Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/29/2015 – Phil Rosenthal

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/29/2015 – Phil Rosenthal

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Phil Rosenthal

Recorded 10-28-2015 – Release Date 10-29-2015

Production Number #1691

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Adam opens the show with Phil Rosenthal making his 7th appearance on the show, Adam plugs his series and explains the periscope session they’re doing.

Adam is now talking about the lyrics of ‘He’s a Jolly Good Fellow’ and the repetitive lyrics, Adam was thinking of this while he was in the shower.

Gary asks them a fan question about bloopers, Adam has a funny phone ringing comments after a cell goes off.


Adam talks about shooting with Phil, they shot all night and it was the first all night Phil had pulled since college, Adam is talking about trying to keep your rhythm going at 430am.

Adam has a dark ask Tracy Morgan reply while explains what sleep deprivation can lead to, Phil is talking about his work schedule and how he fell asleep on a 300yr old bed and lost his job.

Great story, Adam is riffing about Phil trying to justify mounting a Rhino while caring for endangered species.


Gary has another question about night shooting, Adam is talking about getting home at 0645am after your family has been sleeping all night.

Adam is talking about being chased off a stolen film location while trying to run and gun it, Adam is explaining how the cops didn’t show up to help Lynette when the drunk driver crashed into his HO– USE but they can show up to interrupt your filming.

Phil is talking about the bribes for shooting locations that used to be given out, Adam wishes he could bribe the guy to go away, Adam is pro bribery.


Adam is now heaping some praise on Phil and his new series, Adam is saying that food is a metaphor for how you treat yourself.

Adam is talking about Phil and his way of treating himself with delicious cuisine.

Phil tells them about saving up money for classy restaurants for his birthday, Phil is further talking about his awesome series and the book that’s been ordered and now Adam wants to know about a season 2.


Phil brings up the awards they could be up for and then plugs an episode of Anthony Bourdain’s show.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Ryan, he wants to know Adam’s take on Nick Offerman complimenting Yoko Ono in his new book, Adam is talking about how much she has achieved with such little talent.

Phil says his wife enjoys Yoko’s work and now Adam is bringing up his wife’s defense of Prince despite not listening to any of his music within the last two decades.

Adam is giving a solid pastrami sandwich analogy and now Adam is trying to figure out the context, Adam is talking about the novelty of a Japanese woman destroying everyone’s eardrums bucking the stereotype.


Phil is talking to Adam about Yoko after they do a lap on John Lennon and his “end war” proclamations, Adam is explaining his conversations with music critics about Yoko and wraps up the conversation about Phil’s wife’s musical preferences.

Phil brings up the tragedy of the loss of John and Adam brings up Cosby’s son who was executed on the side of the road.


Adam is now doing a Live Read for Dollar Shave Club

Phil has a pro tip for preserving razor blades, the human strap move.


2nd Caller Alan, he’s calling for something…

Adam is bringing up the Road Hard Backer books and how the names were randomly sent out to people, Alan is the one guy who got his actual Alan engraved book.

Adam is asking him about his overall luck in life and what he thinks about the yearbook, Adam thanks him for supporting the project and wraps things up with a funny joke mocking his less than enthused tone.


Adam is bringing up Dandruff shampoo, Adam says it used to be nonstop dandruff commercials and shares the details of said spots.

Adam is breaking down the job interview and first date scenarios, Adam is now watching the Sofia Vergara add that Phil just mentioned.

Adam is bringing up commer4cial casting and how they often get people too similar to play opposing roles, BB and Phil both have solid contributions to the discussion.


Adam is doing a Live Read for


They’re now watching the McDonalds commercial with the casting that was too close, Phil is defending the spot and Gina is asking about some hidden ‘Wendy’s’ messaging, Adam thinks it was just a fuck up and they move on.


3rd Caller Matt calling from France, he’s asking about Adam jacking off with his kids in proximity, Phil tells him to stop watching his show after a beautiful soliloquy about the transitory experience being the most important in life.

Adam has the details of a buddy who did squeeze one off while in the same bed as his father.

Adam is asking Matt about his location and he’s telling them about being a travelling salesman and enjoying fine cuisine.


Adam asks him about the toughest area to do business on the globe, he cites India and their presumption of fraud.


4th Caller Fred, he’s got a new i3 and Adam is asking him about his actual range on the car, Phil is scrunching his face as he owns a Tesla.

Adam says he hates having the exact same car his wife has, he likes the idea of having a variant of vehicles.

