Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/03/2017 – James Harris, Mauricio Umansky, and Vinnie Tortorich

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/03/2017 – James Harris, Mauricio Umansky, and Vinnie Tortorich

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest James Harris, Mauricio Umansky, and Vinnie Tortorich

Recorded 11-02-2017 – Release Date 11-03-2017

Production Number #2195

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Adam opens the show to an “apologies to Vinnie Halloween Candy Sugar” intro, Adam welcomes the gang to the show and BB has a solid Vinnie #TopDrop.

Adam is now immediately getting into the newfound definition for sexual assault and how everyone will now have a story, he has a solid car accident/totaled analogy to make a point about degrees of assault.

Adam says it’s unfair to real survivors of assault to claim you experienced something similar when it’s truly not.


Adam is now bringing up having to register as a sex offender and how you can get on the same list for underage sex consensual sex with your girlfriend vs. someone who is luring kids into his van.

Vinnie is bringing up totaled cars, he says totaled cars have to be retitled and Adam accuses of Vinnie arguing his side of the argument back at him.

Adam jokes about Gina wearing a quarterback wristband with Adam’s list of things he wants to do before he dies, Gina reads it from his book.


Gina has a solid delivery for each of the different items on Adam’s list, hilarious!

Adam and BB are jumping in and adding funny commentary, Vinnie’s reactions are great.

Adam wants someone at home to comment that his upper arm is taking up the entire sleeve of his suit jacket while he’s on camera hosting a show, he brings up the guys who have taught suit jacket arms wrapped around their guns.


Adam wants to casually be able to say “oh I banged her” when a commercial for the Peloton Bike comes on with a very attractive model.

Adam wants to know who is faker the chick who is sitting ready to coach her husband in the local election commercials, Adam is mocking their knowledge of the latest props up for a vote or the chicks from the Peloton commercials.

Adam is asking for Gary to fire up the commercial, Adam is doing live commentary over it and explaining how they cast these commercial.


Adam is now giving a more realistic depiction of a hot chick, he starts whining as a woman character as her dude gets up early in the morning and she’s still sleeping in.

Gina is now giving her take on the faker chick from these two TV commercial options.

Vinnie says he can write a whole book on these chicks, BB says this is a very small method and explains that Christie goes to ‘The Bar Method’ every morning only to come home and make eggs for the family before heading off to work.


Gina has a funny one liner, BB has a “huh!?” deliver almost exactly like the way Ray does on Ace on The House.

Adam says Vinnie is going to coach everyone up for the cruise on what to eat to stay healthy.


VarideskStanding is better than sitting, “Strombosis” (Thrombosis)/Stromboli Edition


Adam has a phone update; the FedEx was delayed and won’t show up until Friday as Matt missed the cutoff apparently.

Adam is now giving his system he recommends for people to better serve customers, his new “Town Car Driver Protocol” and he presumes it must be a nightly occurrence that people’s personal belongings are left behind in town cars.

Adam asks how the company doesn’t have a system, instead they let the cleaning guy take your phone home to his apartment above a cell phone store in a strip mall.


Vinnie says the first thing he would do is scan the back seat to try and get bigger and extra tips for alerting people, Vinnie says that should be the system Adam is calling for.

BB chimes in and Adam says the other annoyance is the valet who moves the seat too far forward, yet can’t move it back for the driver, he makes a great point about how much easier it is to push a seat back while seated than from outside.

Gary is on mic with some tall guy logic and Vinnie jokes about not being invited to the cruise, he might have inadvertently given BB a “I can’t come” drop.


Vinnie is now telling them about the exercise component that could help, he says the two ways are good old-fashioned weight lifting, no circuit training nor nothing high intensity.

Adam ponders if we have done ourselves a disservice by referring to it as burning calories, not allowing people to find this kind of “zone 2” aerobics middle ground that Vinnie is espousing.

Adam laments now having his phone, Adam appreciates Matt D’Andria picking up the phone, but how didn’t he get it to the FedEx facility sooner.


Vinnie asks how Adam’s phone made it to the employee’s house, BB mocks him for not being a daily listener, solid!

Adam is further going over the details, Adam yells at Gary for saying Matt picked up the phone at 02:15pm instead of the 02:00pm Adam stated.

Vinnie observes how upset Adam is and offers him his phone, Adam says he doesn’t want to see a bunch of dick pics and refuses, holy shit!


Adam says he’s not in the “screw matt department” he just wishes he got to FedEx earlier, before the cutoff.

Vinnie is now trying to give the gang a heart rate recommendation, he says 155 bpm is right where you want to be.

Adam is now serving up a Peloton bike hypothetical, with him cast as the hot chick and he asks for more information about the most desired heartrate.


Adam doesn’t think he’s going to be able to figure it out and complains about not being able to change the channels on the tv at his gym, Adam asks the gyms to start surveying their clientele to better cater to their TV preferences.

