Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/05/2015 – Dave Dameshek

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/05/2015 – Dave Dameshek

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Dave Dameshek

Recorded 11-03-2015 – Release Date 11-05-2015

Production Number #1696

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Adam welcomes the show with the great Dave Dameshek returning to the ACS, Adam talks about Dave working for the NFL network which has been essentially built around him much like the Podcast industry for Adam.

Dave recalls Jimmy Kimmel taking him to a taping of ‘Petros and Money’ and how he recommended a career in radio for him while he was stilling working the writer’s room.

Adam and Dave are talking about Tom Brady and his likability, Adam jokes about Giselle’s vagina being a fountain of youth.


Adam says there is no look that doesn’t work on Tom Brady, he praises him and his lack of picks in his career, and he cites the one illegitimate interception he can think of from this season.

Adam gives himself a Mazel tov for the raised goal posts now being full season and post as well, Dave says that he and Rich Eisen agree those posts should be named after Adam.

Adam sets up a clip from him and Rich Eisen from 2001 where Adam wanted the goal posts raised, 3 years before Eisen’s only appearance on Classic Loveline 2004.


Dave wants the Goal Post moved back up to the line, Adam is talking about the game they were watching between the Jets and the Patriots and the 10 second run off that was used to end the game.

Adam wants to know about a possible rule mandating Hail Mary plays over running off the clock.

Adam wants a 1 minute warning in addition to the 2 minute warning, Dave talks about Adam being very lenient with pick-up hoop games and the rules regarding 3 point shot attempts.


Adam doesn’t like beating people on technicalities, Adam doesn’t like softball games where people would walk in when the chubby secretary would get up to bat, he liked staying back, allowing them to have a chance to get a hit.

Adam gets Dave to bring up how self-serious NFL coaches are yet how they can’t manage the clock better, they can break down tapes and ruin their marriage but they can’t keep track of the clock.

Dave says all players should know to run out of bounds after getting the ball.

Dave talks about going to basketball practice drunk, BB tells them about his Halloween costume and does a dumb drunk guy impression, yikes.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Andrew he’s calling about his switch to dealing with kids with behavior disorders, Adam mishears him and hears the term Hagar and keeps bringing it up, slacks, Sammy but Gina corrects Adam and makes it all make sense, my god finally, thank you.

Andrew says he uses some of Adam’s ideas when dealing with the kids in his classes, Adam jokes about Asian single dads taking care of all of his kids from broken homes.

The notion of an Asian mom in jail they go to visit is one of the most hilarious images painted on the show in some time.


Adam is talking about the Donkey Squad at his school and how many lawsuits that would lead to today, Adam is offering some practical advice about avoiding the same trajectory of your father and the man before him.

Dave has a killer Trajectory Hagar one liner and Adam wraps up his motivational speech, he offers a 14k break for speaking to the kids.

Adam says not all of the kids are from broken homes, hilarious chain and “Jordan Airs” one liner from Adam.


Andrew wants BB to play the ‘Nothing’ rant from the 2008 KLSX ACS.


Adam is doing a Live Read for True Car


Dave has a question about the noise in cars when only one window is rolled down, Adam thinks it’s due to the sealed cabins on modern cars.

Adam thinks the leaks in old cars prevented that noise from happening, Dave has a Hi-C description and brings up seat belt chimes.

Adam brings up click it or ticket and his “Exercise today?” idea to replace them.


Dave gives himself a nice plug.


Adam has one of the comics from the bonus features of Road Hard, going up on YouTube in one playlist.

They play a clip, not bad.


Adam is now commenting on the letter grades, he wants to know why e is skipped.

They are missing that E is used for non-letter based grades, like pre-k.

Dawson explains how the letter grades work and how F means fail, it’s not in order, and it’s something else.


Adam is having them search YouTube for the rant.


Dave asks about Kimmel getting more and more attractive over the years, Adam thinks that Jimmy is much more handsome than him and he talks about the bowls of pasta he seems to be enjoying despite his thing frame.


Mangria Moments


Winner Monte, he travels with Mangria in small toiletry bottles and he feels Adam about the Tend Skin cream used for preventing razor bumps, he explains it to Gina and how it can be used for pubic areas too.

Adam talks about his struggle with a black man’s beard, Adam is asking him about his travel and education.

Adam is mocking the mini kitchens in hotels and how sad it is, he would rather the real estate in the room be used for something less depressing.


