Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/04/2014 – Mike O’Malley and Jo Koy

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/04/2014 – Mike O’Malley and Jo Koy

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Mike O’Malley and Jo Koy

Recorded 11-03-2014 – Release Date 11-04-2014

Production Number #1446

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Adam opens the show to a funny Harry Seaward write in ballot intro, Adam gives out some plugs for Mangria signings.

Adam brings up his wife’s upcoming trip to NYC for work and to see the boss, Adam welcomes Jo Koy to the show and slips up and calls him Joy almost immediately.

Jo is lamenting Adam’s mispronunciation, he says the e mixes him up and compares it to the Susan/Suzanne flip flop of names.


Adam is now further trying to explain his mix-up, Jo laments being called Joy and how men are never called that, so it doesn’t make much sense.

BB plays the “What the Fuck” drop from Jo as today’s #TopDrop.

Adam plugs the arrival of Mike O’Malley and references his extensive body of work.


Adam is taking it back to BB’s book and his ADHD diagnosis, BB says Adam sounds just like his mom and mentions they’ve never discussed this on air.

BB remarks that Adam sounds like his mom, who’s doubtful about his diagnosis.

Adam is unsure why BB never brought this up in 1999 to Dr. Drew, he didn’t start working on Loveline until 2002, didn’t self-diagnosis this condition until 2004.


Adam talks about his testing for dyslexia and jokes he’s proud to say he’s just stupid, BB thinks Adam’s borderline illiteracy is what to credit for his insane Improv comedy abilities.

Adam is now addressing how this is self-diagnosed and wants to know if he would like to officially find out about it, not medicate it necessarily, and just find out if it’s true.

Adam brings Jo back into the mix and they’re all talking about Adam’s explanation as to why he wasn’t moving on to Biology, Adam says he was consistent with his horrible grades and testing.


Jo explains how teachers told him that the more he studied the more he would absorb.

Jo shares his low GPA and tells them he wasn’t bound for college, he impersonates his mother.

Adam jokes about the Scantron brand testing machine making more noise with his test than the rest of the students, Adam says it went off like a popcorn machine and jokes about it saying TILT on it.


Adam has a killer reply about only Asian student’s tests being put in after his as the machine was too strained from his incorrect answers.

Adam is telling them about trying to cheat off a girl in his class, full name given and jokes about Asian people being put on this earth to be cheated off of in classrooms.

Alison asks about why nobody seemed to discover Adam’s latent gifts that weren’t easily stimulated by the L.A. Unified School District, Adam is now finally answering that question explaining that someone would have to care before even asking her question.


Adam is now sharing his difficulty keeping himself occupied as a day laborer, using counting and other thought tricks to distract his brain.

Adam is posing a question to Jo.


Adam is now doing a live read for Both Barrels Wine.


Adam is asking Jo again, if he didn’t see comedians who resembled him on stage how he got motivated to become a standup.

Adam jokes about his own motivation from Rob Schneider, Jo is praising him and Adam is explaining the sliding scale of Dennis Miller to Rob Schneider.

Jo is going in depth and shares an anecdote from his school days.


Alison is now making a fine point about training for testing vs. actual learning.

Jo is now asking about business inclined wisdom, Adam chimes in and Alison clarifies he means street smarts.

Adam is now explaining how people try to reverse engineer taxes, grades and anything artificially imposed on them to get ahead/by in life.


Jo has a personal anecdote about his son and his current GPA and his counter argument to Jo about his own life choices.

Adam brings up Mike Rowe and the Micro and Macro, oddly times use of that right after Mike’s name.

Adam explains how people could make high paying jobs learning a trade, Alison is shocked by how high they can pay.


Jo asks Adam about his daughters, Adam corrects him that it’s a son and daughter with 0 offense taken, citing Sonny’s gentle nature.

Adam explains the catcalling video they brought up yesterday, sharing the premise with Jo.

They’re now playing some of the catcalls that should have hit the cutting room floor, Adam is getting Bun Lu Su to chime in with better comments.


Alison has a great reaction to the ass eating catcalls, this is gold!

Bung claims to be able to smell someone’s astrological signs through their fart, this is insane.

Hilarious vitamin Lee mix-up between Adam and Bung, Adam is telling him about fucking women’s inner ear is not the best thing to be shouting as a woman passes his noodle restaurant.

