Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/03/2014 – Patrick Warburton and Dr. Bruce

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/03/2014 – Patrick Warburton and Dr. Bruce

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Patrick Warburton and Dr. Bruce

Recorded 11-02-2014 – Release Date 11-03-2014

Production Number #1445

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Adam opens the show to a funny Mangria/Holiday intro.

BB plays the “I like Eating Pussy” line from Adam ranting about the MLB and spitting/eating seeds during gameplay as today’s #TopDrop.

Patrick Warburton is returning to the podcast and in studio, Adam is talking to him about his most recent green room encounter at Jimmy Kimmel Live, Adam forgets it was Brad Paisley they ran into, Adam says the guy who wrote a book with David Wild and BB has a hilarious reply.


Funny Andy Dick riffing for a moment, Adam is now riffing about he was told about being offered to sit in with Bob Seger, Adam shared his empathic reaction assuming it would be nerve wracking, forgetting Brad know how to play the guitar and Patrick has some more facts about Brad, couldn’t have given Adam a hand with the name a few moments ago though.

Adam brings up Dr. Bruce and his love for guitars, Patrick shares the details of a round of gold including Alice Cooper and some other rock legends.

Patrick climbed up on stage and fulfilled a half joke promise about joining Alice for ‘School’s Out’ and Adam jokes about taking the show’s lyrics literally.


Patrick is now referencing the full on hammered appearance he had last time he was on the show, ICP is brought up but it doesn’t really track or make sense.

Patrick is telling them about meeting Patton Oswalt for the first time, Adam compliments Patton’s knowledge of films and filmmaking and educated taste and opinion.

Adam tells them about Patton singing the praises of ‘The Hammer’ and Patrick has a one liner.


Adam is now taking it back to Bruce and going off on a “if you’re talking about it, it’s not going to get you” tangent while talking about the Ebola scare.

Adam is asking Bruce about the rise in measles and other preventable diseases in Washington State, Adam is riffing on the hippie culture prevalent in my home state.

Adam is now ranting about the idea of the government poisoning the citizens being counterproductive to the idea of “the ants paying for everything”.

They’re all now riffing on the concept of the government poisoning Americans with infertility drugs hidden inside of Flu vaccines.


Adam is now bringing up the fact about Kim Kardashian having more marriages than death of Ebola in the current outbreak.

Alison is asking about how afraid people should be of the strains of influenza, Bruce blames his spastic delivery on Adam interrupting him all the time.

BB plays his Health Watch theme song and interrupts him.


Health Watch


Adam is doing a live read for, he claims to have listened to BB’s book and is going in depth on how he actually listened to the show and devoted some serious time to it, and he says he’s about 6 and ½ hours, listening to big fat long sweeping chunks.

BB shares that his book and Adam’s are both eligible for the best spoken Grammy nomination, Dawson jokes about his vote going out today and Adam has a killer line about it being on a rolling paper and more.

Adam is back to audiobooks and how he hasn’t ended up with any turds out of his samplings, Adam says his biggest disappointment was being unable to connect his phone’s Bluetooth to his car to continue listening while on the road and not home over this past weekend.


Bruce is now giving the real world stats about the flu vs. Ebola and the radical mutations it’s undergone in the past 6 months.

Adam jokes about sending Bill Belichick to West Africa to turn their program around and BB has some funny follow up comments.

BB has a great use of Adam’s “WHO” drop when the world health organization is brought up by Dr. Bruce, Adam has a funny reply to Bruce’s comment about “fruit bats” gold!



Alison has a killer “slept with a bat” one liner in reply to Bruce revealing the origin of this latest Ebola outbreak.

Adam tops himself almost immediately with an emphatic “Why would we do that!?” sarcastic reply towards Bruce who’s trying his best under very difficult circumstances.

Bruce is explaining the genetic factor in this virus, Adam is trying to get him to give an affirmative to his summation and Alison steps in to explain it to Bruce.


They’re joking about Yucaipa and Rancho Cucamonga, Bruce shares the concern with Ebola possibly becoming airborne, Adam is asking about the “free lunch in nature” factor and if any human intervention has led to this outbreak.

Patrick brings up an older book ‘Stage 4 Virus Hunters’ a non-fiction account of the front lines of serious epidemics.

Bruce is back to the flu and Ebola, Adam is understanding what he’s laying down and Alison is now finally afraid of Ebola, thanks Dr. Bruce!


Bruce is sharing his support for travel restrictions and quarantine protocols, Adam is not for kneejerk reactions but it for a practical protocol for screening for this horrific possibly humanity destroying virus.