Adam jokes about ‘Tiny Pickers’ a show where little people find antiques, Adam just made it up.

Adam is now back to the workout advice about how to best maintain fitness.


True CarYou can buy new, you can buy used, up front pricing, better buying experiences Edition


Adam asks Vinnie what they do once they hit the boat, Vinnie says it’s impossible to stay bombed 24/7 like Mike Dawson.

Vinnie says avoid mixed drinks to prevent a bloated gut, Vinnie says there are ways to follow NSNG the entire trip, he suggests seafood mainly.


Adam jokes about watching Ray pound beers and eat bread while he gets more muscular, Adam describes what it’s like to watch Ray vehemently tell someone he doesn’t work out much to their disbelief.

Adam is now playing a clip from the latest Take a Knee with Suze Orman.

Adam has a funny back and forth with Vinnie and Adam tells them about taking Sonny to watch him interview Sylvester Stallone.


Adam gives out the plugs and wraps up with Vinnie.

Adam asks for a card with the information for the guests from ‘Million Dollar Listing’ and Dylan fills him in on the missing information.

Adam says he just had this discussion with Tom at the other shop, he brings up the guy who he bought the original Paul Newman racecar from who asked if Adam would return some extra carburetors that were mistakenly included with his car.


Adam is going over the details of him asking Tom to get the shipping address from Matt Fondiler, Adam is now covering all of the back and forth between Matt and Tom.

Adam is mocking Tom’s bad feeling without following up about the address, just letting it blow in the wind without being finished.

Adam is saying that everyone is now that way, we’re stuck circling the globe with these kinds of people.


Adam says he likes Tom and he does a great job, Adam says he would love to chillax like Lynette instructs him to do, he isn’t given the choice as people keep making these mistakes.

Adam says he gets these kinds of answers from lots of people and mentions that everyone has a phone, if they don’t know why can’t they call and ask.

BB jokes about the era before cellphones where we didn’t have a device that can settle every argument in our pockets.


Adam is now bringing up appointment arrival windows, why can’t people call if they’re going to be late.

Vinnie is now telling the gang about searching the bus he used to drive to for school kids and how knew to check for kids to make sure nobody died from overheating while asleep and locked inside the bus.


They head to break


Good Sports

Dave introduces the segment and he teases the upcoming installment with Chris Long.

Dave asks about a beer he loves, Gary had the name of the brewer and Adam is sharing his appreciation for the new economy with all of these new niche products and microbrews.

Adam says beer quality meant something back in the day, much like a fancy car.


Dave brings up the Curio beer once again, he loved it but then eventually burnt out on the flavor.

Dave says he’s now hooked on ‘Endless Rant’ and Adam is talking about the taste of his beer, Dave shares his love for Rose wine on a hot day.

Adam shares his refined taste that he’s honed over the years, he says it’s weird when you sit-down with the guys who make beer.


Adam says there is one guy with the weird frames and then there is the big guy who is obviously getting high on his own supply.

Adam brings up the various parts of the flavor profile, the finish, the scent before you drink etc.

Dave says Adam’s beer has brought him back and now he’s asking them to answer if craft beer is good for society or a negative trend.


Adam is now sharing his theory on the modern era of it never being a better time to be poor, he cites how even Elvis didn’t have a 60-inch TV.

Adam mentions the Mini Cooper S that is faster 0-60 than the Ferrari on ‘Magnum P.I.’ and Gary is now bringing up a new flying option.

Adam is making a point about motivation and how much easier it is to live of lower wages today than it’s ever been before.


Dave brings up artisanal sandwiches, Gary has the data on the Mini Cooper S vs. The Ferrari.

Dave wraps up the segment.


They’re back from break with a listener voicemail with an Urban Dictionary submission suggestion of ‘Wife Privilege’ and Adam has the perfect example of what the listener described.

James Harris and Mauricio Umansky are both making their ACS debut, Adam says he loves Mauricio on ‘The Real Housewives’ and Adam asks him about the Playboy Mansion sale.

Adam asks about Hugh Heffner living on the property after it sold, Adam talks about whacking that property into several mansions to then resell it.


BB asks about dealing with the ultra-rich in real estate, Gina brings up panty dropping and Adam has a funny riff in reply about them going overhead, “Full Kool-Aid.”

Adam brings up the 17 million selling price for the Paul Newman watch, he asks about the motivation of the buyer, do they want to break that record?

Adam asks if they are dealing with the assistants and “seconds” or with the buyers themselves.


Gina is curious about the cold calling element of real estate, she asks if that is something they do.

Adam has a funny “with the ladies as well” reply.

Adam is asking about the other 100 million properties in Los Angles and they tell him about the insane properties in Bel-Air.


Adam asks about the general affect of these super rich clients, are they happy?

Adam brings up the sweet spot between being destitute and getting so rich you end up in a “monkey’s paw” scenario of be careful what you wish for.

