Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/27/2015 – Jonathon Brandmeier, Live from The Vic Theatre

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/27/2015 – Jonathon Brandmeier, Live from The Vic Theatre

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Jonathon Brandmeier, Live from The Vic Theatre

Recorded 10-24-2015 – Release Date 10-27-2015

Production Number #1689

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Adam has another prerecorded intro, he’s got some plugs and live reads.

Adam opens the show live from Chicago, Jonathon is kina loud and Adam is trying to give out some plugs.

Adam welcomes BB and Gina to the show, Adam talks about being in Detroit earlier in the morning and tells Chicago they need not boo Detroit, they boo themselves.


Adam is talking about the fans booing their own NFL team last night, Jonathon is now talking about a YouTube video of some Lions fans who were kicked out of the stadium.

Adam is talking about The Waze guy shrugging when he was trying to get to LAX, Jonathon has a funny Tracy Morgan references after Adam talks about Waze suggesting he get taken out by a semi-truck on the way to the airport.

Adam talks about the super confusing conversation with Mike August about their wheels up time at 7am.


Adam is sharing the details of their whirlwind tour, Adam explains the maid tried to clean his room but he was unable to even conjure words.

Adam is now riffing about the scene from ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ with the Quaaludes.

Adam is now complaining about hotel maids and Adam says Mike August also got a housekeeping phone call at 835am.


Adam is sharing how he screamed “leave you whore” and Mike August explains how he went for a walk when the maid came to clean his room, Adam observed what a piece of shit they were staying at an unfazed August was in agreement.

Jonathon has a reference to his own show, Adam is talking about eating stuffed cabbage at a polish restaurant, and Gina and BB are commenting on how good it was.

Adam says that once the owner found out that Adam had been on Dancing With the Stars and wanted a photo, Adam is joking about the photoshoot they were doing inside of the restaurant and then it continued outdoors.


Adam says he was so fucking full he became docile like a lion full of gazelle meat, you can just come up and kick him, hilarious!

Jonathon asks about his mic levels.


Q and Ace

1st Q Chad, if Olga wrote a “tell all” book what would she reveal, Adam is now asking Jonathon about his marriage and he tells them about not wearing a wedding ring.

Adam shares how he had his wife tell him what an asshole he is, Adam is sharing how women need you to communicate with them and how direct conversation led to him being misconducted as a dick.

Jonathon quotes Chris Rock, Adam is saying he’s not being a dick, he’s concise.


Adam is now sharing how Olga walked in on him on the toilet, Adam explains how women can pretend to be pissing when sitting on the toilet, and men don’t have the lie to hide behind.

Adam comments on how nothing says “jacking off” like locking the bathroom door, Adam jokes about Olga knocking and throwing her shoulder into the door immediately.

Adam says in the kitchen 40min later do they cover it, talk about what happened.


Adam is crushing this riff about his balls floating in the toilet and Gina talks about women walking on other women, she says that women see the whole enchilada when they walk in on her.


2nd Caller Samantha, she wants to know Adam’s feelings on adults who go all out on Halloween.

Adam says it’s just them shaming the other parents and Adam is talking about the guy with the chainless chainsaw and he’s got a funny “Daddy’s fucking your mom’s sister and we’re getting divorced and all your shit is going back to the store” reply about actually scaring your children.

Adam is talking about walking around looking for the alcoholic couple to hang with the while the kids walk, Adam says his daughter is waiting for her costume to come in the mail.


Adam is remarking on his own Halloween experiences and how he would wear his sister’s cheerleading outfit as a costume, he references his label as ‘Capt. Crunch’ and comments on the photo of him and Ray, with Adam as Mr. T and his buddy Ray with a shaved head.


BB says that could be offensive if Adam didn’t look so good in the photo, Adam is now explaining how Ray shaved his head and dressed up as a Hari Krishna, Adam comments on how his dad only commented on his bald head in regard to his employment opportunities.

Adam stands by blackface when done in tribute, when an homage, not when done to mock black people.

Adam says we got to knock off this politically correct bullshit, he gets a huge crowd reaction.


