Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/30/2017 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 698

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/30/2017 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 698

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 10-19-2017 – Release Date 10-30-2017

Production Number #698 – The Termite Guy

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Adam opens the show with the standard intro, Drew is pumped and he gives his own sing songy “get it on!” and tells Adam about taking a run early in the morning, Drew says he’s such a morning person getting a run in changes his mood and feelings about life.

Adam says Lynette drops the kids off at school and then goes somewhere, he says the electrician was over doing some work and Drew interrupts him.

Drew is saying he listens to podcasts when he runs and it’s become meditative for him, he shares his feelings about the communal and meditative element of being a podcast listener.


Adam is explaining he scheduled the termite guy so he could perfectly time it that he would show up after Adam walked Phil, he even tipped off the guys working out front and told them to let the guy in.

Adam is now sharing how he was playing the odds on his arrival and how he anticipated things going his way, only to get a call from Matt Fondiler that the termite guy was banging on the door for 7 minutes to no avail.

Drew laments that the odds never go the way that would benefit him nor Adam, they both are cursed by the Great Magnet.


Adam is sharing how meek his electrician Nelson can be at times, he’s a polite guy.

Drew is asking Adam to go over the details of their interaction when Adam told Nelson to let the guy in.

Drew is saying Adam will “shorthand” instructions and Adam is now going over how he mentally tried to figure out the miscommunication and what happened.


Adam presumed the truck must’ve been parked discretely only to arrive home to see a giant truck out front with termite extermination logos.

Adam says the exterminator is his favorite type of guy, after Adam revealed they only planned to spend another 1-2 years at that location, he told Adam there was no need for him to spray as termites take about 20 years to really get a property infected and they would just tent the place and respray when he moves out, Adam had to insist the guy take $60 after he tried to leave and not charge him for it.

Adam jokes about giving the exterminator a reach around, funny.


1st Caller Shayla, she’s a huge fan and tells Adam about recently getting through Adam’s “Vicar of Christ” phase after the death of the pope while listening to classic Loveline.

Shayla is now telling them about her eating disorder and bipolar diagnosis, Adam asks about everyone having anxieties about every possible element of life.

Adam heard Whitney Cummings and her various anxieties in life, Adam is now getting to his “stop it” feeling and tells people to move on, do yourself a favor and stop seeing yourself as a victim.


Adam is now talking about the fake service dogs and Drew shares his mixed feelings on people using their diagnosis as a liability or a crutch, Adam says people are using every excuse to take the road most traveled.

Adam says we are in a weird time where people are refusing to plan ahead and take responsibility, Adam brings up how service dogs went from a legitimate need for people with different accessibility needs to everyone who wants to fly with their dog and not pay for it.


They’re back to Shayla who is telling them about her experience with a physiatrist and her occupational therapist, she says she’s too self-aware for this to work and wants an “aha” light bulb moment.

Drew says it takes 10k little “aha” moments to change, he cites the bogus claims of changed perspective that people who use hallucinogens bring up yet can’t prove they changed their life in anyway after using them.


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2nd Caller Lee, she’s calling about ‘Teen Mom’ and the chaos surrounding the lives of the women who participated in the program.

Lee is asking why nobody intervenes with the women and their children, Drew says what you’re looking at was filmed at least 6 months ago, Drew says these women get lots of treatment, it’s none of Lee’s business who receives what.

Drew explains it’s confidential and Lee is now telling Adam about the show, she’s super worked up and Drew is trying to explain reality vs. reality TV to Lee.


Adam cuts her off and he jokingly tells her not to ever watch a Mexican soap opera.

Adam is now asking Lee about her life, she’s 39 and her had her son very young.

Lee is ranting up a storm, Adam asks if she’s married and gets a “hell no” which Adam follows up with a nearly record setting “shocking.”


Adam asks her about her job, she’s not selling stuff on eBay and claims to be in the entertainment industry and does PR.

Gary thinks she might be the mother of Adam’s publicist Lee who went to WrestleMania with his mom.

Drew now explains it one more time and Adam mocks her career in publicity, joking about her being an old pro who knows how this business works.


Blinds GaloreIt’s nice to have them in the edit bay, pitch black in there Edition


Adam gives out the plugs, Gary doesn’t have the right thing open and Adam says “that’s why we need a system” before the close things out.