Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/01/2017 – Tim Allen, Mark Geragos and RJ Bell

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/01/2017 – Tim Allen, Mark Geragos and RJ Bell

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Tim Allen, Mark Geragos and RJ Bell

Recorded 10-31-2017 – Release Date 11-01-2017

Production Number #2193

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Adam opens the show to a funny “a guy who had a real home improvement show, interviews a guy who had a fake one”

Adam welcomes the gang to the show, BB plays a school bell sound as today’s #TopDrop as they’re recording earlier in the day.

Adam is talking about his trip to Las Vegas while his kids are at school and his wife is in NYC, Adam jokes about his kids being dressed up as Joey Buttafuoco and Lorena Bobbitt.


Adam says he doesn’t lead a rich guy life at all, in his down time he cleans the floors of his studio and they move on to Mark who is joining them over the phone once again.

Mark shares how Papadopoulos is likely wearing a wire, which means he possibly got all of the big names on tape. Adam riffs about having deals in bodies of water to avoid being recorded.

Mark says he guesses that he was having conversations in the white house, Mark says this is perhaps mutually assured self-destruction if it comes out that both parties were in bed with Russia.


BB marvels at the potential this could really drain the swamp in D.C., Adam jokes about the weird tale of two heads between the Papadopoulos brothers.

Adam recalls the “seeing impaired” caller from Loveline, he forgets it was a repeat female caller, not a man.

Adam is now talking about the “Spacey Case’y” and how sexual assault has been expanded to all unwanted advances.

Adam has a killer Doug Henning one liner, Gina has an Ed Asner question about something he said to her and Mark jokes about George Bush and his “David Cop a Feel” quote.


Adam is now asking Mark about seeing the tape of the case in Arizona where they executed a white man in a hallway.

Adam is reiterating his point about the media bias regarding police shootings and the narrative they are trying to push.

Mark says when you see the footage from the 3 body cams it’s shocking, nobody knows that a cop murdered a citizen in a hallway.


Mark says if people saw this they wouldn’t be able to handle it, Adam remarks on the officer’s gun that has “you’re fucked” written on the barrel.

Mark says it reminds him of the shirtless dying Vietnamese citizen picture, that’s the only horrific image he can compare it to.

Adam and Mark are now talking about the 32 million settlement in the O’Reilly case and Mark admits he thinks the officer won’t be doing the full-time prison time he’s facing.


Gina has a picture of an Asian guy who went as Dr. Dao for Halloween, Adam is now joking about the Crayon box costume of the woman with him, which messes up the costume a bit.


RJ’s Parlay

RJ Bell is joining them for another installment of RJ’s Parlay.

Adam is now talking about RJ betting against The Patriots, Adam is now sharing what RJ told him about betting on sports.

RJ is preemptively being humble presuming his more than 50% success rate with his betting picks.


RJ is now giving his picks, starting with Dallas vs. Kansas City.

Adam riffs about RJ being like a player on his team and Adam is the gruff football coach trying to help him improve with tough love, lighting a fire under his belly.

RJ is now giving the rest of his picks for this week’s NFL games.


Adam says he’s rooting for content and they wrap up the segment.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Matt, he says recently was fired when he put his notice that he was quoting weeks prior.

Gina says she thought this move only happened in restaurants, restaurants in movies.

Adam says the worst thing you can do is get fired and not end up being replaced by anyone, Adam says that has happened a few times around the studio with former employees.


Adam asks if he has another gig lined up, he says he’s moving back to Seattle and they wrap up the call.


2nd Caller Jeff, he says hi to everyone including Dawson, but due to the schedule change he didn’t make it.

Adam is mocking people who give the “I don’t know man” answer when they’re the only one to not show up, claiming to be unaware yet everyone else was informed.

Jeff asks Adam about renting an apartment out, a stripper applied for it and Adam says they will be coming and going at crazy hours and there will be lots of Jeep activity as they all drive jeeps.

Adam predicts that the stepper will be supplementing her income with gentlemen from the club coming back to her place, Jeff informs him there is a boyfriend and kid so Adam gives him the green light.


3rd Caller Allison, she suggests a new podcast idea for Adam “Ace of Taste” about food as he talks about it so often, Gary suggests he record it while flying with August to accommodate his already podcast heavy schedule.


They’re heading to break


Good Sports

Dave opens the installment with Adam laughing about them not yet finishing his story of the Dodgers game from last week.

