Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/31/2013 – Jon Lovitz, Live from Amalfi

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/31/2013 – Jon Lovitz, Live from Amalfi

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Jon Lovitz, Live from Amalfi

Recorded 10-30-2013 – Release Date 10-31-2013

Production Number #1197

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Dawson has a killer intro and Adam is happy to introduce Jon Lovitz for their final live show from Amalfi of 2013, having Jon on the show with all of his controversy with Kevin Smith for this show has very “Great Magnet” connotations to it.

Adam is now mocking the irritated cyclist he encountered on the drive in, who gave him the double eye point in anger after Adam quickly spotted him and kept him free from danger.

Alison is now chiming in and describing “Puck” from Real World San Francisco and Adam is going in depth on what happened.


The Shadowy Hipster story, Adam is now riffing about how he would be in a helicopter now if Adam hadn’t been aware of his driving.

Adam is now saying that slow motion helicopter blades with an echo sound are the true signs of the worst possible scenario as he’s learned from movies.

Jon is now sharing a vehicle vs. cyclist accident he was involved in during the 1980’s with one of the coolest guys of all time.


Adam is explaining how this comes full circle with him dropping his car off just two blocks away and how he sped up so he could avoid a further encounter, even enlisting Gary to get ready to clear out in the car.

BB is now explaining how Adam’s ideas about the spinning chopper blades and double eye point is another movie trope and Adam is now riffing about frogman/navy seal business.

Adam is now asking Jon about his Fund Anything campaign, he’s got a comedic question and Jon has an almost Freudian throat clearing.


Adam is mocking Jon on his escalating amount requested for his campaign to further fund his podcasting network and comedy club.

Adam is helping him plug it and the upcoming video that will be available tomorrow.

Jon is explaining the premise to Adam who recently just completed this type of campaign and kind of wrote the model for what Jon’s describing.


Adam is now mocking the promises he made for his campaign, including Swiffer in his ass for YouTube filming sessions out of town.

Adam is now asking Jon about his days as a Groundling and who was in the classes with him, Jon is sharing about Paul Ruebens and his early success during their shows.

Tim Stack and Phil Hartman are other notable mentions, Adam is asking Jon about his SNL hiring and what went down to get on the main cast.


Adam is now mocking the featured players of SNL and BB is weighing in, Adam wants to know what year the featured line up was added.

Adam is now mocking the old Buck Henry “creepy uncle” bits from old SNL, Jon is unresponsive to the mention as if he’s unfamiliar.

Alison is bringing up the controversy over “Canteen Boy” and Adam is contrasting that to the Gilda Radner bits with Buck, Adam is now imagining the pitch for the sketches, hilarious quotes from Ace.


Jon is now saying he does remember that bit and he thought it was hilarious, Adam is now mocking Jon’s reply with his own real world logic.

Adam is now going off on targeted trick or treating and people “bussing in” to his neighborhood.

Adam is calling it “driving to a hotspot” and Adam is quizzing Jon about growing up in the valley.


Adam is now joking with Jon about going into the hospital, Jon’s dad was a doctor and he’s got some firsthand experience as an orderly in the hospital.

Adam is now joking about nepotism and bringing up Jon’s job at the hospital.

Jon is now sharing a “wrong hole” story about trying to prep a woman for an enema after a hysterectomy, Jon has a funny thought about that woman later seeing him on SNL.


Adam is now joking about an armpit wipe after hitting the wrong hole, Jon is mocking another woman who needed daily Vaseline on her rectum.

Jon just reminded Adam of “The Critic” which Adam followed from network to network and then into syndication.


Blah Blah Blog

1st Blog Choices are “Eric Idle, Russel Brand and Thom Yorke

Adam is now bringing up his suicide plan to discover from god if Jon Mayer is or is not a douche, had past guest Kumai Nanjiani shared his infamous story Adam would have new evidence.

Adam also wants to know if Russel is a douche or not, clearly forgetting the story we were told about his behavior at the Moore Theater regarding his bottled water preference.

Adam is now joking about sending celebrities overseas and the track record for how that ends up, citing Jim Morrison and now he’s riffing about how long he would last trying to instigate conversations and activity from the locals.


BB has a key reveal in picking his choice regarding the comedy taste of Mike Lynch.

Jon is now sharing an anecdote from Ringo Starr about getting out of his hometown.


2nd Blog Choices are “Kirk Douglas, William Shatner and Danny Glover”

BB is now asking about hotcake sales being a measurement for popularity, Adam is now trying to figure out something that sells well to replace it, Alison gets classification on what a hotcake is.

Alison is now asking about the grape flavored cigarettes for children and Adam is getting into the flavored vodka and he’s asking if that is for children and Alison finishes his sentence.


Adam just destroyed the logic in the blog and Alison agrees, Dawson thinks it’s candy cigarettes that are being brought up and Adam is saying they’ve been outlawed, he’s right!

Adam is now riffing about using a candy cigarette to really unwind after a hard day of 3rd grade.

Dawson is now telling Adam he’s correct.


Adam is now mocking Jon’s last minute switch going against his gut, mocking one’s own vendetta against themselves, much like his own tripping up.

Adam has a powerful reaction to this one, Lynch is a genius for content generation with this game.


3rd Blog Choices are “Penn Jillette, John Cusack and Michael Moore”

Adam is now riffing about being ok with all things being done to him that he doesn’t know about and never will, he’s talking about the NSA activities and how he doesn’t fear them nor care about them.

Adam is comparing that to the bed bugs and dust mites found in hotel room beds, how one can work themselves up but not do anything about it.

Adam is now getting to the narcissism at the heart of the matter and his taxpayer/earner status that prevents him from being wrongly convicted of things he’s never done.


BB is now asking Adam about drinking wine in bed, he’s got a hilarious mattress test joke that Adam and Alison both respond to with solid reactions.

