Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/03/2015 – ‘Blood, Sweat and Beer’ Filmmakers Chip Hiden & Alexis Irvin, plus Jo Koy

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/03/2015 – ‘Blood, Sweat and Beer’ Filmmakers Chip Hiden & Alexis Irvin, plus Jo Koy

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Guest ‘Blood, Sweat and Beer’ Filmmakers Chip Hiden & Alexis Irvin, plus Jo Koy

Recorded 11-02-2015 – Release Date 11-03-2015

Production Number #1694

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Adam opens the show to a “hair was a helmet” intro and Jo Koy is in studio quickly approaching his 100th appearance, Adam demands some Bung Lu Su today.

Jo is telling them about missing football with BB to go to Halloween Horror Nights with his kids, he invited BB but he decided against it.

Adam is now talking about the mosquito in his house that he was trying to avoid with his bedroom door closed, his kids couldn’t let that happen but he needn’t worry as the mosquitos like his daughter way more than they like his old blood.


Adam is talking about mosquito preference and Gina brings up “sweet blood” which leads to a dark and hilarious riff from Adam talking about menses.

Adam brings up ‘The View’ and how they were mocking Republican presidential Candidate Carly Fiorina’s face.

Adam brings up the hypocrisy of going after Trump and now plays the clip of Barbara Walters talking about the requirement that all comments be “PC” from the hosts of the show.


Adam is commenting on the tell/giveaway she just let loose and how there is now real discussion, Adam is for Gary Marriage but wants to live in a world where one person out of five who is against it is allowed to speak their mind.

Gina and BB are both weighing in and Adam jokes about the former View cast members he can name, he brings up Sherri Shepherd.

Adam says it’s always good to have a dissenting voice and brings up the recent S.C. police brutality case.


Adam is bringing up Maxine Waters recent appearance on ‘Real Time with Bill Maher’ and BB references Andy Dalton which leads to a callback from Gina as well, nice.

Adam is mocking Maxine and his one attempt at a conversation with her preceding ‘Politically Incorrect’ in the late 90’s before they were on panel together, the “The Science is still out” regarding emergency contraception incident.


Adam mocks the illusion of her caring about the people in her “district” despite her living outside of it, protected from the havoc she creates by being bad at her job.

Adam asks who you blame when a district is falling apart for over 20 years with the same congress person in charge.

Adam has a killer Jheri curl-mandering joke, which even Jo won’t touch.


Adam shares his respect for Bill Maher and how he does a great job of making his points, Adam is going over the crazy people on his show that make Bill grow more exasperated.

Adam is now setting up the clip.


Adam is doing a Live Read for Forces of Nature Medicine

Adam’s herpes went away edition


They’re now playing the whacked up clips from ‘Real Time’ with Maxine making herself seem even dumber somehow.

Adam is now mocking her for trying to on up Bill by claiming they have no parents, not just bad parents.

Adam and Jo are riffing about kids being removed from the house and Maxine’s dumb attempt to correct Bill by making his point further.


They are playing more clips and mock her replies to Bill, Bill is talking about the alliance between parents and teachers.

Adam is now comparing Maxine to Gavin Newsom and says this what politicians do, nothing!

Adam is telling the person to suck his dick from behind for asking Adam how he would feel about this being his daughter, hilarious re-phrasing of the suck my dick instruction from Ace.


Adam is sharing a clip of a cop talking about the reality of police work.


Adam is doing an Uber Live Read

Matt Fondiler like a bond villain driving his whole way home getting paid


They’re now playing the clip of the cop telling people to comply and explaining the parenting problem.

Adam is now responding to the words from the cop in the video and he brings up how he was laughed out of the room for bringing up family and education on the Huffington Post.

Adam talks about the “yes sir/no sir” he was trained in from Football coaches and is now riffing about Duke Gallagher talking about his daughter Kelly’s gymnastic team working hard than the pop warner boys.


Adam talks about being the strongest kid pre-puberty before genes played a role, Adam is talking about how Duke would let kids line it up head to head, he would have the kids settle all arguments that way.

Adam is talking about the black woman who thought he was calling her kids “half breeds” when he wasn’t even referring to them, he thought she was going to thank him for coaching the kids, instead she wanted to settle his hash.

Adam is talking about what a piece of shit his family is, physically, emotionally, spiritually, even Jo reacts to it.


Adam is talking about his insane balance and mastery of techniques matched with living in the weight room led to him starting his senior year.

Jo brings up the role poverty played in his appreciation for sports, Adam is talking about he would play two man baseball and would use his awarded home run balls for practice and impromptu games.

They’re now mocking Maxine Waters’ further, funny impression from Jo.