Adam has a volunteer military analogy at war time analogy for the doctor’s on the front lines, Adam wants to know why is it now that anytime you suggest changing something i.e. beefing up the borders, implementing a travel ban, it will only increase immigration and possibly allow for a something worse to slip by.

Adam reaffirms that whatever you’re looking at is never going to be the thing that kills you, Adam is asking Bruce about the E.R. and asks if the knowledge of helping others outweighs the depression of it, Bruce reminds him he’s returned to addiction medicine.


Adam does a live read for


Adam plugs a live show and mentions the grove of Anaheim, Alison met the low-key white supremacist she went on two dates with at that location.

Her band was playing live.

Adam is now riffing about snow mobile sports and the American impulse to fuck ourselves up, Adam jokes that in West Africa they’re not looking for ways to hurt themselves.


Alison asks if harkens back to a prehistoric time, Adam cites the reptile brain and the wiring for escaping danger that only gets stimulated and fulfilled by creating new dangers.

Adam is asking Patrick about his father and upbringing, he brings up the mid 90’s KROQ, Adam asks Dawson about the nomination process, he goes in depth with how he followed the rules and only voted for 2 out of the 4 options he was allowed, due to not being familiar with more, interesting.

Patrick shares how he ended up as a “Patriot” on Bill O’Reilly’s program where he admitted that he found the Sarah Palin joke offensive that aired on ‘Family Guy’.


Bruce shares the reality of his time working in Fontana, BB asks him about the documentary ‘Code Black’ and he brags about being the real thing and not watching that stuff.

Alison asks him about medical fiction like ‘Grey’s Anatomy’.


Adam is doing a Smart Mouth Live Read.

Adam is sharing how he ran out of this stuff but was so hell-bent on using it he considered unscrewing the top and sucking down the remainder.

Alison has a killer joke about him getting to addicted to mouthwash he starts using alcohol in place of it, brilliant!


Alison’s News

1st Story a Germany of Florida, regarding a woman who squirted breast milk in robberies, she says she is changing words then clarifies she’s omitting, not paraphrasing, all signs point to Germany now.

Adam is now joking about his policy of returning fire when women spray their white fluids on him, hilarious “Give me a minute” joke, Adam is killing it.

Adam is talking about the ‘Man Show’ “sample” race at a sperm bank with Jimmy Kimmel, Alison asks him about the level of disheveled he was that led to the controversy regarding is win.

Adam clarifies his junk doesn’t flop around.


Adam has a great “You’re on your own now, fucking enjoy” reply about what will be on his tombstone, Alison observes men’s pride in their Jizz timing.

Adam is asking Patrick about this and they’re talking about dumb guys are in general.

Patrick is now sharing a gym anecdote with the gang and asking them their opinion on what happened, Patrick admits to using testosterone gel.


Adam is now ranting about dumb adults, how he never thought so many adults were this stupid and ineffective in life, citing this guy who Patrick brought up.

Adam says that he was talking about Gary Greenberg and what a great/smart guy he was, a guy you wished you had more time to talk with.

Adam thinks he was on this show and Gary finds out he was on the morning show in 2006, nice work my man!


Adam describes boxing out a 3rd party while chatting with Gary, he’s breaking down the scene and how these people can’t pick up on social cues.

Alison asks who the person was he didn’t want to be part of the conversation, it was “Melrose” Larry Green and it wasn’t personal, he just wanted conversation with one person.

Patrick is now saying that we don’t need to lump Larry in with this gym lothario.


Adam says that in a world where they say you shouldn’t feature smoking in movies because it encourages negative behavior, maybe you shouldn’t encourage men to go back for a 2nd lap to pick up a woman like is often done in film.

Alison is asking follow ups about this scenario and what was upsetting him about the 2 attempted pickups on his wife at this gym.

Bruce observes it does sound like this dude was taking some testosterone and Patrick goes in for a “aren’t we all” agreement from Bruce who isn’t feeling what he’s laying down apparently.


Adam is now asking if there isn’t a version of this women like, on an acknowledgment level.

Adam is bringing up the catcalling video spreading across the internet, Adam says winks don’t count and addresses some of the “how are you doing this evening ma’am” from the firemen.

Alison brings up the “tongue through the finger (victory) move” and how that is a clear catcall.


Adam is suggesting what guys he was creeped out by in comparison to the “evening ma’am” firefighter.

Adam is now asking for the definition of catcall and Alison reads it to them.

Adam is bringing up the guy in the gym doing another lap, Adam wants a flipbook of this guy since 1969 as his belt size and hair color changes, and Adam is riffing about these picks up lines.

Alison has a killer butter churn joke.


Adam is asking if he didn’t try the line on his own mother after being birthed from her canal.

