Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/02/2017 – Bill Zanker

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/02/2017 – Bill Zanker

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Bill Zanker

Recorded 11-01-2017 – Release Date 11-02-2017

Production Number #2194

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Dawson starts thing out with another “Toolbox Talk Up” this time with some ‘Lynyrd Skynyrd’ and then Adam opens the show to a solid “His family would hate being part of the Real Estate Wealth Expo” intro.

Adam welcomes everyone to the show and BB has Tim Allen’s “That’s Obscene” as today’s #TopDrop and Adam, is instantly ranting about parents who don’t punish their kids for success and people who grew up with non-loser parents who had things or did things.

Adam says he’s going full Tony Curtis, he’s telling them about Tony who works at the other shop, his dad was a Greek guy and Adam transitions again.


Adam explains Tony’s dad got a gig over at Hollywood park, Adam says nobody throws around money like wealthy people winning money, go that route instead of working on a construction site digging ditches and picking up trash.

Adam is now full circle with his Tony Curtis anecdote, Adam is sharing that a guy he met had one of Tony Curtis’ gullwing Mercedes.

Adam is now trying to figure out if Tony Curtis was gay and Gary reports his 6 different wives, Adam brings up Richard Burton and he jokes about Gina snapping her fingers which somehow gets her an assist with his name recall of Richard.


Adam is now telling them about the 40 people on the Southwest flight which left tons of open space for him to select an exit row, he noticed there was a petite Asian woman sitting in the window seat of the row.

Adam decided to sit in someone else’s row as he need the knee space, Adam remarks on how he made sure he sat down closest to the aisle, Adam says as he plopped down she got up and left.

Adam says she was there ostensibly as she initially wanted the knee room, despite not needing it.


Adam asks what should he have done, BB is now telling them about how he will move if someone sits near him in a nearly empty movie theater, he explains his reasoning.

Gina shares her alternate theory, presuming it was “stranger danger” and a reaction to the current climate of news about various sexual predators.

Adam jokes about the probability she was the daughter of Dr. Dao, the horrible asshole who scammed an airline and got away with it.


Adam is riffing about his comment, saying he would be surprised if her father wasn’t Dr. Dao, Adam jokes about her being seated next to the emergency door.

Adam says he feels like southwest is the cafeteria in prison, everyone knows what they did to get there and what the deal is.

Adam brings up ‘Home Depot’ and why he is ok with the employees being useless, they sell things at very low prices and you can’t expect construction experts to assist you too.


Adam is hoping it was an overly polite Asian move and maybe the young lady had a cold.

Adam say she could have had a plan for laying down over all three seats, Adam says he doesn’t feel like they needed to have a conversation about it.

Adam says he lost his phone and Gina asks him about how he feels about it, Gary has a killer “411” joke moving Adam’s lack of technological prowess.


Adam is now riffing about the professional drivers who pick people up at the airport, Adam says the move these guys do is they arrive several minutes late and then pull the “yeah I don’t know where he is” move, claiming they are searching for you when they’re not in the pool of drivers waiting for passengers.

Adam is bringing up people who blame you for being late, BB and Gina both chime in and Adam moves on.

Adam asked himself what is so consistent with these drivers being inefficient and late, Adam shares the driver’s reply of “I didn’t know which elevator you were coming down” and Adam immediately countered him with logic about one of the elevators being virtually unused.


Adam says he made up with the driver, he had a British accent and they got along fine after bonding over car talk.


LifeLockEquifax breach just got bigger, Adam’s lost phone floating around out there Edition

Adam is now sharing the mystery of his lost phone, Adam is trying to explain how massive SEMA is as a convention, Gary informs them about it being the 7th largest trade convention and then he corrects himself, it turns out he has bad numbers.

Adam is telling them about the huge group of people walking by and how he was able to name Ford’s 1st competition racecar which none of the Ford superfans were able to conjure, Adam won a hat and put it on and then kept walking.


Gina is stalling telling them about her girlfriend who has a VIP ticket for the upcoming Expo that Bill is calling in to promote.

Bill Zanker is now joining them and he’s getting amped up about the various speakers and attendees.

“it’s insano!” – Bill Zanker

Adam is asking Bill how he’s able to get ahold of these big names and what is his pitch to have them come speak.


Bill brings up Tony Robbins and Adam mentions that Maria Menounos is a Tony Robbins devotee, citing her wonderful disposition and Adam feels badly that so many people are resistant to improving their lives.

Bill tells them about his expos with Donald Trump and Adam brings up getting reps to get better at live performing, Adam is forcing him to take some credit for Trump getting comfortable on stage.

Bill is further discussing Donald Trump’s bookings for his events, Adam says one of his earliest thoughts about the learning annex was about big-name actors speaking at Peirce college, in little bungalows teaching people about the business.


“It will be crazy” – Bill Zanker

Bill says Sylvester Stallone is Mr. motivation and Bill gets another plug in for discounted VIP tickets.

