Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/02/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 187

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/02/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 187

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between the Two Hosts

Recorded 10-28-2014 – Release Date 11-02-2014

Production Number #187 – All Due Respect

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Adam is opening the show with a quick intro telling Drew about taking his daughter out ice skating but how he doesn’t want to get deep into that world, Drew references his experience.

Adam is now describing watching his daughter going around on the ice while he was alone in the bleachers, Adam is now saying he looks at having thinking time as very important, a place in life where you can go on a Saturday morning and sit and do some thinking.

Adam is now waxing poetic about the Laundromat and the world’s most comfortable chair without fabric, Adam is describing this in amazing detail and praises the time held captive for 90min to 2 hours.


He says he would listen to his Walkman and jot down notes.

Lynette suggested that Adam take Natalia to her ice skating practice and thought he could use the time to form some thoughts and avoid TV and the internet.

Adam says it’s amazing how kids can mend physically so quickly, i.e. bones healing and how time is a different construct to children than it is to adults.


Adam is describing his daughter acting accordingly in response to the lack of his presence over the past few months, he says it’s a little estranged and describes the sad interactions.

Drew is enjoying this and equally disturbed by it, Adam has a funny dog greeting counter point and killer one liner.

Adam is told by Gary and Chris the show is called ‘All Due Respect’ as discussed in the previous episode, it airs on Bloomberg.


Adam is now commenting on the host’s name and Gary is on mic trying to help clear up the name confusion.

Chris is on mic and Adam is bragging about being real close with their names, Adam says they tweeted it out and fans responded.

Adam is now further trying to make sense of the names, Gary clarifies for the audience they gang tape these, 2 at a time and it’s not 4 days later, it was mere minutes.


Adam is now having them play the commercial for this show for Drew, he describes the hosts wardrobe, 50 something year old dudes dressing like tweeners.

Adam is bringing up the bygone era of people trying to pretend to be older and how everyone even men past middle aged trying to seem youthful.

Adam is trying to predict the ages of the hosts, Drew is joining him and says a guy who is significantly younger than him looks over 60.


Drew has a moment of vanity and Adam reassures him of his beauty, Adam is back to his daddy daughter day and demanding to know the two last names that sound the same.

Halpern vs. Halperin was the source of confusion.

Adam is bringing up Matt’s suggestion of a show with a black guy and a white guy, despite telling him it was for sure two white dudes.


Adam is asking why people come back with the wrong option that’s exactly the thing you told them to avoid.

Drew says he blames it on other people being so inaccurate with their demands and descriptions.

Adam brings up letting his daughter ride in the front seat and Drew mocks the idea of the airbags in the car harming a child.


Drew shares that there is a threshold for this bounce back with love, Adam explains he and his daughter are tight as can be once again after some bonding time.

Adam says that once your kids pass 13/14 then society starts jumping in and taking over.

Adam is addressing Drew’s line about monitoring the kids socializing.


Drew gets more sputum over the console, Adam scolds him and he asks if anyone wants a flu shot, he calls the producers pussies and Adam comes to their defense.

Adam is now explaining how entering the fray of parenthood after your kids have entered their teens is unlikely and describing the differences between the scenarios that Drew is presenting vs. the reality of his own life.

Adam tells Drew not to jump in, he’s not explaining it right.


Adam says his mother is suggesting there was an existing bond, some “good ol’ days” that never existed, Adam is clarifying that his momma never fell under the grips of a hypothetical heroin addiction after years of being a close-knit family and wants him to overlook the past, and there is no past.

Drew is finally realizing his point, Adam brings up the Toyota Grand Prix point he also addressed during the Jon Stewart conversation.

Drew wants to know if his mom replies that she’s never invited, instead Adam gets an “empty sack” reply considered to be random, leaving only muffin talk on the table for conversation.


Drew is doing a live read.


1st Caller Mark, he was prescribed Valium and is describing the vertigo symptoms he’s experiencing, Drew brings up the almost euphoric attitude that patients of MS experience and the great mystery of it.

Very interesting stuff, Drew is asking him more about his prescribed dose and cites his musical abilities and concerns.


2nd Caller Lindsey shares the experience of caring for her mother after a major psychotic episode and learned some disturbing details about her mother and her parents’ marriage.

She was told she no longer needed to see a therapist after 4 visits, Adam is explaining his naïve moment wondering why the people who are paid to sit there and listen to your problems are so eager to tell you to move on.

