Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/28/2015 – Ravi Patel and Dr. Spaz

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/28/2015 – Ravi Patel and Dr. Spaz

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Ravi Patel and Dr. Spaz

Recorded 10-27-2015 – Release Date 10-28-2015

Production Number #1690

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Adam opens the show back in the studio with Gina and BB, BB has a Doc Bruce #TopDrop, and Adam welcomes Bruce to the show.

Gina comments on Bruce and his legendary sugar packet consumption in his coffee, Adam talks about James Babydoll Dixon vastly outdoing Bruce and mocks his various hand moves and shuffling that lead to a jumbo pour from all of the packets at once.

Adam is talking about chugging his water bottle outside the TSA checkpoints and explains how he told August his idea for a potted plant to empty the bottle into.


Mike August was insisting the point at which liquids were prohibited was at a different place than usual, Adam is talking about the relative value of water to gasoline per gallon.

Adam is talking about the ongoing war between Mike August and WAZE, the smartphone GPS app. Adam says every single time it’s an argument about the route with the least traffic and earliest ETA.

Gina is talking about her need to pee, the unfortunate reality for all of the news gals who drive with the guys while on the road.


Adam is on a great riff impersonating Mike August and mocking his distrust of the app, I’ve seen Mike use Google Maps many, many times, why the distrust of WAZE?

Adam is talking about the signing at Binny’s and then detours to talk about the under requested order of Mangria for the Chicago show, Adam insisted they order more with an offer to buy back all unsold bottles after.

Adam is talking about his average IQ being inhibited by complete morons, he could have never predicted this would be adult life.


Adam is doing a Live Read for Draft Kings with BB chiming in with his latest results.


Adam is talking about the professional photographer they use whenever possible for these signings and meet and greet photo ops.

Adam says it makes the line move 5x faster and though it may bum out a few people it overall improves the experience for everyone.


Adam is talking about the confusion with Mike regarding the selfie cellphone picture Mike was taking of a fan while the camera guy was trying to take the photo too.

Adam mocks the “that’s unnecessary” reply from August doing the unnecessary thing.

Gina wants to know why he can’t just do what Adam says to the letter of how he asks, Adam is showing the fucked up pictures the fans got instead of professional photos.


They’re trying to see if they can find the guy in then official photos “let’s just tell the guys it’s him” – Adam.

Adam explains how he likes a little tobacco mixed with his ketchup for his hash browns, Adam shares how he was trying to follow fitness trainer Vinnie Tortorich’s advice regarding carbs.

Gary is on mic and explains what it really means when August says “I didn’t eat today” and now Adam is talking about the attempt to get people to avoid the potholes of life.


Adam is telling the audience about their trip to a polish food place and his attempt to forego the rice, Adam didn’t want to save money, and he just wanted to eat healthier.

Gina is sharing her experience eating bricks of meat.


Adam is doing a Burger King Live Read


Adam is sharing the story of how he was profiled while car shopping, his lease is up and he needs something new.

Adam is eyeballing something that plugs in, he says the i8 is nice and talks about the young African American salesman who profiled him.

Adam says the guy was judging him based on his 5 o’clock shadow and disheveled attire post live gigs and flying, the guy wanted him to buy an i3 and tried to explain their policy was no test drives on the i8 models.

Adam is now making various excuses as to why the salesman was judging him and lying to him, Adam wasn’t taking it personal nor was he offended, he’s only offended by laziness.


Adam is talking about the possible odds for a car sale vs. cost as BB wonders why he wouldn’t want a higher rip/percentage for his commission.

Adam is explaining how the guy wasn’t familiar with his model of Jaguar, Adam says guys selling 100$ Blu Ray Players know a lot more than car salesman.

Adam talks about people who sell things and how they don’t necessarily love the products they’re profiting from.


Adam can’t imagine their policy is not test driving of a 130k base model vehicle.

Bruce is now shitting on Adam’s point talking about a used BMW M and Adam shares his policy on test driving vehicles.


Health Watch with Dr. Bruce

Adam interrupts Bruce and Gina’s baseball talk and BB catches him with the theme song after Adam queued it up the first time.


1st Topic is on a woman who died from cryogenic therapy, she was alone after hours and ended up freezing to death.

They all talk about death and how being cold can preserve life, Bruce explains how crystallization makes things final.


2nd Topic is on the new advisory from the World Health Organization about processed meat and it’s linked to cancer, Adam is talking about smoking and the obvious health consequences, Cigarettes were “no duh” before the science and data was in or shared with the public.

Adam talks about this study and how most of this stuff end up being not such a big deal.


3rd Topic Ben Carson and Trump attacking his religious beliefs.

Adam is now mocking the platitudes of people speaking about gun violence, waiting for applause breaks, Adam is doing a great impression asking hypothetical questions to himself ala Hillary Clinton.

Adam talks about Ben Carson and his super practical advice for attacking a school shooter, Adam is explaining why you don’t comply with some teenager who’s never got his dicked suck telling you to wait to be executed.


