Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/31/2017 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 699

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/31/2017 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 699

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 10-19-2017 – Release Date 10-31-2017

Production Number #699 – Happy Halloween

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Adam opens the show with the standard intro and he shares that the ratings are going up, he thanks the fans.

Drew is sharing how Susan has planned for them to be ghoul Donald and Melania Trump.

Adam laments the work people put into their costumes, he cites Heidi Klum and her annual commitment to the holiday and her costumes, Adam has a killer “rims and tires” reply to Drew proclaiming that Adam only cares about wheels.


Adam thinks Lynette will be going to see Bruce Springsteen on Broadway and he reveals that Sonny will be going as Sherlock Holmes as he’s obsessed with the BBC series.

Adam is now talking to Drew about the many comments Susan receives about her resemblance to the first lady, Adam blames Danny K. and mentions ‘The Solicitor General” which Drew recalls they discussed on this show before.


Adam is asking Drew where he’s going for Halloween, he has no idea.

Adam is now waiting for his house to get “booed” by as he’s now ready for it, Adam tells Drew about the experience the first time they “booed” his house.

Adam moves on and abandons his story attempt, Drew interrupted him and ruined things.


1st Caller Jake, he listens to old episode of Loveline on YouTube all day, so he’s a big fan just not aware of where Loveline comes from.

Jake asks about Kratom, Drew explains what it is and Jake asks him about making drugs schedule 1, Drew doesn’t believe in it for any molecules of any kind and explains it to Adam.

Adam says at 22 you’re supposed to have energy, Adam wonders if we should blame Starbucks for young people needing something to change their affect and to generate artificial energy.


Adam says sodas were a big deal, no kids drank coffee and young people had energy when he was a kid.

Adam is going over his post-game Shasta celebration.


Adam wants a scale of how empty the cans were after a pop warner game when he was a kid vs. today where kids leave sodas half full as they’re not special.

Adam is further describing life before the constant need to consume beverages to change your affect.

Adam is making a point about humans needing to be altered and Drew mocks the notion of optimum health vs. just being healthy.

Drew suggests which will allow people to know their various cancer risks, he prefaces he doesn’t work for them nor get paid by them.


True CarDrew burps mid live read Edition


2nd Caller Devin, the male doctor who met them at Laguna Seca, Adam asks if Chris was a douche and Devin blows past it.

Devin says he notices people have a preformed opinion before they ask for advice, Drew says it’s more of a preformed emotional landscape, so they can avoid change.

Adam talks about women needing to voice all of the inner stuff that runs through them, he cites a recent experience trying to arrange to get BBQ after a signing in Nashville.


Adam shares the woman’s various circular thoughts about the distance to the restaurant and the inability to drive do the traffic, Adam says women need every chess move to be played out aloud.

Drew agrees and goes back to Devin, he says rather than saying “I’m not going to do that” they find any excuse to keep things as they are, citing Devin’s dog training experience he mentioned.

Adam is sharing how Phil poops dead nuts in the middle of the lawn, he refuses to move his spot and he realizes that Devin’s advice will require some effort to implant and nobody in his family will bother, but asks him to give the advice nonetheless.


Adam says moving on, nobody is going to take him on a leash to poop.

Adam says instead of putting 5 days in a row to train the dog with the leash his family is will spend infinite time and energy telling Sonny to watch out for the poop.

Adam makes a larger point about society and how we never have time or money to prevent things but have endless time to waste trying to jump over needless hurdles.


Adam mentions installing a hook for placing one’s keys when they arrive home, Adam says he can’t run 5 miles 5 morning in a row, but he can run 100 feet unlimited times while further breaking down the broken thinking.


3rd Caller Jimbo, he brings up the Loveline holocaust call from 2002.

Adam says in all of his years, he’s never done a recreation that works out and gives various examples of it not working out.

Adam says people don’t have a mimic gear and uses a football example to make his point.


Adam brings up the person who got really pissed when he was training them how to box, the woman kept dropping her hand when throwing her jab.

Adam doesn’t know what’s up with everyone’s processing and Drew says it’s more self-awareness, it’s bad in today’s world.

Drew recalls Adam training him how to box and how he learned to keep his hand up near his cheek.

Gary has the Loveline call and plays it for them, they promise to take Jimbo as tomorrow’s first call on ADS #700.


The call is from August 21st 2002 (feat. Tom Arnold)



Adam is now remarking on how she was instructed to abandon the holocaust and move to cancer and now they’re joking about the Los Angeles Unified School District and the dystopia of a world where people actually know basic facts.

Adam is mocking the argument to not overhaul the school system in this country and fix the problems with voucher programs and charter schools.


LifeLockThe Yahoo and Equifax breaches, thieves can buy your info on the dark web Edition


Adam closes out the show with some plugs.