Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/31/2014 – Arnez J and Deaf Frat Guy

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/31/2014 – Arnez J and Deaf Frat Guy

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Arnez J and Deaf Frat Guy

Recorded 10-30-2014 – Release Date 10-31-2014

Production Number #1444

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Adam is opening the show to a funny ‘Evil Adam’ costume intro, he thanks the fans for contributing and welcomes Alison to the show along with BB, his #TopDrop from yesterday’s episode.

Adam talks about the World Series and his son’s preference for the NFL replays over watching the live feed of the 7th inning of the 7th game of the World Series.

Adam is now explaining his reaction to the critical play during the game, Adam explains the concept of “sending him home” and now he’s breaking down the play.


Adam has a “never get in the van” i.e. 2nd location analogy, saying he would tell his kids to run while they can, a bullet in the back beats whatever is supposed to happen next and you have the possibility of escaping.

Adam jokes about guys named Whitey being who they compare your baseball stats to and what a good sign that is for your performance in said game.

Adam is talking about the pitcher and BB is in the mix with him, very exciting MLB talk that all Carolla fans have demanded he finally go in depth on, it’s still going.


Adam is now sharing what he told Lynette about the runner’s options and how it was situation where you don’t do what you normally do in a game of baseball, this was a different set of stakes.

Adam and BB explain that the coach made the safe but wrong choice, Adam explains Lynette’s reaction to his prediction and they now explain why he isn’t the “goat” in this situation, because he didn’t stick his neck out, he played it safe.

Nice network executive analogy.


Alison is asking for them meaning of booting and now gets a perhaps too in-depth explanation from both Adam and BB.

BB is the guy who is excited about this topic/play and is now breaking it down for another lap with Adam, Adam is expressing his empathy for the center fielder in a hypothetical scenario and players featured in the clips played over and over on SportsCenter.

BB explains who Bill Buckner is to Alison, she recalls he was on ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ and Adam is now explaining how football and basketball fans have a shorter memory for the game due to its pace unlike Baseball where the history is so rich every fuckup becomes lore.


Adam is now commenting on the spitting and how gross it is, Adam mocks the guys who dip and carry it on them.

Adam is now ranting about germs and the aforementioned coffeepot from the last episode, Adam is bringing up people who emotionally are ok with pouring coffee but not thing that make sense.

Adam is arguing against the “no I want to do it this way, I like it this way” in the face of science and facts, Adam says the entire country is the type of insolent child who acts like they don’t believe what you’re saying.


Alison is getting Adam to do the “Did you pay that guy” thing that is/was about me actually, Adam jokes about people actually listen to the guy who never gets sick and owns everything.

Adam is using air travel disasters and flying to make a point about this exact behavior but in a more acceptable place with sensible intent even if it’s not logical.

Adam is joking about guys liking to eat pussy and not being able to resist eating it while playing the game, they don’t need to be chewing and spitting nonstop, Adam says he wants to take a Sharpee and put a Swastika logo over the San Diego Padres logo.


Bb feels bad for the Padres and Adam admits he chose them on purpose, Adam jokes about Peyton Manning chowing down on a hoagie on the sidelines during a game.

Adam closes out the epic riff about the MLB and spitting, he welcomes DFG back to the show.


Adam is doing a live read for Simply Safe.


DFG is back, the Deaf Frat Guy and he has funny callback of the first thing he ever said to Adam.

Adam is asking him about the Halloween themed edition of ‘All Balls or J.V.’ (J.V. or ALL Balls) and now Adam is riffing with DFG about giving out packets of dip for the holiday.

Adam is joking about giving out candy cigarettes and grizzly dipping tobacco pouches, he says they need to break out the GoPro cameras and film this.

J.V. Or All Balls

1st JVOAB Moose, his frat brother always dressing up as women for Halloween, Adam explains the backstory about Moose and his sexuality.