Adam says Ben Carson is right and explains how you must have a tactical plan before you criticize him, Adam is further mocking the platitudes and he wraps up the segment for Bruce, skipping over the Marijuana/Stroke story.


Adam is doing a Live Read for Jack Threads


Adam teases their upcoming guest and messes up his name, then mentions the kids Rivi and Ronnie he used to babysit for as a teen.

They head to break.


They’re back from break with Ravi Patel making his ACS debut, Adam talks about his documentary and says he loves Ravi’s dad in the movie.

Adam is talking about his takeaway from the movie and asking Ravi the meaning of ‘Patel’ and now Adam is talking about the dating resumes and Adam shares his take on the likelihood for a successful marriage in arranged situations vs. ones based on temporary infatuation.

Adam is talking about how he doesn’t judge racial preferences and marriage expectations of other cultures as much as he judges people in American for doing it.


Adam wants to know if we should judge this stuff more, Gina is weighing in and Ravi is offering up lots of insight about the movie and the idea of marriage with his appreciation for his family.

Adam and Ravi are going in depth on family and Adam talks about the cool “hey man moment” when you meet another Patel.

Adam is now asking Ravi about his father and his seeming cheapness, BB is trying to ask about the fund named after Ravi and his sister.

BB is trying not to be racist and compliment Ravi’s father’s face, Ravi and Adam want to know how that is racist, saying he has a great face.

He’s akin to a caricature of himself and wouldn’t needed to be exaggerated in novelty boardwalk caricature drawings.

Adam gives out a plug for the movie and scolds Caelan for including the info in the wrong spot.


Gina’s News

Adam asks Dawson where Gary is, then says he could be blowing him and Gary gets on mic to explain how to watch tomorrow’s episode live on Periscope.


1st Story is on the latest classroom assault, the South Carolina viral video.

Adam is talking about how he doesn’t condone this after they watch the video but he does think you need to listen to authority and that’s how you avoid this stuff.

Everyone is now weighing in, Adam doesn’t like the cops being called either but if the teacher and other administrators are being ignored then what do you do?


Adam talks about the lack of dimmer switches among cops, Adam says cops hate people who don’t comply and wrong or right that’s the way things are and you need to comply to avoid assault.

Adam says cops aren’t trained to have dimmer switches and “when you start going half speed that’s when you get hurt” actually making sense for police work.

Ravi thinks Adam is pro-cop and he explains his take to clarify his complex opinions on law enforcement.


Gina says this guy is listed as a security recourse officer, Adam is now trying to get the info and jokes about Ravi busting out a stereotypical Indian voice.


2nd Story is an update on Lamar Odom’s 12 strokes, Adam has a funny “Who’s on first” regarding the 12 strokes he had before passing out at a whorehouse.


Adam is doing a Live Read


Ravi has a hard out, Ravi is asking Adam about his podcasting listening habits, he explains how he’s not interested in comedy nor drama outside of work.

Adam is letting Ravi take off as he feels badly about his call time and wants him to be there before he messes up the schedule.

Adam gives out a plug and Ravi has a kind goodbye for Adam.


3rd Story is on the MSNBC host who was offended by the use of the term “hard worker” and they play the clip and respond to it.

Adam say this is how nobody will listen to another word you say, just go off on these tangents all of the time.

Adam is talking about the quadruple down on slave talk since we got a black president and Adam says “the weird dark skinned guy with the brown eyes” when describing Ravi’s dad and the lack of discrimination against him or people who look like him in America.


Adam is talking about the people like his family who were never even on American soil while Slavery was taking place, Adam is talking about the Gavin Newsom episode and how he brought up slavery to get Adam to shut up.

Adam says this is language policing and narcissistic to bring everything back to your culture, Adam has a funny way of describing Ravi’s dad and then compares him to Jon Hamm regarding some job prospects.


Adam is doing a Castrol Live Read.


4th Story is a further update on the study about processed meats that found 2% human DNA in vegetarian hotdogs.

Gina has the horrific details.

Adam is talking about the impossibility of it being purely what’s intended, just the sheer amount of human contact alone.


Adam is talking about the DNA traded among humans who interact with other humans and Gina talks about the cloud of DNA that surrounds all of us.

Adam is talking about the idea of germs and things being dirty have put humans into a weird grossed out mode, Adam talks about only rinsing with warm water and has a killer “put fecal matter all over my face” one liner that he follows up with a funny face fucking line and sushi consumed of cock humor.


5th Story is on R.E.I. closing all of their stores on black Friday and she reads their statement as to why they made that decision, Adam says get out of save a nickel mode and get into earn a buck mode.

Adam says a family would be much better served to sit around and eat some leftovers, nap then sit around and figure out how to take the 91$ we would’ve saved on buying shit and quadruple it in earnings for next year.

Gina wraps the news.


Adam is doing a True Car Live Read


Adam is wrapping up the show and giving out the plugs.