They start where they left off with Adam trying to get to the X section of seats.

Dave’s mic went out so Adam is filibustering about the events, they fix Dave’s mic and he jumps back in to talk about the types of fans who were standing behind him, Adam was worried about getting a beer poured on him the whole game.


Adam says everyone was nice but it was uncomfortable to have people behind him the entire time, Adam at some point Adam Perry Lang made a run to get some grub.

Adam says he always feels weird about eating crap in front of guys like Adam Perry Lang, Adam shares “f the school teachers” rant from the episode with Mike Rowe from last week.

Hilarious “I was trying to help” deliver from Gary who told Adam about Mike’s parents during the show.


Adam shares the J name Kimmel story where he mocked people who name their kids with names that start with the same letter.

Adam says he told Adam Perry Lang about the best brisket he ever had, only to learn Adam Perry Lang had worked with the guy to get that brisket up to that level of quality.

Adam tells them about the game and the scores leading into it, John Kimmel and Adam Perry Lang both left early but Adam and Sonny stayed behind.

Dave says that’s “good dadding” and Gary reads the 98-0 record leading into the series.

Dave wraps up the segment.


They’re back from break

Tim Allen is making his ACS debut, they intro from break with a clip of Suze Orman on the most recent Take a Knee podcast and a new ‘Definitely Not a Jew’ from Dawson and Lynch.

Adam gives out the plugs for Tim and has him pull his mic in, Tim was telling Adam about a very cool Jaguar with an electric motor.

Tim is now telling Adam about the car, Adam is saying that Jaguar and a lot of companies are getting in touch with their heritage.


Adam mocks the ‘Cobra 2’ and Tim talks about racing for Ford, he brings up the movie ‘Toy Story’ and the night and day reactions from the old-school animators vs. the Pixar guys.

Adam praises ‘Pixar’ stories and says they should be taught in film school, Adam is asking Tim about making the first ‘Toy Story’ and he mentions seeing the first Pixar short while in film school.

Tim says you never work with the other actor and Adam shares the “give me three” (line deliveries) requests they have when you do VO work.


Tim wanted to one day do a full cast recording for charity, Adam says he was working on a Pixar movie with a VO actress stand in reading opposite him.


Gina brings up her work on ‘Street Fighter IV’ and Adam is now talking about Kevin Hench and Tim shares his love for his POV.

Adam says you want Kevin Hench on a set, he can tell you what will and won’t work.

Tim says Kevin is the type of guy who engages, Tim shares an anecdote about a root-ball that is bursting from the concrete that he’s had every possible city employee come to check out yet still can’t get it removed.


Adam and Tim riff about “Rootball Grinder” sounding like a ball-busting wife, Tim suggests “Ruth Ball-Grinder” and they joke about it further.

Adam shares his feelings about the garbage that is dumped around his warehouses and in back alleys, Tim shares how much difficulty he experienced to give the city 30 trees he was promising to feed.

Tim finally got the department to admit they no longer have a truck to remove mattresses after lying to him about when they planned on doing it, my god!


Adam is now telling Tim about a crushed toilet out back that someone went full Gallagher on, Adam is ranting about garbage men and how they mainly operate a robotic arm now and refuse to leave the truck.

Tim further makes a point about engagement and liberals and conservatives writing and working side by side, offending everyone together.

Adam is now sharing Kevin Hench’s feelings about the possible political motivations for the cancellation of ‘Last Man Standing’ and Tim shares his feelings about it.


Adam asks him how he got to where he is now and overcome his crazy journey in life before comedy and show business.

Adam is asking about escaping a horrible upbringing and Tim shares how he was a big fan of motivational speakers after they look at the picture of the toilet debris from outside.

Tim shares a great quote and Adam asks him if prison saved his life, Tim says he served 3 out of 7 years and Adam asks him what happened.


Adam is now saying that if someone told him he was locked up in his early 20’s he would’ve gone insane, not like today where he can foresee a few years ahead.

Tim shares how he was planning on killing himself and how the comedian in his brain talked him out of it, presuming he would fail and humiliate himself.

Tim shares his comedy with his brother about “terrified face” and how it led to him laughing while being chocked by another inmate.


Tim says he volunteered for the Print Shop and shares he made 8 cents per hour, he just wanted to get out of there alive.

Tim hated rich people, he didn’t think it was fare and wanted others money.