Adam and Alison are now getting into the lose/lose scenario the government is in with this terror stuff.


4th Blog Choices are “Mike Farrell, Scarlett Johansson and Mia Farrow”

Adam is explaining who Mike is and who he played on MASH, “Reach around Honeydew” Alison’s reaction is gold and she has a simultaneous follow up with Adam that is also pretty solid.

Jon is telling him about a childhood friend who the character “BJ Honeycutt” was named after, Adam is now mocking the concept of taking names from neighborhood kids.


Adam is now once again bringing up Michael Moore and his denouncement of Christians in the face of a question about Muslim violence.

Adam is sharing his goal to sleep with Scarlett just because he knows she would be miserable and Alison has a great comment in response.


5th Blog Choices are “Russell Simmons, Al Sharpton and Steve Harvey”

Adam is mocking the notion of any of these guys “being held down by the white man” and he’s mocking Steve’s status as the black Dr. Phil

Dawson’s delivery was indicative of Al Sharpton and Adam is breaking down his logic trying to discern who is behind this.

Dawson did give that one away and BB takes the win.


Adam is now joking about Al’s gastric bypass and has a killer chicken and waffle joke and a follow up response to his own joke that tops the joke.


Alison’s News

Adam is now mocking the Halloween theme for every sitcom he’s seen from the past two weeks, he’s bringing up the bygone era of “M*A*S*H” and “All in the Family” and how nobody would’ve objected to its absence back then.

Adam and Alison are now discussing the missing reruns of “Fantasy Island” and “The Partridge Family”.

Alison is bringing Jon into the mix and he pretends to not understand, BB and Jon are discussing the “Treehouse of Horrors” he did on the Simpsons.


BB says spook and Jon takes the low hanging comedy fruit to moderate success.

Alison is bringing up the Facts Of Life “Halloween” episode, there was only one?

She’s bringing up the twitter profile changes that people are undertaking for the holiday akin to the credits on those aforementioned “Simpsons” episodes.


2nd Story is asking about blackface and Treyvon Martin costumes.

Adam is now mocking Julianne Hough’s promise that they’ll always be friends, hilarious.

Alison is explaining how she had been getting controversy for darkening her skin to play a black character.


Adam is ordering a 2nd serving of Mangria and Jon pusses out on Ace with a diet coke (with lime of course).

Adam is now bringing up how intent should be the only important factor in things like this, he’s got a muffler/forest fire analogy and Alison has a great point about misunderstanding.

Adam has a killer response to Alison’s question about Adam’s “Mr. T” costume and an even funnier one liner about an “Al Jolson” kit for Halloween skin darkening.


Adam is now bringing up the stupid part where we all stumble, Adam is citing his 1985 costume that nobody cared about and Alison wants to know if he’s now calling the opposing argument racist.

Alison is backing up her point and Adam is mentioning the changes in the times and it’s obvious we are now in a culture that observes all past events as racist and sexist, which in turn devalues the terms.

Adam is defending Julianne and Alison has a killer one liner about her meetings and comes to Julianne’s defense as well.


3rd Story is on a study that has found 1 in 6 women won’t let their husbands see them naked and 15% don’t have sex at all.

Adam is now riffing a reply, saying 5 out of 6 husbands don’t want to see their wives naked.

Adam is now on his theory about people who look good being naked always finding a reason to strip down.


Alison has her own theory on what this study could mean and she’s quizzing Adam about his nude pose downs, Adam says he looks better moving in the nude and gets “The More You Know” from BB.

Adam is asking Jon about his own nude visage, Alison has some follow up comments.


4th Story is on 34% of people in their 20’s living at home with their parents.

Adam misspeaks and mentions “To Catch a Predator” while trying to talk about his show “To Catch a Contractor”.

Adam is bringing up the experience he had with a family while filming his show.


Alison’s bringing up the statistics over the past 8 years and Adam is waxing poetic on the kids who don’t want their driver’s license and don’t care about getting some distance between themselves and their parents.

Adam is wisely predicting what has led to this, parents being too friendly.

“I don’t want to leave my buddy who has all the money and the fridge” – Adam on modern kids not wanting to separate and grow up.


Adam is now predicting if you asked all of these parents and if they could get their kids into a safe place, in the same state the parents would be down to help make it happen.

Jon is sharing his own experience moving out with some confusing input from his father.

Adam is now communicating with an audience member and telling him to sit-down after he heckled and his now doing a pose down.


Adam is now summoning a phantom bouncer for “the guy who looks vaguely English”


5th Story is on a “Snuggle House” opening in Madison Wisconsin

Alison is explaining what the service is and how much it costs.

Jon is explaining a thing he saw in Japan and Adam is now riffing about what goes on over there, asking if they only have 14hr days in light of the short time periods.


Alison is citing the problem in Japan regarding young people not having sex, Adam is now asking what the problem is as they’re such attractive people for the most part.

Alison has a key question and Jon says “Fuck Everything”, Adam is working out a theory about drive and goals and contrasting that to the people of certain Beach+Rum cultures that drink and fuck most of the day.


6th Story is breaking news on the winner of the MLB “World Series”.

Adam is now bringing up the idiosyncrasies of the game that annoys him, he’s saying it allows too much downtime for thinking.

Adam’s got a great UFC analogy and he’s breaking down what annoys him about the game.


Adam and BB are now on a great riff about ways to improve Major League Baseball, Adam doesn’t like designated runners.

Adam wants all fat guys to have to be forced to run the bases.

Adam’s got a hilarious “raise the foul pole” one liner as the news wraps.


Adam is jumping into a live read and giving out the plugs with some confusion and comedy about Jon’s “J Lo” joke attempt in the plug.

Adam is now wrapping the show.