Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/29/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 285

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/29/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 285

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – Michael Aronin

Recorded 10-27-2015 – Release Date 10-29-2015

Production Number #285 – Michael Aronin

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Adam opens the first and only recording with their guest Michael Aronin making his ADS debut, Adam talks about meeting him at an even with Christopher Titus.

Adam jokes about drinking to bring himself down to Michael’s level, Adam has Michael explain his medical diagnosis.

Adam is mocking the Bill Cosby new coke campaign, Adam is asking Michael about how he first met Titus and he talks about the show ‘Special Unit’ that was shot as a pilot for ShowTime and discussed in details on Classic Loveline, that show/movie needs to be made!


Adam is now asking Michael about his life and his condition, he brings up his studies of the Black Lives matter movement and describes how his wife thinks Sarah Silverman sounds just like Adam talking about her book placement and sales.

Adam talks about the prepositioned stance most of us have, prepared for a bias against us from the universe, halfcocked waiting to be victimized.

Adam says he doesn’t go through life thinking “oh it’s me” and explains what is personal vs. what isn’t.


Michael is now weighing in and shares how he has to overcome what Adam is talking about and now Drew is bringing up Michael’s condition and they’re talking about people trying to be nice and coming off like a dick.

Adam is bringing up childhood and asking him about it, Michael says he didn’t get a lot of shit as he wasn’t living in a pity party.

Adam and Drew are talking about young males and what they do to each other and what it means, Adam asks about actual victimization and mentions micro aggressions.


Adam and Drew are doing and Live Read


1st Caller Artie, he’s calling about working with people experiencing two different phenomena in psychiatric units.

Drew is commenting on allergies and pseudo seizure symptoms, Drew says that as soon as you hear “you’re the best doctor, you healed me” run for the hills.

Drew is sharing how he was shocked by the reality of working in a psychiatric hospital.


Adam is talking about “yes people” who enable you to live like a victim or total puss.

Adam is sharing how his wife reacts to him talking about people agreeing.

Michael is now giving his take about hard work and what people want, Drew is now explaining how boundaries play a role in this.


Drew has a story of someone who drove him off the road when he tried to merge, Michael has a killer reply and apologizes for cutting Drew off.

Adam is now talking about a trip into Loveline and how he was riding a guy’s ass for a half of a mile, Adam got up next to him and the guy wanted to race Adam once he was trying to pass him while en route to work.

Adam is talking about how he could have an injured person in the car, you don’t know what’s going on and how they were pulled over in Detroit.


Adam is talking about smoking the guy with his M3 and Drew talks about people driving others off the road.


Drew is doing a Live Read for True Car


Michael thanks the guys for letting him guest on the show without talking down to him or treating him differently.

Drew says he made up with Robin of the Howard Stern show when they went out to lunch and Michael tells them about guesting on the show back in the Terrestrial radio days.


Adam is talking about skimming through the comedy channel on Sirius, he was listening to a black comedian talking about black chefs on the Titanic.


Adam says he would hope Michael’s act isn’t all about his medical condition/disability.

Adam doesn’t like being able to predict what someone is going to say when they hit a stage to perform standup, Michael is now joking about what line he used to regarding Ray Rice and a hotel elevator.

Adam is now telling the story of the “fucking pussies” elevator ride at a Casino, when they were insulted for not having any dip/chew on them.


2nd Caller Bob has an itchy asshole for several days, Drew explains what it is and shares the actual name of the condition, telling him it could be worms even.

Adam says one thing about kids is the inability to follow commands and keep doors shut, he tells them about a mosquito he was trying to avoid.


3rd Caller Linda, she wants their take on #Gamergate and the cancelled talk, she explains the idea of the controversy to Adam and Drew.

Adam explains why he’s unaware of this movement and Linda explains the controversy and what led to all of this, Adam is mocking the idea of the movement and arguing for adults.

Adam says he’s not interested in fantasy land shit for Dumbos and wants people to care about real problems and not fantasy nonsense.


Adam tells her to send her energies towards something more productive and Gary is on mic and sharing some of the details of the situation.

Drew says its sick people and they both misunderstand what she’s trying to say, Adam would probably agree with her about the censorship angle.

Adam is now riffing about ‘Battlestar Galacticagate” and Gary is now talking about this is a big story, Adam asks Drew if he would rather his kids get into golf or gaming.


Adam is now arguing against the people who critiquing him for shitting on Star Wars fandom among adults.


Adam is doing a Live Read for Draft Kings

Little boys trying to say “statistically” edition


Michael gives them both a gift, monogrammed money clips.

Adam gives out the plugs and wraps up the show, nice work Michael you were a great guest, I hope he comes back soon!