Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/27/2014 – Greg Fitzsimmons

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/27/2014 – Greg Fitzsimmons

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Greg Fitzsimmons

Recorded 10-26-2014 – Release Date 10-27-2014

Production Number #1440

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Adam opens the show to a topical “Honey Boo Boo’s Mom” themed intro, he welcomes Greg Fitzsimmons to the show (early) and BB plays a solid oldie but goodie for today’s #TopDrop “great show, lot of… fun” courtesy of Jim Brusca on the KLSX morning show and requested by @LeaveYouInLove on twitter.

Adam is telling them about his 13hrs spent in NYC last week, he references George Clinton and you can almost hear everyone thinking he misspoke and meant George Clooney or Bill Clinton, Adam is now explaining he meant who he said and how everybody is gettable for a price.

Adam is using Beyoncé playing at your party for an example and BB cites Don Henley playing at a wedding a couple years back.


Adam is now breaking down Beyoncé’s day if she does play a private show vs. if she hangs out around the house.

Greg has a Tim Allen anecdote and Adam is riffing about how fast he would kick Lynette out the door if she had a million dollar payday.

Alison is asking if Adam flew there for free and Adam explains he brought Sharon Levy out for Spike, Greg thought she was Adam’s old boss at ‘The Man Show’ but she was a publicist who worked for them.


Adam explains he got the “wrap it up” sign at about 9min into his stage time, he was trying to give them their money’s worth and would’ve preferred to only do the 3 minutes they wanted had anyone told him.

Adam tells them about the sleeper pod he rode in, BB is mocking Gary and makes sure to use “pulling pud in your pod” lame.

Adam is describing the 13 and 15 yr. old kids occupying nearby pods and how it removes all meaning and diminishes his joy about riding in 1st class.


Greg explains his kids are at the height of happiness to ride on a plane let alone in 1st class, Adam is thinking of a person who was on Loveline, some child actor who was giving him shit and reiterates the “you’ll always be jaded and I’ll always be pinching myself that I have what I have” response he gave them.

Alison is asking Adam about his seatmates, a family and a dog, Adam is mocking the kid and his camelback backpack he was using to hydrate.


Greg is surprised they weren’t white, who brings up race all the time?

Adam jokes about them being Will and Jada’s kids and has a killer “I don’t see color” joke.

Adam is telling them about the entrée choices, salmon with pineapple glaze or old fashioned Lasagna, Adam was sitting in the last row.


BB is now interrupting to ask Adam about why the salmon doesn’t sound good, shitting on the point and the story Adam has eluded to.

Adam is now reacting to BB asking what’s wrong with it, BB is now getting insolent and asking why people should not get that item, he wants a “conversation” and his breaking down the show, challenging Adam, asking if he has to blindly agree.

Bald Bryan shits up a story and points, he’s now explaining how Adam’s tastes in comedy and music aren’t simple, he’s asking about Adam’s tastes in food that lean towards simple and classic.


Adam is now explaining his take on food like this has never come up before, thanks BB.

Adam is explaining his theory on prep cooking and how Lasagna could be better after sitting for 3 days, but the fish has a higher likelihood it could be fucked up.

Adam is now lamenting the way they don’t bring enough entrees for everyone on the flight, hinting he was stuck with the fish he didn’t want.


Adam is asking if there are two items further apart, Wasabi crusted salmon vs. classic cheese lasagna, Alison has a solid baked potato vs. sorbet comparison.

Adam is lamenting the butternut squash being served in the 1st class lounge, Greg jokes about the coach passengers touching Adam’s garments.

Adam had lentil vegetarian chili served on his return flight, Adam is asking why they wouldn’t make real chili and use chili beans, instead of lentils.


Adam explains how he called Matt and yelled at him from the tarmac before departing for his return flight.

Greg is now mixing up the details of the flights, Adam is telling him it’s a moral victory, not really.

Adam is mocking the cold beef salad and the people who order it, BB is feeling sympathy for poor Matt Fondiler who sees that incoming call and what he must think.


Adam is now bringing up Yoko Ono and how she might be the most famous Japanese person in the world, let alone Japanese woman.

Adam is now listing the racist way people will mention other Asian females, assuming they’re Japanese, Adam cites Godzilla.

They’re talking baseball players and Adam is back to his lamentation about how much Yoko sucks and how it doesn’t factor into people’s opinion about her nor her level of fame.


Adam says he sent Caelan to the mall to interview random people about the most famous Japanese person in America.

They’re now playing the bit after BB suggests gambling on it, mostly it was “no idea” answers followed up by “Jackie Chan” and Adam is mocking the ugly Americans who can’t tell the cultures apart and don’t need to.

Adam says it’s all about the distinctive cuisine elements of each culture, Adam is calling for a new Japanese person to unseat Yoko.

BB says that Ken Watanabe is several steps away from taking this spot, how many steps BB the dude is 55yrs old.


Adam is bringing up the Japanese female comedian of the late 1980’s, Greg has some crappy impression of an Asian person speaking and Adam is trying to get Gary to find this woman.


Adam is now doing a Draft Kings live read.


Adam is now asking Fitzdog what he’s got going on and Gary finds the video of Tamayo Otsuki performing standup and you can see it via the show page link above.