Adam is doing a Live Read for Draft Kings


Adam is now introducing the ‘Nothing’ rant from the 2008 KLSX ACS, they’re playing it in full.


Dave teases the Sheky Awards and this year’s “Fruit of the Year” and he mocks the person who named grapefruit when grapes already existed, he wants him to explain his work.

Adam feels the same way about berry used for all berries.


Gina brings up all of the pharmaceuticals that don’t mix well with grapefruit, Adam talks about the hymen and brings up the antioxidants.

BB is now reading about the letter grades, settling that for good.

Dave is talking about the Honeycrisp apple and some recent delicious watermelon, Adam doesn’t want to live in a world without flour but he doesn’t want to eat it raw, he feels the same way about apples.


Apples are in the band War and playing a hollowed out fish in the background, holy shit this is getting nuts.

Adam says the apple is durable and it travels well, you can’t say the same for persimmons.

Adam says that labeling yourself delicious doesn’t make you that, nice try golden!


2nd Caller Tom, he wants to know what Adam would do if he was to find a dog-eared VHS copy of taboo II in his room.

Adam is talking about what he would do, he talks about Jimmy Kimmel and his love for ‘Sex Boat’ and desire to see it again, his first porn.

Adam says his son will have no first porn, he jokes about fucking every girl in high school and how that removes the possibility for a first love.


Adam talks about being reunited with ‘Taboo II’ thanks to John from ‘System of a Down’ back on classic Loveline.

Adam is asking Dawson about his first porn and he gets disappointed with him telling him about scrambled playboy channel viewing.

BB talks about watching his first porn in the same room as Tom Brady, in a dude’s locker room, gross.


Adam and Dawson are battling over his first VHS porn tape, Adam is getting him to yell and now Dave is sharing how he was first exposed to ‘Dream On’ on HBO, which didn’t air until 1990, when Dave was 20 years old, it came out a month after his 20th birthday.

This actually came up on the show before, very early, Dave’s 2nd visit maybe. Dave even references it to Adam who of course doesn’t recall.

Adam is now losing it, trying to get the guys to tell them about their first porn, not first boobies.


Gary gets on mic and relieves the tension a bit, Dave is now in the hot seat and he’s sharing his distaste for porn star types.

Gina has a killer impression that will be heard again I presume.

Adam cannot believe the title is not seared into Dawson’s psyche, Dave tells comments on Dawson’s intensity.


Adam thinks his kid will not have the same relationship they had with pornography.

Adam is asking BB about the first movie he owned, he talks about a stripper who brought a tape and left it when he was in college.

Adam asks him why he was the keeper of the porno, Gary and Dave are both chiming in and Gary gets crap from Dave for agreeing with Adam.


Adam does a Live Read


They’re now asking BB about the stripper and the porn tape after seeing the cover of the one he mentioned.


Gina’s News

1st Story is on Rachel Dolezal admitting her biological race and Gina describes what happened on the clip, Adam says that identifying is BS, the very notion of it.

Adam says let anyone do what they want but don’t buy into the identify concept, Adam jokes about his neck identifying as a black man and white people getting sickle cell.


2nd Story is an update on what Quentin Tarantino and a clip of Jamie Foxx lending some support while live on stage.

Adam and Dave are riffing about words they mixup, stint/stent and then Adam reads the sickle cell stats among different races.

Gina wraps the news and Adam is joking about the lame additions to the rating system, he doesn’t need a long winded description of what a move gets an R rating.

Adam has a hilarious joke about explaining the amount of cock play in an X rated film and Dawson recalls a title of a porn he watched as a youth.

“Black Man and Anal Woman” and Adam further teases his r rating descriptions he wants to share.


Adam is doing a Live Read for Life Lock Ultimate plus Live Read

Dave Dameshek is tickled by the notion of the identity thieves returning Ray’s identity, BB comments on it.

Dave cites the story of when Ray pooped in Jimmy Kimmel’s desk, Adam jokes about the incident and Ray’s covert attempt to get the poop back.

Adam is joking about the sign, Adam is now showing the r rating description and Gina reads it, a brief nude photo, BB interrupts the closing music he was playing too early.

Adam is talking about the alien overlord logic we use for these things and how we end up abusing ourselves, Dave busts out his Bill Simmons impression asking when Adam will guest on his new show.

Adam says they will work on that marriage.


Adam is now giving out the plugs and wrapping up the show.