Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/30/2015 – Night Vale’s Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor, plus Steve DeAngelo

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/30/2015 – Night Vale’s Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor, plus Steve DeAngelo

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Night Vale’s Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor, plus Steve DeAngelo

Recorded 10-29-2015 – Release Date 10-30-2015

Production Number #1692

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Adam opens the show with an “excited to have you” intro and some opening weirdness, BB has Phil’s “Yeah!” #TopDrop.

Adam is addressing his stance on taking kids to rich neighborhoods for Halloween, Adam is now making a point about the message about success and possibility based on race and income.

Adam talks about the super poor fat people in front of 50 inch flat screens demanding their “fair share” and now Adam is talking about the difficulty in selling this bullshit with an alien race or with someone from the past.


Adam says the nation is going into the fucking toilet and much like Voter suppression, it’s not food insecurity, clearer the kids are overweight and “full” but they’re unsure about the future and maintainting their obesity.

Adam is making a point about living like a victim and he’s bringing up ‘Take a Knee’ and the variety of guests that are of all backgrounds but all share a low self-esteem which leads to working hard and Adam has a great boxing analogy for this idea and BB brings up Jerry Rice.

Adam is critiquing Gina for being unfamiliar and says he even knows the names of some comic book characters despite not being into that stuff.


BB is now bringing up Jerry’s story and explains what drove him to excel and try even harder than the rest.

Adam is talking about the categories of dudes that got pussy in high school vs. guys who were starved for it, Adam is fast forwarding into the lives of those who did or didn’t get laid early in life.

BB and Adam talk about believing in oneself.


#LOTJ Lord of the Jungle

Winner Martin, he bought a bunch of pink little league gear, Adam is asking him about his kid being ok wearing pink and cites his own son’s aversion to the color.

Adam is talking about losing little league games and how it helps you learn where you fit in and won’t damage Martin’s son.

Adam is now cutting him off and saying he’s pissed, BB plays the closer.


Adam is talking about the way he hits Cousin Sal up regarding watching football at Kimmel’s theater. Adam learned that cousin Sal’s son was scheduled to play football on Sunday.

Adam explains the soccer games force the peewee football kids to play on Sunday and interrupt the NFL season for the parents.

Gina brings up Seth Macfarlane’s party that Adam missed due to the live shows, Adam thinks the theme was around his birthday.


Gina shares her excitement for the Night vale guys.


Adam is now doing a Live Read for Castrol GTX


Joseph and Jeffrey from the hit podcast ‘Welcome to Night vale’ are now making their ACS debut(s) and Gary gets it all rolling perfectly.

Adam is asking them about their book, the possible movie and how the project all came together.

Adam is now having Gary play a clip from the podcast, Gina comments on it and Adam says it seems so eclectic and out there and hard to define.


Adam asks them about a “next” and if anyone wants a follow up project, Adam is asking them about the live podcast and how that works.

Adam has a funny riff about Cecil and his parents and trying to explain what a podcast is.

Adam talks about how we’ve ultimately come around to the earliest form of radio plays, we ultimately all want to sit around and hear a story.

Adam has a funny ‘Marc DeCarlo line in reply to BB’s side note.


Gina has some questions for the guys and Adam plugs the book.

Adam is sharing how he closes his eyes to absorb information and communicate it.

Adam is talking about the audio replays of the E! True Hollywood stories on SiriusXM and how much more you absorb from just hearing about Alphalpha’s life than watching it.


Adam is now setting up a mash up of Phil Rosenthal’s latest drop and ‘One Of Us’ which Adam is hesitant to call a tool tune, Adam is going into a live read.


Adam is doing a Dollar Shave Club Live Read


Dawson is now playing the mashup of the song and the insane drop of Phil saying ‘Yeah!’

Adam says his favorite part of comedy is knowing the beat or punchline is coming and then you get the predictable misdirect, akin to him sniffing his young children’s feet and pretending they stink and then don’t smell so badly on the 3rd whiff.

They head to break.


They’re back from break with Steve DeAngelo making his ACS debut and Adam talks about Mike August’s prediction about legal Marijuana being the next gold rush.

Steve is sharing his own estimates about the revenue and proceeds of legal cannabis in California, BB is asking some follow up questions and Steve explains how the treasury department has made it difficult for medical marijuana growers in response to Gina.

Adam is talking about his mom the old hippie and legalizing weed.


Adam wants to know what’s unique about California Cannabis and Adam jokes about “free range weed” unaware of the already existing organic pot movement.

Adam is asking Steve about Cannabis in comparison to other crops, Adam is asking good follow ups and BB asks about price drops.

Adam asks about a crystal bong to predict the future and Steve says 2019 is the first time we’ll have a realistic legalization of Marijuana.


Adam is asking what holds us back with this issue, Gina brings up Bernie Sanders coming out in support of Marijuana.

Adam is now asking about Jerry Brown and his stance on Marijuana, why not stop at this issue.

