Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/02/2017 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 701

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/02/2017 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 701

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 10-19-2017 – Release Date 11-02-2017

Production Number #701 – Turn Around Dipshit

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Adam opens the show with the standard intro, Adam is now getting to the topic of ‘Real Time with Bill Maher’ and shares his interaction with Bill from one of Seth MacFarlane’s parties.

Adam shares his observation about telling his reaction was, much like Adam’s reaction to learning people are going on vacation with their mom.

Adam is killing it riffing about saving the person from the nightmare of being alone with their own mother.


Adam is telling Drew about taking his kid back into school after his bike accident and how he told Sonny to hang his head and say he didn’t listen after Adam told him to stop eyeballing him, hilarious.

Drew asks about the narcissism and if there isn’t a clearer sign of it as not being willing to give any of yourself or your time to a child.

Adam says it takes the ultimate sacrifice to put someone else in front of your needs early and often, Adam says his parents had a simple approach to being a parent, if you wouldn’t do something anyway, then don’t do it now.


Adam and Drew are now riffing about the various things his parents wouldn’t do and Adam brings up Drew’s parents and their more proactive approach to ruining their kid’s life.

Adam is now describing his mom’s fear about the future and constant reminders of the ills of the world and Adam shares how he always talks to his kids about positive stuff and asks them about their mommy and if they love having such a loveable woman raising them.

Adam is now saying Bill Maher is intellectually honest and sets up the clip from the show he was telling Drew about.


Adam and Drew are now responding to the clip, Adam uses the phrase “new rules” without irony nor awareness.

Drew and Adam talk about the tyranny of over legislating people, Drew says it’s too much and people will always rebel against it.

Drew says we are way too far down the road, Drew says Adam has only been screaming about this stuff for 10 years, talking about it for 20, forgetting all of his angry Loveline rants.


Adam is now talking about the department of building and safety and how they get to dictate and give permission to you being able to alter your own property.

Adam cites Suzanne Sommers and her difficulties getting a permit to rebuild her house in Malibu, Adam is going over the insanity of having to jump through these hoops and Drew fully agrees.

Adam is now telling Drew about the dishwasher with the optional breather, Drew is reacting like he’s hearing this for the first time, this was talked about on Classic Loveline.


Adam is going over how he got the breather, he tells Drew not to jump ahead and shares how he used the hole used for the faucet sprayer and ended up cutting his hand to put things back.

Adam is saying the greatest thing that ever happened to him was that the neighbor called the city on her for her trying to get the tiles removed from the side of her home, he shares her reaction as there was no asbestos in the tiles.

Drew asks if Adam’s mom was able to learn anything from the experience and the dangers of over legislating society, Adam says no and she’s without hope to ever change before she leaves this earth.


Nom Nom NowCooked fresh dog food, delivered to your door, Adam is switching Edition


1st Caller Marco, he’s a huge fan and he brings up a topic from the ACS about Dr. Drew’s guests not following the bathroom rules of the studio.

Adam says it wasn’t Drew, it was from the other studio.

Drew asks about the sign that indicated the bathroom smells like poop, Adam now goes over the various bathroom etiquette of the studio.


2nd Caller Chris, his younger brother called in on an earlier episode of the show, Chris is hooked on methadone.

Drew asks him about Suboxone and he explains what happened during the two years he was using it, Chris tells them about slipping and ending up back on heroin.

Adam asks about the costs of heroin today, Gary has the info that in states that made marijuana legal they have dropped heroin costs by 60% and upped the potency by 30%.

Adam jokes with Gary about the Canadian cartels doing this, Drew jumps in to make a point about the hypocrisy of Australia and Canada when it comes to immigration and entering their countries.


Adam says Trudeau is such a puss and he doesn’t know why other world leaders and countries weigh in on what the United States is up to, like it’s any of their business.

Drew talks about Canadian work permits and Drew takes it back Chris, he is asking him for an answer about taking Suboxone.

Drew asks him about a stable dose, what does he have in mind when he says that.


Drew tells him about discomfort and felling poorly from a long day, the everyday misery of existence.

Drew is talking about getting people to the proper dose to live a productive and full life.


True Car – Dr. Drew may have influenced the used cars being listed via the service Edition


Drew clarifies his comments about the last caller and methadone, Adam gives out the closing plugs and jokes about Dr. Drew being in Mexico scoring some H.