Adam says it’s All Balls and BB agrees, Alison is right it’s J.V. and DFG has a funny cock in your ass reply, Alison seems to enjoy it, the reply.

DFG mentions that Moose is working for the San Francisco Jacks.


2nd JVOAB Eggs being used for vandalism, Adam is now giving his take on eggs and their dual nature of tasty breakfast item and astringent car paint remover.

Adam wants something in between Toilet Paper and eggs, eggs are too aggressive and T.P. is too light.

They all agree it’s J.V. and DFG declares it All Balls, telling them about getting revenge on the dean of your school.


3rd JVOAB Playing “Ookie Candy Corn” and Alison is familiar, but suggests someone else explain the rules of all the Ookie Jizz based games.

Adam is now asking for a ‘Man Show’ frat house play-set for kid’s commercial parody.

DFG is trying to conjure up the exact bit and Adam is now giving a thumbnail description of it and Alison specifies the rules about dudes all trying to hit the same target.

Adam says it’s All Balls and Alison agrees, they’re right, BB is wrong.

DFG explains that not all the candy corn is ruined unlike the infamous cookie variant of the game, gross.


4th JVOAB Grimace from MacDonald’s, All Balls! BB is wrong.


5th JVOAB Pink Eye, Adam says ALL Balls, he’s wrong.


6th JVOAB Stinky Pinky, All Balls!


7th JVOAB the Fall Classic, Adam says it even sounds boring, J.V.


8th JVOAB Goblins, Adam is wrong with J.V.


9th JVOAB Not letting others define you, Adam says it’s J.V. and DFG tells him he’s wrong with hilarious clichéd words.

DFG wraps the segment with a shout out to Poochie’s Uncle who has contracted Ebola.

They’re now playing the ‘Fraternity Action Heroes commercial parody from ‘The Man Show’ and it seems to hold up.


Adam is doing a live read for and goes in depth on his colon health after trying their branded cleanse for the past 3 days.

Adam is throwing it to break.


They’re back from break with Arnez J making his ACS debut.

Adam is asking him about his time with ‘The Harlem Globetrotters’ and tells him about seeing them live with his kids.

Arnez tells them about the moms who show up with the kids, often looking their best.

Adam jokes about his son one day playing for ‘The Washington Generals’ and calling him a fucking loser.


Arnez is telling them about blowing his knees out and ending his time in globetrotting, he jokes about going into pimping after that, he things it’s very funny.

Adam is asking Arnez about working as a flight attendant, Adam is saying he fined that people who gravitate towards comedy if they have to make announcements it gradually gets longer and become a routine of sorts.

Arnez plugs his own special and jokes about his ability to endear himself to all races of people, he does a hillbilly voice and says he worked for Continental and stole from them.


Adam jokes about owning ‘Soul Plane’ on “Black Ray” and nobody gives it the attention it deserves, Gary seems to be the only one reacting but he’s off mic, Adam thanks him.

Adam is joking about “Mid-Coke and Pre-AIDS” era and how the next great era we look back on will be “Pre 9/11” and he lists all of the privileges/rights we once had when it came to flying and interacting with a flight crew.

Adam is describing some conversations with pilot’s midflight.


Adam is asking Arnez about feeling superior as a 1st class flight attendant over a flight attendant in economy, Arnez tells them about serving Chateaubriand and how Southwest airlines ruined the dining experience in flying.

Adam is joking about dudes who got nothing when talking shit vs. Boston guys who have extremely witty comebacks and insults, hilarious “Douche-Fuck” riff from Adam as the non-Boston guy.

Arnez does his Boston/Irish guy voice and jokes about the people of Nebraska not doing a lot of talking.


Alison’s News

1st Story Is on the petition to remove Bill Maher from the commencement speaker at UC Berkley, she reads the argument on the petition and how it cites the Real Time episode with Ben Affleck.

Alison reads the reply from the college rejecting this petition, Adam is joking about the P.C. police going insane and eating their own tail.

