’re better than us based on when they let people start legally drinking.


Adam is doing a live read for Both Barrels Wine.

Adam is trying to bust out some fake French, good stuff!

Alison gets Adam to address Cassius ability to speak French and he busts out an attempt to say the name of the grapes in the wine, Adam has a funny joke about Molly waking him up with 2 paws after drinking it.


2nd Caller Evan, he wants to know why he’s never heard Adam talk about ‘The Adam Carolla Project’ and Adam says he sometimes brings up old projects and sometimes not, he compliments the show and isn’t sure where it is or where you can watch it now.

Adam explains they never ran reruns nor any weekend marathons, Evan shares where you can pirate the show.

Adam says he has the show in the back of his head as a “didn’t work out so well” due to its limited success, regardless of the quality of the project.


3rd Caller Alex, he is calling about his alcoholic uncle and general deadbeat family.

Adam tells him to give it up, guys don’t change, especially not in their mid-50’s.

Adam is telling Alex not to let things eat at him, it becomes a long “eat at life” and is now telling the gang about how he has the conversation with his mom about his key to life being to do the opposite of everything his parents do or choose to do.


Adam is citing the conversation he brought up on ‘The Adam and Dr. Drew Show” recently, on several episodes actually.

Alison is asking follow up questions about this phone call.

Adam’s “there’s nothing to get back to” chat with his mom.

Adam and BB further explore this, Alison has some good questions, too bad they didn’t hear the Adam and Dr. Drew show.


Adam is doing a Smart Mouth live read.

They’re heading to break.


They’re back form Break with Norman Lear making his ACS debut, they come back to a ‘Definitely Not6 a Jew’ intro.

Norma seems to appreciate it.

Adam explains he grew up right in his wheelhouse, he welcomes him to the show despite wanting to talk about ‘All in the Family’ and how he references it all the time while trying to sell sitcoms.


Adam is sharing his discussion with an executive about the nature of the relationship between Archie Bunker and Meathead.

Adam explains his super liberal origins and how his mom viewed Archie as a buffoon, instead of needing to like him, as today’s network executive’s demand.

Adam is now sharing his reaction to ‘Good Times’ and how he felt better about his own life watching that show, Adam jokes about ‘Maude’ and Adrienne Barbeau.


Adam explains his first erotic dream, about Adrienne Barbeau, BB plays the Lynn and Alex drop of “next” not realizing Adam never talks about this dream and how it sums up his whole existence.

Adam is now asking Norman about his service in WWII, Adam is very well versed in this history and Norman is very sharp describing his memories of flying next to the Tuskegee Airmen.

Norman compares them to amazing tap artists, ‘The Nicholas Brothers’ and Adam is now asking everyone to imagine flack being fired at your plane in comparison to some turbulence on a southwest flight.


Norman is sharing his history and journey, saying he’s lived so many lives and never believed he was going to die in the war, he’s now telling them the tale of his best friend.

Norma is telling them about Jimmy Edwards, he is going in depth about the suspicious circumstances of their very first mission.

Norman shares an anecdote about the name Swoosie Kurtz, Alison says “Mrs. Kevin Bacon” is she mixing up Kyra Sedgwick or is this a reference I don’t know, Norman seems to be going along with it, weird.


Norman is sharing his ambition to become a publicist, a press agent for celebrities.

Norman shares the history of a midget act he was fired for in 1950 and how it’s now come full circle to the censorship of today.

Adam is now doing a live read.


Adam is now asking Norman about working with Carroll O’Connor and his notoriously difficult reputation regarding that character and show.

Norman clarifies that Carroll knew what they were trying to do with the character and got the comedy of it, despite his politics.

Norman is giving a very in depth account of an episode Carroll objected to regarding a childbirth in an elevator.


Norman is now explaining he cast the roles but couldn’t ensure they would work so well off each other, that part was up to fate.

Norman is struck with a rare memory about describing Edith’s role and Adam is now giving an example of how you need a counterpoint like Archie to craft entertainment in the reactions to his words.

BB has a funny joke comparing that to this show.


BB and Adam are doing a Draft Kings live read.

BB is showing off this time, wow.


Alison is now asking a follow up about Carroll and the lost elevator episode, Adam is now bringing up the way he called out the drug dealer who sold his son the drugs that he overdosed on.

Norman explains how he went to comfort Nancy, Carroll’s widow and she showed him a letter that never left his desk, sent 4 years before he died, it was Norman telling Carroll how much loved him and burying any leftover hatchets.

Adam is now addressing the 22 Emmy awards and asking who will ever win that many again, Norman wants to know and says it’s actually 47, 22 is just for the show ‘All In the Family’.


Alison asks Norman about the title of the book and how he lost money with a former business partner, Adam gets him to explain what point this was in his career.

Norman says they sold all of the shows to Coca Cola, who then got bought out and it all belongs to Sony now, Norman describes a meeting about his finances sometime in the mid 90’s.

The “Even this I get to experience” story, Alison compliments that attitude and Norman observes it’s hard to be a human being and cites video games in his analogy for difficult things.


Adam has a great “you know you’ve arrived” summation and now Norman is sharing a conversation with an old friend that led to his first sitcom.


Adam is now doing a Lifelock Ultimate live read.

Adam is giving out the plugs and wrapping up the show, Norman must return soon, no ‘Facts of Life’ talk, wtf!?

Norman compliments the science of the show, how they know where they’re supposed to talk, and a funny “he let me” line from Alison.

Norman gets Adam to sum up that they’ve hit their rhythm and they all take the compliment.