Adam is now doing a Live Read

Adam doesn’t know how much the Road Hard book would cost edition


Adam jokes about Maxine staying the course after Gary fills them in on her exact district, Adam is trying to wrap up with Jo and is giving out a nice plug for his restaurant.

Adam is asking him about the big dishes at the restaurant, Adam says he’ll be on Vegas Wednesday night and Jo is telling him he will make space for him, they will open for him.

Gina brings up the shitty host and now Jo is doing the character with Adam trying to get a table, Adam friend of Jo Koy.


They’re cracking up Gina and Jo is on fire with the chuckling in character, Adam is being very serious and calling Jo’s host character on his facetious tone and rhetoric.

Adam says he’s flying privately and coming from Detroit, Adam comments on time zones and Arizona not abiding by Day Light Savings.

Jo is very excited to have Adam come to his restaurant and they head to break.


They’re back from break with Chip and Alexis making their ACS debut(s) and he compliments their documentary and explains what it’s all about.

Adam is asking them what inspired them to make this movie, Chip echoes Adam’s comments and Alexis shares how they got into this topic while on the road promoting their last movie.

Adam is talking about San Diego and the craft beer culture there, Adam says that craft beer breweries are a good sign about society, the opposite of razor wire covered freeway signs.


Adam is asking them how they got into filmmaking and what through lines they found in their first documentary, Alexis says the key was rejection and failure being a part of success.

Chip talks about an average of rejection vs. success, Gina jokes about the multiple rejections putting you one step closer to something good.

Adam has a funny ask a model for a BJ joke, he promotes the movie again and asks them about what’s next.


Adam pitches them on ‘Drunk Tank’ his new reality show idea.


Adam is doing a Blinds Galore Live Read

Adam likes to dial in just enough daylight, slow moving fan and Hans Zimmer score


Gina’s News

1st Story is on the Royals World Series win, Gina sets up some clips of the team celebrating and talking about the win.

Adam is joking about people blaming themselves for minor things like sports losses but refusing to accept blame for serious things in life.

Adam is talking about the crucial choice that led to The Mets loss, Adam is breaking down the play he thinks would have changed the game.


Adam hates the “one guy screwing the pooch” element to sports, where one person can change the course of the game and cost a team a win.

Adam talks about the non-bullying era we’re in and the 25yrs of harassment experienced by Bill Buckner.


2nd Story is on Justin Bieber’s bizarre on stage attempt to clean something up and then deciding to not do the show.

Adam is trying to understand the context, Gina explains it was a TV taping.

Adam says this is nothing that teenage girls weren’t doing to Michael Jackson 25yrs ago, Gina feels bad for Bieber.


3rd Story is on The Church of Scientology’s reaction to Leah Remini’s comments about her behaviors in the church, Adam is sharing how they could easily have a normal religion and then blast off to “Lord Zoloft in the volcano” and Gina is commenting on Leah’s own discoveries about the church and the hidden history.

Adam is talking about David Miscavige, he says he could star on the stamp for the symbol of white privilege, Adam says he’s one of these guys that doesn’t know how to be a human.

Adam says that they are robotic and think being super fit with a smile and nice hair makes people buy what you’re saying, Adam comments on someone like Artie Lange and how you don’t doubt anything he says.


4th Story is on the death of Fred Thompson

Everyone liked him.


5th Story is on a new Harvard Study about carbs vs. fat and weight loss, Adam talks about making his own real butter omelets for breakfast, he just skips the toast.

Adam says he should’ve never asked him about beer, he said you might as well eat a loaf of bread.

Chip is commenting on the beer trends, Adam says his buddy Ed if hooked on the sour stuff and swears by it.


Adam isn’t down with the sour beer movement, Adam is going to be in the aisle with the young runaways in the porn video rental place of life/beer choice.


6th Story is on the E-Coli outbreak in Washington based Chipotle restaurants, Adam says this dookie in the lettuce style E-Coli.


Adam is doing a SimpliSafe Live Read


Adam jokes about interacting with feces and doing a Harold scene, Adam talks about the two times he had food poisoning, he cites his Washington D.C. soft shell crab experience and smoked clam chowder incident with Jimmy Kimmel and all of the writers.

Chip is telling them about his love of crab being from back east, Adam is sharing the things that bother him about other people eating food, the aggressive cut up guy Like Mike August who chops up all of his food in advance.


7th Story is on an advanced December 16th screening for the latest Star Wars movie, Adam is telling the nerds to stay in France.

Adam is talking about going to Space X and none of those guys are star wars fans.

Adam talks about their upcoming ‘Take a Knee’ guest from Space X.

Gina wraps the news


Adam is doing a Live Read for

Gary beats off on his lunch break edition


Adam is giving out the plugs and wrapping up the show “Oh GARY!”