Gary has the details on the new model Tesla, Gina asks Adam about why he leases cars for his wife.


Adam is talking about how everything is great now and cars that are expensive drop in cost greatly after 2 years of ownership.

Adam talks about the gorgeous Maserati you can find all day long for 49k now despite the initial 1114k price tag.


Adam is riffing about Phil being a non-smoker with low mileage and never having beat off in front of his kid, Phil wants the new Tesla with the autopilot, and he lets loose a hilarious “yeah” reply that BB is already having a blast with.

Adam demands they use that for some Joan Osborne ‘One of Us’ and now they’re talking about the value of Phil’s original Tesla, if it’s outside of the first 300 off the line it won’t have any historic value.

Adam is talking about automated driving and Adam is for the car driving him while in traffic so he can nap.


Adam is doing a Live Read for Invoice to Go

Phil “Yeah!” edition

They’re now pairing the drop with the song, Adam says it’s just an excuse to hear the song he loves it but doesn’t like telling anyone about it.


Gina’s News

1st Story is on the death of Edinson Volquez’s father before the World Series game where he was set to pitch, Adam says they should have just told everyone on the opposing team.

They listen to a clip of Edinson, Gina has an anecdote of learning of a loved ones death before a camping trip and Adam talks about having no memory of his grandmother’s death and it being around BB’s charity benefit ‘Laughs for Bald Bryan.’


2nd Story is an update on the South Carolina school assault, Adam is talking about how he shouldn’t have done what he did and she should have listened to her teachers.

Adam is talking about Sandra Bullock and her speech to her son about the racist world we live in, Adam is talking about cops and complying.

Phil is having Adam clarify again that he doesn’t agree this was right, Phil brings up the disparity of black victims of police violence, Phil is unaware of the actual stats as discussed on the show ‘Reasonable Doubt’ by super liberal Mark Geragos who represents many Hispanic and white people who are shot and or killed by cops.


Phil asks about expecting more of cops and Adam agrees with him and tells him about the various cases of white people being murdered by cops.

Adam is responding to Phil’s question about white cops on black citizen violence, it’s a cop problem and now they’re watching the video of the cops assaulting the guy with the horse.

Adam is making a point about how people would react to this if it was black kid and he makes a point about the disproportional assaults on black people and makes a point by bringing up Asian people and their lack of police harassment.


Adam talks about defusing cops by submitting at the scene, the wrongs can be righted later in a court of law when the balance of power shifts to you.

Reasonable Doubt #15


Adam is doing a Castrol Live Read

Phil “Yeah!” edition

They watch the footage of the cops shooting the unarmed man from a few months back, Adam explains why he wants this to be a cop issue and not a race issue, and cops shouldn’t be brutalizing any citizens.

Phil hears Adam’s point and agrees he’s just hurt by the brutality and inhumanity.


3rd Story is on a police department being outfitted with nunchucks in lieu of Tasers, Adam says he’s been tased and explains what it was like.

Adam says the anticipation made it worse, like a countdown to an impending freeway accident.

Adam talks about seeing his teacher get a kid Mike Reese in a headlock while they were in a breezeway and it was pouring rain outside, Mike didn’t want to pick up his trash and put it in the can.

Adam talks about the increase in cops not responding to crime in black neighborhoods due to this black lives matter movement.


4th Story is on the “fitness age” as defined by researchers in Norway, Phil says this has been around for years.

Adam has a rubber meets the road for who is most sought after for sex.


5th Story is on a blimp that broke loose from its tether, Gary has an update on the military trying to get the blimp wrangled.

Adam is joking about scrambling fighter jets, this has to be the greatest detail ever, the huge unmanned blimp, shoot it down in chunks, “the meaty section” – Adam.


Adam is doing a SimpliSafe Live Read


6th Story is on a guy who claims to have become a millionaire fishing out lost golf balls at golf courses around Florida.

Adam jokes about this being a leading candidate for definitely not a Jew.

“I eat pies I don’t read ‘em” – Adam on pie charts.


Gary is now reading the actual stats on crime and race, Adam is talking about the unbiased willingness to shoot citizens of all races.

Adam says it’s sad we have to live this way.

Gina wraps the news.


Adam is doing a True Car Live Read

Phil offers a test drive edition


Adam reminds Gary to bring up the stats on tomorrows podcast, re: his favorited tweet about the cops assaulting different races.

Adam gives out the plugs for Phil’s show ‘What Phil’s having’ on PBS and they wrap up the show.