Greg seems to really enjoy this or enjoy watching it, Adam jokes about her bombing as she’s getting crazy feedback from the crowd, Greg mentions her feet of course.

Greg thinks there probably were some Jewish writers as Adam suggested, Alison brings up Greg yelling about her feet.


Adam is bringing up the German recordings of ‘Beatles’ songs and BB has a nice use of “Nipping’ while joking about all the other female Japanese comedians.

Adam is now commenting on the headphone jacks found on airplanes, he is describing the confusing placement of them and how he tries to cheat by looking at other passengers and what they do, Adam wants to know why they don’t just paint it red.

Adam is now comparing this search to that of the search in the movie ‘The Fugitive’ and Adam asks why the pilot has to be so much louder than the movie you’re watching, Adam is making some points, saying the screen is interrupted, why does the audio have to be so loud it startles him.


BB mentions the movie ‘Blended’ while Adam talks about the inflight movie, Greg says he saw the first half and suggests they could’ve saved money by only filming the first half, Adam says he didn’t get “Safar in” to the movie.

Adam is telling them about the Mangria events and how you can now get it at Penguins game, Adam says that if you buy enough they’ll order more.

Adam is commenting on Pennsylvania still being one of the last holdout states with their own liquor control board and state run stores.


Adam is calling for unified laws, including the age of consent and he’s joking about a nude Lucille Ball and now taking it back to Sam Kinison and Tamayo Otsuki, Greg is busting out his impression again…

Adam is doing or attempting to do a back and forth, somehow this isn’t like it is when Jo Koy does it, BB suggests a break via a classic drop.


Alison’s News

1st Story is on the Marysville Washington School shooting, Alison is now reading the details of the shooting and giving a profile of the shooter and his background.

Adam says that a percentage of our society is almost destined to freak out and shoot others, Alison explains that everyone who was shot, were either cousins or close friends.

Adam is now mocking the algorithm of negative events that led to this, this is stuff that all guys go through, all people, and Adam brings up the effects and experience of being dumped as a young man.


Greg shares a personal anecdote from his life, Adam says the only acceptable answer for a woman dumping you is that your cock was too wide.

Adam is now riffing about the bizarrely sexual subliminal sports announcer, he’s now giving an impression, all this because of one off handed Chick Hearn comment.

Greg has a variant on the invention of the term “Slam Dunk” after Alison reads off a list of Chick’isms.


2nd Story Is on the Ebola quarantine and the outspoken nurse who is calling attention to her treatment and Alison reads the quotes from the hospital in response.

Adam is now joking about her being deprived of cable and explains how everyone is forced to act like a Lawyer working for a major network in standards and practices, just saying no to everything.

Alison is now explaining how the mandatory 21 day quarantine is considered necessary and reads a quote from Governor Chris Christie.


Adam hates that the people doing the lords work and working on this outbreak on the front lines are the ones being punished.

“Now I’ve gotta go block a bridge and get some ice cream” – Adam on Chris Christie and his new closer for ending every speech and public statement.

Adam say during this outbreak there will be more deaths from bees and falling trees than Ebola.


3rd Story Is on a bridal shop that was hit with a lack of customers and business after one of the quarantined individuals stopped in there before being taken under medical supervision.

Adam and the gang are riffing on the photo of the bridal shop and Greg is sharing a “save only the brides” explanation of wedding dresses, taking it to the pervy again, perhaps he should ride in a 1st class pod before showing up at the warehouse.

Alison tells Greg about her “uterine mushrooms” and Adam has a killer reply “that wasn’t painful, it’s the pig that found them, that was the uncomfortable part of the procedure…” and Alison is telling them about her vaginal pill.


Greg is repeating Adam’s joke but taking the wind out of it, Adam is bringing up the pig from ‘Green Acres’ Arnold, he thinks he was the only famous pig.

Alison explains the two hospital gowns she wore for her procedure, Adam says he only gets the “give me your underpants” when he got his wrist surgery, hand surgery really.

Adam describes the scene of him trying to put his underpants back on with the club/cast over his hand and wrist.


Adam and Alison are riffing on how everything at the hospital, all of the rules are designed around you hypothetically shitting on yourself and they don’t want to clean it nor experience it.

Adam is getting to all of the emergency patients who don’t have time to clear their bowels and bladder 12-24 hours before a surgery or operation.


4th Story is about Halloween Costumes…

Alison is now bringing up people dressed up for Halloween a week early, asking the gang if they also saw these holiday cheaters.

Adam is bringing up his kids holiday school party and how he dropped the kids off, Adam describes the wrist bands that cost 40$ per kid, Adam is now asking why so much and his wife explained the money is going towards the school.

Alison brings up the Ebola costumes controversies that aren’t really a thing, they’re all talking about “too soon” the idea of mocking things still in the news.


Greg is telling them about his abortion costume from the 10th grade after Adam jokes about it and they’re all riffing on coat hangers and their multiple uses throughout history.

Greg tells them about making nerf basketball rims out of hangers and Adam brings up the car modifications.

Alison wraps the news.


Adam asks about the Japanese female comedian again and what she’s up to, BB jokes that she’s scheduled to guest on the show this week.


Adam is doing a live read for

Adam is plugging Alison’s show and wraps up the episode without any confirmation on what happened to Tamayo Otsuki.