Adam asks Tim about never keeping a notepad while in the joint and he tells them about his post prison job working in a gun store and how he was dared to try standup.


Tim tells them about writing 30min of comedy in 30 minutes and he recalls Mark Sweeney telling him he was the real life “Tool Man” and Tim shares how he came up with the infamous grunt and persona.

Tim talks about his early days doing bits for ‘5 O’clock Funnies’ when he first moved to Los Angeles.

Adam shares his feelings about people telling him about Tim Allen and his career, Adam explains how serious and comedy snobbish Mark Sweeney was and how he only saw Adam as a comedy writer and not a performer after he performed live in front of him for 200+ shows.


Tim shares an anecdote about the writer’s guild trying to lay claim over his material and persona.


LifeLock Thieves can buy your info on the dark web, Adam and the family all have it Edition


Adam gives out some plugs for Tim’s upcoming Netflix movie and they segue into the news.


Gina’s News

1st Story is on the guest hosts filling in for Jimmy Kimmel this week, Gina asks if there is any word on how he is doing.

Adam says that Kimmel canceled his party in Vegas and told him the email closed with “we are no resting” aka please leave us alone in the nicest way possible.

Gina tells them about the various hosts filling in, Adam says this is smart as you don’t want a younger funnier version of you, get people from all walks of life, not that anyone could replace Jimmy but why even go there, get big names who would never be asked nor want the gig.


Adam jokes about Letterman not wanting Jon Stewart behind him waiting for his gig, instead having the most unlikable Craig Kilborn follow his show.


2nd Story is an update on the final season of ‘House of Cards’ and Adam jokes about them having a safety meeting on set after 5 seasons working with 58-year-old Kevin Spacey.

Adam has Gary give an update on the show, which has now suspended production indefinitely.

Adam shares his wishes for them to replace James Gandolfi with Ted McGinley so they could extend ‘The Sopranos’ and keep it running.


Adam is now suggesting they pull the same move with ‘House of Cards’ and Adam is sharing how he heard about Kevin’s dad being a “pedophile Nazi” and his brother.

Gary shares a ‘Family Guy’ joke and Adam says all of the greatest actors are the “empty vessels” that are zeroes and Adam can do Bobby Darrin for shit as he’s too much him unlike Kevin.

Gina is now reading a headline from the Daily Mail.


Adam is now asking Tim about his family and siblings, Adam jokes about how you can’t have a successful sibling with a much less successful one as they will be the first to squeal when the wheels come off of the showbiz career.

Adam jokes about his mother and her passive aggressive Reponses where she tried to trump Adam’s accomplishments with embarrassing updates about the sad adult lives of various ne’er-do-wells he lived near growing up.

Tim further jokes about his mom and her lack of positive reinforcement, quoting her reaction to one of his paydays and they move on.


3rd Story is on the 19 states trying to crackdown on fake serviced animals.

Adam says handles on a dog harness equals service dog, a leash indicates it’s a regular dog.

Tim tells them about a woman who travels with a dog now ass she’s losing her hearing.

Adam says instead of all of this possible legislation and new rules we could just slide back into the era of dignity and Tim brings up ethics classes from school curriculums.


Adam jokes about those classes being replaced with Chicano studies classes and Gina steps in with the assist and dubs it “Ethnics” classes, hilarious!


True Car – Figure out what everyone else is paying Edition


4th Story is on the Facebook data that reveals more people change their relationship status in the fall, going from single to in a relationship.

Adam is now talking about horny dudes and how you can’t have them travel and spend time in places where their “Horny Motor” might get them into trouble.

Tim tells them about taking feminist courses while in college, he cites the “reproduction motivation” lessons he learned, Tim says he has a good buddy who is 89 and he still talks about getting laid.


Adam jokes about harnessing horny and how the Kennedy’s couldn’t reel it in, Adam says guys are going to have to change fast and he doesn’t see it happening.

Tim says if men aren’t dedicated to a project they get into trouble.

Gina closes the news with a hilarious drop of Gary saying “I just escaped from Kevin Spacey’s basement” quoting Stewie Griffin from the aforementioned episode of ‘Family Guy’ and they move on.


GeicoTake care of business, save hundreds off of your car insurance Edition

“That’s Obscene!” – Tim Allen


Adam gives out the closing plugs and BB lays in the Tim Allen drop once again, he closes the show with Tim saying “I appreciate a sexual drive in men”


Fantastic Episode!