Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/05/2013 – Jo Koy and Bayard Winthrop

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/05/2013 – Jo Koy and Bayard Winthrop

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Jo Koy and Bayard Winthrop

Recorded 11-04-2013 – Release Date 11-05-2013

Production Number #1200

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Adam is welcoming Jo back to the show and explaining that he doesn’t usually laugh out loud but Jo’s audition for “The Floaters” as his 4 different names last week was so great it not only cracked him up but he had to play it for his kids and Lynette.

Adam is telling the gang about writing his book long distance with Mike Lynch in Massachusetts and Adam is now getting how quickly the honeymoon is over in marriage and with technology.

Adam is citing how slight static interruptions in the conversation with Mike left him pissed off despite the miracle of the technology they were utilizing.


Adam is now asking BB if he has Isaac Hayes ready to finally try the bit with him trying out for “The Floaters” and how after talking with Mike Lynch he came up with another band for “Bong Lo Su” to try out for.


Adam is now explaining “Archie Bell” and his band “The Drells”.

Adam is having Dawson play some of his song but BB is stepping in to play the regular version, Jo wants to know where Adam comes up with these bands.

Once again I love being a part of this origin, Adam is now joking about something happening to Archie and how Bong would need to learn “Tighten Up” and Jo is commenting on how he gets these bits thrown at him with no warning at all.


Jo is bringing up how the nonstop “Floaters” tweets didn’t contain any comments about the change up of names and Alison much like myself actually appreciated the extra layer of comedy it added to the bit.

Adam is now stopping things to comment on the recording they are using, Adam is trying to clarify what he told Gary and now they’re in some kind of disagreement with BB taking Dawson’s side and sending Gary down the river.

Dawson is now super impressively cutting a live music bed loop for Jo to riff along to, Jo has a comment about the joke now being ruined by this confusion.


Jo is now trying out for “The Drells” this shall be comedy gold!

Great “Bunghole” comedy and Adam’s producer/engineer/manager character is really getting his chance to shine with the comedy about Archie leaving the band and the pronunciation of “The Drells”.

Jo is killing it.


Adam is doing a live read after explaining that “Cool It Now” by “New Edition” is Jimmy Kimmel’s favorite song and it’s broken out every time he wants to party.


Jo is now trying out for “New Edition” and it’s great.

They’re wrapping the try outs and now Adam is commenting on Bobby Brown, how leaving the band was predicted to the demise of his career.

Adam is bringing up his marriage to Whitney and their drug addiction, Adam is saying that royalties are the worst thing that can happen to a drug addict.


Adam is now bringing up how Bobby might be on his longest run of not getting arrested and Adam is floating a theory.

Adam is bringing up the fear among the common citizen regarding the potential of being arrested and how celebrity status might allow these career criminals to just get used to it.

Adam seems to be applying it to anyone who gets arrested habitually, not just the famous.


Adam has a great “I’ll suck your cock” reply for his fictitious arrest.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Carl has a big job interview and wants some advice to stand out in comparison to the other applicants, Adam has a funny reply and he’s now asking about the job.

Adam is saying that his “reel” or equivalent will be enough to get him hired, how insightful of Adam to know about the video game industry.

Adam’s got a super earnest idea about sending a message and Alison has a great point about the person’s age interviewing you and how you might have to modify Adam’s advice, hilarious reply from Ace.


Adam is giving his advice as a person who has conducted hundreds of interviews for jobs and Alison is sharing her experience getting hired at Carolla Digital.

Adam is sharing the anecdote about Adam De La Pena and his custom made Hawaiian shirts that got him hired at “The Man Show”.


2nd Caller John wants to know how Adam hooked up with his ex-girlfriend the stripper from Houndslow Lyndsey and how they ended things.

Adam is correcting John and explaining the story he mixed up, that Adam was on “The Dating Game” way back in the day and it was a different girlfriend (Cynthia?).

Adam is bringing up the guys in drag at the Queen Mary with the late great Philip the Juggler for his bachelor party and how he ended up throwing a coup and taking the party over to a strip club.


The guys are all riffing on “sausage fest” variants.

Adam is explaining the bar he first met Lyndsey at and BB is jumping in with how Strip clubs used be bar like.

Adam is now riffing with Jo as Lyndsey during their first meeting, comedy gold!


Adam is sharing her stripper name and the anecdote about the picture she put up of herself that Adam found quite funny.

Adam is now explaining the “Dating Game” story and giving all the details, he’s sharing how he made a joke about the other guys being cut lose and then was reprimanded for being right.

Adam is now quickly going through the remaining questions, he’s not into the right wing politics question has no advice for the GOP in 2014.


Adam is now giving a less truncated reply to the car questioning at Jo’s behest/protest to his initial blow off reply.

Adam is now doing a live read.

Adam is asking Jo if he wants to hang out the rest of the show and letting him opt out to leave if he’s busy but luckily he is staying, yes!

Adam once again called him “Joy” as it happens on every episode, nice Niger Ennis joke to wrap it up.


Bayard the “American Giant” CEO is now making his ACS debut with Jo Koy still in studio as well.

They’re returning from break with a “Definitely not a Jew”.

Adam is quizzing him about the difference in cost for clothing made in America vs. overseas, he’s trying to break it down to material and labor and Adam isn’t having it.


Luckily Alison is there and she’s getting Bayard to deliver the info in the way Adam is requesting.