Adam mocks his family and their “who needs that” attitude about wealth.


Adam plugs the Los Angeles Wealth and Real Estate Expo and tells them about buying his first house, everyone asked him what his plan was.

Adam thought it would work out and it did.


Adam is sharing the dilemma of people who don’t want to move from their apartment on the westside into a house in the valley, like they’re Johnny Drama from ‘Entourage.’

The gang are being schooled in home ownership and overleveraging loans.

Adam and James have another back and forth and Adam jokes about James also meeting Jimmy Kimmel at 30.


Adam tells them about his last rental experience before home ownership, living with Ralph Garman and Courtland Cox, renting a house and paying more than the mortgage of the owner.

Adam is now suggesting what would have had happened if James or Mauricio were his parents, Adam says the difference between the haves and the have nots, is breaking the cycle of that.

Gina says she’s inspired and Mauricio is telling her about making 80k off a 5k investment in condos.


BB asks about condos vs. houses and James says it’s about getting on the property ladder.


Tommy JohnWallet Friendly underwear, no Wedgie guarantee Edition


Gina’s News

1st Story is on Yasiel Puig’s home being robbed during Dodgers’ Game, he tells them about Sonny’s dislike for Yasiel and jokes about the reasoning behind it, hilarious!

Everyone weighs in and they move on.


2nd Story is on the growing list of men in Hollywood accused of sexual harassment and assault, Gina informs the gang about Brett Ratner and Dustin Hoffman and the new allegations against them.

Gina is reading the details of the what Harvey Weinstein’s latest accusers are saying, Adam theorizes he might have a big penis and Gina drops a micropenis line that BB is surely turning into a drop.

Adam is now joking about all of the actors that are losing work and how Kirk Cameron will be filling every male role in Hollywood.

Gina tells them about Brett Ratner’s accusations and moves on to Dustin Hoffman, Adam asks about groping and what it means and she says “aggressively go at the swimsuit area” and Adam asks if that works for anyone, those attempts.

BB is asking about painting with the same brush for all of these events, when some are less insidious, he makes it clear he’s not defending assault.

Adam brings up the infamous Dixie Chicks prank, which I just remastered and released today, spooky Great Magnet connection!


Adam is telling them about the panties from the story that Jimmy Kimmel demanded from the receptionist, she was in on the joke and agreed to it.

Adam says it wouldn’t look good in transcript mode today, the question is how do we want to spin all of it.

Gina shares her own request to take off her pants and get on a scale for a radio show, she was cool with it.


“I’ll have a hardboiled egg and a soft-boiled clitoris” – Gina quoting the headline about what Dustin Hoffman allegedly said given to her buy Gary.

Adam is unfamiliar with Brett Ratner and his career, so they fill him in.


3rd Story is on Dave Grohl filling in for Jimmy Kimmel and Gina plays a clip of Kristen Bell joining him live on stage for a shouty hardcore version of a song from ‘Frozen’ and Adam brings up Letterman banging his interns and how he got around all of this controversy.

Adam brings up his daughter and her request to go to Jimmy Kimmel Live, he quotes Natalia saying “fine go back to work then” when she learned that Billy’s surgery is postponed due to his cold.

Adam is now asking the gang to find a good date for him to bring the kids by JKL, he mentions when Gwen Stefani is booked, that’s a good time?


LifeLockAdam’s complaints about an IRS mistake that screwed up his credit Edition


Gary informs Adam that there is no schedule posted for Jimmy Kimmel Live for next week and they move on.


4th Story is on the separation of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver and divorce she’s trying to finalize.

Adam jokes about Arnold being more man than all of us, explaining his infidelity with the maid and they move on.


5th Story is on the world’s most expensive bagel, Adam shares his rules about making the most expensive item and how it must be the sum of the ingredients, not because you added precious metal or set a diamond on top of it, that doesn’t count.


6th Story is on the Neiman Marcus fantasy gift list, she reads some of the possible insane options, Adam jokes about Gina saying “Knickerbocker” and Adam explains why he will never buy from the Neiman Marcus catalog even though he could afford it.

Adam says psychologically he can’t pull the trigger, Adam brings up Floyd Mayweather lighting cigars with $100 bills.

Adam is now asking Gary about the super expensive cars from the catalog.


7th Story is on a bar in Israel that’s offering women a discount when it’s their time of the month, Adam jokes about them training a dog to check for liars.

Adam has a funny bloody Mary line and they’re now all joking about “lady’s night” and both BB and Gina get in awesome comments.

Gina wraps the news, BB of course uses the alleged Dustin Hoffman quote.


GeicoHow about you save hundreds of dollars on your car insurance Edition


Adam is giving out the closing plugs and wrapping up the show, BB plays the drop of Gina saying “you will watch my micropenis whether you like it or not” gold!