Great Mount (Mouth) comedy from Bung, he’s now offering women to shit on his chest, Adam is breaking down the scene and how this won’t work if he’s trying to entice her.


BB has a funny confusing Asian catcall explanation for the lack of Asian men in the video, Adam has a funny “you want to do what to my face?” reply to Bung.

Adam is now telling Bung to bring ‘Brown Sugar’ into the mix, Adam is giving him effective catcalls.

Brown is commenting on the woman from the video, telling them what a crew neck shirt does to him, Adam knows what he means and likes the fake black guy laugh.


BB says indispensable while talking about his wife and her use of brown sugar while baking, Adam is now explaining the meaning of the word to Brown Sugar and he’s mocking Nilla Wafers for being bland.

Adam is refusing to be dragged into this “name a cookie” argument with Brown, he’s telling him about trefoils and Brown is joking about him being a foil eating robot.

Brown references ADHD and mocks the bald guy, Adam is trying to talk Brown Sugar back to his home under the sink, and Jo is killing it.


Adam is promising to talk to the Girl Scout people about adding some of him to their trefoil recipe, Adam is complimenting his use over various thanksgiving foods.

Adam wraps up the bit.


Adam is now doing a Life Lock live read.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Joe, He wants to know if Adam chose to film ‘Road Hard’ locally in California for a political reason or because of convenience, Adam explains that it was so low budget taxes weren’t a factor, it was all schedule and due to the nature of favors and trades done for the movie.


2nd Caller Jason, he refuses to acknowledge BB by name due to his USC affiliation.

Jason is complimenting Adam and his eye for design and machinery, he wants to know if Adam would be into mechanical watches, citing a place in Detroit that makes them.

Adam says he doesn’t feel like he has anything to contribute to that world, Adam is explaining how he would never see an advertisement for a watch and suddenly want one, but found this happening to him with a 6500$ model.

Adam is sharing his thinking about it and reaction to the ad, Adam bought the watch and is trying to conjure what it’s called for Jo the watch fanatic.


Adam explains he wanted to wear his nice watch for the board room sequence on ‘The Apprentice’ and realized upon returning to Los Angeles he didn’t know where his watch was.

Adam cites his casual nature with cash bundles, wallets and watches.

Adam recalls finding his watch tucked into his brown dress shoes, he’s now breaking down his thinking about how he would remember he knew where he put it, giving his own memory too much credit.


Alison is asking for some practical tips about packing and keeping track of things while on the road.

Adam is now explaining he just shouts stuff out to Matt Fondiler, to get things on the record so it’s not just in the ether of your thoughts, ready to be forgotten.


Adam is now doing a live read.

Jo chimes in and says he’s used it.

Adam helps Jo give out his plugs and they’re heading top break.


They’re back from break with Mike O’Malley returning to the podcast

Mike is making his 2nd appearance, first guested on the show for ACS #553 a live show in 2011, Adam is now asking him about his career and ability to do many things.

Adam is sharing his experience as a staff writer on Jimmy Kimmel Live and brings up Mike’s work on the show ‘Shameless’ and the direction to leave out moral judgment in the writing.

Adam brings up the censors after Mike tells him about the lengths they can go on cable television, Adam uses smoking and another example that Mike seems to appreciate to make his point about censorship.

Adam is now bringing up the 4th episode of season 2, “I Changed My Mind Motherfucker!” The return of Manny and they now play the clip.

BB recalls Adam coming into the show that day after filming and Mike is sharing how his dad spent time working in the basement, Adam jokes about Mike’s dad jacking off a lot.


Mike explains his frustrations with contractors, not listening to what he’s saying and he shares an anecdote of his sconces, Alison has a funny one liner.

Mike explains the hack contractor and his shitty decision to replace drywall with a metal plate, Mike is lamenting his frustrations with these people, BB brings it back to the episode of ‘Catch a Contractor’.


Adam is doing a Draft Kings live read.


Adam plugs Mike’s other show on Starz and asks him about the premise, Mike shares the plot and cast breakdown and larger meaning behind the show.

Adam is now using his relationship with Ray and their work on ‘Ace on the House’ to make a point about motivation and delayed gratification.