Drew explains the insurance angle and pressures on this and why this seems more common, Drew says you’re lucky if you even get 5 visits now. “People from Texas say Insurance like black people say MacDonald’s” – Adam


Drew is asking further questions about her mother’s psychotic episode and he wants to know how it presented itself so late in her life.

Drew asks about substances and tells her it’s good she’s getting treatment and to make sure they do a complete medical evaluation.


Adam is now explaining he flew in first class since speaking with him last, last time they recorded for 184 and 185.

Adam confirms Drew’s description of the American flight and in the same breath laments the Alaskan air first class between Seattle and Los Angeles.

Adam shares his inability to order Lasagna while in flight, he is now explaining the most amount of squares you would need to service all of the passengers.


Adam is asking why there shouldn’t just be 10 squares of lasagna, Drew asks if that wouldn’t mean you need 10 of everything, Adam counters you are not going 10 for 10 with wasabi encrusted salmon dishes, unless you’re on a flight with Bryan and 10 of his asshole doppelgangers.

Adam says they should do 7 lasagna and 3 fish dishes, not 5 and 5. Adam is now saying 10 and 5 is the best ratio.


3rd Caller Leo, he is a big fan and compliments the boys on helping get him through a really difficult spot in his life. He tells them about driving long haul trucks and wants to know about the long term impact of his absence from his wife and son.

Adam is asking him about his longest run, 6 weeks, Adam meant distance and now Leo is explaining how they break up the runs and go from point to point, Adam asks Leo who has the dumbest roads (drivers) and he praises the efficiency of California roadways.

Adam references ‘If It Steers it clears’ to get Leo to understand the question, not traffic related.


Leo says Atlanta is the dumbest and cites the highway patrol behaviors, Adam asks who is smart, and he praises New York.

Drew brings up the construction habits on Long Island and goes in depth with Leo.

Adam is now addressing how they’ve discussed this on past shows, Adam says there is a huge difference between your dad splitting and being away earning for your family.


Adam cites the children of deceased war heroes and his own father and his relationship with his sister.

Adam is quoting all of the people he’s met who have told him the story of their father who wasn’t around and the differences among their stories.


Adam is now bringing up his time on Loveline and how he used to prognosticate about the unwanted children and society’s ills, the same words he says today.

Adam tells him to get ahold of me and have me dig up some old clips proving he’s telling the truth, he forgets I already did this for the ACS, Episode #1023.

Hilarious “who cares” line from Ace, Adam is addressing how his words today somehow get him labeled as a right wing conservative.


Adam brings up the merging of the genders in 1996, which is the same idea present in his book ‘In 50 Years We’ll All Be chicks’ and Adam is now explaining what kids need.

That a reason why daddy isn’t home is ok, as long as it’s not because he’s fucking his mistress.

Adam is mocking the Huffpo argument about this topic and the notion of even having to argue the concept of parents raising kids.


Adam is making a strong point about the role of a mother in raising kids, Adam mocks Drew’s comments about research needed to determine if kids need their mothers.

Adam jokes about his double blind research over the past billion years.

Adam is now describing what is optimal for kids to witness, they don’t need a daddy who is present as mommy, they need to see someone burning calories and sacrificing for the family.


Adam is explaining the wiring humans have for nurture and sacrifice and gender roles, Drew is in opposition and Adam has a solid real world example.

Adam is now joking about heroes and women, he mocks himself with a funny Wonder Woman joke.

Adam is now suggesting gay couplings with Drew and then Matt, the cock punisher.


Adam is describing the way he could identify different strengths and resources in a relationship and removes the opposite gender to make it palatable for Drew who now fully agrees.

Adam is mocking how people react to him bringing up the idea of a man and a woman raising a child, Drew is saying the problem is in how he presents himself, Adam asks what problem.


Drew has a guy on a bridge analogy, Drew says he’s trying to bring the human element to the conversation, Adam is concerned with the structural element of the analogy and the conversation.

Drew says that Adam thinks like a sociopath and the dispassionate human engineering he feels Adam is bordering on.

Drew says he’s not saying he’s wrong and once again addresses the problem, hilarious reply from Adam about his studio and employees.


Drew sells them down the river, Adam offers Gary up for free but says Maxipada is trade only.

Adam is giving out the plugs and wrapping up the show.