Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/30/2014 – Rob Corddry and Matt Atchity

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/30/2014 – Rob Corddry and Matt Atchity

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Rob Corddry and Matt Atchity

Recorded 10-29-2014 – Release Date 10-30-2014

Production Number #1443

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Adam has a funny Steve Miller themed intro and an oldie but goodie classic drop of Ty Pennington off of another radio show, not related to Adam Carolla in anyway, asking the hosts about their negative take on him as today’s #TopDrop.

Matt Atchity is in studio and Adam is now riffing on the booze laws in various states, the state run facilities and more common sales done in other states with more evolved alcohol laws.

Adam is giving his take on the state run planes, he asks if people can’t just simply get their buzz on, Adam says booze is a state sanctioned legal drug and cites the government hypocrisy and the bullshit smokescreen/theater we all act out to pretend it’s somehow of higher morality than any other drug sales.


Adam is now suggesting that anything we’ve done that we may have regretted is caused by booze, Alison agrees with that point after Adam dances around another aspect perhaps too long.

BB is bringing up the old-world regulations about cable providers that are still in effect and seem like they should be done away with.

Adam is setting up another anecdote about Sonny melting his heart, he mentions his 845am call into ‘Kevin and Bean’ and explains his restless actions before finally giving in after waking up too early.


Adam is now explaining how Molly is pushing his feet off of the bed, and how he was so out of ideas and sleep positions he tried one so radical he thought might finally work while truly knotting it wouldn’t, if it did work how would he first be discovering it now after so many years of life and sleep experience.

Adam is explaining how he needed to “not catch” after a complex motor and battery jump start metaphor, Adam says he needed a dart in his neck, Alison and Matt are chiming in and Adam is further describing his Cyanide Jr. capsule that only knocks you down for 5min.

Matt pitches “Sleepy Time Mangria” and BB adds to it nicely with an AM and PM recipe comment.


Adam is referencing Rohipnol and how he needs something different, something that only puts him out for 10-15min, not anything with an Indian guy standing over him with an IV.

Adam is telling people not to tweet him with chamomile soup and riffs about ether, Matt says Adam is looking for the Banana in the tailpipe.


Adam is taking it back to Sonny and his admirable actions, he’s mocking Natalia and her bathrobe, hilarious Thurston Howell III reference.

Adam is further mocking how bathrobes were synonymous with adults and not for kids, it was “Richie Rich Shit” and Adam is joking about getting jealous and ordering his daughter to get dressed, she told him it was “go to school in your pajamas day” and Adam is riffing about kids needing motivation to make them go to school.

Adam is sharing how he went to Sonny who was not participating in the day and once again said “Doesn’t Move the Needle” which impressed him, even though he knows Sonny wants him to bear hug him and likes him bringing it up on the podcast.


Alison has a truly insightful question about Sonny refusing to participate in these school functions and what Adam and Lynette think about it.

Adam is explaining why Natalia is into altering her shit, changing things up, guys are often not interested in that and wear clothes for a long time like non stinky Aceman.

Adam is talking about haircuts and his usual place, Adam has a hilarious “recently” riff about people using it the wrong way to cover up shame about not doing something.


Adam is explaining how he was compelled to tell the woman across from him dying her hair to give it up, he goes in depth on her rugged elderly face and clarifying he’s not telling her to stop shaving the stash, just don’t spend 3 hours of wasted energy.

Alison is sharing her attempts to go Fro and not dry her mechanically, Alison jokes that Daniel was affected performance wise, by her lackluster air dried hair, and he provided the leading comments to make her believe it was related to her non blow dried apparently shitty hair.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Shane, he’s got a weird “alpha male” intro, he wants to know the “man rules” to live by and Adam mentions the things he would like his son to do include driving a stick, BB clarifies, able to drive a manual transmission automobile.

Adam says apologizing effectively is another key thing to teach a young man, it’s not something that comes naturally, he compares it to changing a tire and how you can’t call AAA to apologize for you.

Adam is explaining how women feel and can empathize more than men, by and large and that’s why she’s such a better parent than he is, whoa!


Adam is bringing up his work with the dudes on ‘Catch a Contractor’ who can’t form half a sentence that sounds even little believable or heartfelt when faced with apologizing with the homeowners they ripped off.

Adam is now giving an example about how a super well-crafted apology can get you out of at least one major fuck up or scrape at school, work and with your significant other(s).

Alison has a solid follow up and Adam is further clarifying the next level of the fake apology, Alison says you can’t just be sorry because of the part where it’s negatively affecting you, Alison has a funny one liner and Matt has a great fake apology.