Adam jokes about being in the audience to watch Pitbull perform, while sitting on Bill’s shoulders.

Adam says he would rather his kid have polio than be wired like a piece of shit that shifts blame and can’t achieve in life.


Adam is now sharing how he absorbs information and listens to people, he considers the backstory of everyone’s journey and how they got their level of wealth or success.

Adam is now sharing how he listened to Jimmy Kimmel about coming up with a character and not driving the KROQ van, his buddy Ray was telling him to ask for more money per bit.

Adam has a great “donkey tied to the hitching post” one liner and he jokes about someone telling an expert off when they’re getting helpful advice and information.


Adam is back to his lost phone, he met up with his guy Keith and he saw him across the street, Adam blames his backpack and hoodie with too many pockets.

Adam says he turned around and surveyed the backseat to see if he dropped anything, Adam says he realized his phone was gone when he was heading through airport security.

Adam says it has to be in the backseat of the car as he was talking on it while they were driving, Adam was having notions of borrowing someone’s phone to call his own phone, BB asks if Adam knows his own numbers and Adam proudly proclaims he’s a big boy now.


Adam is sharing an anecdote of Matt D’Andria confident that he would make it to his 11:15 flight after leaving his place at 10am, only to have the Uber driver request to stop and get gas.

“They’re essentially unemployable dudes with cars” – Adam on ridesharing drivers.

Adam is now making a point about full trunks of personal items in rideshare vehicles, Adam is sharing the anxiety of not having his phone and he explains he insisted upon putting Phil in his taco outfit to get his full bang for his buck.


Adam says god bless Phil, he just stayed in his taco outfit all night, around people and he didn’t even try to get out of it, he loves a big friendly dog.

Adam shares how he sent his guys an email telling them he lost his phone in Vegas, he’s unsure if that email went out.

Adam says he hit up Matt in the morning trying to get ahold of him, Gary is on mic and explains the email went to both guys company addresses.


Adam had Matt Fondiler get ahold of the car company, the driver claims the phone isn’t in his backseat, where can it possibly be as he was talking on it while he was in the vehicle.

Adam blames himself for losing it but gets to the weird “no man’s land” of nobody being able to help him locate it, he says the only possible explanation is that it fell and broke on the ground and he didn’t notice it.

Matt says he got an email from Matt that they found Adam’s phone, a passenger has it and Adam learned they pinged him.


Adam asks why someone would take the phone and BB thinks he for sure found it and took it, Gary remotely locked the phone and the gentleman has called Gary telling him he has it.

It’s not the driver according to Gary, the guy who called had a middle eastern accent and Adam is trying to rule out the driver.

Adam asks who is the guy who has the phone, Gary has the dude’s personal number and Adam says if he was a nefarious individual why would he call Gary back.


BB’s theory is the middle eastern guy is another driver wit the company, Matt Fondiler says Matt D’Andria is less than 10min away from this guy’s house who is now mysteriously not answering his phone.

Adam likes BB’s theory about this being found by another employee, Adam laments sending an email to both Matts and not getting a reply last night, after Gary says he could have unlocked it sooner.

Gary shares his theory about the turn of events once they locked the phone, Adam is now riffing about attaching his phone to a horse and hitting on the ass and telling it to run through town.


Gina thinks he’s waiting for a negotiation of price to get the phone back.

BB says you don’t need permission to record a call from Vegas, Adam explains the actual law and how they explored trying to skirt around the various laws about making prank calls.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Craig, he was listening to the podcast and he has a ring doorbell, he says that there were only two motions detected and all 150+ pieces of candy were taken.

Adam would like to have a stronger opinion on this as he remembers all of the kids would take extra candy when he was a kid.

Adam says he doesn’t like the stories such as the young girl being required to get a business license to sell lemonade for charity from her lawn.


True CarQuick easy buying experience Edition


Gina says they were tweeted a picture from a fan who had two candy bowls, one labeled as The Houston Astros and the other the Los Angeles Dodgers and it was filled with boxes of raisins.


2nd Caller Spencer, he wants to tell them about the flashing yellow lights in the Midwest.

Spencer tells him about the solid flashing yellow lights with red lights only for cross traffic.

Adam is asking him for his ‘Richman Poorman’ which is not having a backyard, BB mentions how that included all apartment dwellers.


3rd Caller Dave, he’s a huge fan and sets Adam off on a tangent about his stepdad who had a piece of notebook paper which led to Adam telling him to get the buck slips, BB jokes about Adam trying to make a sale off John his stepfather.

Adam informs Gary he’s expanding the buck slip empire, Adam talks about his reminder to change the timer on the outdoor lights.

Natalia asked if she could go see uncle Jimmy at JKL, but he’s not working this week as they have guest hosts.


Adam tried to tell Natalia the news about Jimmy taking the week off, he explained how Jimmy was taking the week off to care for his son Billy.

