Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/04/2013 – Carolyn Hennesy

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/04/2013 – Carolyn Hennesy

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Carolyn Hennesy

Recorded 11-03-2013 – Release Date 11-04-2013

Production Number #1199

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Adam is opening the show with a great intro and what Alison observes as mildly insulting.

Adam is telling the gang about his volitional nap that’s left him feeling off after the time change, Adam is now using daylight savings clock adjustments as co-metaphor with his CGI theory about being stuck in the same in-between zone.

Adam is now complaining about the clock in his car that doesn’t automatically re-sync despite the 100k price tag and fancy gizmos out the wazoo.


Alison has noted the same thing about her new car(less expensive but one that she actually bought) also not having an auto-sync clock adjustment.

BB even agrees that electronic devices with all the components necessary should be able to do this, Adam is saying people are better off having to auto adjust everything than being stuck in the middle uncertain of which device is correct.

Adam is now advising everyone to get a cheap bathroom clock for comparison when confused, as that will never auto update, Alison closes it with a nice comment aimed at Arizona replies from arrogant know it all’s.


Adam is now sharing about his most recent wrestling session with the kids, Bryan plays the more you know drop when Adam is explaining why it’s important.

Adam is waxing poetic on the art of wrestling, “Somewhere between hugging and arguing it’s wrestling” – Adam Carolla

BB is sharing his own childhood memories of wrestling with his family, Adam is telling them about Sonny’s bracelet hitting the ground mid match.


Adam is now citing the show “Catfish” and the straight guys on the show who rock bracelets, Adam is now bringing up the common story of why they sport them.

Adam is joking about the answer that is never given in response to bracelet queries and BB has a killer Bonaduce drop.

Adam is now bringing up Dawson’s bracelet and sharing his theory on how many men actually sport them, Alison suggests asking Dawson and Adam has a funny reply.


Adam is bringing up his “To Catch a Contractor” co-host who rocks a couple bracelets and now Alison is quizzing Adam on what they look like, Adam is sharing about his coco pebbles one that Adam can’t resist staring at.

Adam has a great dick sucking obligation comment while asking why anyone would try to attract their spouse as they’re already committed.

Adam says all is forgiving if you’re attempting to get laid and excuses bracelet use for them.


Adam is now bring up his attempt at shaming Sonny over his not so masculine accoutrements, hilarious quotes from Ace.

Alison is in the mix and commenting on Adam’s efforts, Adam has a killer quote from Sonny beaming with pride about his buddy.

Adam is further asking how bracelets help one in life, Dawson is confirming it does help him get laid and he’s commenting on the arm tattoo alternative option and his grandfather the cowboy who always wore a copper bracelet, Adam has a killer bursitis comment.


Adam is now admitting he might just be jealous and he’s sharing a description of a tattoo Carson Daly has in honor of his late father and his lover for Corvettes.

Adam is now mocking his own options for a memorial tattoo devoted to one of his family member’s interest, very smart goulash one liner from A-Rose.

Adam now joking about meaning how nothing means anything to him, Alison is quizzing him about his jewelry history and he’s claiming he’s never worn any.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Marcy, she wants to know about the Classic Loveline voice detection skills Adam and Drew possess and if she has a voice that indicates she’s emotionally immature.

Adam says no but detects some sing songy tones in her pitch and delivery of words, Adam is now commenting on her younger boyfriend and he’s saying 22yr old guys are worthless.

Alison says they’re nice to look at and Adam says they’re good if you need help moving or shirtless moving.


Alison is bringing up how women can be swayed to aim at younger men after becoming frustrated with men of their own age.

Marcy just confirmed that she is dating a 22yr old mover, Adam flexing his “Batting Cage” skills (yes batting cage still counts).

Adam is now bringing up the ways in which she could get banged by the mover, in “Grandma’s Attic” of a U-Haul truck.


Marcy said she asked Drew the same question on one of his many shows and he also said no, but she needed to hear it from both gents.

Adam is quizzing her on her profession, he’s mocking her double talk telling him about her apartment management work.

Adam is now bringing up the two ways the apartment manager gig can swing, the good vs. bad version.


Adam and BB are getting into the rare commodity that is a good landlord who treats you fair and respectfully.

Adam is now telling the gang about Al, touching on the dildo box story and the death of Al’s dog Skipper.

Adam is now bringing up how adults should be honest to kids about their profession and how it’s not anywhere you want to aim in life, he’s citing guys who separate metals at recycling plants.


Adam and BB are doing a quick improv reenactment and Adam is further commenting on how kids are tricked into thinking certain jobs are better than they are in reality.


2nd Caller Jordan, he wants to know where Adam developed his intellectual curiosity after barely serving the L.A. unified school district.

Adam is now slightly misquoting Dr. Drew, who always credits college for “teaching him how to think” and Adam doesn’t quite grasp the concept, nor do I but Drew could still be right.