Patrick shares his desire to tell this guy off and pop his ego bubble, Adam asks about these guys who can fall into their own affect so deeply, the super New York Clichéd white guy type.

Adam now addresses the claims that men of all races catcalled her, Adam says it was black guys, white guys and Mexican guys, not Asian, Jewish nor middle eastern.


Adam is asking if they saw all backgrounds, Adam is bringing up how Asian and Middle Eastern cultures aren’t catcalling ones.

Alison asks Adam how he would handle this scenario if in fantasy make believe world he and Lynette were at the gym together.

Adam who loves to defend old strange guys in gyms, suggesting the old man was assuming that Patrick was just 20min earlier than he was trying to score with the hot gym lady.


Adam is asking him how his wife is with all of this, saying that it sounds like Patrick is more upset than she is.

Adam is commenting on the weird regression that only happens while in automobiles now and only momentarily, hilarious example from Ace.

Patrick explains the creep factor in this, Adam is now asking about toupees vs. pick up lines, are they both only bad when they’re obviously fake.


Adam has a killer “but why would she working at the bar” reply to Bruce taking the wind out of his sails, Patrick mocks him too despite Bruce adding to this show nicely, I like having him in the mix the whole episode.


Adam is bringing up how being attracted to others is the deciding factor in if someone is offended by your approach or flattered.

Adam made up a fake historical figure, Patrick claims to look like the guy who drove the Charger in ‘Bullitt’ and Alison explains how women actually react to personality, energy and conversation.

Adam finds out that Patrick Adams is on the show ‘Suits’ and is now commenting on the checkered shirt effect of certain patterns when reflected through a lens. Moiré patterns.

Adam explains Crazed Paint.


Adam is doing a Draft Kings Live read.

BB tells them about having beers with the guys behind the company, Adam jokes about beating Kimmel and winning the “Beater’s Cup” after BB told them about watching the ‘Breeder’s Cup’.

Alison is now reading the definition of Moiré patterns and does a nice job of hitting the point about interlace scanning in non-progressive recordings.

Adam mocks Patrick for not chiming in and cites his long career.


2nd Story Is on a fire at the newest ride in Disney World, Adam jokes about this being an advanced feature of the ride and the secret hope he has for fireworks show disasters, just to feel the rush.

Patrick tells them about being the voice of a Disney attraction for the past 13 years, Adam and BB describe how you sour over California and BB takes this back to Alison’s story.

BB is sharing how flaming casings were raining down after a fireworks display while he was getting drunk in a parking lot.


Adam is now commenting on fireworks lack of evolution over the past 500 years.

Adam asks if Disney needs Patrick for the ride once they upgrade it, he shares the funny droid quips he did for the park as well.

BB recalls hearing that line, Adam jokes about Patrick dishing out insults to dudes behind his droid recordings vs. taking it in in stride in person when it happens to him.

Patrick has a great reaction to this, Adam is now asking if he has any connections at the California Adventure park and brings up the Mackenzie Phillips revelation and then ‘The Mama’s and The Papa’s” playing just a week later in the California Adventure park, Adam says it might need to be pulled out of the rotation.


Patrick brings up Stephen Collins and his part in ‘Ted 2’ and how he was fired, Adam forgot about that and explains the news story, saying they talked about it.

Alison corrects him that they didn’t, now Adam is finally getting to the admissions and compares diddling to peanut M&M’s.

Adam is citing all of the things that one could be into, hilarious pointed comment towards Alison.


Adam is now asking what Dawson likes in his porn, straight white chicks in Cheerleader outfits, nice reaction from Alison.

Patrick has a bit of a groaner of a joke, Adam once again mocks him for being a hypocrite, Adam is asking about Stephen’s work on ‘Ted 2’ and request to takeover Stephen’s role.

Patrick recounts kissing Ryan Reynolds in the last movie and taking him off of his daughters list of dreamboats by doing that.


Adam recalls doing season 2 of ‘Two Guys a Girl and a Pizza Place’ which they have at the warehouse.

Alison thinks that Traylor Howard is on a new show, Adam immediately recalls her name, perhaps from the MTV and radio appearance she made where he harped on her name not being Taylor.

Alison wraps the news.


Adam is now doing a live read for Both Barrels Wine


Alison is wrong it’s not Traylor on the new show, she mixed her up with a gal named “Wheel” and Adam once again compliments Patton Oswalt while plugging Patrick’s film.

Patrick brings up Andy Dick also complimenting the movie, but it not packing the same gravitas as Patton’s words.

Adam tells people to jump in on the 3 pack of Mangria, it’s basically losing him money and is not long for this world.

Adam gives out the plugs and wraps up the show and BB edits Patrick’s attempted joke into a hilarious drop that burns him instead of Stephen.