Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/27/2017 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 697

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/27/2017 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 697

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 10-18-2017 – Release Date 10-27-2017

Production Number #697 – The Pole Poll

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Adam opens the show with a variant on the standard intro, talking about meeting a lot of folks doing live shows.

Drew immediately asks Adam how he feels about touring for live gigs, Adam explains how it started as necessity and then became clear that people preferred to see the podcast live.

Adam says if you can do it, you can do it. Adam shares how he decided to craft a 90-minute one man show and that’s what he’s doing now.


Adam says there are no more rules anymore, Drew says live performances are back and Adam argues they’ve always been around.

Adam cites the various formats and distribution methods for shows in the modern era.

Adam says there is Uber now, Gary brings up the latest ‘South Park’ and Drew steps on Gary trying to get the punchline out, Adam remarks on it and relishes it.


Adam is saying you can pull up a chair and tell stories, the traditional standup option is still there too.

Drew is bringing up Jerry Seinfeld and his teenage years devoted to television, which Drew thinks speaks to his Asperger’s.

Adam is saying he doesn’t think in the format of jokes necessarily, Adam shares how he had two free weeks to write jokes before Jimmy hosted the Oscars which led to Jimmy remarking he forgot how great Adam was at writing jokes.


Adam is now talking about practice and standup, Adam says he would take months off and then go wing it, he never focused on it like he should’ve but he still can’t complain, even though society rewards the people who do focus in the way he doesn’t/cannot.


True CarSee the car that you’ve locked the price in for Edition


Adam has the results of The Pole Poll, which came up on ADS #687 (feat. Abella Danger)

Adam and Drew now discuss how come they both don’t like the idea of getting happy ending massages and couldn’t cheat on their wives, Drew blames Adam’s love for beating off and Adam questions Drew’s lack of interest in it despite his overwhelming passion.

The poll had 3 options, 1 for people who are into rub and tugs, another for people who are not and a 3rd answer of “thinking about it” which Adam is upset by as they get right to the results and don’t build things up.


Adam takes it to the caller.


1st Caller Melissa, Adam further rants about the poll and how they fucked things up.

Melissa wants to know if Farrah Abraham has a histrionic personality disorder, Drew explains he’s not her doctor, he hosts a talk show and can’t diagnose her.

Drew says certainly something seems to be going on and he shares how Farah once claimed to be seeing a therapist for her a borderline personality disorder only to be met with bizarre denial and scrutiny when he asked her about it the following year.


Drew gives some practical advice for people who do have such personality disorders and further explains things to the caller before they move on.


2nd Caller Eric, he lost 42lbs on the NSNG diet, Adam asks him about his max weight and what he’s weighing in at now.

Adam asks him about life in Nova Scotia, Eric is saying he’s noticed the people who fail with the diet give up after one bad meal unlike the people who succeed who are aiming for consistency rather than perfection.

Adam agrees with Eric’s point and expounds on it, Adam describes how he ate a chocolate chip cookie then battled himself internally whether it was game on or not with bad eating.


Adam says he left the cookies in the tray with a note for the maid, telling them to take them home.

Drew talks about the momentum of carbohydrates and Adam says the slipperiest of slopes in the carb department is the BBQ flavored POP chips, you can’t only have 3 of them and keep coming back rolling up the bag and unrolling it to get more.


Adam says the reasons kids don’t have the ability to control these food impulses, Adam says the people he knows who can’t control this part of themselves are the least successful people in life.

Drew has a marshmallow experiment example for Adam, a study was done on kids left alone in a room with marshmallows and Drew explains the results and findings later in life for the participants.


3rd Caller Andrew, he was on Benzodiazepines for about 6 years, he’s 18 months clean and keeps experiencing withdrawal symptoms.

Drew asks him about other medications he took, asking about Prozac specifically.

Andrew tells Drew about his drug use and history, Drew is wondering if something else is going on and Andrew says he’s been told that he’s experiencing anxiety.

Drew recommends he talks to his doctor about Neurontin to see if that might be an option that would help his symptoms.


Real Estate and Wealth ExpoAdam is going to moderate a conversation with Sylvester Stallone Edition


Adam is telling Drew about meeting Sylvester Stallone at Maria Menounos’ birthday party and he brings up Ike Ibeabuchi and his history outside of the ring.

Adam is now closing the show and giving out the plugs, Drew plugs his projects and