Adam is explaining how he’s never been to a carpentry class nor read a book on the subject and how he became quite talented learning on the jobsite by being curious.


Adam is bringing up a recent boxing match and his way of throwing a punch vs. the fighter he was watching who threw a punch with a thumb up style.

Adam is now bringing up how he was thinking about possibly adjusting how he teaches people how to box based on this effective technique.

Adam is now citing “Ulee’s Gold” from 1997 after Alison reminds him of it but he actually means “Lorenzo’s Oil” from 1992.


Adam is once again getting at motivation and how someone can become an expert in a disease when they’re interested because their child is afflicted.

Alison is reading the plot and has a nice back and forth with Adam.


Hooray for Baldywood

BB saw “All is Lost” with Robert Redford and he’s opening the review by recommending the director’s previous and only other film “Margin Call”.

Alison calls it “Gravity on the sea” and BB dispels other comparisons to “Life of Pi” and “Open Water”.

Adam loves movies at sea and predicts he’s batting about .850 for quality in that genre, he’s citing some great examples and asking BB about Robert’s career.


Adam has a great hotdog flavor lingering on your tongue analogy and another involving Sugar Ray Leonard and his request for his corner man to alert him with a 30 second warning so he could be seen being “busy” during the end of the round and get the points.

BB is effusive with praise, Adam is quizzing him about the Oscar potential for this in comparison to “Gravity” and BB admits this film made him cry with a funny anecdote.

Go out and see it when you can – BB, so I guess A or A- then?


Adam has a funny comment about the legal zoom “a group of attorneys got together” and sets it up as joke premise, Alison has a killer reaction.

Adam is now clarifying the De Havilland story from Friday’s show #1197 and sharing the details I had in the sidebar for that episode.

Adam is now reading the details and explaining the cultural obsession of speed and records in the UK, Adam is explaining the land speed record and how it’s held by a brit.


Adam is bringing up the way they’re into speed records of all kinds, Adam has a funny observation about the activities of the sons of rich men.

Adam is riffing about the sons formally dying trying to break records and be impressive and contrasting them to the sons of rich men of today drinking flavored vodka lounging around on Daddy’s dime.

Adam is bringing up the “Mosquito” and “Warthog” and how names were acquired, Adam’s ultimately the people get their way” theory.


Adam is explaining how when Mike Myers was on MTV Loveline in the spring of 1997 to promote “Austin Powers International Man of Mystery” and insisted upon the full title being used in the plugs, Adam is once again saying the people will determine what they will say.

Adam has a hilarious “there are not enough Mike Myers out there to police everyone” comment that Alison seems to appreciate.


Carolyn is now joining the show to some nice plugs from the Aceman, for her debut visit to the podcast.

Adam has some funny comments about the “poo button” listener voicemail thanking him for inventing Mangria.

Adam is now joking about North Hollywood high school and the “Animal Astrologer” on her most recent radio show episode, she’s explaining the wide array of guests she has.


Adam is now giving his take on “Blackfish” he’s oddly not bringing up the head of Sea World’s comments in the courtroom “I know that you are capable of rape” in reply to a simple question about the workplace hazards from an OSHA attorney.

Adam is now explaining his take on how bad he felt for the baby whale in the footage from the 1970’s in the documentary, Adam is saying he tries not to feel worse for an animal from 40 years ago than he feels for the current day human victims.

Adam is being super rational and explaining his take on the historical implications of being a human around animals and all of the atrocious and horrific ways in which animals have been killed.


Carolyn thinks the documentary is biased and hints at being friends with someone high up at SeaWorld, perhaps that woman from the courtroom? Oooh this could be such good “Pod Fodder”.

Alison is bringing up her feelings about “Newt” the polar bear’s death in light of the recent tsunami at the time, Adam is once again getting to the truth of the reaction to the footage of an orca whale from so long ago.

Adam is saying we can care for people and animals but it’s not healthy to overcompensate in grieving for the animals.


Carolyn is bringing up her opinion in the bias of the film “Blackfish” and BB is telling her how he saw it in theaters “It Has Begun!”

Adam is bringing up how when filming and constructing a documentary you have to “steer it” and he’s citing an obscure fact involving a key story from his own movie.

Carolyn is further explaining her take on the intentions of the filmmakers and the lack of the presence of Dawn’s family in the film.


Adam is now bringing up the bias of news organizations and how CNN and Fox each provide their own version of the news.

Adam is now getting back to his doc and the obscure fact and story about the death that’s explained in the documentary, he’s got a quick “Dalton boys” riff with BB.

Alison has a smart reaction to Adam’s dilemma regarding the heart attack and the crash, BB seems to agree and Adam is trying to stress how the “Fitzy” story loses its punch with the heart attack theory even being presented.