2nd Caller Cassius, he wants some advice for “up and coming podcasters” and Adam is now playing the part of Cassius and his Dad, Cassius scares Adam and he has a funny Mohamed question.

Adam is now riffing two separate scenarios, mocking his ambition to make money in this field let alone move from Canada to L.A.

Adam asks why he would move when it’s the kind of business where you can set up shop wherever you’re located, Cassius is telling Adam about prepping for his 1st open mic in a few months.


Adam tells him that if he’s averse to making a fool of himself on air that perhaps this business is not for him, Adam asks Cassius if he knows Rob Corddry and tells him to prepare to interview him.

Cassius reveals he’s had Bald Bryan and Joey Diaz on his podcast, BB confirms this and Alison helps Adam connect Joey to Joe Rogan and ‘Deathsquad’.

Adam does a Reverie bed live read


They’re heading to Break.


Back from break

Rob is making his ACS debut thought he did join Adam live on Stage in 2010 during the ‘Just For Laughs Festival’ with Adam’s epic one time only Harriet Tubman riff, it was amazing.

Adam jokes with him about wasting his time and commute to talk to Cassius, Dawson is on mic and they’re trying to recovers his line after joking about title of ‘Totally Topical TiVo Trivia Time Today’ Rob added topless to it and BB starts riffing.

Cassius is still not on the line, he’s back and Adam asks if Dawson had to do something, he tells Adam he was right, he is every time.


Adam is asking if Cassius knows who Rob Corddry is and rolls in with his intro, Rob is killing it immediately, asking him why he left college after two days and gave up on his journalism major.

Adam is telling Rob to step his game up, hilarious “oh shit” reply from Rob who is actually giving a thoughtful answer.

Cassius asks him about the skills he learned in his two days as a Journalism major, Adam gives C-Dog a hand and tells him to ask about Rob’s new web series.


Adam gets Cassius to ask about his family, he now asks Rob about his kids watching his work in his adult themed movies, Rob tells him they don’t watch them and he won’t let them even as adults.

Adam is now having C-Dog wrap it up and jokes about the next guess being Penelope Anne Miller, who might still be pissed at Adam for telling her what a pile of a shit her movie ‘The Shadow’ was on Classic Loveline.

Rob is now recommending Cassius and his show, after he offers a guest spot to Adam, hilarious move by Rob.


Adam is now bringing up the multiple options for releasing a project today when compared to the rules of the old studio model.

Rob is explaining when and how the new business model really affects him and excites him, Adam is now referencing a conversation with Mike August about the evolution of transistors.

Adam is going in depth on the Sony Lot and bringing up his idea about how much the iPhone would cost if it had moving parts, he wants to know how much it would cost, how long it would last etc.


Adam is connecting the arts to the advancement of technology and the way everything keeps evolving and getting cheaper on a consumer level along the way.


Adam tells Gary to thanks the callers, they’re moving on.


Rotten or FreshKeanu Reeves Edition

Adam mocks the movie Rob did with Ashton Kutcher and he brings up ‘Sex Tape’ to which Matt has a funny reply about the videotape being used, Rob goes along with and is being a good sport about his work in some not so great movies.

Rob shares a Leonard Maltin anecdote.


1st Movie ‘Point Break’ (1991)

Rob is really going in depth on his score and Adam tells BB to go back and watch the movie, he says it’s better than he’s giving it credit for, Rob says the critics were different back then and doesn’t have a gauge on them, Adam tells him to get one.


2nd Movie ‘Speed’ (1994)

BB talks about that being Sandra Bullock’s breakout role, Adam is joking about the sequel on the cruise ship and Rob has a funny reply with some fake misunderstanding riffing.


3rd Movie ‘The Matrix’ (1999)

Adam still has not seen this, Adam gets the closes score regardless.

Adam asks about and observes how tough critics are on these types of movies, citing it as groundbreaking but that still not pulling a lot of weight.

Adam is now reading the score for ‘Speed 2: Cruise Control’.


4th Movie ‘Constantine’ (2005)

Adam comments on the TV adaptation and how nuts TV is going for the comic book material, They all guess and Rob takes the lowest guess.

Rob has a great “fuck you!” reply and outrage over ‘Sex Tape’ getting a lower score than ‘Constantine’ and now Matt is explaining why they reviewed the two movies so differently, trying to be flattering toward Rob.


5th Movie ‘The Lake House’

Rob shares his love for this movie, Adam hasn’t seen it but knows the time travel mailbox plot quite well, they’re commenting on the scores and everyone is sad for Alison, this time for non-marriage reasons.