Sonny’s first question was about Billy’s wellbeing and Natalia’s question was if Jimmy would be hosting next week, Adam says that told him a lot about her character.

Adam says his new thing is he wants different colored buck slips, household vs. work etc.


Adam teases an update from Matt D’Andria and they head to break.


Good Sports

Dave introduces the segment and gives out some plugs for his own podcast, he brings up the various NFL playing brothers in the league.

Adam and Dave talk about Chris Long and his brother Kyle.

Adam is talking about how Kyle was drafted as a pitcher in baseball only to instead go to the NFL and play as an offensive lineman.


Dave shares his conversation about the anomaly of athletes who can throw 90mph fastballs but cannot spiral a football.

Gary has a new Win, Place Show

Sausage, Bacon or ham?


Adam is now drilling down on Dave’s sausage for a moment, Adam namechecks the polish joint he dined at while in Minneapolis, he brags about how they loaded up on everything.

Adam demanded Mike August hand over his kielbasa after he nearly ate the whole thing even though Adam ordered it and didn’t want the other bratwurst.

Adam asks how Mike can make it this far in life without declaring a sausage winner, Dave mocks August with a funny impression.


Adam says bacon is great and he cites his various applications, ham and sausage are a marriage but bacon is a date, Adam does a self-satisfied sniff while joking about people making these type of declarative nonsense statements.

Adam is all over the versatility of bacon, Dave says he skews hipster on this and thinks bacon gets too much fanfare.

Adam says he likes sausage patties and uncases sausage for breakfast, he likes it to soak up the maple syrup.


Adam is now sharing his feelings about the meats, he brings up snatching bacon of Natalia’s plate and Dave is now wrapping up his thoughts and they end the segment.


They’re back from break with a listener voicemail with a new “Richman Poorman” suggestion, Adam likes where this guy’s head is at, mocking his semi-racist comments.


Matt Fondiler is now sharing the update on the phone, he shares both sides of the conversation with the guy who has the phone and Matt D’Andria.

Adam is now riffing about lost phone protocol, Matt says the address the he got is a phone store which is bizarre.

Adam can’t wrap his mind around a lot of adults who do stuff like this, he asks “how did you think this was going to work out, what did you think was going to happen?”


Adam is commenting on the relationship that people have with reality and he shares the tenuous grip most people have, BB brings up the “hope that the person will just go away” attitude of many customer service employees.


Tommy JohnGood jammy wear, long johns for the modern era Edition


Matt says they got Adam’s phone back, it is the guy who cleans the car so BB was correct and he claims he tried to take it back to work but they were closed.

Matt D’Andria gave the guy 20 bucks and Adam is fine with it, Adam jokes about it being Matt’s money and he can do what he wants.

Matt is going to FedEx the phone back overnight to the studio.


Rotten or Fresh – The Rotten Tomatoes Game

Underwear Themed Edition


1st Movie ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ (1999)

Adam and BB both have not seen it, Adam thinks they need to so they can get in on all of the references to the movie, Gina brings up the orgy scenes.

They all make their guesses.

2nd Movie ‘From Dusk Till Dawn’ (1996)

Gina asks about Rose McGowan mixing it up with another movie, Adam thinks she’s talking about ‘Planet Terror’ the first half of ‘Grindhouse’ and Adam is now trying to conjure Robert Rodriguez, who also directed this movie but nobody mentions it.

Adam says this is a fun movie and BB agrees, they all make their guesses on the critics score.

Gina realizes she was thinking of ‘The Doom Generation’ and then Adam says he thinks he might in that movie, but he’s not.

Adam is in the director Greg Araki’s other movie ‘Splendor’ and asks people to look it up, Gina has a crazy reaction and tells Gary he must then be in the next movie Greg made after that.


3rd Movie ‘Alien’ (1979)

BB weighs in and Adam makes his guess, Adam just missed the 5-point deduction.


4th Movie ‘American Pie’ (1999)

Adam is asking for a clip of Shannon Elizabeth and her accent work from the movie, Adam is informed he was in ‘Splendor’ from 1999.


5th Movie ‘Wild Things’ (1998)

Adam recalls this movie and they all weigh in on it, BB laments that Neve Campbell wouldn’t get nude for the threesome scene.

Adam is sharing his take on the movie, he goes with 60 and the rest of the gang weigh in too.


Adam has them play a clip of Shannon Elizabeth from ‘American Pie’ and they all react to it, Gina asks where she’s supposed to be from, BB has a funny “Adam’s phone” comment.

Dawson has the scores and Gary has the info about Shannon’s character being from Slovakia, Adam takes the win!


GeicoType it in, type that in. Buy your dog a new taco outfit Edition


Adam is wrapping up the show and gives out the closing plugs, BB has a solid “Information is a good thing” closing drop from Adam.

Awesome episode, with a great real time mystery that unfolded!