BB is calling the idea of a completely fair documentary “naïve” Carolyn reacts with intense energy and Adam has a killer medium comment to remove the tension.

Adam is now crapping on BB’s point, but not really, BB is making a point about the influence of reality TV on all of documented reality being fed to consumers.

Adam has a nice comparison to the edited George Zimmerman tape and why it was purposely edited to elicit a reaction form the public.


Carolyn has some key points about the race bating of the edit and finds some common ground with BB about the CNN involvement with the documentary.

Carolyn has a key point about the ocean and how pollution and over fishing of the coastline effects the marine life, she’s got some stats that back up her point.

Carolyn has a nice counter argument for the necessity of Aquariums and water parks.


Adam and Alison have some nice follow up questions and now Adam is weaving into his “decorative popcorn tin” his graduation gift he used for shitting in his dad’s garage.

Adam is trying to humble-brag about not contributing to the waste problem surrounding the coast lines, nice white cheddar only works on popcorn comments from Ace.

Carolyn seems to appreciate the theme song for Alison’s news and then gets quiet during the key line, Adam is making everyone laugh with his “whale of an erection” live read, very strange “POWERFUL!” comment form Adam, get that drop!


Dawson has a legalese closer that’s been sped up and sounds like he’s on speed, Adam is telling him to lay off the coffee.


Alison’s News

Her top story is on the LAX shooting from Friday, she’s reading all the details of the event and the shooter along with his charges.

Adam is now commenting on the idea of how he got a gun into the airport entrance, Adam is now joking about making the security checkpoint in your driveway.

Adam’s got a hilarious description of his luggage contents and he’s explaining you can’t fully protect any location 100%.


Adam is surprised we do such a good job as it is, he’s got a long list of examples of places where things could go wrong.

Carolyn seems to be in agreement with Adam and Adam is now commenting on the “how did this happen” questions and how this can just be one step further removed with every possible solution.

Alison is explaining how his parents were concerned about his mental health status and how the LAPD was aware and informed about his potential hazard.


Adam is now addressing his complaints about the TSA, he’s clarifying he doesn’t want anyone to be hurt and his take on TSA is not about the same thing.

Adam is bringing up the geniality of the O’Hare TSA employees in contrast to the ones found at LAX.

Adam has a hilarious scenario about his own kidnapping after mentioning the details of the “North Hollywood Bank Robbers”.


Adam is now listing all of the items they were arrested with and were given back after their incarceration.

Carolyn wants to know why he wasn’t questioned by the police, the LAX shooter.

Adam is now explaining the role the police should play, not just arresting people after there is a body, using detective work to punish for crimes not yet committed.


Adam is now once again giving his it’s never going to be perfect theory and saying unless you’re the president or first lady you will never be fully secure.

Adam is sharing his idea for focusing on mental health for one year, still doing cancer and breast cancer research but focusing all advertising on mental health.

Adam has a killer “Mental Health” awareness version of the NFL, guys dressed as Napoleon vs. guys in white uniforms with butterfly nets, using a “Jerry’s kids” donation box as a football.


2nd Story is on the updated “Cannonball Run” record and Alison’s explaining all of the details.

Adam seems to know a bit about the car and the modifications needed to keep it at an average of 98mph.

Adam is now waxing poetic on a radar detector and how it’s the price of a speeding ticket and saves you much more over the course of your life, Adam is explaining all the ways it’s obvious the city is ripping everyone off with artificially low speed limits and tickets.


Gary is now mic advising people to use our Amazon link via the show page link above to purchase their own radar detector on Amazon.


Adam is bringing up the deeper psychological component of the radar detector, how its beeps almost are like a person next to your poking you in the leg.

Adam is getting to the way people kind of zone out while driving and how we all adjust to the speed that feels safest, hilarious “Pet Shop Boys” reference from Ace, has he been playing GTAV? No way!

“Avoid the Rape” – Adam on radar detectors and preventing the man from extracting money from your wallet.


Adam now has Matt Fondiler on mic to share how he drove with his family and pointed how where Matt got his shitty ticket for not coming to a complete stop at a wide open intersection.

Adam is explaining the intersection and why there is no reason to fully stop there as there is no possible cross traffic and how the true conservation of energy is in not fully stopping.

Matt is doing a wonderful job explaining what happened, awesome delivery and Adam is citing Matt’s other ticket and Carolyn has the very same ticket.


Adam has a great point about tickets being written at 2am on a Saturday despite no other city services being online at that hour or even on the weekend.


Adam is launching into a live read, he’s screwing up the name of his “dear friend Sadie”,

Adam is now wrapping the show with the appropriate plugs for Carolyn on “General Hospital” and her weekly radio show “Animal Magnetism” along with her book series for tweens, Adam joke about loving the written word and how he has to stop and explain to his kids that a lot of the stuff they love now will be complete crap to them in a few years.