Adam jokes about his daughter going as a Green Bay Packer cheerleader, BB has a funny one liner to win the crowd back.

Adam is asking someone to make a “Fudge packer” hat for the next packer’s game.

Adam wasn’t joking she is going as a green bay cheerleader, Jonathon is on mic trying to win some crowd favor.


Adam doesn’t know what Sonny is going as and he explains how he relates to his kids, his wife was standing next to the guy who wrote ‘Fast and the Furious’ and he’s got a funny dis for Tokyo Drift.

Adam is now asking Jonathon to engage in an improv scene, after two tries he gets it on the 3rd.

Jonathon asks Adam what the best car movie is of all time, Adam says its ‘Cars’ the underappreciated Pixar classic.


Adam is now talking about the movie clichés he loves, he describes the guy who fires his gun into the air and empties his full clip.

Adam says it would be funny if the falling bullets killed the guy.

Adam is talking about the California PSA’s for shooting guns into the air on the 4th of July.


Gina’s News

1st Story is on Halloween trends, Adam interrupts on people bussing in to rich neighborhoods for better candy, and Adam is describing how it’s supposed to be an open house for your own neighborhood.

Adam is mocking the people who do this and then walk away talking shit about the rich people they just got candy from.

Adam shares how his mom would give out walnuts, nature’s candy.

Adam is riffing about the idea of nature’s candy and has a funny one liner.


Adam shares how his house would be pelted with walnuts after the kids realized what shit had been put in their bags.

Gina says “you’re going to hate this” and talks about the teal pumpkins being put outside for families considered about peanut allergies.

Adam is now joking about these pumpkins being bred to be teal in color, he seems to actually think they’re bred and then finds out they’re painted.


Adam is saying the allergic kid’s real job is to stay home and hand out candy to the real kids.

Adam combines miracle whip and peanut butter and then corrects himself to explain how peanut butter and jelly holds up all day, it gets better from steeping and emulsifying.

The peanut butter relaxes and the jelly infiltrates the bread.


2nd Story is on a 23yr old murder victim who got to enjoy a final game of dominos at his funeral, Adam jokes about the last domino to fall being a guy’s dead body.

Gina is commenting on the photo of the dead guy, Adam says he’s so bad at dominos the game would end in a tie and he begs a black guy in the audience to teach us white people how to play the game.

Adam learns the Asians know the game as well, Adam wants to play dominos and just needs and instructor.


Adam is riffing about asking Rachel Dolezal about the game and using it to find out if someone is truly black or not.

Funny use of “yard” and Adam talks about videos of dominos falling down and brings up Mahjong.

Adam says this is a slippery slope, playing games with corpses, Adam says first he loved playing dominos, he loved roller coasters, he loved sex, he was a pretty competitive driver, he was a hell of a drifter…


3rd Story is on the relative stress of being a waiter vs. surgeon according to a Chinese study, Adam mocks the notion of “horse sense” and how they can’t even seem to get out of the rain.

Adam says the motivation to escape a shitty job is the bad pay and stress levels.

Adam is now talking about his own shitty job experiences and explains why he doesn’t want a 15 dollar minimum wage, he fears it will hobble people who could do much more with their life and be happier doing it.


Adam is talking about scarfing down expired fish filet sandwiches, he jokes about coming back with his belt undone, tartar sauce on his face, ready to take a nap.


Adam is doing a live read for Castrol

Adam is asking the black guy about his stereotypical car model accoutrements.

BB has a one liner that gets a shout of his name in response from a stunned Adam.


4th Story is on the rising trend of beard transplants, Adam is talking about the preferred Viking look or the wispy naturally formed goatee of the Asian and Mexican variety and the shitty patchy look that nobody wants.

Adam is riffing about the one long hair coming out of the mole, hilarious riffing from Adam.

Adam jokes about the water displacement test and Gina wraps the news.


Adam says he loves it when strangers drop off fluid, he takes the shot of booze.


Adam is doing a Draft Kings Live Read

BB and Adam don’t get booed edition


Dawson doesn’t sound drunk or high much to Adam’s chagrin and they wrap up the show as Gina shouts that she’s engaged, probably a joke?