Adam plugs Matt’s podcast and website, Matt jumps in with a fans vs. critic’s panel.


Adam is telling Alison she’ll make it up in the news segment, she jokes about typically turning in a “Rob Performance” mocking him to his face.

Adam jokes about Alison playing like Favre and being a fan favorite, he tries to give her a “choking up” strategy.


Alison’s News

Adam is now doing a Draft Kings live read, BB gives a tip for the week, shut up loser (losing gambler).


1st Story Is on Jose Canseco shooting off one of his fingers whilst cleaning his gun, Adam jokes about him being required to live in Las Vegas because of his persona.

Adam jokes about Jose losing a middle finger not being that big of a deal, Rob comments on him no longer using it and Alison has all of the gory details.

Adam is bringing up the idea of there being more deaths from car cleaning than people being run over, Adam has a funny chimney sweeping analogy.


Alison is asking about the necessity of cleaning guns, Adam has some info and Gary communicates some key nods to confirm through the glass.


2nd Story Is an update on the Marysville shooting and the location of the victims, Adam is now riffing on the triple insult of this shooting, Adam is giving his take on the newfound “I forgive the shooter” comments, Adam wans the shooter’s body brought into the stocks and flogged.

Adam says its way too evolved to be so forgiving this early, too evolved for him and Alison confirms the teacher never made contact with the shooter, he shot himself and Adam once again is right.

Adam is now bringing up the Pat Tillman and Jessica Lynch stories, citing the Sully US Airways flight, Adam has a killer he went back in for a computer and to clean up the lavatory riff.


Everyone is in the mix and Adam is explaining why he responds well to high stress scenarios, he’s using UFC fighters and fighter pilots and their lower heart rates to make his point.

Adam is now sharing the story of when he caught the purse snatcher, Adam says it was in the era before he had a cellphone, not cellphones.

Adam is explaining he was disappointing himself by catching the black, criminal gentleman who he presumed could outpace him.


Adam is giving the details of the wheelman and their probable plan, Adam explains how he never thought of him and the driver possibly having a gun, and his number #1 concern is the super uncomfortable headlock confrontation where the guy gets emotional, BB mocks Adam for fearing the emotional confrontation and not the physical.

Adam sums it up, he ran out towards the screams.

Alison now asks Rob the same question, he’s sharing an anecdote of a car speeding towards his friend, hilarious riff between Rob and Adam.


Adam is telling them about what a fucking cunt she was, Adam describes his attempt to gather up her belongings, he says it was 14th street between Montana and Wilshire.

She was lamenting the missing 200 dollars she just took out from the ATM, still no thank you, Adam is commenting on the street view that Gary’s pulled up.

Adam explains how she eventually found the wallet in the gutter and then took credit for finding it, Adam mocks her some more.


Adam has an unusual observation about the weird world we’re living in, in response to the access to google maps?


Adam is explaining how everyone else glommed on and offered the purse snatch victim tea and such, Adam was hoping for some kind of mysterious hero poster.

Everyone agrees she sounds like an awful person, Adam says maybe she is the person you want in this scenario.


3rd Story Is on a university of Arizona Study about the most common places for germs/virus in office settings is the coffee pot.

Alison mentions the airline trays and Adam is now lamenting the airport SCRUB crew who clean the plains between flights.

Rob is in agreement with how messy people often leave their seat area, Adam now brings up the airport bathrooms where people shit with impunity and mentions the sheer number of stalls for why it’s pound for pound, inch for inch and ass for ass worse.


Rob has an anecdote about the cleanest stall in bathrooms, Adam says it’s a different one than the guy wrote about so he can still use the clean one.

Rob goes along with the riff and explains it’s actually the first stall as people often skip it, Adam has a hilarious science testing riff, about measuring what D-Cup bras do to women’s spines, cocaine effecting appetites and some crazy pizza experiment.

BB is now in the mix and Adam is suggesting the ultimate experiment instead of the lame one, hilarious cocaine, titties, steak or pizza concept.


4th story is on the Dunkin Donuts variant of the Cronut, Alison explains what it is and asks Adam his feelings about them.

Adam is now riffing about custard filled Churros and Rob has a killer one liner, he’s getting rock hard in response to Adam’s homoerotic description.

Alison is explaining what a Cronut is to Rob and Alison brings up “Scooped” bagels and Rob reveals he just learned about it at Yom Kippur.


Adam is doing a live read for

Adam is giving out the plugs and wrapping up the show.