Adam is giving a very in depth explanation to echo Mike’s sentiment and answer his question about Adam is now ranting about the people who are trying to borrow his money but don’t listen to him, he says it’s unclear that people don’t seem to want the things they claim to want, or at least not enough to journey down the path they find uncomfortable.


Mike is super involved and references the show topics and points made by Adam from earlier in the program as he was watching from the couch in back I presume.

Mike has some great points about kindness and success, Alison asks a question and now Adam is explaining how some people can be a dick and achieve great success without that being a factor.

Adam says 99% of people have to be able to establish reciprocal relationships, Mike is confirming Adam’s “I do want to work with that dude vs. I don’t want to work with that dude” factor in hiring a new staff writer/producer.


Adam is singing the praises of the late Alan Kirschenbaum and tells the gang about how much he enjoyed working the man.

Adam brings up the part in Bryan’s book about Dionne Kirschner and they sing her praises as well.

Mike shares his theory on anger management and success in their business, Adam brings up Sharon Levy and their great relationship stemming from ‘The Man Show’ and shares the anecdote of the first time she had them ready for the up fronts and how they got out of the gate.


Adam is sharing another part of the anecdote where the woman from who asked the question about the alternate trampolines, essentially trying to make a point about the Juggies role on the show.

“That’s just good unbiased journalism…” – Adam quoting the reporting non-reacting to the hateful woman who suggested Adam and Jimmy had small penises.


Adam is now doing a live read for D-Herbs

Adam is sharing the progress of his cleanse


Alison’s News

1st Story is on the death of Brittany Maynard, Adam immediately reacts to her appearance and cut puppy and Alison shares his reaction.

Adam brings up a recent SportsCenter piece on a female point guard that has the same condition as BB, Adam is asking what the big controversy is surrounding terminally ill people ending their lives on their terms with their family.

BB shares some details about a discussion with his doctor about the late Brittany and the actual odds she may have faced if she didn’t choose to end her life.


Mike has some personal anecdotes about dealing with terminally ill relatives, they all agree it should be an individual’s choice in their death.

Adam cites his wife Lynette’s late friend who didn’t make it out of her 30’s and he brings up a historical element to the death rates of young people.

Adam has a coins in the pocket full of dead dude’s faces reminder of the passage of time and human impermanence.


Adam says the word Quizno right as I was picturing a Quizno parking lot in Seattle Washington, how bizarre.

Adam jokes about teen boys wanting suicide drugs to end their lives, maybe, just maybe we intervene for things like that.

Adam addresses the ironic way that religious people don’t like people playing god and want to enforce their beliefs on others who don’t share them.


Alison shares Brittany’s final words, Alison comments on her “Pay it forward” closer and Alison explains the details of her last days and seizure.

Mike and Adam are now riffing about stringing along their final days to watch Netflix and the current NFL season.

Adam now gets confirmation it’s the Lauren Hill layup story, BB gives some insight and if you haven’t heard about it and decide to google be prepared for it to get very dusty all of a sudden.


Adam is sharing how he always cracks up about the morbid thought of some lone player rejecting letting someone with special needs on the opposition make a play or score a goal/point.

Mike shares the real world anecdote of this happening and they’re now watching the news footage that you can see via the show link above.

Adam has some follow up questions about the level of autism, if it’s a social issue and not a physical impairment, Adam mentions Vince Digiacomo.


Adam is now addressing this incident and riffing with Mike about it, Adam is sharing his tales of playing the game and how he would turn around and blast the punter.

Adam says he just wanted to be a dick and was there to hit somebody, Mike asks him about spitting and Adam has a killer locker room beat off one liner.

Adam assumes the kid didn’t get the memo about the opposing player, Adam is now asking why you’re playing with the understanding that everyone takes it easy?

Adam says in a weird way the other guy showed him respect by treating him equally right into the fucking end zone.


BB and Adam address the Lauren Hill, Adam wants to know if perhaps these other patients are stuck with their first doctor, much like BB had and quickly moved on from.

Adam wants to know if these people might have better results with BB’s current doctor, they’re now showing a picture of Adam’s watch.


Adam is doing a live read

Adam says he’s depressed and they should wrap it up, Adam gives out the plugs and wraps up the show, Mike should come back very soon, he’s very spirited, funny and invested as a guest.

BB plays the “Can I eat your ass?” drop from Jo Koy as Bung Lu Su from earlier in the show.