Arnez shares some controversy he got into after posting a picture of two women in full Burka on his flight on a recent September 11th.

Arnez is now ranting about other cultures forcing their culture into/over American culture.


Adam is giving his take, he’s using “earthquake country” as a metaphor for America and immigration.

Adam has a funny explanation of how this devolves into something else, Arnez says he has friends that are Muslims and explains how their faith was connected to the terrorist events of 9/11.

Adam says that Bill Maher is not the enemy, he calls things as he sees it/them and comments on how he’s stifled on this one topic but none of the others he brings up or defends.


BB brings up Berkley being the college where this petition takes place, Alison sheds some light and makes a point about them rejecting the petition.

Arnez is now riffing about food, Alison has a funny reaction.

Adam is joking about Jewish people being adventurous eaters, where they lack talents for the X-Games they make up for it on the deli tray.


Adam is bringing up the work he did in South-central, he was in Compton and mentions the 15 empty 2 liters of pineapple Shaq Soda outside the trash can.

Adam is commenting on the apartment he walked in with Snoop Dogg, Bishop Don Magic Juan and their boys all eating fried chicken and fruity sodas, Adam comments on the black “yummy gene” and brings up pigs feet and collard greens, the other side of their yummy genetics.

Arnez has a historical explanation for why much of southern cooking has roots in slave food.


Adam has a hilarious reaction to Arnez’s tale of bringing food to an event, Arnez brings up the trend among some black people to move against traditional meals that are often too high in sodium and lead to heart disease and early deaths.

Adam is joking about his first order after a year being shipwrecked would be some ‘In and Out’ burger and Adam is now telling Arnez about the daring things black people do, Arnez is citing all of the things white people do that are far more daring.

Hilarious Kite one liner from Adam in response to Arnez.


Adam is explaining why whitey does this stuff, he brings up the average dominatrix clientele and how the man, the white man has no predators in the wild and must satiate this bygone part of our primitive brains that desires adventure and danger, the reptile brain stuff.

Adam is asking for proof of the Shaq soda and the footage of the bungee jumper in a wheelchair, Arnez says he doesn’t know a lot of vegetarians who are living housing, I actually grew up as one, point shitted!

Adam has a great “move on” response to people using bridges for this stuff, Arnez brings up Lorena Bobbitt.


2nd Story Is on the new Pot leaf costume for a baby, the same company that made the Ebola Nurse costume.

Alison is reading the description.

“It’s all shits and giggles until Doug Benson tries to eat your kid” – Adam on the costume, killer riff!

They’re now commenting on the Ray Rice costume and BB tells him to look at the costume on kids, Adam is in disbelief and jokes about these kids one day running for office.

Adam asks if the parents are trying to start a dialogue, hilarious.


Alison brings up the people who speak out in favor of Chris Brown and compares them to the defenders of Ray, Adam is asking for more information about Shaq soda, he finds out they don’t have a pineapple flavor and Adam tells him he’s leaving money on the table.

Adam is now asking about the racial ownership of Hi-C juice drink vs. Kool Aid, Arnez is weighing in and Adam is joking about the poor black kid raised on a lifetime of Kool Aid, begging for the Kool Aid man to bust through a wall and free him from prison.

Adam is back to the pig’s feet that Arnez brought it to his event that white people devoured, Adam asks if they were German white people that explains it.


Arnez is sharing an anecdote about a woman who was accused of driving a getaway car and tried to claim she was legally blind to avoid a prison sentence.

Arnez is describing the scene, was he forcing a joke into the show, like material?

Adam is in agreement and jokes about people pulling their pants up to secure employment then sagging them once they reach the status of having “F-U Pants Money”.

“May you all have an unknown dick in your ass” – Adam


Adam is doing a live read for Draft Kings.


Did the news ever get wrapped officially?

Adam is giving out the plugs and wrapping up the show, he jokes about Pineapple flavored Mangria.