Steve says don’t look for logic in this debate or these laws, Adam is now asking who Jerry is trying to impress with this posturing against pot.


Adam talks about law enforcement and the cool cops he speaks to after shows that tell him about not wanting to be stuck writing tickets and busting people for weed.

Steve is very well spoken and reasonable, Adam jokes about the California Correctional Facility message that plays over calls from prisons.

BB is laying the drop as Adam riffs a phone call, akin to the WAZE/Interview bit.


Adam is now asking Steve about the changes in growing mechanism, Adam is now bringing up attack crows to this guy as he finds him so reasonable and able to answer everything.

Adam is asking about crows getting high and riffs about it, Steve tells him about hemp seeds in bird feed.

Adam is asking him about working strains and making pure pot vs. cross breeding.


Adam is asking Steve about animals altering themselves via substances, Steven talks about the medical benefits of cannabis.

BB plays a “the more you know” drop to mock him and Steve has some facts about cancer and marijuana, Adam is bringing up the arguments he used to have with Dr. Drew about using weed over a prescribed pharmaceutical.

Adam is wrapping it up with Steve and thanks him for coming on the show, it was very enlightening.

Adam is once again hitting how much cash they could raise to help the cash starved California, Gina gets Steve to comment on the innovation the state could lead in the industry.


Adam is doing a Live Read for Nature Box


Gina comments on their guest never using the term marijuana.

Gina’s News

1st Story is on a Pennsylvania grocery store banning the sales of eggs to minors leading up to Halloween, Adam is for it and says there is not a legitimate reason a kid is buying eggs.


2nd Story is on Target’s new website that helps trick or treaters find the best houses for hauling candy.

Adam is talking about strangers going into other people’s neighborhoods and messing up the spirit of the holiday and the neighborly element.

Adam is talking about the minivans dropping kids off and the “he’s got some shit, we don’t got some shit, let’s get some” attitude that precludes apocalypse style looting.


Adam is saying it’s demeaning to say that poor people aren’t up to cleaning up their own lawns and maintaining their homes within a budget, its called pride.

Adam is saying that poor people can afford Halloween candy once a year, BB is asking for thoughts on candy corn and they’re al weighing in including Gary.

Adam says that Candy Corn is akin to a roasted marshmallow, you like it due to the memories involved.


3rd Story is an update on Michael Jackson’s earnings after his demise and a list of the top earners after death among celebrities.

Adam is now riffing about Jared Fogle using his ‘F’ Me Hoagie’ money and suggests a Kickstarter campaign to get MJ’s former home the Neverland Ranch for Jared, as a gift.

Adam is talking about the sheer amount of revenue brought in by MJ living and dying in Los Angeles.


Gina has the top 5 and Adam is mocking ‘White Diamonds’ perfume and Gina then does the top 10 which includes Paul Walker.

Adam is mocking Charles Schulz, he agrees with Gina that the kids were shitty in the strips and she brings up Syd and Marty Krofft and their re-warming of their old shitty ideas over at Nickelodeon now.


4th Story is in regards to the outrage at Quentin Tarantino calling police murderers, Adam says that eventually your face turns into what you’re thinking and he comments on Quintin’s look and hair/face age gap.

Adam says brothers can pull off the jet black hair late in life, white guys cannot pull this off, and no amount of white privilege can help this.

Adam says his face is starting to reflect his insanity, they’re talking about his hair and Adam brings up nutty broads and their attire giveaways.

Gina shares an anecdote about Travolta being hired for ‘Pulp Fiction’ and now BB is sharing the plot of ‘The Hateful Eight’ and Adam goes into a live read.


Adam is doing a Live Read


5th Story is on a man’s attempt to get the world record for longest black Friday waiting outside of a store, Gina has the details.

Adam is now talking about saving people from themselves by keeping them from attending the black Friday madness.


6th Story is on a study of anger and emotion in the workplace, how men vs. women express it.

Gina has some of the details about it and Adam is talking about the anger element, he’s breaking down the assumptions made about men and women based on them getting upset or crying.

Interesting dual sexism angle is explored.


7th Story is on a new study that shows the Australian accent is due to a drunken slur of their forefathers, Adam is sharing the math done by Mike August about a live show in Australia.

Adam thinks two weeks in Australia is impossible for him, he thinks he could do one week.

Adam says that his old assistant Jay also pitched him on it, Adam asked to break it down and explains how two weeks isn’t necessary, the math breaks down to the same thing as 4 days in Europe.

Adam thinks they will work out an Australian live show, Gina has a funny one liner and now Adam says this explanation finally makes him get ‘Vegemite’ and Adam jokes about them eating it in a drunken stupor.

Gina is wrapping the news.


Adam is now doing a True Car Live Read

Adam is giving out the plugs and wrapping up the show, he mentions the old football Sunday shows at ‘Happy Endings’ and they close things out.