Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/01/2017 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 700

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/01/2017 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 700

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 10-19-2017 – Release Date 11-01-2017

Production Number #700 – The Fez

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Adam opens the show with the standard intro, Adam has a question for Drew about plastic surgery and Drew teases a Bill Maher topic.


1st Caller Jimbo, the caller leftover from ADS #699.

Adam has him shout out his question as the phone line is going in and out, he asks if he should go to law school with his wife the doctor keeping crazy hours with her residency.

Drew tells him now is the time as he’s not going to see his wife for about 5 years, he might as well and they move on.


Adam is sharing his efforts to sort out healthcare, he quotes a guy he heard who said something about plastic surgery and the advances in the industry and the decrease in costs.

Adam says there is an open and competitive market out there for plastic surgery, Drew says there is competition now and he keeps bumping against Adam about the costs for plastic surgery which Adam is arguing have decreased over time.

Drew is now saying he could spend all night in the ICU saving someone’s life vs. the cost of one 4-hour plastic surgery, it’s insane orders of magnitude different in costs with surgical producers being much more expensive.


Drew suggests two tiers used for the medical system, Adam talks about all of the low-income financing that were offered at the Children’s hospital.

Drew tells Adam that nobody will ever be denied medical care, he says people can incur lots of expenses and debt but they will not be denied care.

Adam talks about the price of college and asks why people aren’t equally as outraged as they are about the cost of medical care.


2nd Caller Ben, he’s wondering what Adam’s favorite ‘Steely Dan’ song is, Adam says ‘The Fez’ and he mentions Lou Reed and Frank Zappa to make a point about talented vs. untalented artists.

Adam asks Chris Maxipada which non-musician knows more about music than him, Chris says Adam educates him quite a bit while on the road.

Adam says this song is great because of Michael McDonald’s vocals on the track.

Ben is now sharing his favorite ‘Steely Dan’ songs and Adam asks him about his fandom for the band, Adam mocks BB for his two musical influences of ‘INXS’ and Bryan Adams.


Adam is now using the Dodger dogs to make an analogy for music and good taste, Adam says lyrics matter and Ben thanks Adam for getting him into John Hiatt.


3rd Caller Tyler, he’s a super excited fan and he makes sure to say he has a comment for Drew and Adam.

Tyler is telling them about his Milieu therapy used to get clean from opiates.

Tyler credits them for making better decisions, Drew asks him about his 6 years on Suboxone and how he feels about that part of his life.

Tyler says it was a waste of time and Adam tells Drew to “stop” doing something, unclear if he’s writing or using his phone.


Adam is now asking Drew about the approach of the medical system using drugs to treat other drugs, Adam brings up Vinnie Tortorich and his feelings about gastric bypass surgery.

Drew says his fantasy would be for a “brain in a vat” a synthesized life, Drew says it would be pure violence, sex and insanity, it would not be a life worth living.


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Adam asks Drew if he ever has any thoughts about fantasy scenarios where someone can promise you’ll do great with some event or upcoming performance like singing the national anthem.

Adam asks if you could be guaranteed you would do perfectly, would you feel the same thing you feel when you actually pull something off and earn it.

Adam thinks you would kill yourself after 3 of those, without being connected to your achievements can you be truly happy and feel content.


Drew is back to his classic “brain in the vat” thought experiment, he first presented to Adam back on Classic Loveline.

Drew brings up the human need to exist in the world and be reflected on the people around us would keep most people from taking a perfect existence as a brain in a vat.

Adam is talking about the car shows he watches and the old dudes who do the upholstery and how it still requires the same effort and skill to get a nice leather interior, he says don’t run nor hide from it, get good at it an actually experience it.


4th Caller Paul, he eats lots of fast food and wants some advice on how to start kicking the habit, Adam says it’s either on or it’s not on.

Adam says the people who eat fast food once per week, eat it 19 times per week.

Adam says you must treat it like being a member of ISIS and Drew is recommending he choose different food options and Adam says the carrots are a tough nut and recommends fancy Italian meats and cheddar cheese sticks, you need that little greasy and fatty snack to cover up the cravings for fast food.


Adam is telling him to keep avocados, hard boiled eggs and other snacks around to help curb his desire for double bacon burgers.

Adam is now moving on.


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Adam wraps up the show with the closing plugs.