Adam is now asking about formaldehyde laced overseas clothing and how it bugs him, he’s asking if he’s anal or if there is something to this.

He’s sharing his frustrations with wardrobe department women and how he assumes they just want to go shopping and his shirts are an afterthought, hence the tags not being removed in advance.


Adam is now bringing up the word “logo” and how he doesn’t remember saying it pre-1982 but has said it a million times since.

He wants to know if it’s short for something and Jo has a solid Chick Hearn joke.

Adam is now getting the etymology of the word and he’s asking Bayard about his hoodies, BB is stepping in to read more information about the origin of “Logo”.


Dawson has constructed an epic 8min “Tighten UP” music bed without lyrics, Adam and Jo are now riffing on it as “Producer” and “Bung Lo So”.

Jo is referencing Archie again despite multiple warning from the producer, Alison’s reactions are gold!

Adam is trying to get Jo back on track as he’s now pitching his pedicure services for A-Rose.


Alison’s News

Her top story is on the Richie Incognito bullying story, Alison is reading all the details and explaining what was done in reaction.

Adam is now giving his take on bullying and the real reason people commit suicide, he’s being fair and balanced on a serious topic instead of reactionary.

Jo is giving his take and Adam is bringing up how the NFL is the cream of the crop of bullies, Adam is bringing up how everyone has a Hollywood myth of how bullies go after nerds, when in reality bullies go after anyone above them.


Adam is bringing up his buddy Ray the alpha male and his butting heads with Garrett in high school.

Alison wants to know what they’re actually saying, Jo says he thinks the guy just wanted off the team and Adam says not necessarily and Jo is citing his NFL buddy who speaks like a pig.

Alison has a killer one liner quoting one of Richie’s threats, BB is giving an inside scoop and about coaching at the same school where Martin was coached, BB says it’s full of “huge pussies”.


BB is explaining how he was pulled aside and told about how the practices would be conducted, parents would come and take kids out of practice early for studying.

Adam is getting into his take on bullying, he’s not for it but does think people need some callouses on their soul, much like their hands in his excellent construction metaphor.

Adam is responding to Alison’s question about bulling among women and how it can be used to as an excuse to further treat yourself poorly or to rise above.


Adam is bringing up the changing roles of women over the last 100 years and how the same rules now apply to everyone, he’s saying if we’re going to ask women to go into high tension job environments they’ll be subject to some of this.

Adam is further joking about filling ones mouth with shit in reply to Jo who was echoing Alison’s earlier joke.

Adam is now bringing up how the worst bullying is the sincere bullying, he’s bringing up Steve Hughes and how he was pulled aside and asked “what happened?!” he was genuinely concerned with Adam’s trailing football skills in light of everyone else’s growth spurts.


Alison’s reactions are great and she’s getting Adam to explain his response to this conversation, packing on 50 lbs. of muscle in the weight room living off hard boiled eggs, Alison has some good one liners.


Adam is now launching into another live read and working his story into the “Go to Meeting” promo.

Adam has a hilarious Apple mix-up and Alison’s reaction is priceless, nice “pink lady” comedy with BB.

Adam is now joking about Red Delicious Apple’s being the “Cedric the Entertainer” of the fruit world, we’ll tell you if you’re delicious or entertaining.


Adam misses the baked apple, he’s describing a heavenly cinnamon and brown sugar smell along with the wait for the apple.

Everyone seems to be feeling his groove and Adam is asking if everyone feels like brown sugar used be a larger part of their lives.

Jo is telling the gang about the time his mom made lemonade with brown sugar as they ran out of granulated.


Adam is suggesting honey as a sugar alternative and Alison is saying powdered sugar is overrated, Adam is now joking about confectioners lung.

Adam is now riffing about the voices of different sugars, Adam is the super white granulated variety and Jo is the soul brother brown sugar, this is great!

Sugar is telling Brown Sugar about the time White Rice had his stereo stolen a few years ago by some other Brown Sugar a while back.


Adam is now suggesting Brown Sugar hide under the sink as the Baking Soda is just set in their ways, holy shit this is insane!

Jo’s got a great “Ohhh Shit” to Rival DAG’s own famous drop/ringtone.

Adam as Sugar and Jo as Brown Sugar are having a beautiful dialogue about race and killing it with the comedy, a powerful portrait of America.


Adam has a nice “Confectioners ling” callback and Alison is wrapping the news.

Adam is now doing a live read.

BB had the same thought as me, he’s now playing Jo’s “Ohhh Shit” to Dag’s “Ohhh Shit”

Adam is leaning towards the old school version and Alison has a funny quip.


Adam is now joking with Jo about the Rolling Stones song “Brown Sugar” and they’re further riffing in and out of character.

Start your day with a clean asshole, compliments of brown sugar motherfucker – Jo Koy as “Brown Sugar”.

Adam is now joking about Jo doing morning themed commercials for “Brown Sugar” akin to the “Jimmy Dean” sausage advertisements.


They’re now riffing an impromptu commercial and Jo is killing it.

Adam is now commenting on how nobody seems scared by people showing up in their house, like the burger king guy or the jimmy dean ads.

Adam is now doing another live read, he’s getting some more plugs out for Bayard and asking him about their product line.


Adam is giving out the plugs for the great Jo Koy who just crushed his 9th ACS appearance!

Adam is now wrapping the show with some plugs for his signings, he cracks Jo’s shit up with a comment about coming out to see Mike August in real life to gauge just how much he looks like K.D. Lang.